Free MP3's

Click on the link above to join Free MP3's.
How the service works is simple. You join up or sign up for information from there
sponsor advertisers and you get credit to download music. The more you sign up for information, the more music credits you get and the more music you get for free.
Beware signing up will put you on a spam list. So make sure the account you use is not your main account but an alternate account you use for mail.


Cell Phone Boosters

There are these new cell phone booster for the home use to help you extend you cellular range at home. Even though it's a bit expensive($299).
But they sure are a good solution to extend your cellular coverage in the dead spots you have throughout your house.
Make sure they're compatible with your provider before buying.


Free Web Hosting Site 25mb

There are so many hosting sites out there that are fee.
This is just one site that's been around for a while.
Check it out.

Online Storage Site

Looking for a free 10gig / 100mb a month online storage site that you can store you video's, music, pictures, etc. Well try this site and hopefully it will stay free for years to come.


Looking for an Air Cooling Vechicle

Moller international is your answer.
Designs was created by real futuristic films.
But the irony thing is that they work and the future is changing.
I hope this company gets ahead and is able to be one of the first.
To bring people to the next generation.
Stay tuned.

Good File Name & File Size Directory Printer

Want to be able to print information about your file names and size.
This site will keep you files indexed.


Pay Pass

In New York City there's E-Z Pass.
In Florida there's Sun Pass.
Now there's Pay Pass.
What is Pay Pass. Well think of it's as your E-Z or Sun Pass for purchases.
No more waiting in long lines and hopefully less traffic.
Per recent studies they show that sales are increasing because of their use.
Will it work. It will all depend on how easy consumers see it has a necessity.


Worldwide Cams

Love live cams.
Make sure to take a look at worldwide cams.

Cell Phone Hacks

Want to know all of the hack for your cell phone.
Join the forums and find out what's out there for your model number.


3M Privacy Filter

Yes I did see the 3M privacy filter commercial. And even though I consider this a great invention and a good thing to have. For almost $100- well I think the price is
too excessive. Why spend all that money when hopefully some manufacture can do it cheaper and hopefully better.
I hope someone picks up the idea and processes it cheaper.
For now I will just wait to see when prices go down.

Pimp My Bride * Fun *

If your a fan of Pimp my Ride.
Your going to love this.

Google Web Features

Here are a list of other items that google web can search for you with the search tool bar.
Just when you thought you knew everything, something new comes up.


Easier Way to send Invoices online

If your tired of mailing your invoices by mail and want to send invoices online.
This site will help you and save you money.
In the long run depending upon the volume. Online invoices pays for itself within time.

What's inside the Xbox 360

Did you want to know what's really inside the Xbox 360.
Well some tech guy opened it apart and here is what he found.


Students who now go to school have to be careful of plagiarism.
It's a serious offense and the sad thing about it is that if you get caught.
You better have a good excuse and some backup to support your information.
Software like this one is out there and from what I am hearing is that all of the schools are creating a national data back to make plagiarism difficult to do.
So forget about hiring or cheating when doing a term paper.
Chances are you'll get caught and is it really worth it.
Knowledge is power.


Cool Thumb Drives

Thumb drives are getting more unique like Imation 2gig hard drive.
It's the shape of a lock and it easily attaches to your USB drive.
It can also be clipped on your belt or notebook for easy carrying.
What else can you ask for.


Organize your life

This site is just full of tips to coach you on controlling your home.
Learn from these tips and see if they make a difference in your life.


Free Files for your PC

I love freebies and this program on G4tv Call for Help is the best.
It can help you learn so much.
Watch the programs and learn from them. They have useful tech tips that
anyone can use.
In the meantime here are some free files from there site