Blackberry Music

Looking for free music for your Blackberry. The following services have limits are you can hear music for free. You decide.

Pandora Limit to 40 hours of free music a month
Slacker Over 100 stations
Flycast Over 1000 stations free but with ads
Handmark Can listen to iTunes playlist
MediaSync Uses your computer to add MP3's to your Blackberry


Google Caffeine

It's a new generation of Google and they want the public's feed back. Give it a try and tell them what they like between the old and the new Google search.

New Google Search


New use for Text Messages

If everything works out in Iowa, you could see a national 911 emergency text message service coming to a city near you. It makes sense and it will probably one day save your life.


National ID

While the United States prepare for a national identification card. They must be aware of UK's recent problem. How the UK spent billions on a card to be hacked in just twelve minutes by a phone and a laptop.


Get Ready for Torrent Online Storage

This has long been overdue and it makes sense. At least you will not be penalized for excess bandwidth speed. I am just wondering how fast will it take to download?


Thumbnail Reader

Tiny card reader is so small that you'll probably confuse it with a thumbnail.


Can't Remove Adobe

If you have an old version of Adobe and for some reason can't remove it because the files are corrupt. Here is a great fix. Do either a google search online to download the version your trying to remove and install the software again and uninstall it. That should do the trick.


No Fee Apartments

Here is a new website to find a no fee apartment in you area. Unfortunately it's only works for NYC residents.


$300- D-Link Router

No router has yet to match this D-Link router. It's a new router in it's 1st generation. You can connect wirelessly, display photos, install widgets, do direct bitTorrent downloads, listen to iTunes streaming, attach a network storage device, and use it as a print server. Although pricey, it sure has a lot of extras.


Run XP on a USB drive

Need to run Windows XP on your computer, but don't want to reformat your hard drive to install an operating system that others now are not using. This is where MyPocketXP becomes beneficial. Your not only capable of running the operating system via USB but you can also save it's settings. No need to worry about viruses because it's a virtual operating system. There are so many uses for this that I can go on for days. But the best thing about it is that it's portable.

More Informational links
http://chris.pirillo.com/how-to-run-windows-xp-on-a-usb-drive/Chris Pirillo
Youtube Overview


The Wedding Processional

Yes I didn't spell it wrong. This couple not only gave their vows but made a hit on Youtube. Go figure their excitement to be so popular.


Kindle 1984 Deleted By Amazon

This is an interesting article regarding the Amazon Kindle product and it's current software in circulation. If you own Kindle have have books stored on them, it doesn't mean that it still your property. And like in the article, Amazon can anytime get access to delete any books it seems inappropriate. So the next time you go out to buy an Amazon Kindle reader ask yourself this.
Do you want a ebook reader manufacture to have rights to control what you can read?


Google Maps for Blackberry

Have a Blackberry and don't have a GPS Navigator service plan to go with your phone. Install Google Maps and let Google navigate for you. It's not premium service but it's close enough.


Free BlackBerry Applications

Who doesn't love freebies. Every time I see free applications, I just can't resist to try them. Why not since it's Free.


Mimo USB Monitor

This is the first USB powered Monitor to deliver decent video quality. It has so many functions and is powered by mini USB. Not a bad deal if you can find some use for it.


Cell Phone Sniffer for Prisoners

Prisons are now using software to sniff out cell phone signals. It's their new battle to stop communications among active convicts who still have influence in the outside world. We will see in the years to come how affective this software will become.


Remote Access

Ever since remote access has been around. Things have changed for the IT and the regular home user. Today everyone can use remote access on almost everything. If your shopping around for remote access, here are a few web sites to begin.

Cisco WebEx
Dell Connect
GoTo Assist

My Favorite site is still LogMeIn


Movies on Flash

This is another confirmed reports that movies are going on flash. I would like to see how they are going to copyright these movies using flash storage.


Disney Movies on MicroSD

It's about time and I hope that the fever catches on. It's simple, easy to use and makes it practical to want to buy. With DVD's and Blue Ray Disc's on their way out, the only alternative that makes sense is using MicroSD cards.


Youtube working on 3D Video

Youtube is working on 3D video and if it catches on, lets just say that they will be far ahead of it's competitors. Now wouldn't it be nice to watch all those wacky videos in 3D.

Take a peek at some 3D's
The Simpsons