USB Blocker

If your in search for a USB Blocker, this program is a great giveaway. Freeware or Trial your computer is protected from data breaches. Take control, before it's too late.


Repair a Picture

Ever wanted to know how the experts repair a damaged picture. Here is the how to instructions, just make sure you have plenty of free time around for the editing.



Always having problems finding the right pair of shoes. This website will hopefully lead you to a shoe that matches your shoe width and size. Now finding your favorite shoes should be a breeze.


Pimp Your Android

Here is a great way to customize your Android phone so that when it boots up, you can enjoy your boot screen. Take charge of your Android by customizing it.


Wet Cell Phone Kit

Have a wet phone, then your in need of a Wet Cell Phone Kit. The cost will always outweigh the time, effort and expense of replacing your hardware.



Next time your planning a trip, plan it with your friends from Facebook. With one click you can notify your friends in the city that your visiting when your coming to town. Not only can notify them of upcoming events but also request advice.


Sony's biggest heist

Here is the anatomy of the biggest heist so far in history. Their is still no telling on how much damage in the future this heist did to Sony.


Network Activity Indicator

Here's a simple software that stays on the system tray to monitor your network packets. I guess it beats other window tools if you always want to keep on top of your network hogs.


Norton Password Manger

Norton recently came out with it's password manager and service and for free until 10/1/12 and then you'll have to pay a premium price. Why not test it out and see if it's something that you could use to make you like easier.


How to Edit A .docx file without Office

Here's a great tip on how to open a .docx file without using Office. The real trick is to change the formatted file and then edit the document so that it can later on be opened using Office, should you still need to keep the file in the same format.


Gnumeric Portable

Need a portable spreadsheet where ever you go. Take a look at Gnumeric and never be left in the dark when it's time to open and edit a spreadsheet.


Tether for Free using Android

Want to Tether for free. Here's the Android application that will unleash you phone's broadband capabilities to your computer. Just install and connect. Make sure you understand the Tethering restrictions with your cell phone provider.


Third Rail iPhone Case

Apple's iPhone is pushing for a new invention that will change how we recharge our cell phones. If it moves in the right direction, I wouldn't be surprise that other cell phone manufactures will do the same. It's a great idea that's moving in the right direction.


Win 8 Upgrade $15-

Looking to upgrade to Windows 8, well this month if you purchase a new computer. The user's will be able to upgrade for $14.99. It's not a bad deal figure that you can at least get the latest version of Windows 8 when it becomes available.


WiFi Analyzers

Looking for a WiFi Analyzer to monitor, troubleshoot and view WiFi signals. This software gives you a lot of information to make sure your wireless connections are always working at properly. It's a must have utility if your having signal problems.


Moki tv

Looking for an internet cable television replacement. Moki tv is an excellent choice to find all your movies and television shows to watch online for free.


Junction Master

Move and link with one easy step using Junction Master. The software enables you to move files from one directory to another without corrupting the files so that your files are always functioning correctly.


User Profiles View

See windows user's profiles with a click of a button. No need to run a script when one click and the information is easily available.


The Internet Wish List

Looking for an application that hasn't been created. Give your ideas to the Internet Wish List and have you application come to life.


Outlook Repair

In search for an Outlook repair utility to save your valuable .PST files. It's pricey but if your .PST files are worth saving then it's worth the price. When compared to other third party software's,  this software begins repairing your files in the right way.