Not so Wonder World After All

Amazing Disney World secrets that had been hidden for years. I just wonder what else has it hidden from the rest of the world that makes this fantasy world what it is today. It's funny on what big money can do in todays world.


Frequent Flier Miles

Ever wonder if frequent flier miles are worth on accruing for the future. You'll think again once your read this article on what American Airlines has in store for you. Remember, you never get anything for free.


Annimated Gif

Here are some great annimated GIF's to test if your vision. Be advised the objects that your viewing are closer to you think.


Website Tracking

Ever wonder how websites are tracking you. Here is some good information on how our privacy is being monitored online. What you always feared the most is a fact of life. 


PC Safety during Storms

Here are storm safe tips when your using your computer. These tips vary from location to location but when it doubt remember these tips. They might just save your computer. 


Online Educational Tools

Looking for a free online interactive training school to help everyone in your family excel. It's not just for children, but for adults and teachers too. Now learning something new shouldn't be an excuse.


Win 8 USB Flashdrive

Windows 8 USB installer is here and now it's time to make a bootable ISO device via USB. It's the new generation of Windows and a new generation for installing software on flash drives.


Luggage Finder

No need to go crazy finding your luggage at the airport. The next time you fly get the Luggage finder and the minute your luggage appears it automatically alerts you.


Should I Check My Email

Pretty interesting flow chart on checking your email. If your always checking your email. You should check out this flow chart to see the facts of life. 


Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

If your tired of Microsoft Outlook, your not the only one. So if your in the market for a new email client here some alternatives.



Show My Street

Want to go to an easier website that shows where your going at the speed of light. Check out this great website to show you where you going. 


File Fragmentation

Ever wonder what file fragmentation is and how it affects your computer. Well now is a good time to learn what this is so that your operating system is always running a peak performance.


PC will no turn on

Here is some great tips from Call That Girl for trying troubleshooting why your computer will not turn on. Sometimes it's the littlest thing you take for granted that is making your computer from power up.
When in doubt you can always Call That Girl for more help.


  • Go to the back of your PC tower and check all the cables.

  • Jiggle cables and make sure things are secure, or to be certain…unplug them all and plug them back in.

  • Check that the power from the wall outlet is working if the PC isn’t giving you any power at all. If you need to, plug it into another outlet or reset the surger.

  • Check the power cable to make sure it has not been unplugged (especially in office settings, cleaning crews or other folks can sometimes unplug things.)

  • Unplug external hard drives and basically anything you don’t need to have plugged in. I once had an issue where I had checked every connection except the video cable that physically plugged into the monitor itself, and had I checked in the first place, I could have saved hours of time.

  • Also, if your PC has the small on/off switch in the back on the power supply (where you plug in your PC) make sure it is switched on, so the small line is pressed down, and not the power circle that is usually on the front panel.

  • 4/26/13

    Resume Monk

    Need a professional place to do your resume. Try Resume Monk and create that professional looking resume that will get you the jobs that your looking for.



    KASHU USB security

    Want to safeguard your flash drives, then take the necessary steps now to secure your drive before it's too late.
    This freeware is a must if your tired of using unsecured flash drives.

    Direct Link


    Network Traffic

    Looking to monitor network traffic. Here is a great software to help you catch your bandwidth thieves on your network. Most of the times it's just third party software that user's install on their computer.
    But if your having bandwidth problems, then this is the first tool I would use to get to the bottom of it. 


    What is a Codec

    What is a Codec and why do you need it. Let's just say without it you would not be able to watch most of the movies and videos in the real world. Not everyone uses the same movie or video format when recording or when playing. This is why Codec's are so important and why there good to have. 


    Be an Extra

    Want to earn money, be around entertainment and get paid for lunch. Try being an extra for television shows and you'll be surprise where you can go.


    Stream Remotely

    Want to stream media files for free. No problem as long as your using Remote Potato. All you have to do is setup the static IP Address, then access your routers documentation for portforwarding and click and tweak your channel settings and press play to start the server. Good luck.


    Upset that Windows changed the start menu. Well many users have been upset that Windows keeps on changing everything and now it's even difficult to understand where the commands are. Here is a simple software to help old Windows user's to regain back the old style Windows start menu.
    I wish someone would come up with a Office menu fix as well since it's still not clear to Microsoft that user's don't like the new changes. 


    Invites for Free

    Need to send invites for an event, try Paperlesspost and your next invites can be for free. Well as long you don't need to customize it. The only way to go.


    Using Differ Chargers

    Here is an interesting article for users who's voltage cables have been lost or damaged and if you can easily replace them by using a similar charger.
    When in doubt stick to the original or third party trusted manufactured products, but if the price is too steep. Then your best bet is to find a similar charger and hope that your still in luck that nothing goes wrong.


    Find TCP/IP in Win7

    This is easily said than done, but Windows 7 did a great job in hiding this setting, I just don't understand why they had to make things so difficult.

    Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center


    Reclaim Gmail Space

    Here are five great ways to regain Gmail space for users who are running out of space. It's not a the best technique that I would use, but at least it's trying to maximize your email storage needs.


    Send Files to SkyDrive via Win

    Have already a SkyDrive account and now you want to use Windows to send files to your SkyDrive account, so that you can have access to them wherever you go.
    Well the setup is so simple that all you have to do is create a shortcut to SkyDrive and your files should be online in minutes.


    Remove Google Chat

    Ever wonder how you could remove Google chat from the browser. Here is the simple tweak to remove the annoying once and for all Google chat for people who just don't want to chat.


    Parking Panda

    Want to make money with your driveway parking space, try parking Panda and let your customers come to you. All you need to do is place your parking space online and wait for your customers. It's the easy way to make money. 


    Windows System Control Center

    Here's a Windows utility that helps you install various programs on the ease with a touch of a button. It's a lifesaving tool for the technician that needs to get their work done ASAP.



    OnLive Desktop

    Have an iPad and still looking for flash software. Well stop looking with the help of OnLive Desktop. It's suppose to help user's decode flash websites faster than standard means. So if your looking for a flash replacement on your iPad. This application for a fee will do the trick.


    Signs your PC has a virus

    Having a computer connects enables you to connect with others and with this comes these little bugs called viruses. You never know when your going to get one but here are some signs that you should be keeping an eye on from time to time.

    Signs that your PC is infected with thanks to Call that Girl

  • Your computer is acting up

  • Websites aren’t loading right

  • You try to Google something, and it takes you to a whole different page

  • You see a “web certificate” page on a website you’re trying to get to

  • Occasional blue screen of death

  • Internet goes in and out

  • Internet just completely goes out

  • Mouse and keyboard aren’t working as they should

  • There is a new icon in your system tray you’ve never seen before

  • You cannot log into your online banking

  • 4/9/13

    Microsoft User Rights

    Ever wanted to know what your rights are as a Microsoft User. Well here it goes and be sure to try to decode it. At least you have the information available whenever necessary.



    Google Takeout

    Enjoy Google + but now want to backup or take all of your personal items to another site. Here's when takeout comes to your rescue. All you have to do is to choose which items you want to export and takeout will compile the data so that it can be downloaded and exported to another site.
    It's a plus for personal backups and I am impressed that Google is making my life easier. 


    More Themes

    Here are more links to your favorite theme's. If your tired of having a boring desktop. Pimp out your computer to a better theme and watch life change before your eyes.

    Endangered Species
    National Park


    GamerTag Selling

    Interesting article on people selling their gamertag identification. If you think what your doing is alright. I advise you to read this article. Things sometimes are not usually what they seem. 


    Word Tutorials

    Looking for a fast way to learn how to do things with Word without any difficult know hows. Try these YouTube video's and see what else you can learn from Word.



    Acer Fan & Temperature

    Have a Acer laptop and want to view the fan and temperature. Here's is a great way to monitor your computer's temperature on a daily basis.


    Small Jobs buying & selling

    Looking for small jobs to buy or sell. This website is a great start for businesses looking for extra help on a budget from people who are good at what they do.


    For Cat Lovers

    Love cats and your the ultimate cat lover. Here is a great link for cat lovers looking for all types of cats in different situations. See which one makes your day.



    Great software used to revive a dead computer from the dead. Once booted from the Live CD you can easily clone your dead hard drive to a new disk, therefore reviving your dead computer. Not all things are meant to be dead.


    Cell phone Firmware

    Looking for an after market firmware for you cell phone. Look no further now that you have this link. All you have to do is to install the firmware on a pc and have a USB cable link to your phone so that you can do the update. Once everything is installed upgrade 


    Virtual Machine

    Looking to turn your Windows into a virtual computer, try using disk2vhd. It's a fairly new virtual client software that lets you experiment software before you go live. Give it a try. 



    Looking for a rhymes for proper english, here is a dictionary and thesaurus for your needs. Now rhyming your words should be thing of the past. 



    Want to create a Favicon for your website. This online icon converter will help you design your new Favicon so that now your website could be unique. It's a great idea to make sure everyone remembers your website.


    Google Maps in Real Time

    Ever wonder why Google Maps recent destinations seem to vary from time to time. That's simple because now Google Maps is using real time to incorporate what time you reach your destination.



    Want to know who's tracking you. It doesn't matter if it's for advertisements or for a promotional event. No one has any right to track you, unless you want them to. Now you can track the trackers. 


    Shady URL

    Just changes the URL to a short version so that you can send it to someone and make it look like it's not an actual website. Have fun sending these short links to your friends. 



    Having trouble saying certain words because you lack that English expertise. You need to worry now that you have this link to help you out. It even makes sure you pronounce it correctly. Try it out.


    Win 7 Multi Monitors

    Don't understand how Windows 7 share it's multi-monitors. Here's a little insight on how it works.


    Shorten the URL

    The last time I posted a blog about shorting the URL, they're were just a few websites that provided this service. It looks like this demand was so high that several other websites decided to provide the similar service. So once again here are the links to shorten that URL.



    Stolen Camera Finder

    I don't know how reliable this site is, but if it does exactly what it's claiming then it should be easy trying to find your stolen camera online as long as they post pictures.


    More Free Music

    Here's another site that offer's more free music for personal use only. Why not enjoy the freebie's while your downloaded your favorite songs.


    Disable Window 7 Games

    Here's the tweak to disable Windows 7 games by default. It's a good idea to sometimes disable the useless games that comes with Windows. Besides it just using up space that now one needs. 



    Need to upload and share files instantly, why not start doing it now with 50gig free of storage. The future of sharing files is here and now you can pass it along to your friends for free. Take advantage now while the storage is free. 


    Windows Fix It

    If you have ever run into Window problems, this handy software goes great with your operating system. Not only does it troubleshoot problems, it fixes them.
    So if you missed out on my last post on Windows Fix It, download it again.


    Delete your Google Account

    Annoyed with Google taking control of what services that they have you linked to. Here is a great way to control what Google accounts you want active and which one's you don't want active. Take control of Google before it controls you.



    Tired of installing iTunes onto your computer. Try something new without the use of Apple iTunes. There is no need to be forced to have any Apple products on your computer if you don't need none. 


    Safe Mode in Win 8

    Want to know how to go to safe mode via Windows 8, well it's very simple as long as you follow these easy steps. Now there should be no reason for you to have Window problems.


    Create a Windows Mobile App

    Already have a blog, now convert it to a windows mobile application so that everyone including mobile devices can easily view your web page. 


    Network Tools for Andriods

    Here are some great Network Tools for Android. It's great to now that even a computer technician has the necessary applications to make his job easier.

    Fling Network
    Wake on LAN wan
    Wake on LAN
    Wake on Lan via Net
    Android Net Tools
    Wake on App


    Syskey Locks Win 7

    Looking for a secure way to lock your Windows 7 computer from prying eyes. Use a USB stick and then install Syskey on it. It's not fool proof from hackers, but it will keep the regular user off your computer.


    9 differ ways to Shutdown & Restart Win 8

    Tired of shutting and restarting windows. Now in Windows 8, Microsoft has customized the ways that you can easy start and shutdown your operating system. I just don't understand why they just can't make this tweak now on current Windows OS.


    Space Weather Prediction Center

    Great site to go to if you want to explore outer space and witness future weather prediction heading our way. Next time before you take a trip to a different universe, see what's the weather going to be like.


    Assign an IP address

    It's a very simple procedure anyone can do. But in case you still have difficulties, follow the video to help you setup the iP address.



    Tail Mail

    Want to know if other's have read your emails. This is a good way to find out and it's going to require you to do some copy and paste but if you follow the video you should be able to get the information you long waited for.


    Space Weather

    If you think that the Earth's weather is the only weather you should be looking at daily, your wrong. Now also compare your local weather to the weather in space.


    Fax Zero

    Need to send documents via fax machine, no problem with our online fax solution. All you do is attach your documents and send your fax out.


    Delete old user profiles

    Here's a group policy that deletes a user profile after a specific number of days. This is a great policy to use if you have several user profiles that use a workstation and then never use that workstation ever again.

    To configure this setting, type start search and hit Enter to open the Group Policy Editor. Next under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles.gpedit.msc in
    Now in the right hand side details pane, double-click on  navigate to Delete user profiles older than a specified number of days on system restart to open its configuration box.
    Here, if you enable this policy setting, the User Profile Service will automatically delete on the next system restart all user profiles on the computer that have not been used within the specified number of days.
    If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, User Profile Service will not automatically delete any profiles on the next system restart.


    More Free online Photo Editors

    Tired of installing photo editors on your computer. Here are some more great online photo editors, that lets you easily do your work via the Internet.

    Photoshop Tools


    Save your Jailbreak Apps

    Have a Jailbreak device and tired of losing your applications every time you do an update. Here is a great way to save all your applications prior to updating. It will save you a lot of time and best of all it's still cheap when compared to all those free applications your now getting.

    Pkg backup


    Convert XPS to PDF

    Need to Convert your XPS files to PDF. Here's the easiest way to do it online. Microsoft XPS format was great for a while, but it's unfortunate that the XPS version has still failed to lead the way. Your better off now, converting your files to PDF before it's too late. It's only a matter of time before Microsoft pulls the plug on XPS format.

    xPtoPDF uk



    Here's a bitTorrent software that just can't be shut down by the outside world. It's an open source software and currently it's innovative features out beat the latest bitTorrent  down-loaders.

    Direct Link


    Jobs that don't require a diploma

    Looking for a job, but still lacking that degree. Here's the list on what you should be looking for in jobs without a diploma.

    Let's just say career wise it doesn't look good, so your better off staying in school and getting that degree. Good Luck.


    Change IP Address from DOS

    Here is a great way to change the ip address from a computer via the DOS prompt. This tip is a little technical so  not everyone is going to know how to do this. But if you can figure it out, here it goes.

    as per How-to-Geeks

    Changing Your IP Address

    Changing your IP information requires two commands, one for your IP address, subnet mask and default gateway and another for  your DNS settings. In order to change your IP address we use the netsh command, the exact command you want to use is the following:
    netsh interface ip set address name=”Local Area Connection” static
    This assumes the following:
    • The name of the interface you want to change the IP address  for is Local Area Network
    • You want to statically assign an IP address of
    • You want to set a subnet mask of
    • You want to set a default gateway of
    Armed with this information you should obviously switch the settings out for some that are suited to your network. You might, however, be wondering how you can go from using an already set static IP address to getting an address from DHCP. In this case the command you are looking for is:
    netsh interface ip set address name=”Local Area Connection” source=dhcp

    Changing Your DNS Settings

    As far as DNS goes you only have two settings to set, a primary DNS server as well as a secondary one. The command to set them is almost identical, to set your primary DNS server you will want to use:
    netsh interface ip set dns name=”Local Area Connection” static
    This again assumes a few things:
    • The name of the interface you want to change the primary DNS setting for is Local Area Network
    • The IP address of the DNS Server is
    To change the IP address of the secondary DNS server you will need to specify the index parameter:
    netsh interface ip add dns name=”Local Area Connection” index=2
    The above command would set your network adapter named Local Area Connection to use a secondary DNS server address of (which is the Google public DNS servers, incase you didn’t know). The last thing you might want to do it set your DNS settings to be assigned dynamically, which can be done through the following command.
    netsh interface ip set dnsservers name=”Local Area Connection” source=dhcp


    Install apps on a remote PC

    Want to save time installing applications on a terminal computer, it's simple has long as you use the command prompt. All you need to do is change the user credentials. Install the program and change back the user credentials.

    Change User /Install

    Change User /Execute


    Android on Windows

    Want to run android application on Windows, no problem with the help of Bluestacks. Now the joy of using android applications, goes beyond the program barriers.


    See what websites your PC connects to

    If you ever wanted to know if your computer at times, connects privately to other websites. This is the little setup needed to give you that information. If your worried about security, then it's best to know everything.



    Looking for a way to stream to other players, this software does wonder with the free version. But the small price to pay for the premium version is still worth every penny.
    Now there is no limit how far you can stream. 



    Looking for web based free television. Here's a great site to watch your favorite shows for free. At least now you have the option to say goodbye to premium cable.


    How to block USB Drives

    Having USB drives open are a corporate network is a great security risk. Here are some good plans to secure your network from future attacks.

    Disable USB drives through Group Policy

    Group Policy block USB

    Disable USB, CD-ROM, Floppy drives

    Controlling Device Installation Using Group Policy



    Getting married, no problem when you getting your help from lover.ly. It not only narrow down your searches of what to do. But gives you ideas and plans that can easily be adopted. 


    Scosche Cell Control

    Here's a new device for parents that want to prevent their children from texting and talking while driving. It's a great device to use for the teens who still refuse to listen.



    Looking for an easier way to save articles while surfing on the Internet. Here's a new way of clipping your favorite articles and going back to them when ever you feel ready. Give it a try.



    Sign any document with DocuSign. Now this is the future for digital signing. There's no limit to how far this software will go. Let's just hope they keep up with their security.


    Tethering Android

    There are many alternatives when you want to tether, so when it doubt keep on trying. It's still worth the money if you could just find the right software.


    Winter Wake Up

    Tired of getting to work late because of the weather. No need to worry with this great application that almost anyone can install. I just hope this software goes cross platform, so that everyone can use it effectively.

    Check it out here at the Apple Store



    Want to turn your favorite websites to ebooks, not a problem if your using the Epub Chrome extension. It's as simple and one click and the entire website is converted to a readable e-book. Give it a try.

    Extension Link


    NumLock Registry Hack

    Here is a great hack to enable the NumLock on system boot up. Most of the times the settings is found in the bios. It's it's not there, then your only alternatives are to enable the NumLock manually or do this using this hack.


    Find the Best

    Want to find the best of everything. Hopefully this site will narrow down the top items that your looking for so that you know what's the best one for you. 


    Image Writer for Windows

    Here is a great software to read and write img software's using a USB. It's a move in the right direction using USB technology.

    Direct Link



    Looking for remote browser support for all your computers. Soluto does a great job for free as long as your  clients stay below the minimum of 5 users.
    Everything is web based, so adding and helping user's should be simple and easy to do. Give it a try.



    Need some help with finding great VPN's for your Internet. No need to worry now that you have this list below:

    Pro XPN
    Tunnel Bear
    Cyber Ghost VPN
    Ricco VPN
    Raptor VPN
    Expat Shield
    IP VPN


    Cleanup More than Disk Cleanup

    If your a disk cleanup user and wondered if Windows does do a great job on cleaning temporary files, think again. You still have to go a little further to clean up Windows even more. Thankful for this great tip you now can either do it manually or browse online to a reliable temporary file cleaner online.

    In the run command type %temp% and hit enter
    then when the local temporary folder loads hit CNTR+A to select All


    More ISO Burners

    Here are more great ISO burners. You decide which one works for you the best.

    ISO Burner
    Active ISO Burner
    Free ISO


    Great Registry Cleaners

    Here's a list of great registry cleaner for your computer. It's nice to know these are great freewares to fix your computer.

    Power Tools Lite
    Rizone's Power Tools
    Tweak Now
    IOrbit Toolbox
    Slim Cleaner
    Jet Clean
    PC HouseKeeper 2012


    Raid for under $125-

    Yep, it is possible to make an inexpensive Raid with the current products in the market today. It's not complicated and  you'll be happy that you made it yourself and only paid just under a $100- for a backup drive to save your files.

    Direct Link


    Setup Win 7 Share

    Ever wonder how to setup your Windows 7 share folders among other users. Here's the setup instructions so that you now can share with others in your local group. 


    Lock Windows

    Need to easily automatically lock Windows when your leaving your desktop with just one easy click. Here's the easiest way to lock Windows via one click.

    Right click your mouse to new -> shortcut and type the following In the Create Shortcut window type: Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation. Click Next. Your Done.


    Speed up Remote Desktop via Win 7

    The simplest way to speed up remote desktop in Windows 7 is to set the color display to 16bit. It's not the best quality for some, but it should does load faster.


    Add Google Gadgets to Gmail

    Here's the trick to make any google gadget, a gmail gadget. All you really need to do is add the .xml tag to the end of the gadget and have it easily transform. Give it a try.

    Here is more information below:

    There are hundreds of different gadgets around the web. Some web services (such as Remember the Milk) have created their own and supply you with a URL. If you want other gadgets have a look at the iGoogle gadgets directory. To add a gadget from the iGoogle gadgets directory navigate to a gadget of your choice and copy everything after the “url=” tag in the address bar. For example, the Official Wikipedia Gadget for iGoogle has the following URL:
    To add this gadget to Gmail simply copy the portion after “url=”, i.e.:
    And paste it into the gadget URL box in Gmail


    What is Postscript

    Here's the explanation to the common computer postscript terminology and what does it have to do with a printer. For those of you who what to know and need to know so that at least you can say, "You know something".