Here's a great new application for Apple lovers who need an alarm clock that works with their daily happens. It's very unique when compared to other applications that I've seen in the market.
I enjoy how you can easily mute or give yourself another five minutes with just a slide of the application. If you in the market for a new alarm application for you phone. This is a must see link.



Free Accounting Software

Looking for a simple free accounting software. Here's a simple program to track income and expenses with even a sale record database. Not bad for a freebie.

Installation Instructions


Win 8 Startup Menu

Windows 8 has changed drastically that now user's have the option to install the classic version or alternate versions if they feel that they still need the startup menu. It looks like Microsoft is taking action to eventually remove the menu button for good.


Win Classic
Win 8 manual setup
Start Menu 7 


Free Any Burn

Here is a great burning software that simplifies burning software. It works with various operating systems and hopefully this time burning will be easier to do. If your in the market for a new burning software here's a great freebie.

Free Any Burn


Live Gold Prices

Have scrap gold to sell and wondering how much you can get for your useless gold pieces. Here's what you need to know before you decide to sell your gold. Gold prices vary with the amount of carat the gold pieces were made of. Anything that is 24 ct gold is worth way more than 18 ct and 10 ct gold. And if your planing on selling your gold, the best offer you'll get in most places is 1/4 of the current market price. But you need to know how many ounces your carat of gold weighs before hand.
My advice to you is never settle for the first bid on gold your selling, don't fall for vendors charging you to price your gold and shop around for the best offer. It is what it is, but you can still sell your gold and still make a decent profit. Good luck.

Current Gold Prices



Your program recently crashed and now you want to restart it again like you originally did. Here's a great software to restart things over again when things just crash.

Installation help
Software Link


Planning on Fixing your MAC

If your planning on fixing your new MAC machine read this before you attempt to go further. Per the iFixit technician's, they said that it's a headache and the biggest complaint is that RAM location which is hidden behind the logic board. If you still want to go ahead and go for it. Make sure you take a lot of pictures, just in case something goes wrong.



Pay to stop Internet Ads

Want to put a stop to internet Ad's. You might want to check this site out and get a prototype before someone decides to stop the mass produce this product.
Advertisers are sure going to get legal and try to ban this product from production but until that happens enjoy the benefits of an Ad free internet.




Here a great way to organize important people you meet on a daily basis. Not only does it tag the personal information but you can even attach a picture to that person so that you can easily recommend them to other. Great idea to keep your network active.



Card Cloud

Now you can easily record and take notes on important individuals you meet on a daily basis. All you do is scan the individual card and the software stores the information for you to review later.


Online Computer Help

Looking for online computer help? Don't be surprised with what's out there. If your not careful you could be wasting money on useless software's that do nothing. Your best bet is to follow user's who discuss and write about everyday computer problems. And see if they offer support.

Regardless you can also try our friend the PcMaestro



Win 7 Blank Devices

Need to fix Windows 7 blank device and folders. Here the quick fix for this annoying setup feature that Microsoft refuses to resolve for most users.



Virtual Credit Card

Tired of using your credit card online in fear that someone might easily get your card information and steal your identity. Here's a new way to buy merchandise online using a virtual credit card. All you have to do is link your credit card number to this virtual card and make purchases with the virtual card. Securing you and your loved ones from identity theft.



Backup Gmail with Gmvault

Here's a great way to backup all your Gmail emails just in case one day something critically goes wrong with Gmail service. You never can under estimate the obvious which is backing up.

Backing up instructions


Download Firefox without IE

Here is a great way to load Firefox onto your computer without trying to download it from Internet Explorer. It works the same with other ftp programs as well. Just open up a folder in Windows and type the following below and install the latest version of Firefox.

open my computer on the address bar type the following ftp://ftp.mozilla.org and click enter. The window should now contain a new file to download Firefox and just click on Firefox to install it's latest version.

alternative link ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/latest/win32/en-US/


Malicious Software Removal Tool

This is not a substitute for antivirus but a great way to verify if your system is hiding something. It's usually updated by Microsoft every patch Tuesday of every month, so your always going to get the latest version.



Network Security Software

Need to confirm that your network is secure. It's easier to test your network with the list of security software below and test and confirm your network intrusions.



Test Weak Passwords

Want to check your network for weak passwords. Here are great utilities to test your password cracking skills. In the end it just tests your password security levels on being hacked.

THC Hydra
Snmp Brute force


Probe Host

Need to probe hosts to see what they are doing? Here is a great program to tell you what's connected on to your network. It a must have tool if you have no idea who's on your network.



Monitor unknown MAC's

Afraid that someone maybe hacking into your wireless network. Here is a great program to monitor all the MAC addresses on your network.



PDF Lite

Here are some light PDF software's just in case your tired of Adobe ongoing crashes and security updates. Sometimes going lighter just makes things easier. And if you need more PDF help. Feel free to check out the links below.

Naunce Pdf

Need to Edit PDF's try the following

Interactive PDF's try the following

Need PDF's editing security try the following



Tired of dealing with locked Windows files when your trying to edit, erase or rename a file or folder. This handy free utility removes the locked Windows file error and helps you take control of your computer.




Here's a great way to secure your cloud data for free. So if your currently using dropbox, google drive or box.net all you need to do is encrypt your data and your files are now secure.



Express Accounts

Looking for a free accounting software online to help you manage your books. Here is an excellent software to help you manage your books, until your latter capable of affording a reliable accounting software package.



Win Med Auto Shutdown

Want to automatically shut down your computer the easy way. This software will do the work using simple tasks and there is no need to worry about your computer staying on daily.



My PC Backup

Here's an easy way to backup your computer similar to mozy. You just install the application and backup your files and share it among other devices. Online cloud backup is becoming known and within time prices will eventually drop to reasonable prices.



Win 8.1 Taskbar Update

What is Windows 8.1 and why should I get it. It looks like Microsoft now is listening to their customers and bringing back the taskbar in the 8.1 version.
Currently the taskbar is not available because Microsoft wants to make sure it's user friendly and bug free. But if you just recently purchased Windows 8, it's pointless worrying about bugs because the software will still be buggy until they issue their first Windows 8 service pack fix. So in the end, installing the taskbar will still be better off regardless of you waiting.
Once done you should be able to take control of your computer menu's the same way you did in previous version of Windows.




Want to map your workouts and challenge your friends. This is a great place to push all your friend to work out and show your friends your workout schedule and diet.




Need to plot your routes ahead of time then why not map your route and figure out what's up ahead so that you can work around your time.



Credit Sesame

Here's another credit score website that helps you build your credit. It's a new method on helping user's succeed greater credit wealth.

Link Credit Sesame


Credit Karma

Looking for your credit report and credit score to help you purchase, finance or just build your credit. This site promises just that and it's free. There is no catch and you'll be surprised on what special deals you also can get.


Hard Drive Testing

Here are several great hard drive stress testers to push your hard drive to the limit before the drive give up and has to be replaced. If your having drive problems. Your best bet is to test the hard drive via stress testing and verify that it's still good to be used.

Western Digital


Plug & Play Data Cables

Need to run data cables and your undecided if you should do it yourself or get a professional to do it. Here's a new way to install data cables with the security that everything will be done as easy and plug and play.
All you need to do is purchase the Cablesys Plug & Play data cables and your ready to go. It's that simple and that easy. 


Great Windows Recovery Tools

Here are some great recovery tools to help you restore your lost files. Not all file recovery software's are alike.

Wise Data Recovery
Test Disk
Portable Data Recovery


Who logged into my computer

If you ever wanted to know, how to find out who logged into my computer. Here's a great way using current windows tools.


Ring Central

Ready to open your new business. If you don't have the start money for a new personal assistant or phone system. This website can be helpful.


Battery InfoView

Need battery information on your netbook or laptop. Here is a handy utility to give you battery information on year, make, model , serial number, manufacture and power state. You can even log battery information every 30 seconds.


Windows Update on Win 7 Taskbar

Want to easily do Windows Updates, try installing it on the task-bar and now doing updates will be as simple as with once click of the mouse. 


Hyper Desktop

Now taking screen shots of your desktop can be as easily as taking a picture and automatically uploading it to imgr.com. It even let's you add text to the screenshot.

Direct Link


Meraki’s WiFi Mapper

Here's a great WiFi mapper for all of those user's building a WiFi network. It helps you map out your network so that their channel speeds are measured accurately.



Sync across platform

Ready to sync across platform. Take a look at a new way of searching using yahoo and favkeeper. I promise that you'll be amazed on how easy it is to browse online.

Yahoo axis



Want to take control of your computer using Gmail controls. sRemote is here to take over your computer with simple commands. It's a small utility that can basically do remote functions in a snap. A must have tool for those Gmail users.

More info


How to Print from Android

Want to know how to print from Android. These are the few secrets for printing many manufactures don't want you to know. But it's possible and for free.



Windows Device Driver

Here is a great Windows device drivers update to help you accomplish a successful system upgrade. It's a must have utility for those user's who fear of not having the correct drivers after an upgrade.



Insurance Claim Filing App

Now filing insurance claims is a thing of the past with the insurance claim filing application. All you have to do is download your insurance company application and when it's time to file a claim. You just follow the instructions. Now getting insurance quotes will be a thing of the past.


How to open programs in a run box

Want to learn how to open programs in a run box. It's very simple as long as you download and install winaero. Then after that it's just a matter of writing the software name and Windows opens it. Now you can open programs like a professional.



Password Recovery

Need help to recover a password. If you have time on your side, feel free to try these tools below.

Windows Key
Password Unlocker
hash suite


Wireless Tools

If your running a wireless network, here are some great tools to have handy to maintain and monitor your network. You'll be surprised on what you can retrieve and what information you can get.

Common View
Wireless Wizard
Wireless Key Generator


Enable Gmail Results

Gmail is now experimenting with it's personal search results which incorporates emails into search results on the main search. In order for you to have it enabled you must acknowledge and wait a few days for Google to email a response.
I would caution users on doing this unless your comfortable having your emails go public. You just can't tell what information can go public.



Slim Computer

Need to slim down your computer of useless programs. This software is does a great job on disabling items and cleaning up useless programs.



Here's another freebie to cleanup your computers activeX and startup programs. This program puts you back in control of your computer. It's also a great software to find adware, spyware and worms that are running on your computer.



If you have been getting SPAM via text messaging, this is known as smishing. All you have to do is forward the text to 7726 and your carrier will mark them as abuse. And if that doesn't work then file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission at  1-877-HELP (4357). Good luck.



Want to automate recurring tasks in Windows so that you don't have to do the tasks over and over again daily. This software will eliminate the repetitions so that you now can have better things to do daily. 



Looking for recovery software. Your going to love roadkil, not only does it recover files, it pieces together bad cluster files and bits of data to piece all the files together. A must have for file recovery.


Blue Screen Viewer

Tired of the Blue Screen of Death. Now this time you can easily figure what's causing the problem with Blue Screen Viewer. All you do is install the software and view what's causing the problem.



Need RDP to be secure. Why don't you use Putty and secure your connection before it's too late. You never know when your network can be compromised.


Auto Shut, Restart & Hibernate

Here's a great software to use when you want to shutdown your computer after you finish a major download. It preserves your settings and runs that tasks after everything is completed. It's a must have for user's who are running tasks and want to power off the unit after use.

Auto Power Switch


Blank & Secure

Here's a great tool for permanently deleting files on your hard drive, making it impossible for your to recover anything from that hard drive. It's the ultimate eraser for a hard drive. 


Network Monitoring Programs

If your in search for network monitoring software, feel free to take a look at these first, since they will save you sometime and money.



Phone Clean

Looking for a phone utility to give you more space on your phone. Here is a great software to use to get your more space on your phone. Unfortunately it's only works well with Apple made products. 

Galaxy S4 Update

Good news for Galaxy S4 phone users. Now when you do the new update, you will get a little more space than you first thought you had. It's not still a lot but good enough to add more applications. At least someone is listening to the customer complaints.




Interested on getting a learning thermostat for your home. Try Nest and see how easy it is to customize your home living conditions with this smart device that adapts to your lifestyle. 



Need a job and wished you had some online help to make a better resume work for you. Here is a great online resume maker to help you get that job you always dream of. It does a great job on gathering all your information and helping you tweak your resume for the real world. Give it a try.


Cmd prompt tricks

Here are simple tricks for everyone to know about the famous command prompt. If you think you knew almost every trick in the book. Make sure you know these few and add them on to your list.

send cmd output to a folder
open cmd in windows via folder
command history
drop and drag files
run multiple command prompts


Send Email using Power Shell

Here's a great way to send email using Power Shell without using any email client. It's DOS based and very simple to use. It's a great way to send email in a hurry. 


Duplicate File Finders

Here is a few duplicate file finders, so that you can consolidate your computer files easier. It will save you a lot of time instead of doing it manually.



Who Crashed

Getting the BSOD and still can't figured out what's causing the problem. Try using this Who Crashed software to narrow down the source with the problem. It's definitely going to save you time.


Google Reader End

Looks like it's the end for Google Reader. The new technology that changed the way we read news today is about to end because of declining subscriptions. User's tried to petition Google to reinstate their decision and  the verdict still stands on Google Reader ending in July 1, 2013.
For existing user's make sure to use Google takeout to export your current feeds to your alternative reader.
Bye Bye Google Reader and thanks for making reading easier.

Google Reader Ends

Google Reader Alternatives



Organize applications over several virtual desktops by using a tiny open source program that consumes minimal system resources.


Google Maps NYC Subway Alerts

Google Maps now provide immediate subway alerts so that everyone get get the recent delays instantly via Google Maps. I just hope they expand this option to every city throughout the United States. 


Windows Timer

Need a timer for Windows? Here is a simple program made to shut down Windows after a specified time period. It keeps your computer running efficiently and also in turns saves you money.
Remember there is no need to keep your computer on, if your not using it.


Windows CMD replacement

Tired of the old Windows CMD prompt. Here is it's replacement. Now assigning a frequent command is just a click away. It save you time remembering useless commands that you hardly will ever get to use again.


Diagnose Windows

Tired of figuring out the specs on every computer that you repair. Here is a useful software that saves you time on figuring out your hardware and software.
Now you can spend your quality time just troubleshooting.


WinBin to ISO

Here's another freebie to convert all your CD and DVD's to ISO. I would suggest on doing this as soon as possible before your media gets scratch or damaged. 


Make Windows Check for updates frequently

Here is a great way to speed up Windows updates for those user's who want there computers to be always secure. In my opinion I would never install updates unless your computer is acting up.


Windows broadband monitors

Looking for some Windows broadband monitors. Here are a few good ones that help you monitor broadband current status.

ISP monitor



Here is a great pdf software that can simplify your life and you'll be amazed on the things you can do with a freeware. If your in need of a different type of PDF software. Take at look at hear first to see what things you can do with PDF.



Power Pwn

Need to test your remote network security. Here's a great device to check to see if your network security is vulnerable. It's a handy device made to intercept security protocols. All you do is plug it in and run the test to see  if your network can be hacked. It's better to be safe than sorry.



Here is a great way to organize your life online. Now everything you want online is just a quick click away and when your ready it's yours for that special price. It's buying online with prices that you can easily afford. 


Malware DNS Checker

Think you have malware? Here is a great way to check by verifying your DNS server. If it comes back negative, then your OK for now. If not then hurry up and quickly install Malwarebytes and begin your fight against these pesky programs.


How long does your ISP keep your IP

Interesting information on how the main internet suppliers hold a customers IP Address in their database. With this information available, there is no stopping to what information that can retrieve from your private surfing.


KVM without the switch

Here is a great KVM switch without the wires. It's called Mouse without Borders and it's a Microsoft utility so you know that it will be window friendly. All you have to do is install the software and get your security code and computer name and within minutes your copying and sharing files. Give it a try.

Direct Link


Preventive Maintenance Tools

Here are five great preventive maintenance tools to help you personal computer perform better than usual. It's tools like these that keeps your computer running efficiently.
I highly recommend that you use these utilities at least monthly, so that everything runs well.


7 Burn

Here's a another freebie burning software. If your computer lacks media burning software. Download the installer or go with the portable version to burn media where ever you go.


Recovery & Backup

Looking for a recovery and backup software for Windows. Here are some great starters to help you clone and recovery your hard drive just in case something happens to your system in the future.
It's always good to have a backup plan in place when you least expect them.


Dropbox Portable

If you love dropbox your going to love the portable version so you can take it where ever you want to go. It so simple that you can toss it into a flash drive and have it accessible where ever you go.


Netflix Losing 2k Movies

If you haven't heard yet, Netflix has already lost 2,000 movies for streaming. What does that mean for the online movie company? It's time for Netflix to update it's database with old classics and new titles. As for the future for Netflix getting movies from Warner Bros is going to be difficult because of the loss of it's licensing.
Good luck Netflix.


Linux Live USB Creater

I always love freeware's and I never could say no when it comes to Linux. That's why the Live USB Creater is a must have utility if you ever dare to go free. Check out the distributions and see why everyone loves Linux.

Direct Link
Distributions Link


iPhone Wireless Printing

Looking for the app to print wireless, check out AirPrint and now you can print anywhere with a WiFi. It's so simple and easy to use that you'll be amazed.



Here is the ultimate scanner that uses your phone to scan items. It's very simple to use and cost under $15-. If your looking for a revolutionary, portable and mobile device to use as a scanner. Scanbox could be your answer. Take a look.


ISO Buddy

Need to convert files to ISO, next time use ISO Buddy and simplify your life burning media the right way. You not only preserve the quality of your media but can now toss away those pesky CD's and DVD's.



Not so Wonder World After All

Amazing Disney World secrets that had been hidden for years. I just wonder what else has it hidden from the rest of the world that makes this fantasy world what it is today. It's funny on what big money can do in todays world.


Frequent Flier Miles

Ever wonder if frequent flier miles are worth on accruing for the future. You'll think again once your read this article on what American Airlines has in store for you. Remember, you never get anything for free.


Annimated Gif

Here are some great annimated GIF's to test if your vision. Be advised the objects that your viewing are closer to you think.


Website Tracking

Ever wonder how websites are tracking you. Here is some good information on how our privacy is being monitored online. What you always feared the most is a fact of life. 


PC Safety during Storms

Here are storm safe tips when your using your computer. These tips vary from location to location but when it doubt remember these tips. They might just save your computer. 


Online Educational Tools

Looking for a free online interactive training school to help everyone in your family excel. It's not just for children, but for adults and teachers too. Now learning something new shouldn't be an excuse.


Win 8 USB Flashdrive

Windows 8 USB installer is here and now it's time to make a bootable ISO device via USB. It's the new generation of Windows and a new generation for installing software on flash drives.


Luggage Finder

No need to go crazy finding your luggage at the airport. The next time you fly get the Luggage finder and the minute your luggage appears it automatically alerts you.


Should I Check My Email

Pretty interesting flow chart on checking your email. If your always checking your email. You should check out this flow chart to see the facts of life.