Nissan Leaf Resale Value

This EV car has been around for over a decade and it's the least expensive EV. Take that into consideration and it doesn't have that much power and muscle like some of the new EV vehicles on the market and it depreciates quicker than the vehicle can be charged. So if you are thinking on purchasing a used Nissan Leaf, I would suggest you read the link below and do some more research. 


Tell if Android is Unlocked

How to tell if your Android phone is carrier unlocked. Now it all depends on where you buy your phone to see if it's unlocked. But here is some information to help you figure this out. 

Let's take back control of our devices and live free. 


T-Mobile & Starlink

It looks like Starlink can start seeing a green light over the rainbow. This will change mobile and internet history moving forward and will definitely be a game changer for communications worldwide.

I cannot wait to see what's next in store for these two companies. 


CashApp Alert

If you have the application installed on your phone, keep an eye on your account every now and then because there have been recent attacks with users trying to steal their funds. It's a pretty simple hack and the outcome is very unfortunate for some users. 



Save Youtube to GDrive

Here is a handy way to easily save your favorite YouTube videos to Google Drive. This will save you time and you can decide if you later on what to view offline. 

Get the best of two sites with just a few clicks. 


LassPass Hack

It looks like a developers account was breached and the companies source code and some technical information was accessed. Now this just puts some bad light on the company and with it's current security software. Stay tune to see what happens next. 


Why QR codes menu's are around

The pandemic started these contactless menu's and because of staff shortages and printing costs it can be a while before you can see the regular menu's back at restaurant's.

Even though using the code feels like a chore it does save a lot of money on printing costs and maybe if they can incorporate the check feature for users this can change many users minds.

All we can do is to just wait and see what happens.



Satellite Internet Info

Confused on Satellite Internet and want to know if this option is the best for you in your area. Before you sign any contract or make any calls to anyone regarding the service, this is what you should know before hand.

This is some great resourceful information. 


macOS flaw

This old flaw patched not too long ago by Apple easily shows how easily anyone can access every file on the user's Mac computer. 

Even though it was already patched by Apple there are still some users out in the real world that are still vulnerable to the flaw. So it would be advised for users to confirm that their devices are patched. 



Google not a Publisher

Good new for Google when it comes to defamatory article. Since it's not a publishing company the users will have to go direct to the user. So in simple terms google just navigates using a hyperlink to articles. 

Now the publishers will have to do their homework and go after the user themselves which will definitely be costly. 


No need for a Macbook Pro

Interesting article for users who are going out to purchase an Apple laptop and how when the upgrade for better performance, it's not all really worth it when it comes to the price.
As for the specs, these are usually for Pro users who want more RAM, and faster chips with better screens and sound. 

Now the only real difference is its price and quality.


Netflix History

Here is a brief history of Netflix on how the started and what developed and what they have become. Netflix have been here for a while and this streaming service still has enough power to taking content to a new level regardless of what some users might think.



Microsoft AI Edge Problem

Microsoft has a cool AI feature called Read aloud that when it's activated makes listening to your emails and documents seem like a breeze. The synthesized voices are indistinguishable from human narrators. It's a pretty cool way to hear the long email and articles while tending to other things.

If you have not tried it yet, I suggest you give it a try but not that it's not perfect and it still has a lot of bugs that are problematic for many. I just hope that that can correct this before users get discouraged from using this feature. 



EV Trip Reality

If you are planning an EV trip road be prepared for the worst. New electrical EVs are not yet ready for the real world and you might possibly get stuck or stranded if you do not plan ahead.

EV road trips are limited because of the lack of infrastructure that is still needed. So before you go on your journey read this interesting article about a father and son road trip to see some baseball and it just might change your mind. 


Sharpext Malware

Here is a new malware that you should be aware of and it's very difficult to detect. And your only defense for now it's to be careful and review your browser extensions regularly.

Hopefully in time someone will create a better tool to detect the device. 


Hidden iPhone Tricks

Here are some hidden iPhone tricks that many professionals already are aware of and you should be as well to take advantage on the things that you can do with  your phone.


How Xbox was almost killed

Pretty interesting story on how the Xbox was almost killed because the console could not run on Windows. 

Only to see later how this turned the console into a goldmine for Microsoft.


Apple & Meta Headset challenge

It looks like Apple & Meta are preparing to deliver mixed reality headsets soon and it's going to be a challenge when it comes to pricing. 

Both companies are going to have to come up with a system to convince users to buy their advanced technology system and prove otherwise that their investment is worthwhile.

In the long run, time will tell if the expense was even worth it. 


Sixt Rent Cyberattack

It looks like last spring a cyberattack occurred on the company exposing sensitive information from thousands of Sixt employees. And it will be interesting to see what liability the company will face for not disclosing this information to their employees in a timely manner. 




Interesting device to help manage pain for users who are physically active. It's an electric never stimulation device that can provide pain relief using a different types of automated program modes. If you are one of those individuals who hate pinched nerves, I guess this will be a great problem solver.