Block iPhone Spam Messages

Here is the simplest way to block spam messages from your iPhone. It's unfortunate but this is right now the only best solution to stop these junk messages from getting to you. 



Robot Mop Review

Many users have been wondering if the new robot mops are worth the cost. And it can all be summed up with a yes since they are becoming useful when cleaning. So not only is your robot cleaning the dust around the house, but it's also now mopping. 

Technology is definitely changing rapidly for these cleaning devices and they are a great lifesaver when it comes to helping around the house. If you are in need of a housekeeper, I will give them a try first to see if it meets your needs. 


Flip phone comeback

It's about time and it's not only trendy it makes sense. I just do not understand how portable phones went from small to big. 

At least now we can still have the big screen but with better portability. 



Don't Let Google Manage Password

Here is an interesting article on why not to have Google Manage your Passwords. Unfortunately keeping everything in one place is nice but not the best secure solution when it comes to passwords.

Your best bet is to check out some Password managing software if you decide that you want to simplify things. It's your choice. 


MS Share Button

The new share button in Microsoft allows you to show people what Bing AI is saying. It's more like Microsoft showing others what Bing can do for you so that people can check out Bing AI.

It's pretty impressive and I cannot wait to see what others do. 


Zippyshare Quites

 The file-hosting company made it easy for users to upload files without using a web browser apparently costs too much to maintain.

Let's just say it was good while it lasted. 



Waze EV Update

If you are an EV user you are going to be excited to hear about Waze's new feature. All you need to do is enter your vehicle model and plug type and the app will find you charging stations. So now when you travel you can easily find a charging station for your vehicle. 


Laptops for Seniors

I get this question asked for me from time to time and even though everyone's comptuer expertise is different you always have a class a users who is always looking for a user friendly laptop.

Here are the list of computers they recommend but I would still google the model number and read the reviews to see what others people are saying about the computer. 


iPhone, iPad & Pc Transfer Files

Here is some great information on file transforming from iPhone, iPad, and Pc and vice versa. Itunes is your best bet for Windows and for your other devices let's just say the cloud comes handy for transporting. For more information see the link below. 



Macbook Pro vs Air differ

Ever wonder what's the difference between a Macbook Pro and vs Air well if you take a look at the chart the only real difference is the webcam, graphics, ports, battery life, weight, dimension, and price. Everything hardware-wise is the same. 


YouTube Balloon

I just cannot understand why they think that people will pay a higher premium than their competitors.  I guess some companies have to learn the hard way before they realize their mistakes.

So if you think price increases in this day and age is going to keep subscribers with the current high cost of goods, think again. 


Telsa New Charger

This is great news for everyone in the past, the charger was only for Tesla now it's open to all vehicles to supercharge their cars. It's an open-door policy now to simply charge your electric vehicle without limitations. I just hope more companies continue to do the same and eventually there will be super chargers everyone similar to gasoline stations. 


Car renting changes

If you are renting a car you should be aware that a lot of things have changed recently. Like more vehicles, and more cars with options, you can now get a car that's luxury or electric with easy pick up and drop off functions. 

Hoping that it just keeps on improving, so that we can continue to rent cars with ease.