Google Tracker

Google will soon release its GSpot and it's similar to Apple's Air Tag, and let's just say that they also want to cash in on devices that are making sense. I cannot wait to see what Apple will do next to remain on top. 


Microsoft Flex OLED

It looks like Microsoft is taking a different direction with foldable screens, it is still early to see what direction they will be going but they are definitely adapting and changing to meet consumer demands. It's a great approach and I just hope that they get this one right and keep consumers happy. 


Get WiFi in your Car

Here is the simplest way to get WiFi in your car. By doing this you get to bridge the other users in the car to be able to get service when you are on the road. It's a great work-a-round solution to be always connected. 


Change Telsa's Charge Limit

Here is a good reason why you would want to change your Telsa's charge limit. Doing this not only prolongs the car's battery life but in the long run will charge the car efficiently. 


AI Software

If you are looking for AI software to make your life easier here is a great site to start your search. You just pick the AI software you are looking for using FutureTools and it links to the site.

It's that easy and that simple to do. 


LassPass Update from Twit

I am so glad to hear someone is concerned about the LastPass breach and the show was so informative that if you think it was nothing, then you need to watch this episode in full.

I highly recommend you stay in touch with Twit and keep on watching their informative shows. 

Just shows the negligence the company still does not address. 



Alison Free Online Courses

Looking to take free online courses and get certifications and Diplomas, this site will keep you on track 
and it has a large library to prove it.

Give it a look and you might learn something too. 


Google Fonts

If you are in search of new fonts for your report or presentation, you can go to Google Fonts to download the fonts that you are looking for and install them on your computer for free.

Nothing beats having the right fonts for that special presentation. 




In search of a website to act as a timer when doing meetings or running special projects or events. This site will count down and keep you on track for your meetings. 


Online PDF Editor

If you are looking for a free Online PDF Editor then PDF Escape is the answer to your problem. It's a great alternative to using Adobe and you have the option of using the online or desktop version of the software. You decide. 


LG Invisible Speaker

LG is taking a new approach for speakers in vehicles and if all goes well, let's say this can change audio devices to what it currently is now.

The new system works by vibration and producing sounds. It's definitely a game-changer. 


Down for Everyone

Here is a great start to confirm if a website is down or if it's just you. The site checks the status of hundreds of websites and if there is an outage you will see a notification on the top showing the current site Outages that are happening at the moment. 

This definitely is a great time saver when you need to get things done ASAP. 



Looking for a background for a particular event so that you can customize it, then this site can give you a clean template so that you can customize and add images to your site. 

It's a great place to go to add items to your documents.