Here is a great site to summarize your text so that you can be precise on what you say to others. The site is very simple to use, you just copy the information you want to send to another user and the software summarizes your wording. It's simple, fast and easy to use give it a try. 




It looks like Google now has a digitized document app and it's going to help you scan your documents, receipts and other papers automatically to Google Drive.

It's about time and it hopes to make bill organizing easier to do for most individuals. 



AWS & Azure SSO Set up

If you currently have an AWS or Azure account and want to integrate your AD credentials for convenience, then set up the accounts using SSO. This will enable cloud user's to get access to their accounts and applications on the web. 



Airport WiFi

If you need to connect quickly to an airport WiFi this information is going to be very useful for when you travel. Now you can easily get access to the airport WiFi by getting the information before you get there. All you need to do is located the airport, get the wifi password and when you land you connect using the information that was provided. It even includes airport lounges so you will always have access when necessary. I am so surprised on how much information to connect is easily available online for free. 

Search Info

Airport WiFi

Airport Lounges Passwords


Simulation Soft for Engineers

If you are a student Engineer and looking for simulation software for PLC then this site is of great interest to you. Now you can download these cool software's to help you create different logic diagrams for all manufacturing industries. 



Azure AD Reg vs Join

 If you are confused on what's the difference between Azure AD Registration vs Azure AD join. In simple terms one is using your own device while the other is using a corporate own device to sign into your work applications. 

Cloud computing is the future and everyone should have an understanding on how things work. 



Repair Broken Trust Relationship

 If you ever had a broken trust relationship error on a workstation the cause is usually the computer not checking in with the domain. The manual way can takes a few minutes to fix the problem. 

Now you can easily use PowerShell to speed up the process and hopefully it will save downtime.



Clone Win to a new HD

 Here is some good information on how to copy your Windows installation files to another hard drive without using built in tools from third party software's.

It's a great resource to build your computer hard core skills as a computer technician. This resource will get you a better understand of what goes into the process on migrating over software to another hard drive. 



Map Drives with GPO

 Now that group policy is deployed in your organization, it's a great idea to map network drives to group policy so that user's can easily have access to specific folders.

In the past user's would map the drive manually or use a bat file now it's a simple as adding it to the GPO.



Extract PDF Pages

Need to extract specific PDF pages from PDF Files, here are some great suggestions and tools online ready to help you accomplish your challenges.

These tools are great to use with no watermarks added to your output pages. Give it a try and take PDFs to another level. 



Exchange One Click Patch Fix

 The recent Hafnium vulnerability has caused problems for many companies with Exchange and Calendar servers and Microsoft took the time to create a quick patch for those small business owners who can easily patch their system with a one click migration tool.

I am excited to see that new approach for small business customers and I hope that they continue the practice. 



Login Screen Load Help

 If you computer takes to long to load in the login screen here is some helpful tips that you can do to speed up the process.

Most of the time it's just Windows trying to load applications that are not necessary at boot up and by disabling them you will reduce your login times. 



NFT Market Place

 This fast growing site's may just be a bubble but you cannot get away from the fact that user's are making quick money so easily. 

It's not for everyone and it can be complicated if you try to open an account in some states. But if you want to be in the action, here is some great start up information.



Universal Broadband

Universal broadband looks like is taking a turn for the better and new funding can hopefully expand broadband to areas where it was available but people could not afford it. 

There is still more that can be done, but it's a move in the right direction. 



Calendry vs Chili Pier

 Here are some reason's why user's still choose Calendly over Chili Piper. Now using third party software sometimes does make a difference and has it's benefits. But it's for you to decide which option works for you better. 



Remove Flash Drive Virus

 For those user's who recently were infected with a virus on a flash drive, here is some great resourceful information on how to remove those nasty bugs.



Best Free Mixing Software

 Looking for free mixing software for your Windows 10 computer, look no further. Here are some great software's that work with Windows 10 and worth taking a look into if you love being a DJ and want to bring excitement into your life.



Teams to Email Signature

 Here is a great way to add Teams to your email signature so that user's can reach out to you when they are in Teams.


ex. replace <user1> with email address



LastPass to Bitwarden

 LastPass user's can no longer sync from computer to computer or mobile to mobile on free plan. If you want to find another company that offers this feature, you can check out Bitwarden and follow the steps below to switch.





 This scary application is preserving family photo's by animating them. You not only can take a family photo and make it come to life but the 3D affect is so realistic and amazing that it will surprise many.

Give it a try and see what everyone's talking about. 




What is Crypto Currency

 There are various ways to explain this but hopefully these video's below will explain what crypto currency is and why should you be concern about it.

Let's just say with Crypto no one controls the currency value, transaction fees are minimal, to almost no fees at all. No bank and government cannot control the currency and crypto can basically do whatever it wants to do around the clock. 

Going Crypto will definitely change on how we bank, and how financial institutions make money, so it's a big threat to financial companies and governments who like controlling their currency. 

But recent moves has changed all that and it's only a matter of time before more users, companies and vendors adapt the new way of life. 

The future is coming for crypto so get ready.