Home Bandwidth Calculator

 Now that most of us are working from home our bandwidth speeds have been on full throttle. Knowing this user's would want to confirm if they have the correct amount of bandwidth when working from home. Here is a great calculator to estimate the amount of speed you might be needing at home. It's a good calculator to at least estimate the amount of speed you might be needing for home use. 





Already paying for gigabit internet speed and you are looking for a better network Wi-Fi for home. Take a look at Amazon Eero Pro 6, it's not cheap but it does a great job on getting connected throughout your home. It's great for gamers who want to take advantages of their quality of service. 



Disable IE Edge Copy & Paste

 Here is how to disable IE new copy and paste feature. If user's did not know yet the function has change with the new Edge browser and this is what you should know. 



Identify Fonts

 Here are some great ways to identify fonts online. You don't know how many times a specific font on a presentation, an email, a letter made it standout from the rest. If you want to be noticed then using the right font makes sense.



Google Ends Unlimited Photos

 It looks like the end for Googles unlimited photos. I guess now the company wants to start profiting on users storage capacity instead of giving user's unlimited storage options. 

Everyone should have know better that this sooner or later will not be free. 




 Here is a great way to control your home security and monitoring equipment using any tablet. The applications are customizable and makes things simple and easy to use. 

Worth trying out and making your home devices easily accessible. 



Outlook Password Fix

 There might be a lot of reason why Outlook password keeps on prompting, but here is a great registry trick and I am going to add this to my daily routine to see if it does fix the user problems.


  1. Go to Registry Editor.
  2. Go to – HKCUS
  3. Expand the key options and go to the AutoDiscover folder
  4. Create a new DWORD and name it ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint.
  5. Set the value of the above key to 1.
  6. Save & exit.
  7. Restart Outlook and see if the problem is resolved.



 Here is great way to open a business checking account with no fees. You can even connect it to Quickbooks so that everything is connected. The online bank does have some set backs but it's worth looking into if you are looking for a no fee business bank account. 



Bad Online decisions

 Life is a learning experience and with this here are some great tips for user's not to do online. Since the world is now digital your need to be careful. 

Here are some examples of things that you should not be doing-especially if it's online. 



Search YouTube Easily

 Here are some great tips to help you find what you are looking for on YouTube with ease. Now to find your favorite videos will take less effort with great results. 




EasyBCD utility is a simple software to help you conifgure your bootloader. It's a lifesaving program when your computer decides not to do what it's suppose to do on a regular basis.

Here are the simple instructions on how to use the software and get your computer running back to it's normal state. 




Chrome Read Later Tool

 Chrome recently installed a read later tool so if users do not have time to read something now, they can easily read it later. The tool is already built into Chrome and all you need to do is activate the tool. 



FB Keep or Delete

 Here are some great reasons to keep or delete Facebook. It's not always good for everyone and depending on your circumstances here and good and bad on keeping Facebook active. 



QR Code in Google Forms

 Here is a quick way to get users to get access to your Google Forms using the QR Code. Now the great that with this is that users can get the information with their smartphones and take it along with them. It has so many uses that this can just be the beginning if it's used correctly. 



Microsoft Forms

 Now everyone can get access to Microsoft forms for free, so creating quizzes and other events can be easily done with data that you have collected. It's a great way to organize your forms. 




Win 10 Blockers

 Here is easy access for admins to get access to Win 10 update feature blockers information. This guide tells you the current problems and why the blockers are in place. 

Now updates can be easily managed with this additional resource. 




New Secure Backup

 It looks like new secure backup technology is winning the world on Ransomware and this is just the beginning. 

Now don't wait until you are a victim to change your strategy, start doing it now before your company becomes a victim. 



Owning an Electric Car

 The verdict is out that owning an electric car does save money and this is just the beginning. In the next few years, California is transforming their gas-powered vehicles to all-electric, and you can bet that other states will follow. In the long run, an electrical vehicle vs gas-powered vehicles will save you money. The only question now is when consumers will be ready to switch. 




 Need to check multi-factor authentication coverage across Microsoft 365, here is a great utility to check the coverage across different services. 

Now securing your access can be confirmed easily with this great tool for network administrators. 



Blur on Google Maps

 Here is a great way for some user's to blur their homes using Google Maps. Now keeping your home safe and private can be done with the use of a few clicks. You should now feel confident that your public privacy has now some protection. 



Win XP Source Code Leaked

 This is an old story but makes you wonder why some organizations are still using the outdated OS in their environment. It does not make sense and comes with unknown risks. 

Now is it really worth the sleepless nights knowing that it's only a matter of time before your organization is a victim of a ramson attack?