Future Monitor Reality

I love how Spacetop AR laptops makes work better and I just love the privacy, focus and freedom. I am just concern on the open platform and it's current limitations. They do have an excellent idea it's just has to get to the next level for users who want to push the limits to take it further.


The New Generation of Fraud

Interesting information on how this women scammed JP Morgan using simple social media. We have now in a world that can easily be manipulated by what you can convince others to believe in. 

And sadly this is jut the beginning. 



Acer Ai Infused Electric Bike

Acer is exploring electric bikes like it never did before. These experimental AI bikes will learn rider preferences depending on the road condition. And you can add on extra perks like GPS tracking, battery life, and recommended routes.

I must say it will be interesting to see how these devices come to play going forward. 


Telsa Software Update Headache

It looks like the famous car manufacturer Telsa did another software update to some of their cars and it affected speed and battery capacity again. I guess the company did not learn from the last class action and now it's facing a new one. 

I guess when it will start affecting its profits the company will get the big picture. 


We Buy Ugly Houses Reality

It looks like this company is easily getting a bad reputation from homeowners who are in bad situations. Now sellers should be aware that even in desperate times you still have to have a good state of mind to get out of your bad situations. As for this company, I would advise you to be cautious. 


TikTok Ban

It looks like more trouble for the Social Media giant after the Montana ban. Although the ban will not go into effect until January 2024, it's the first state of many more to come.

Let's hope that they stay wise and sell the company to keep us entertained. 


AI Littering Cameras

Next time you litter you better hope that their is no AI camera's near you. This new application in UK is combating the ongoing littering problem and I will not be surprised when it heads down to the States.

I will love to see how users try to beat these tickets. 


Apple Watch Change with FB Messenger

It looks like Apple Watch is shutting down FB Messenger on it's devices following the same path as other applications like Slack, Twitter, Uber and Instagram.

If users need to get access they will just have to user their phone application instead.


Lyft Airport Pickup Feature

Lyft is creating a new pre-pickup feature in it's application to make traveling easier to do by pre-ordering rides as soon as you exit the airport. 

The new feature will match the user with a driver after exiting the airport instead of it's usual pickup scheduling process.

It's a move in the right direction to get users to their destination at ease, let's hope for the best.


AI Astronomical Discoveries

You will be surprise on how this technology is modernizing the field of astronomy. The new resource is added it's helping science make sense with tools only available to the naked eye.

Now with AI it can recognzie patterns of galaxies and it's only the begining. 


NASA Space to Ground Xfer

It looks like NASA just broke a record for fastest Space to Ground Data Transfer and I am just hoping that they can somehow take broadband data speeds and eventually mimic the same.

It's time for the U.S. to increase their internet data transfer speeds. 



Apple Mole

It looks like Apple has a mole stealing secrets with their autonomous car and this time it looks like they simply supplied it to China. 


Google Purge

Google will soon purge inactive accounts that have not been used in two years or more and now users can try again to get a new account with the intended name you always wished for.