LG able

Here is the new concept dream car from LG albe is the car of the future now this is just a future care concept but they got a lot of things right that car manufacturers have yet to achieve.


Motorola Bendable Phone

In so many words let's just say that this phone is one of a kind making adjustments to fit your way of life which can be on your wrist, in an angle or bend with a twist so that it adjusts to your lifestyle.

I must admit it's the best concept phone I have ever seen and you will be surprised on you can do. 



Want to know how many words per minute you can type then take a test with Monkeytype and narrow down how many words per minute you can type.
In today's world, if you master typing you can get alot accomplished, so my advise to you is practice as much as you can so that you can type faster and be productive.


Lawyers Moving to SharePoint

It sounds crazy but a lot of lawyers are moving their files to SharePoint and let's just say it makes it very easy to access their files. And if you think about it with the absense of RDP and VPN accessing the files on SharePoint makes sense. 

Now just because lawyers are using SharePoint doesn't mean your organization cannot do the same. As time goes on having your files easily available can make a difference and cut down on unwanted costs.


NYC Congestion Pricing Simulation

Someone recently ran a New York City congestion pricing simulator and this is what they discovered in one weekday morning. If the pricing was in effect with just 22,252 cars this is what the city could net in just one hour. Let's just say almost a quarter of a million dollars is a lot of serious cash to consider.
Although the toll has been disabled for the moment, it's only a matter of time before it goes live and trafficers find an alternative way not to get charged.

Regardless this extra income would definitely be a game changer for the city and it's traffic problems.


iOS Privacy Settings

Concerned about your iOS privacy settings, then you should turn these feature off so that your phone settings are secure wherever you go.

Apple has a tendency to leave features on, for easy tracking and at times your privacy is at risk. So follow these few tricks to take back control. 


Microsoft AI voice

It looks like Microsoft recent came up with a new AI voice synthesizer that it's so realistic to human voices that is to dangerous to release.

Now I can imagine if something like this was release the security complications that it could create world wide would be devastating. 

The project is called VALL-E and it's only for research only but I believe it will be the path to open doors to other projects that can be used in the future. 


EV charging Discounts

Want a better way to enjoy charging discounts when you own an EV. Checkout this article from this Austrialian who hunts for discounts and  you should too, so that you get the value for every dollar.