Online PDF Editor

If you are looking for a free Online PDF Editor then PDF Escape is the answer to your problem. It's a great alternative to using Adobe and you have the option of using the online or desktop version of the software. You decide. 


LG Invisible Speaker

LG is taking a new approach for speakers in vehicles and if all goes well, let's say this can change audio devices to what it currently is now.

The new system works by vibration and producing sounds. It's definitely a game-changer. 


Down for Everyone

Here is a great start to confirm if a website is down or if it's just you. The site checks the status of hundreds of websites and if there is an outage you will see a notification on the top showing the current site Outages that are happening at the moment. 

This definitely is a great time saver when you need to get things done ASAP. 



Looking for a background for a particular event so that you can customize it, then this site can give you a clean template so that you can customize and add images to your site. 

It's a great place to go to add items to your documents. 




If you have an old computer and want to confirm if your system can play a particular game on your computer, this site is a savior. It's a handy website to check your computer requirements before you go out and spend the money buying the game with a limited return policy. 




If you need an answer and you cannot get the answer from a textbook or the internet this site could hopefully help you resolve your problem.

Great place to get help in every subjects, especially for students. 


Uber Legal

If you are using Uber regularly you should be aware of this site and its legality when using their service.

You will be amazed by their policy and liability coverage, it's not always written in black and white.


Samsung Flex Hybrid

This screening device that recently showed up at the CES 2023 conference created a crowd of interested users. The tablet-like device opens and easily closes like a notebook that displays between 10 to 12 inches of screen size. It's a great concept and from the looks of it, users loved the design. 

Let's see if this is going to be the next table of the year. 


Belking AirPods Cleaning Kit

This affordable kit for your AirPods will not only restore your AirPods back to life but it's a must-have for Apple users who want their audio devices in tune with every beat.

The cleaning solution eliminates the daily buildup that accumulates on these devices as time goes by. If you have an AirPod this is a must-have. 



Samsung Self Repair App

Samsung will soon make a self-repair application so that users can fix their devices. It's a great idea and a move in the right direction for users who want to take ownership of fixing their own things.

Now, why can't other manufacturers do the same? 




An interesting device that lets you control items wearing a ring mouse on your hand. It works well when doing presentations and it has so many cool uses that it's just the beginning of more things to come in the future. 

You will be amazed at how many things this little device can accommodate. 



Mac Slow Charging

Trying to figure out why your old Macbook is slowly charging may not really be a problem after all. It's just your MacBook going through some changes. Solutions like buying a new charger, and upgrading the battery may temporarily fix the problem but with new applications and new video formats, the performance of the computer is going to change as time passes. 


Telegram Premium

This multi-platform app keeps on improving, and if you are looking for a premium service of the app, you get unlimited storage in the cloud, faster downloads, and access to large file downloads. 

If you love the app then premium service is a great option. 




This year cash holders are going to get good deals on homes and this is where this site comes in handy to find the right lender rates for your home.


Google Maps Merge

It looks like Google Maps will soon be merging with Waze so that both companies can become more productive and put resources where it's needed.

I hope this collaboration will make both companies stronger and give the user better traffic alerts.