TikTok Ban Reason

Here is an article to clear the real reason why the government wants to ban TikTok all together. Let's just say there is 14.7 Billion reason for this.

Regardless on who benefited the most, this social media giant can easily control the U.S. ecommerce markets with just a flick of a switch.  


MAC Desktop Dead

It's no secret that the MAC desktop are dead as more users adapt to portable devices because of their convience. MAC and other manufactures are easily turning away from desktops and focusing on items that many consumers want which is portability. So long live the new MacBooks.


Vision Pro Spatial Personas

Vision Pro just enabled Spatial Persona and let's just say it's makes FaceTime calling more realistic that it already is inside a window.

It's more like having a 3D type conversation when you talk to the user. This is definitely going to take Vision Pro to a new level and get ready for more. 


Roku secrets

It looks like some users can open up Roku secret screens by doing a list remote functions on the device to unlock the controls.

The hidden screens will help you restore you device should it act up or do a factory reset, usb test, Cycle channel store server, cycle software firmware update and update the software.

If your Roku device is in need of a tune-up, doing this reset will definitely get your device to behave again. 


Gmail Wish List

Here are a wish list that we hope Gmail adapts so it can still be ahead of it's competitors. It's not just a great email service but the hope of making email better for everyone.

It's been a great twenty years and we hope it will not be the end. 


Office & Teams unbundled

It looks like Microsoft has unbundled it's software after complaints from European Union regulators. And Teams can be purchased as a standalone pricing depending on the package.

It's nothing new for the big giant but just meeting regulations so that it can be compliant and so that it's rivals cannot complain for now.


Apple Bad News

If you were axious to see a foldable iPhone the concept maybe dropped at anytime. It looks like Apple is not having luck making this possible because of the display problem.

I must say that I am very disappointed and cannot understand why they can't learn from their competitors and maybe look into other alternatives to make this possible.

There is always a way and I believe that it's just not their main focus on making this happen. 


Cellular Starlink

It looks like SpaceX is now trying to get clearance from the FCC to lower it's satellites orbits so that it can easily connect with cellular carriers.

The new network will make it easier for carriers to access Starlink satellite system and give consumers better means of communications. 

It's only going to get better from here on once the new connections go live.