At&t Outage

At&t recent outage was not a cyberattack but as they say a technical error but an application and execution of an incorrect process.

It was definitely like a scene of a movie when this outage occurred.  



Here is a great site to go to for creating an simple and easy AI text to video's. It's a very powerful site that can do all sorts of things like training, information and presentations.

This site is just the begining to create endless text to video's with the help of AI. 



Canada Bans Flipper

It was only a matter of time before the Flipper would be banned and I can see this powerful tool definitely causing security problems where ever you go, but this is still a remidial device compared to other devices that consumers should be concerned with. 

Instead Canada should enforced their car manufactures to safe guard consumer goods. 


X Fake Online Traffic

Recently X aka Twitter reported that it's users post and video's were rising, and after review from a third party it looks like it was fake. 

Information like this is no surprise from a company that's still sinking and user use is jumping ship. But it's nothing new in the world of Elon Musk.

I would guess now would be a good time to rehire the thousands of employee's that he laid off. 


MS Publisher Support End Date

It looks like Microsoft if pulling the plug for support to Publisher in 2026 and plans on integrating the software to it's other office applications. 

Microsoft is definitley slimlining it's software and in the future you are going to see more of this happening to it's other main products as well. It makes sense, saves space and will be easier to use.


Key on it's Own

Do you have a problem with your computer keyboard typing on it's own. Now if you are constantly seeing this on your computer, it's worth checking out the device and see why is it currently doing this.

Here are a list of things to check to see what can be causing the keyboard to be performing such actions and not if you have a laptop, check to see if you added any new self adhesive items to the webcam that can be enabling the device to type when the device is closed and you are using an external monitor. 


Win 11 24H2 Update

Windows 11 update will be coming soon and here is what users can expect to see after the new update. Let's just say it's a big overhaul on the OS with more AI functions.

The closer we get the more information that will come out, but here is what you already can expect. 


Google Drive Replacement

Here is another story on how users are trying to cut costs by using third party platform to store the content and if you do not mind your stuff being all around the web it's not such a bad idea at all.

I must admit it is a clear way to store your items and cut costs.