Digital Sharing Warning

If you are digital sharing here is a warning for couples and users should be aware before they share their access. This can start all kinds of problems and the proof is in the data. 

So before it gets out of hand make sure you are will to accept the consequences. 


Chrome on Android

Chrome on current Android devices have a nice feature that can read webpages to you out loud. If you are looking for a better way to browse you can check out listening to this page and see if this feature is something that you can use on a daily basis. 

The cool thing about this application is that you can listen to the page instead of reading with the tranlation option. So if you are learning a new language this application can help you achieve success. 


Adobe gets sued

It's no secret that Adobe finally gets sued for using deceptive subscription practices. The company for years have been selling it's creative lifetime licenses and many are locked into these subscriptions.

Let's just say now the company will hopefully be taught a lesson, it's just the beginning of more to come.


Mouse over Tech

It looks like the some companies are taking action when they discovered that staffers were taking advantage of them. Their solution was simple, it was cleanup time and these employee's were easily dismissed and lost their jobs. 

So anyone using deceptive software remotely to account for your productivity should think again or just wait to join the foolish group who recently got caught.  It's your foolish choice. 




It's the next generation of GPT and let's just say this time it can see and can interact with you, it's like having an assistance chat with you, wherever you go.

There is no telling how far it will go now and this is just the beginning.


Tesla CEO Pay Fight

Ever since Elon Musk pay package was thrown out by a judge in January the CEO has been doing all that he can do to get his pay reinstated and now after all his work shareholders are having second thoughts and they are justified since the company no longer is performing like it once was.

With the EV market looking for cheaper alternatives the CEO has been diverting important resources elsewhere. Maybe it's time for both parties to go their separate ways and for Must to start focusing on the company he believe's he wants to work for. 

Being a CEO requires staying focus and when you manage several companies the mindset is just not going to be there for all of them. 


Tesla Cybertruck Treat

If you are thinking of buying a Cybertruck, here is some information you should know before hand which is how big the vehicle stands out and where are you going to park it.

A user apparently purchased a Cybertruck when he had a house and then when the vehicle arrived he downsized to an apartment and now the vehicle is causing him a headache when it comes to parking.

Now anyone would consider with a situation like this all you need to do is get rid of the car but here is the kicker. The user cannot sell the car because of the Tesla agreement that they have to keep the car for at least a year.  

So my advice to the user is sit back put cones all around the car when you park and after a year just get rid of this hudge piece of junk.



Linearity Curve

This software can give you free design tools for drawing and animation similar to Adobe's capabilities. If you are looking to cut down on subscription cost it's definitely worth to consider. 

I would just give it a ride of free tier and see what you can do for free. 

Apple Password Manager

Apple looks like it's building a dedicated Password application for iPhone and Mac and it might just make it difficult for third party applications to play friendly across it's platform.
It's no surprise that they want to have some say and control of their devices and this just makes it easier for the company to take control of your passwords.