Hacker Downs N Korea

Here is the hacker that took North Korea down and his story is pretty interesting along with what the government should adobt to stay ahead of these cyber attacks.

It's pretty bizaar that the government does not want to use the hacking powers more aggressively and to stop ransomware actors extortion fees. 


Win 11 Blocking Updates

If you have these specific apps installed on Windows 11, Microsoft will block updating your computer. I guess you should look at the list and decide if updating your computer is worth it.

It's unfortunate but as per Microsoft it's a security and performance concern and I guess you will have to follow the procedure or be excluded all together. 


Home Depot Breach

Not surprising with the Home Depot breach and hackers are going to go to extreme lenghts to make any access possible even if they cannot reach their ultimate goal.

In the long run it's third parties that are going to be affected and lets just say if these companies do not get their game together they will easily be removed from the Home Depot affliation. 


EV Charging Evolution

Here is the evolution of EV charging and how it varies in many different areas. The only way the EV adoption is going to be successful is if the United States adapts to what's going on worldwide and how they are using the resources around them to make the adoption possible.

It's going to be a rollcoaster ride and it will cost us millions if they do not start thinking out of the box how to make this transformation possible. 


Tesla Failing

It's no surprise that this EV company is failing terribly and it's partialy because nothing has really changed since 2013 besides the software.

Now they should be mastering other areas and be ahead of the game when compared to other EV companies and it looks like the company has been to comfortable.

Now like all technology, if you don't do anything new every few years, the chances that consumers going to continue buying your product is going to be slim.

So my advice to Telsa is this, wake up and get with the program. 


TikTok Ban Reason

Here is an article to clear the real reason why the government wants to ban TikTok all together. Let's just say there is 14.7 Billion reason for this.

Regardless on who benefited the most, this social media giant can easily control the U.S. ecommerce markets with just a flick of a switch.  


MAC Desktop Dead

It's no secret that the MAC desktop are dead as more users adapt to portable devices because of their convience. MAC and other manufactures are easily turning away from desktops and focusing on items that many consumers want which is portability. So long live the new MacBooks.


Vision Pro Spatial Personas

Vision Pro just enabled Spatial Persona and let's just say it's makes FaceTime calling more realistic that it already is inside a window.

It's more like having a 3D type conversation when you talk to the user. This is definitely going to take Vision Pro to a new level and get ready for more.