Tips for Firefox Bookmarks

Here are some great tips to organize your Firebox bookmarks, you will be surprised on what you can do to make your bookmarks stand out when compared to other browsers.


Electrical Outlet holes

Here is the real truth why there are holes in your electrical outlets. Now you are going to be surprised on the real answer to this life long mystery.

Now this is something to think about. 


Apple AI find

 Now the platform can be used for deaf and hard hearing community, this opens the door to a lot more functions that they can add in the future for the disabled community.

Cannot wait to see what new features will come out next. 



Telsa Heatwave Help

It looks like Telsa owners in Texas are trying to alert drivers to conserve power during heatwave and here is what some users are seeing from their Telsa when they are trying to charge their vehicles.

It looks like this might be a standard policy for Telsa going forward, so do not be surprised when you see these notifications. 


Hotel in Space

This is going to be very interesting and I can see this going global with discount pricing year long. Can you imagine taking a two week vacation in the Marriot four star space station.

Cannot wait to see what going to be included in these packages. 


Home Network Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your home network, then here are some great tips on how to troubleshoot your home internet problems.

Most of the times these simple tricks will get you up and running again. 


Restore Contact on an iPhone

Here is the easy steps to restore lost or deleted contacts on your iPhone. You do not know how easy is this to do until you get into a situation in which you need to restore your contacts.


Google Russia seized

This was expected and you can expect other companies to fall into the iron curtain seizure since the recent war with Ukraine. 

In retaliation, Google plans to still offer free services to Russia and hopefully that will play a key components to talks in the future. 


Stop using IE

A few weeks ago IE 11 was retired and if you are still using it instead of edge you should stop using the browser immediately.

If you do not change, lets just say that you will be very vulnerable to spam, email and all sorts of exploits.


Coinbase Pay

Here is the easiest way to purchase or transfer crypto and hopefully other exchanges will adapt as well to make is simple for everyone to do.

Adaptation is the key for crypto to integrate. 


The Flying Saucer of the 50s

Here is an interesting article of the Flying Saucer of the 1950s, I would not be surprised that this was the spaceship that everyone was talking about during that time period.

Unfortunately, the project failed because it never could live up to it's potential. 



Incognito Myth

Going incognito has its uses but here is a great myth that some users still do not want to accept, which is regardless of how you use the browser it does not completely erase all sites that you visited. 



Retrieve Deleted Texts on iPhone

Here is some resourceful information on how to retrieve deleted text messages from your iPhone. This is very useful as long as you do not exceed you iCloud backup storage limits.


Keychain Password

Unsure what the Keychain password is on an Apple computer, here is some resourceful information on how to find it and make changes to it when necessary.

You never know when this information is going to be useful, so why not start now.


One Outlook

Microsoft One Outlook email client was just leaked out and may go live at any moment. The software will eventually replace mail and other versions of Outlook.

So get ready for a lighter and simpler next version of Outlook ready to take over the world.