Netflix Argentina Problem

It's bad enough that their economy is not doing well, but a recent test to stop password sharing in the country has started a social media boycott. 

Now it's going to be tough for some locations but if Netlfix does not make a firm stand for its subscription services, the future growth of this company will be questionable. Let's see what moves they make next. 


Amazon IP Inaction

A group of hackers again were able to get control of Amazon's IP addresses to hack some crypto users and when all the dust cleared these thieves were able to drain $235,000 from crypto users. 

It's another deja vu from Amazon, and they should have learned from the 2018 attack that their systems need to be changed.


EV Charging at Home

It looks like charging your EV at night at home may not be a good idea especially if your grid cannot support the extra load. The recent study points out that grid companies need to start focusing on public charging for EV vehicles to relieve the current stress. Not doing so is just going to make matters worse. 


Router's Parental Control

If you have a fairly new router you might have noticed that it now contains a section for parental control. It's not just for kids but can easily filter mature content from your home.

Here is some information on how to use parental control at home. 


Alienware Ban

It's pretty interesting that with the current power consumption problems within six states this laptop is being banned and we can see more of this in years to come. 

I understand the recent ban on electronic devices for power, I just don't believe that banning these devices is the right move. Instead there should be more emphasis put on developing better technology to save power. 


Song Bassline Breaks Laptop

Odd on how this can actually happen but it's true and it's mainly due to software coding and updates that can easily break electronic devices.

This will not be the end but hopefully with advancements in coding and artificial intelligence future glitches will easily be detected. 


iOS Patch Updates

It looks like Apple has some more security patches to update on its current iOS. If you have a current iPhone it's best that you install the update as soon as you can so that your device will not be compromised. Here is more information on the update. 


Telsa Insurance Info

If you are buying a Tesla vehicle like the Model 3 you should be prepared to pay more insurance when compared to a similar gasoline vehicle. 

In fact, it's hard to believe that not all 50 states cover Tesla insurance. So before you buy do your homework before the insurance policy surprises you. 


Password Manager Verdict

It's concerning and it will not be the last time you come across someone hacking a password manager but here is some interesting information that you should be aware of.

For now, I am going to see what happens and then make my decision later if I still want to use them.


Timezone Headaches

Ever wonder about time zones and how things can be complicated if you have devices that need to be updated. Here is a start to help resolve your troubled devices.


Uber Hack

Interesting story of an 18-year-old hacker who just could not help himself and how he simply was able to get access by using social engineering. Just comes to show you that anything is hackable. 

So make sure to view the what-to-do tips to keep hackers at bay. 



Astronomers Starlink Problem

Once Starlink is completed, it might cause constellation interference with radio telescopes for astronomers. It's going to be interesting to see what new problems astronomers will face with space exploration. We can only hope for the best for the next generation of astronomers. 



Value of Electricity

If you own a home and researching if a solar system is worth the expense then this tool is a must-use utility to figure out the estimated value of your electricity for a home. The tools show you the potential for savings over the lifetime of the system.


What is eSIM

SIM cards are on the way out and Apple is leading the way, with many debating that it's not a good choice it does make sense to use eSIM.

No more SIM cards and moving forward you will get an electronic version of the SIM card via eSIM. Now with the new electronic version, you have the pros and the con and it's only a matter of time before we will see if this move is successful or not. 



Old iPod Uses

Still holding to an iPod and trying to figure out if you can still put it to use. Here are some options to make use of it in the new world.

You can still use old electronic devices if you just think out of the box.