Google Deleting unused Accounts

If you have not used your Google account recently, I suggest you do it soon because if you don't on Dec 1, Google will begin deleting inactive accounts.

If you are curious on what you can do, then follow these simple directions below to keep your account active. 


Google Drive Lost Data

It looks like Google Drive has lost some users data and I am just curious on what's really going on and causing this problem. 
Oddly this is a major concern especially with so many users now relying on the cloud to save their files.

Let's see what the outcome is for these users as Google continue's it's investigation. 


Pi for iPhone

iPhone users have a bunch of AI tools that they can use and the Pi app is definitely one of them. Just think of it as a personal assistant that you can vent, learn something new, brainstorm, practice conversations for school or work, give your relationship advice, make a career plan, weigh the pros and cons of your decision, work through a problem, help you relax, discover books, movies, motivate you, help you write a text or email and give advice and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

It's worth checking out just give it a try. 


Decluttering Help

If you need help getting rid of stuff around your house, here are some great sites to help you get the most out of your money.

Hopefully, this will get rid of your items easily. 


Dos Time Machine

This is what an old DOS computer used to look like back in the days before the computer technology boom took off.  

It's amazing how far we have come to date. 



Nvidia Mistake

Here is a  foolish mistake made by a developer who shared some source code from a former employer during a Microsoft Teams call. 

Long story short some of the team members where able to take a screenshot of the source code before the user was alerted by the error. After that let's just say it was a nice lawsuit.

I guess this user is never going to make that mistake again. 



Macbook Connectivity Return

A few years ago Apple was exploring 3G theory connectivity to its Macbook but abandoned the plans because of space and processing chip. Their thinking was just too advanced for the technology but if they could integrate a wireless modem into chips the laptops would have better connectivity.

Fast forward to today and this theory could soon become a reality using the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Now let's see if their dreams can be accomplished. 


Spotify secret Google Deal

Spotify looks like it made a secret deal with Google to get four percent deal instead of the common fifteen percent fee everyone else pays. But with Google's antitrust fight this had to be disclosed.

Now the question is was this a fair deal and does this open the door to other future lawsuits.