BlueSky Feed

Twitter founder has a new site named BlueSky and if you want to tweak the feeder here is some helpful tips on getting hits on your site.

I must admit there is a lot of information to learn from this site to tweak BlueSky. 


Win 11 Update News

It looks like news is getting out that Windows 11 users who upgrade to version 24H2 coming in October will not be happy if they do the upgrade. It's said that it will not boot on old computers.

Let's just say it's just another way for Microsoft to force users to buy a new computer. 


Manage Paid Subscriptions

Have a lot of paid subscriptions and wish it can be managed better. Take a look at these cools sites that keep you informed when prices changes, due dates are coming up, bill negotiation and subscription cancellation. 

In this day an age you have to alway be on top of your bills so that your service is not cancelled and you do not become deliquent. 



CyberTruck Flaw

It looks like Telsa's new Cybertruck has a flaw and it's becoming very popular among most of it's current owners. It looks like the truck outer body is causing stains on the vehicle.

It's definitely not a good sign for the EV car manufacture and if the company does not resolve this quickly I am almost certain that consumers will look elsewhere when it's time to purchasing a new EV.

Let's see how the stains play out as more adopters get a hold of their new delivery vehicles. 



Should I Shutdown

My answer will always be yes, unless you a savvy technician who always feels the need to always be connected and continue where they left off every hour of the day.

So if you are not on the computer on every hour of the day, then I would suggest you just shut it down to save power and prevent mishaps. It's pointless leaving the device on if you tend not to use it daily. 


Norway EV adoption

I believe that we have it all wrong when it comes to EV adoption and Norway is good proof of this. Ever since the early 90's this country has been doing almost everything possible to start EV adoption like offerring no taxes on zero emission vehicles, free parking, use of bus lanes and no tolls. 

Besides users buying more EVs, gas pumps and parking meters are being upgraded by chargers. It's the ultimate auto revolution occurring quickly in this country and if anyone want's to make a difference creating incentives is the key to adoption. 

I strongly believe Norway will achieve it's goal and be a major role model for other countries to follow. 


iOS iMessage Update

It looks like Apple is doing a massive security update to it's messaging software with advanced security. This is definitely going to secure all users messages moving forward and it's going to be harder to decrypt messages if they get into the wrong hands.

I wonder if the federal government is happy about this new update? 

For those that do not know, the feds just a few years ago were pleading with Apple to give them access to their software and Apple refused. 


At&t Outage

At&t recent outage was not a cyberattack but as they say a technical error but an application and execution of an incorrect process.

It was definitely like a scene of a movie when this outage occurred.