Stop Roku Overheating

If you have a Roku device and keep on getting the notification that the device is overheating, this is what you need to do. Let's just say unplugging the device and letting it cool down should be your first option and then once it's cooled off I would try cleaning the device to see if there is any grime build up. If you do this occassionally you will hopefully beat the device notification from alerting you. 

If that does not work then you can follow additional steps from the link below. 



Best Tracker Apps for Exercise

Here are a list of a few tracker applications to help you with your excercise routine. Depending on your exercise fitness journey using the right application will help you keep track of your goals.

If you are in the market for a good tracking applications, I would suggest that you do your research beforehand.  There are a lot of options to achieve your goals. 


Cybersecurity Mistakes

Here are some examples of how people make mistakes online and how to fix them. You can definitely prevent cyber threats if you start adapting these techniquest to your daily lives.


US Ban on Chinese Crypto Mining

If you are a chinese company and planning on mining crypto in the U.S. let's just say that you better be prepared to vacate because of a national risk.

I would not be surprised if they ban this all further nationwide and it should be a lesson for their country to know that it's going to be tougher on them going forward because of manufacturing competition. 


Sky OV

Here is the supersonic concept for the next commercial jet with no wings. Yes no wings, sort of on how the plane is being designed. It's suppose to be better than the Concorde with lavish suites for a luxury travel from New York to London in four hours.

It's next generation flying and right now it's just a concept but let's hope that this becomes a reality for commercial flying.


EL Salvador BTC Treasury

It looks like El Salvador is becoming the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tneder and it's launched a Bitcoin treasury holding website to monitor the countries reserves.

Our old system of currency has been long overdue for a drastic make over and crypto is definitely the industrial revolution of currency. In the long run the countries that refuse not to adopt in time are going to be left behind. 

Wheter you like it or not, there is no stopping this move and the only question you should be asking is when are you going to adapt. 


Zscaler Breach or Not

It looks like Zscaler could have had a security incident but it's still unclear if anything was exposed or not. There response to the public was definitely taken into account and this should be an education for other companies to do the same. 

Keeping your customers in the dark is just going to discourage them and ruin the trust. Let's just hope the incident was not that major. 


Buy vs Rent Calculator

Still trying to figure out if buying vs renting is still worth it, then you might want to try this cool calculator online that once you figure out the basics it will let you know if the choice you are making is worth it.

It's a great online calculator before you make that plunge.