Google Maps NYC Subway Alerts

Google Maps now provide immediate subway alerts so that everyone get get the recent delays instantly via Google Maps. I just hope they expand this option to every city throughout the United States. 


Windows Timer

Need a timer for Windows? Here is a simple program made to shut down Windows after a specified time period. It keeps your computer running efficiently and also in turns saves you money.
Remember there is no need to keep your computer on, if your not using it.


Windows CMD replacement

Tired of the old Windows CMD prompt. Here is it's replacement. Now assigning a frequent command is just a click away. It save you time remembering useless commands that you hardly will ever get to use again.


Diagnose Windows

Tired of figuring out the specs on every computer that you repair. Here is a useful software that saves you time on figuring out your hardware and software.
Now you can spend your quality time just troubleshooting.


WinBin to ISO

Here's another freebie to convert all your CD and DVD's to ISO. I would suggest on doing this as soon as possible before your media gets scratch or damaged. 


Make Windows Check for updates frequently

Here is a great way to speed up Windows updates for those user's who want there computers to be always secure. In my opinion I would never install updates unless your computer is acting up.


Windows broadband monitors

Looking for some Windows broadband monitors. Here are a few good ones that help you monitor broadband current status.

ISP monitor



Here is a great pdf software that can simplify your life and you'll be amazed on the things you can do with a freeware. If your in need of a different type of PDF software. Take at look at hear first to see what things you can do with PDF.



Power Pwn

Need to test your remote network security. Here's a great device to check to see if your network security is vulnerable. It's a handy device made to intercept security protocols. All you do is plug it in and run the test to see  if your network can be hacked. It's better to be safe than sorry.



Here is a great way to organize your life online. Now everything you want online is just a quick click away and when your ready it's yours for that special price. It's buying online with prices that you can easily afford. 


Malware DNS Checker

Think you have malware? Here is a great way to check by verifying your DNS server. If it comes back negative, then your OK for now. If not then hurry up and quickly install Malwarebytes and begin your fight against these pesky programs.


How long does your ISP keep your IP

Interesting information on how the main internet suppliers hold a customers IP Address in their database. With this information available, there is no stopping to what information that can retrieve from your private surfing.


KVM without the switch

Here is a great KVM switch without the wires. It's called Mouse without Borders and it's a Microsoft utility so you know that it will be window friendly. All you have to do is install the software and get your security code and computer name and within minutes your copying and sharing files. Give it a try.

Direct Link


Preventive Maintenance Tools

Here are five great preventive maintenance tools to help you personal computer perform better than usual. It's tools like these that keeps your computer running efficiently.
I highly recommend that you use these utilities at least monthly, so that everything runs well.


7 Burn

Here's a another freebie burning software. If your computer lacks media burning software. Download the installer or go with the portable version to burn media where ever you go.


Recovery & Backup

Looking for a recovery and backup software for Windows. Here are some great starters to help you clone and recovery your hard drive just in case something happens to your system in the future.
It's always good to have a backup plan in place when you least expect them.


Dropbox Portable

If you love dropbox your going to love the portable version so you can take it where ever you want to go. It so simple that you can toss it into a flash drive and have it accessible where ever you go.


Netflix Losing 2k Movies

If you haven't heard yet, Netflix has already lost 2,000 movies for streaming. What does that mean for the online movie company? It's time for Netflix to update it's database with old classics and new titles. As for the future for Netflix getting movies from Warner Bros is going to be difficult because of the loss of it's licensing.
Good luck Netflix.


Linux Live USB Creater

I always love freeware's and I never could say no when it comes to Linux. That's why the Live USB Creater is a must have utility if you ever dare to go free. Check out the distributions and see why everyone loves Linux.

Direct Link
Distributions Link


iPhone Wireless Printing

Looking for the app to print wireless, check out AirPrint and now you can print anywhere with a WiFi. It's so simple and easy to use that you'll be amazed.



Here is the ultimate scanner that uses your phone to scan items. It's very simple to use and cost under $15-. If your looking for a revolutionary, portable and mobile device to use as a scanner. Scanbox could be your answer. Take a look.


ISO Buddy

Need to convert files to ISO, next time use ISO Buddy and simplify your life burning media the right way. You not only preserve the quality of your media but can now toss away those pesky CD's and DVD's.



Not so Wonder World After All

Amazing Disney World secrets that had been hidden for years. I just wonder what else has it hidden from the rest of the world that makes this fantasy world what it is today. It's funny on what big money can do in todays world.


Frequent Flier Miles

Ever wonder if frequent flier miles are worth on accruing for the future. You'll think again once your read this article on what American Airlines has in store for you. Remember, you never get anything for free.


Annimated Gif

Here are some great annimated GIF's to test if your vision. Be advised the objects that your viewing are closer to you think.


Website Tracking

Ever wonder how websites are tracking you. Here is some good information on how our privacy is being monitored online. What you always feared the most is a fact of life. 


PC Safety during Storms

Here are storm safe tips when your using your computer. These tips vary from location to location but when it doubt remember these tips. They might just save your computer. 


Online Educational Tools

Looking for a free online interactive training school to help everyone in your family excel. It's not just for children, but for adults and teachers too. Now learning something new shouldn't be an excuse.


Win 8 USB Flashdrive

Windows 8 USB installer is here and now it's time to make a bootable ISO device via USB. It's the new generation of Windows and a new generation for installing software on flash drives.


Luggage Finder

No need to go crazy finding your luggage at the airport. The next time you fly get the Luggage finder and the minute your luggage appears it automatically alerts you.


Should I Check My Email

Pretty interesting flow chart on checking your email. If your always checking your email. You should check out this flow chart to see the facts of life.