Bluetooth Wireless Camera

This camera is just the beginning. The camera right now can be linked to only one computer with the basic bluetooth range of about 10 to 30 feet, battery life is four hours but can be extended with a usb cable to a personal computer. Not bad for a first time bluetooth product.
Don't expect miracles with this bluetooth camera but do expect to see in the future more bluetooth products being able to do more than just to hook up a wireless ear piece.


Change Register User on a PC

Here is a great tip on how to change the registered owner on a Windows XP computer.

How to change registered owner`s name on Win XP
1- Run regedit
2- Find and go to below key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version
3-Change your name in following subkey :Registered Owner


Your Favorite Artist Music Release's

Want to know when you favorite music artist releases a new single. Don't worry about visiting the artist website or hearing it from forums, radio stations, or news groups.
This handy website will do it all. All you have to do is just enter your favorite artist name and your job is done.


New Sports Calender

Now there is a sports calender for all types of sports. All you have to do is to enter you favorite teams and the calendar populates itself with upcoming games during the month. Now you'll never miss a game because you'll always know when they are playing via email or mobile text message.


Opening XLSX files without excel

Microsoft 2007 is changing the way you save excel files and forcing you to upgrade Excel. And the only way you change you new version of excel files to the old format of .xls is to use Microsoft Compatabilty Pack software. Take control of Office now before its too late.

Microsoft Compatability Pack Link


Clickfree Cable Automates

Need to backup you files to an external hard drive trouble fee. Taking a look at Clickfree should change your mind on how to backup. It automates everything and the best part about it is that you don't have to figure it out.


How to Edit / Delete System File in Vista

This is a good tip on how to edit or delete a system file in Vista. Hope that this information was useful.


Windows 7 Tips

If your currently running the Windows 7 version in beta. Here a some tips around Windows that you should know of. Let's just see if Microsoft this time around makes up a better software.


Happy Pill * FUN *

Take a pill today and understand that it's just one of those days.


Wobble iPhone App

This software application has so much potential. Right now it's making money the common way. But within time this application will be a must for photo tweaking.


Schlage Link

This deadbolt is out of it's world. Besides unlocking the door remotely you can also get a text message when someone opens the door. The fees are high but if it's going to give you security. Then this is the way to go.


1099 Forms

Looking for a free 1099 form. No need to pay for these forms anymore when the IRS has them available online for free.


Block IE 8 from downloading

Internet Explorer 8 is due to come out real soon and network administrators who need to block Internet Explorer from downloading should use this tool kit from preventing the download to occur.
It's better to be prepared now, then to have headaches later.

Microsoft Direct Link


Alter the Boot Order

Some computer's by factory default change the standard boot order of floppy, cd rom and then hard drive. If at any time you wish to change the boot order just hit either the following functions to change the boot order. It varies from computer to computer.





Windows Update Links

Reformatting your computer, use the following links to get the latest updates for your computer so that your computer has the latest updates.

Vista Network Installation Package


OneCare replaced with Morro

Microsoft OneCare antivirus software solution is being replaced with a new free software called Morro. Morro is a spyware and malware prevention software that's free. And it's a Microsoft perk because of the currently existing class action suits that are currently pending. Be on the look out through the Microsoft website after June.


Windows Live OneCare No More

Yes Microsoft has pulled the plug on it's antivirus software and soon it will discontinue it's service. For those who have existing service, don't worry you still have until the end of your subscription. But after June of this year it looks like OneCare is No More.


Phantom Keystroker

Want to drive others crazy when they are using their computer. Just install the Phantom Keystroker on to their computer and watch has their computer gets possessed.


World Card Mobile

This nice application is a must for the business traveler. You take a picture of a business card and the software scan's the card to be put into Outlook or any phone book application. For the few dollars that you spend, this software makes life easier.

Other Link


Outook Crashing

If your Outlook is crashing you might want to disable all of your add on's in Outlook. And if this resolves the problem then you know that it's one of the add on's software's that creating the problem.
One great add on software that you can consider is installing Xobni. It's very resourceful and it does a lot.


Outlook Duplicate Error

Getting the Outlook duplicate error when you open Outlook. This is what you can do to resolve the problem. You download the software and the software remove duplicate entries. And remember that Microsoft will always be buggie.


Free BitDefender Total Security 2009

It's almost a years worth of free licensing for this product. But at least you can use it for most of 2009 before it expires.


Free 1yr PC Tools Internet Security

Why buy when you can get it for free for 1 year. That's what PC Tools Internet Security is offering. Hurry up no telling how long this link will be active.


Print Job Stuck in Quere

You don't know how many times I hate this to happen. This program will kill the job automatically or your can try to delete the job manually by your self but you have have access to the server print spooler.

Cancel Print JOB Program - Automatically
Open notepad by going to Start, then Run and typing notepad and hit OK. Copy the following script:

net stop spooler
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.shd
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.spl
net start spooler

Next, save this document as C:\DeletePrintJobs.cmd

Once saved, navigate to Start, then Run and type or paste that filename in the run box.

This will run the script from the command line automatically and shut down when finished. You should notice that all print queues are cleared and you can now resume printing. If you can’t print after running this script, reboot your computer.

Delete Print Job - Manually
Go to the services and stop the Print Spooler.
Delete all files in the C:\windows\system32\spool\printers directory (you
will probably find you have 2 files in here)
Go back to the services and start the Print Spooler

This should clear out all print jobs that are currently hung. However, this
will also clear out any print jobs waiting to be printed as well. If you
have other print jobs waiting, then you will have to find the 1 or 2 files
associated with your print job in the above printers directory and remove
only those.


Gaming PC

Is your PC a Gaming PC? The only way to find out is to know what games you want to install on your PC and run the system requirements diagnosis tool to see if you computer can handle the game requirements. This will save you time and money.


New Flash Drive Backup

This new flash drive will make your backup jobs simple. All you do is plug in the flash drive and press the backup button and the backup software that is located in this flash drive backs up your computer. It's that easy.


Crime Map of UK

This new Crime Map it's on it's way to America soon. But it's an example on how they use the Google Maps feature to pinpoint crimes in areas that you live in.


Things to do before reinstalling Windows

Need to re-install Windows. Make sure you follow these simple steps to make your job easier. If you choose not to follow these steps. You Windows installation can't take you hours than you first anticipated.