Here's another alternative software and application updater to keep in mind if you need your drivers and applications to be updated daily.


New Fight on Parking Tickets

Get Parking Tickets but have no choice but to plead guilty and pay. This new website can help you fight or pay for your parking tickets. It's up to you to decide if you want to fight for your rights.


iPhone 3G Software unlocked

By the time you read this there should be already an iPhone 3G software unlocked from At&t on the way. Now there is no need to have your iPhone software locked by At&t.


Multi Video Converter

Looking for a video converter to change you video format to another. These two great software's are a good consideration.



Looking for CD burning software to copy music, data, or backup files. This free Windows burning software takes you in that direction.



Need to have all your computer and drivers applications up to date. No need to keep track of it as long as you have Radarsync. It updates your drivers and applications daily.


Solar Laptop Bags

Although not their yet but getting close. Laptop solar recharging bags are perfecting a self charging solar bag. I figure in another year or two it will just be hours before your laptop battery will be fully charged.


Make your own Greeting Cards

If you have twelve bucks to spend and want a personalized greeting card. Here is an excellent place to get started. You can personalize you message as well as create you own greeting cards.


Update Your Blackberry

Need the link to update your Blackberry well here it is. You'll have to plug you Blackberry to your computer using a usb connector to do the upgrade.



Need to make calls for free and cheap. Gizmo is something that you should be looking for. Similar to Skype but requires no special software.


Private Surfing

Some browser's are now convincing you that you can surf online privately. But many just delete cookies and histories. If you want to surf online privately. Take a look at Anymizer and Torproject to surf privately.


Troubleshoot as a Pro - Process Explorer

Already fixing computers and just now seeking for a software to help you make you job easier. This free software can help you diagnose any computer as long as you are able to make sense of it's excellent features. Now troubleshooting computers is a thing of the past.


Iqua Vizor

Looking for an indefinite Bluetooth device, that never needs to be recharged. Iqua has succeeded on developing a self charging Bluetooth device that uses the sun to recharge it's batteries. So once you set it up, all you have to do is point the charger to the sun and your done.


5pm Project

Tired of using post it notes and need a better way to consolidate your ideas and projects. Take a look 5pm project manager. It's an efficient way to organize your things to do list.


First DvD / Blue Ray Hybrid

Japan has made the first Dvd / Blue Ray Hybrid disc to be able to record on one side Dvd media and Blue Ray on the other side. This just increases the storage capacity for Dvd media in the near future. And there's no telling what's going to come next.


USB Phone Cable Drivers

Stuck because you bought a USB cable without the driver and feel like you've been ripped off. Your not alone. But here is some help. The reason for this is that you can get the software free online, but you have to know where to go.

Harry Thompson
Motorola Drivers
Motorola Link
Howard Forums


Understand Ratio & Resolutions

Confused on understanding ratio and resolutions on televisions and monitors. Here is a helpful guide to make understanding easier. Now you know what these measurements mean.



Need to test your memory to see if your computer is running efficiently. This program helps you optimize your memory against program hogs.


Invision TV

Think of it as the Electronic program guide to the web. You tell Invision what you like and it searches your interests. It's the world wide web version of the TV Guide.


Turn Any USB into a NAS

It's not cheap but if you want to turn a USB device into a NAS, it's possible now. This small device makes life simple.


Scunia Software Inspector

Recently installed all your Windows updates on a computer and what to see if the computer is still vulnerable to security threats.

Download Link


Vista SP2 Beta

Vista SP2 Beta is here. If your computer is still having compatibility problems then the SP2 upgrade will hopefully do the trick. But remember it's still full of bugs.


Find Partners your Goods

Need a Partner to promote your goods. Take a look at these firms to help you promote your product. Their will be some fees involved but the expenses in most cases will be lower than when compared to owning your own web site for e-commerce.

Amazon Services


Building an Ecommerce website

If your looking around for a cheap and easy e-commerce web site check out the following links below. It's affordable until your business picks up.


Yahoo Small Business



Another great web site for people who need to design their own logo's. It's an easy task that just requires some creativity.



Need a new logo or just want to upgrade your current logo. This great web site lets you design your own logo for free. Making it easy for anyone to start their own business.


Metageek Wi-Spy

Recently installed a wireless network, but for whatever reason imaginable, there seems to be interference problems. One solution to help you resolve these issues is with the Metageek Wi-Spy. This hardware scans Wi-Fi spectrums and conducts surveys to troubleshoot interference from other wireless devices.



Need to expand your Wi-Fi range outdoors. This bullets pushes 1,000 mW of output power and helps you to connect over vast distances. It's an excellent option to regain additional Wi-Fi ranges.



Looking to expand your wireless Wi-Fi. Meraki maybe the way you want to go. All you have to do is plug in this wall unit and your Wi-Fi deployments are finished. Simple and easy to use.


Facebook Trojan Help

You have a Facebook account and recently got infected by that favorite Trojan. Now what do I do next to remove this Trojan.
Try using Malwarebytes and a trial version of CounterSpy to remove the Trojan. And once the virus is removed scan it regularly.



7 Zip

Start the New Year with a free zip utility software from 7 Zip. Now you can extract a file using one program for free.