Microsoft Facts

Here is some interesting facts about Microsoft and Bill Gates for those individuals who still wanted to know more about the famous billionaire.



Pay Less for Power

Want to know if your home qualify for No Cost Solar program. Well from some homeowners who don't have to put up front cash this may be a great solution to go green. It's worth finding out.



Gun Owners Exposed

Looks like Florida Department of Agriculture has been hacked. Concealed weapons owners names can be accessed. I don't know what this is basically going to do to people besides make it clear that they just own a gun. So what's the purpose of this hack, it's still unknown.



Hacker Tuneup

Tired of hackers messing up your computer systems. Then it's time to tune up your computer so that hackers will not have the opportunity to mess it up.



WiFi Pictures

Want to see inside your home, here is new information on how WiFi can now take a picture inside your home. WiFi radiation is everywhere and it's just a matter of time before someone make a hologram of your home.



WannaCry Victims

Sad to say that Window user's still don't learn when it's comes to updates. It looks like the most recent hit with WannyCry was Windows 7 users.
This comes at a time where IT Professionals need to be proactive and keep all of their OS systems updated daily. And this is sure proof that these user's are looking away and not doing their job. This outbreak couldn't have been prevented, but it wasn't. And it will be like this for a while until doing updates becomes mandatory.




Looking for a new suitcase. Look no longer and this company not only is selling a great suitcase, but making millions just by adding a battery backpack to it's devices. Amazing.



Remove Microsoft To Do

Looks like Microsoft To Do account is annoying many user's that someone placed a post on hot to disable it. Microsoft still has a long way to go if they want to please everyone.



Prevent Spies

Good article on how user's should protect themselves with internet based devices. It's not everyday that the government is going to spy after you, but it's good practice to know what security measures you should be taking when surfing the web, using internet cafes, etc.
Keeping things secure, will hopefully keep other's out of your business.



Backup Library Software

Looking for backup software for your computer. Well if you want the best then Acronis is what you should be looking at. But for other user's who think the software is too pricey here are your alternatives.



Typing Tutor

Looking to improve your typing skills so that you can catch up with supply and demand so that you can be a ideal candidate for employers. Well it's never to late to learn new things and this typing website is the start of speeding up your typing skills.



Youtube Power Tips

Use Youtube a lot, then  you should take into consideration these youtube tips that will make you a master of your domain. Not only will other's admire you, but enjoy that you have new tricks for them to use.



What is the Internet from '94

The year is 1994 and here is a nice interpretation of what was the internet. It took a few years after this that the internet what we know of it as today took off. Back then this was just gibberish.



Motherbox Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is coming to every cell phone near you. So what can user's do in the meantime for old cell phones that don't support this feature. Simple get Motherbox and convert your old phones to wireless charging phones. The device is still in beta and not yet in production, but it will be very interesting to know if it really stands up to it's tests.



Dell Deal

Looks like Dell is coming back to compete with Chromebooks and it's almost there besides that the new cheap Dell book has a flimsy screen. Besides that it's a great deal for $200-



Drive Space

Looking to clean up your drive space, then all you have to do is run the following program to restore back missing drive space that has been used up for various of reason's. As long as your computer is running normally. There is no use for this drive space and it's alright to delete these files.



Manage Backups via Win 10

Backup your files to a flash drive automatically. It's secure and a life saver should your hard drive or computer ever go down.
Goto Start -> right click and choose Control Panel. In Control Panel choose File History and click Advance Settings. Here you change the frequency of backups, for most users an external drive will work great or a flash drive.
In here you might want to do a cleanup every few months, or so and even change the frequency of backup times. 


Apple Watch App Uses

Apple is soon going to kill the Apple watch if they don't come up with better uses for consumers. It's a great idea, it still needs to be pushed by Apple if they are ever going to go places.
Right now the go payments via the Apple watch is a great idea, but consumers need more.



Amazon Echo Show

I am proud of Amazon for taking technology to a new level. Not only is this going to open up the video chat world. But it's going to get better moving forward.

Now If they only could offer a VOIP service similar to Magic Jack?



Simplify Email

Need to simplify your email here are some tips to make sure you never miss that important email again.



Buy Digital Media

Digital media is taking a drastic turn for the better, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be better for the consumer who is in the process of purchasing digital media. Currently there is no good or bad way on deciding where to buy digital media. Within time, user's will decide if that want to keep that digital media forever.



USPS Mail Scam

Looks like scammers have another trick on their sleeves when it comes to identity theft. Not only are they able to change your address without you knowing about it, but they can even steal your mail. And from that point, well it's only a matter of time before identity theft kicks in.



Chrome Piggy

Looks like this application is making headlines, by automatically adding coupons to your orders. Only time will tell if this is true. So give it a try.



Google Doc Scam

Looks like a new phishing scam is going around with google docs and it's telling users to sign in and view the documents that were recently sent.
Now if you get a document from an unknown users, I would immediately delete it. If it comes from an known email address. I wouldn't download it so fast until you confirm with the user that they had sent you a google doc.


Microsoft Discounts

The best time to get a hold on these deals is the day the new OS comes out. Then all the old OS versions go on sale. But if you can't wait then your best bet is from the link below.




Here is a great pdf fillable software to make your life easier. It automatically makes a cell fillable by users filling in an excel database. It a must have for user's who need to get the job done right.




Pretty cool car mechanic software that will save you a bundle. Similar to the famous CarMD but cheaper and easier to use. A must have to user's who just hate paying high car repair bills.




Want to know what's the weather like outside, we'll this software will give you a neat widget to keep your eye's on the weather daily while your at work.



Tech Tool Store

Every now and then I run into to cool tech tools and when I get a chance, I do my best to get a hold of items that make my life easier every day. Here is another took kit for the technician on the go.
The software is free and sure you later on want more from your product, then it's going to cost you a few dollars. But in the long run it's still worth the expense.




Seen this application and I must say it's definitely new and different. But It still reminds me of social media going the wrong way. I guess time will tell.



Pc Stuck on Updates

Many user's keep on having this Windows update problem and I always tell them not to turn off their computer. Doing so would definitely mess up Windows and will not boot up again. So regardless if it takes 2 hours or 7 hours, just wait for the update to finish. The bad side of it, will mean that you'll just have to reinstall Windows all over again.