Moki tv

Looking for an internet cable television replacement. Moki tv is an excellent choice to find all your movies and television shows to watch online for free.


Junction Master

Move and link with one easy step using Junction Master. The software enables you to move files from one directory to another without corrupting the files so that your files are always functioning correctly.


User Profiles View

See windows user's profiles with a click of a button. No need to run a script when one click and the information is easily available.


The Internet Wish List

Looking for an application that hasn't been created. Give your ideas to the Internet Wish List and have you application come to life.


Outlook Repair

In search for an Outlook repair utility to save your valuable .PST files. It's pricey but if your .PST files are worth saving then it's worth the price. When compared to other third party software's,  this software begins repairing your files in the right way.


Pro's and Con's of Online Backup

Here is some valuable information for all those user's who are currently planning or doing online backups. It's not for everyone. But as long as you know the pro's and con's of backing up online then you'll be alright. So don't forget to read this article.


Other Great Windows Utilities

Press for time to fix your next computer. Be sure to take a look at these wonderful application made to make your life easier.

Advance System Care
IOBit ToolBox
Double Driver


Win XP Death

Want to count down the day left to the end of Windows XP support. Here's the desktop gadget to show you how many days left for Windows XP support that ends in April 8, 2014.

Sorry XP user's, that gadget only works for Vista or Windows 7 users. 


Files Anywhere

Want to learn how to send faxes for free. Give Files Anywhere a try and never stop faxing.
Just because your away from the office doesn't mean you can't fax. Now when you can even go portable when sending  a fax. Just install any of the portable applications below and be ready to fax.



Portable DVD

Looking for a DVD authoring system. DVDstyler is a great substitute and it's portable enough to go where ever you want to go. So check it out and start making your own movies.


1st Vein Sensor Notebook

Here goes the first contactless vein sensor notebook used for authenication purposes. I guess it beats having a biometric notebook. Only time will tell if these new notebooks will kick off and be best sellers.


Techtools 3.0

Looking for Techtools for daily computer user's to use on your flash drive. Download this portable utility that promises to make your life easier.

Tech Tools 3.0
Dial A Fix 
Recover Files


Plain old Favorites for Firefox

Here's a nice add on for Firefox to help you use IE Favorites when your on Firefox. You will no longer have to Import Firefox favorites from IE and it just might save you some time.


Real World Cell Phone Coverage

Ever wanted to know what the real world cell phone coverage looks like. This map will clarify what service connections are good in your area. You'll be happy and surprise to know the truth.


Windows 8 via USB

Looks like Microsoft is planning on creating a portable work space that will enable the Windows OS to run from a flash drive. The bad side about it, is that it looks like it's catering for enterprise usage. It's still to early, let's wait and see.


Don't forget bob

Gmail for a while has been using don't forget bob as a new feature to insure that your emailing everyone. It's a great feature and keeps you inform on contacts you usually write too. Make sure you try it out, if you haven't yet.


Auto Batch File in Win 7

Want to automatically start a batch file on Windows 7. This is how to do it. Now all you need is a good batch file to keep you computer at optimum speed.


Change Win 7 Product Key

Ever wanted to know how to change a Windows 7 product key. This is just in case your Windows 7 product key is not valid and you need to purchase a new key to activate Windows again.


Win 7 Firewall Control

Tired of Windows 7 Firewall not working correctly. Give Firewall Control a try and learn how to curve Windows Firewall from controlling what you want it to do.


Toshiba Secure Drives

Toshiba is taking data breach so serious that they are in development of new hardware drives that can detect if it's plugged into a new system. Your drive data if encrypted and plugged in will be useless.
Three thumbs up for Toshiba.


Clean multi user's with CCleaner

Here's a great tip on how to clean multiple user's accounts with CCleaner the handy utility that does a great job on cleaning your computers unwanted temporary files.

CCleaner software


A Google a Day

Here's a new site from Google for those trivia game players. It's a search engine for trivia questions. Hopefully now everyone can rest assure to find the answers to your game questions.


Bluetooth Remote

Want to remotely control your computer using a cell phone. Here's a neat way to do it using Bluetooth. It's going to require you to install Python on your cell phone media card and the client software on your main computer.
Now movies, music and games can be controlled remotely from your cell phone via Bluetooth.

Phone Remote Software
Download All


Is Over Clocking for you?

Here is some informative information on Over Clocking someones computer. What most of them won't tell you until it's too late. Like risking your computer life. It's not for everyone, is it for you?


Social Web site's Winners vs Losers

Here are the current social websites stats from winners to losers. Regardless of their up and downs it's only a matter of time before their is a new social site on the block. This is big business.


Adobe Smart Moves

Why own an old software when you can just pay your monthly fees and have the latest software. Adobe current move is just to rent the software monthly and never buy. I just hope their subscription rates go down so that it's affordable to almost anyone who wants to use the software.


Partition Magic Alternative

Here's an all in one partition software manager to re-size your drive. Has long as you have space, there should be no problem using this software to expand.


Windows 8 PDF viewer

Rumor has that Windows 8 will include a PDF viewer similar to what user's have on their phone. The new OS will be setting standards for PC and tablet user's. It's about time Microsoft.


Hello Fax merges with Google Drive

If you have a Gmail account and already added on Google drive you your list. You might as well add on Hello Fax because now with all your Google Documents you can send and receive faxes.
Google Drive taking it one step further.

Also don't forget to install Chrome Hello Fax so that you can easily send and receive faxes.


Google Blocking Search

If you haven't heard of it yet, it's been already going on for a while. Google has been blocking torrent and other movie pirating sites from it's search engines. It's they're quest to root out piracy from the Internet. Good luck on that, it just changes the game a little for pirate downloads.