Ping Commands to Remember

Need to Ping a computer to verify it has internet connection
go to run -> cmd -> type ping google.com

Need to Ping a computer to verify it's NIC card and drivers are working correctly.
go to run -> cmd -> type ping
this IP is not on your network and if everything is successful their should be no loss and NIC card and drivers are working correctly.


Personal Finance

Personal Finance has taken a different approach for user's who are seeking new applications and advice. These applications help you categorize and give you advice on how to save money. If your always having financial problems. These great web sites are a start on securing your financial status.



Evite Free Invitations

Need to send invites for a particular event or celebration. Hold on. Why spend money when you can send it free.


Remote Desktop Web Connection Error

Error “Remote Desktop Web Connection ActiveX Control Could Not Be Installed” After
This is a registry hack, so make sure you backup your registry before attempting to do this fix.

Installing Windows XP SP3
August 28th, 2008 • Filed Under • by Ramesh Srinivasan
Filed Under: Internet Explorer • Windows XP
Tags: Error Messages • Internet Explorer • registry • XP

When you start the Remote Desktop Web Connection window after installing Windows XP Service Pack 3, the following error may occur, and the Connect button remains grayed out:
Remote Desktop Web Connection ActiveX control could not be installed. A connection cannot be made without a working installed version of the control. Please contact the server administrator.

Microsoft RDP ActiveX Control is disabled when you install Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP1. Follow one of the following methods to enable the ActiveX control.
Method 1

Use the Manage Add-ons dialog in Internet Explorer to enable the Terminal Services ActiveX Control. For more information, refer to article You cannot connect to a remote computer when you use Terminal Services Web Access or Remote Web Workspace on a Windows XP SP3-based computer

If the ActiveX control is not listed in Manage Add-ons dialog, follow Method 2 below.
Method 2

1. Click Start, Run. Type Regedit.exe and press ENTER

2. Navigate to the following branch:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Ext \ Settings

3. Double-click Settings to expand the branch

4. Right-click {7584c670-2274-4efb-b00b-d6aaba6d3850} and choose Delete

5. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.

Close all instances of Internet Explorer and re-run Remote Desktop Web Connection.

Registry Fix

To automate the above, download tsweb-enable.zip and save to Desktop. Extract the contents and run the file tsweb-enable.reg file. To reverse the changes, run tsweb-disable.reg.

via winhelponline



Need a network Management Software to manage your entire infrastructure. Try an evaluation of WhatsUpGold and see how Network Management can be so easy.


Free Photo

Need some photo's for your web site or for just your computer wallpaper. Take a look at this site to get photo's royalty free. Don't pay for photo's that you can get online for free.


Vista SP2

Get ready for Vista SP2 coming next year, hopefully in Microsoft's first quarter. Only time will tell if this Service Pak will correct Vista's bug issues.


At&t Extra Student Discounts

If you currently enrolled in college and have a college email address, you can qualify to receive discounts through At&t. All you need to do is to enter your college email address and see if your college qualifies. Good luck.


Oh My Gas

Gas prices are still high enough for anyone not to want to shop around for the best prices. Here is another useful web site giving you gasoline savings.


CSS Template Generator

This site gets you rolling with CSS Template generator. Now creating CSS template's should take you less time to make, giving you more time to work on your web pages.


Print What You Like

How many pages do you print daily on the web with with other useless information you don't need. This web site helps you save time by removing useless information you don't need to print.


Windows Update Utility Fix

This update fixes the on going headache of Windows Update not working effectively on a computer. It's about time someone from Microsoft did something right.


Last Call App

This iPhone application tells you how drunk you are by calculating your weight and the number of drinks. I hope that you do the calculations before you drink so that you don't get drunk.


Flu Trend around the US

Scared of the Flu, then Google can keep you updated on the national Flu trend in your area. I don't know how accurate this can be, but at least you can compare with other states.



I've seen these scam's so many time that it's unfortunate that some people are taken in for them. But I am glad to know that they're people out there doing something about it and making a difference.
If your looking for someone, you can easily find them, but use reliable sources and do your homework. Instead of trusting site's like this one.


3 Years Fee with Trend Micro Antivirus

This has to be the free antivirus year for computer users. If your looking for a three year antivirus license. Trend Micro can offer you just that for free. Hurry up because their is not telling how long this offer will last.


Blog Templates

Every now and then new blog template's come around and only a few of us get to enjoy them. Well now here is your chance to find a template that you enjoy and make something out of your web page.


Identify Changes in WinXP

There is a way to identify changes in Windows XP. The Change Diagnostic Tool from Microsoft helps you identify new changes to the computer. So there is no need to try to figure out what the problem is, to trouble shoot the computer. Make your life easier and resolve quicker computer issues.

Microsoft Link


Windows 7 Wallpapers

You must be quick before these great wallpapers disappear. Windows 7 will be out soon and what best way to show your appreciation to Microsoft than to download one of it's newest wallpapers.



A new Operating system where everything resides on the web. Desktop applications and files go where ever you decide to go. No need to bring your laptop with you when it's already on the web.


MP3 Gain

Music lovers will enjoy this great application. Which equalizes all your music downloads. So the next time you have an out of sync music download. Use MP3 Gain to resolve your high or low tune pitches.


Cross Loop

Here is another free remote access software to make it possible for anyone to control another person's computer. The application is simple and it's free.



This commercial remover application only works with Vista with plenty of options. If your already recording movies and shows in Vista. This is a must have application. Remember the legal rights when downloading.


e - Voting State by State

Here is a great way to find out what each state is doing for e-voting. Even though there are problems each state, e-voting now is going to a newer level.


Help Solve Crime

Police departmets are now using social networks so that other police departments and law officials can help solve crime's.

Here are some other Myspace Links


2008 e-Voting Problems

Even though it wasn't major, they're were problems with e-Voting this year. The solution's was simple, place votes in a special box ballet to be counted later. I just hope that they keep on applying this method in the future.


Live Street Maps

The next time you browse the internet. Take a look at live street maps. These images are so real that it makes you believe that your right there.


Lingerie GPS

It seems kind of funny, but if you have invested money on a love one, why not be able to track your investment. Think of it has a modern day Chastity belt.


Black & Decker Power Monitor

If you have a voltage meter and want to know precisely how much power is costing you per hour, this device will help you calculate that. In the long run, the pennies that you'll save will last you a life time.


Office Ultimate Sale

Looking for Office Ultimate. Here is a deal you can't beat. Try a 91% discount for students. Yes this is a bargain if you need Microsoft Office Ultimate. You have until 12/31/2010 to get this deal. There are restrictions, but this shouldn't keep you from getting this software for cheap.


Duplicate Keys

Technology sure has come a long way. Now it's possible from a photograph to duplicate keys. I can't imagine what they will come up with next. Watch those keys now.


Control your Digital Camera with a Universal Remote

Many Universal remotes are capable of doing this. Your best bet is to search online to see if someone has already done this so that you can just enter the code and be done. Otherwise, you'll have to scan your Universal remote until it finds a code that matches. Your camera memory card has to be set to receive IR commands in order for this to work. The camera should always stay awake and responsive.
At times if the remote locks up, just remove the camera battery and try it again and it should work fine.


Get rid of GoogleUpdate.exe

Did you know that when you installed Google Chrome, it also installed the GoogleUpdate.exe application. And if hate software's that eat up your memory, here is the fix to remove the GoogleUpdate.exe application.


To do a Bios Update or Not

This is a great way to see if you need a bios update. Many times, it's unnecessary unless your doing a hardware upgrade. If it's software, this rarely fixes the problem. But it's best to see what is your current bios version and what new fixes the latest version supports.


Asus Folding PC Case

Asus just recently came out with a folding computer case. I don't know what use that will give computer user's later on. But it will save money for the company when it comes to shipping costs.


Xobni for Outlook

Using Outlook, then check out this great utility that helps make Outlooks better. Besides it displays each contact's phone number, it tells you the number of conversations, find files by specific topic's, plus more.
It's a must Add - On for Outlook lovers.


Advance Features to Digital Cameras

This tip works great with Canon camera's. It requires you to install the software on the SD card and if you want the camera to return to it's original state. All you do is to remove the SD card.

The software overrides the camera's fireware settings but it can void your camera warranty, so make sure you understand the camera's warranty policy before you attempt to modify the camera's settings.

To confirm you have the new firmware installed on the camera just press Func Set and press the Disp button. A window should tell you the version of the firmware you have.

See compatible camera's that work with this tweak.
You then will need to connect your SD card to a pc with a card reader to install the new firmware. Download and install Card Tricks and choose the exact memory card you have and click on the SD icon and select your card. Click format as Fat and click Make Bootable and choose Download CHDK. A web page should open and select your camera and firmware version. Save the file to your desktop without extracting the file downloaded. In Card Tricks choose CHDK -> card and select the firmware file you downloaded. The software will transfer the file to the card without unzipping it. You now take the card and install it on to your camera. When you camera is powered on, it should go to a screen splash indicating that CHDK is running. Now you can access features beyond your spec's.
More camera tutorials are Here.

Thanks for the tip www.PCWorld.com


Backup your Email

If saving important emails, then you should be thinking about an email backup option, just in case something should happen in the future. Don't rely on anyone to assure that your emails are being backed up properly. Because in the end your the one who's going to loose this valuable information.
There are several ways to backup your emails and here are a few.

Mail Store
Amic Tools


Print list of MP3's

This is a good way to print all your MP3's on your computer. This software prints listing of folders and sub folders in every way possible to make it possible to print you list of MP3's on your computer.


Shadow Copy

If data is an important necessity to you. Make sure your computer is without Shadow Copy. This free utility takes a snap shot of your computer data and stores it on your hard drive. If you later on need to go back to retrieve old data. You just go back to an earlier version. It a must have item in the corporate world.


Microsoft Shared View

Currently in Beta but this app lets you start sharing a screen session with anyone.  Now remote access is getting simpler to use.


Political Fund Raising Page

Want to start a fund raising page for your favorite politician. Here it goes with the help of Act Blue and Slate Card. This helps you create a widget that you can later add on to a web site or personal web site for contributions.

Party Pick


Skip Ads with a Cable Remote

Many Motorola made DVR's are capable of doing this but it's only for a 30 second jump. You have to remap the remote to do this.

Press the Cable button
Hold the Setup button until the Cable button flashes
Enter 994 on the keypad making the Cable button to flash twice
Push the Setup button once
Enter 00173
Push the button now that you want to use a 30 second skip
I would choose the A button
and your done

If you want to restore the remote to factory settings, follow the steps above again, but this time after entering 994, pus the remapped key twice. The Cable button will blink twice if your input was accepted.

Good luck


Download Tivo Shows to an iPod

Yes this is possible but you still would need to install the TiVo Desktop software and a software called Direct Show Dump to enable shows to play on any device.


Software Discounts for Educators

Looking for cheap software at discount prices. This link will get you great savings that teachers, faculty and students are already getting.


Comcast 50 Mbs Internet

Comcast already has rolled out it's 50 Mbs Internet and it's price is not cheap. This eventually will take broadband to a new level where slow downloading hopefully will be a thing of the past.


Unlock your Cell Phone

Hate the fact that you have a cell phone that only can be used for one cell phone provider. Well know you can unlock your Cell Phone but it does void the manufacture warranty. So be careful on doing this, otherwise this tweak could be costly.
First all you have to do is go to the following links and follow the instructions:

Un lockit Free
Bilemo Unlock
Mobile Codez


Home Made Wifi Antenna

Need to boost your Wifi Antenna. Use the Parabola Calculator to figure out the size of antenna you need to boost your signal. Once you have the size of antenna you need. Draw it on a piece of paper and trace it onto a smooth piece of metal to serve as the reflectors. Cut the metal to the specifications and curve the metal into U shape reflectors with small holes to fit the current antennas. If you do everything correctly. You now succeeded in making a Home Made Wifi Antenna.


1 Year Free Online Magazine

This is your chance to get a year's worth of free magazine's via Zino Magazine reader. I've used the software for over 5 years and it's very different when compared to regular magazines. You can store your magazine's easily and review them at anytime for future reference. It's now time to go digital with all of your magazines.


Computer Backup Programs

In the past few years there have been great improvements with Computer backups. If your not backing up your computer now, hopefully you'll start soon before it's too late.
Here is a list of the recent top backup utilities:

NTI Backup 5
Genie Soft Genie Backup
EMC Retropect 7.6
Titan Backup 2.1


Programs into a Dock

This cool application puts all your programs into a circular dock so you can easily choose which program you want to load up next. Now anyone can personalize their dock and choose their favorite programs.


Virus Total Uploader

Scared of downloading files and not knowing if your going to get a virus. Try this Virus Total Uploader. Once installed, all you do is download the file and then you attached the less than 10 meg file to the Virus Total Uploader program and it will scan the file using 35 different antivirus engines. In the end, you will feel secure that your taking a second line of defense keeping viruses off of your computer.


PC Tune up

Need to clean your computers junk directories that are no longer in use.  CCleaner does a great job on eliminating useless registry clutter.


Online Armor Personal Firewall

Looking for a third party firewall better than Windows current firewall. Online Armor Personal Firewall is free and tends to work better than Windows personal firewall. But if your using Vista, then your out of luck unless you want to use the Vista Firewall Control software that is also free.


HR Management Software

In the market for a good HR Management software. Get a free trial at Success Factors and put yourself in the right direction for HR Management.


Windows 2008 Complimentary Study Guide

Hurry up, no telling how long this link will be active. But learning Windows 2008 it a must for the corporate environment.


Bring back Dead Torrents

It is possible with the help of a software called btReAnnounceR. So just because your torrent file looks dead. Does not mean that it's the end.



Here's another free open source photo retouching software similar to Adobe photoshop. Photo editing made easier.


Text Guard

Here is another text monitoring software to monitor all text and incoming calls for your family members.


McAfee Headache

Antivirus software's now make it very difficult for you to say good bye even when you uninstall them.
I recently was working on a computer that at one time had installed McAfee antivirus and firewall, but now no longer has it. To my surprise when the computer will told me that the McAfee firewall or Shield stopped a suspicious file. It was nice that I was informed by McAfee, but when the software was uninstalled. That should have been the end. McAfee should know better to understand when someone removes it's software. It's usually permanent. So take control of your computer and say goodbye to McAfee.


Nationwide Free Broadband Update

Regardless of the complaints from several carries on Free broadband throughout the United States. It looks pretty good in our favor. Hopefully the FCC will stick to it's decision and make it possible. Stay tuned.


1 Year Free McAfee

Now it's the time to get a year free of McAfee antivirus software. Secure your computers for free.


How to download music from Myspace

It's an easy way to get your favorite music from Myspace. Just go to MySpace and find a web page with music you enjoy. Copy the site address and go to file2hd past the site address in the URL and check the agreement of the terms and the Audio file. You then click Get Files. This will give you all the music on that page on a link and just find the music you want to download and right click the mouse as a save as file and save.


Record Cell Phone Calls & Text Messages

I just hope this software doesn't go into the wrong hands, but if you want to monitor your loved ones. Then this is a great way to start.



Learn and share your experience through tutorials. This site is a great e-learning tool that monitors your progress. Reading is fundamental.


Your Magic Photo

Have photo's and want to make a montage effect. This site helps you do that and it's even hooked up with Flickr. Take your photo's to the next level.


Quicken for Free

If you enjoy Quicken you just might love Quicken Online. It's free for a few months and then you pay $2.99 a month. You'll love the text messages alert. So try it out and see if you might just want to go the Quicken way.


Free Web Hosting

Don't expect miracles but if you already have a domain name and don't care on the hosting. This free hosting start is a must, if you want to save money.


Adobe Crashing

I love Adobe but not when the software keeps on crashing, enough is enough.
This is where Foxit comes in. I figure if Adobe really cared, they would have already fixed the problem. Instead they are just going to be replaced, until they get their act together.


Office Word Crashes

I've tried several different places to try to resolve my Microsoft Word crashing and this site was the most resourceful.

Known problems Link

The Fix with help from tech support forum

What to do when Word crashes?
Such is the nature of the beast that sooner or later Word will crash. When you restart, Word may try and recover the document you were working on, but this is a bit hit and miss, so don't rely on it. Configure Word to create a backup file - and save often. It is good practice to drill CTRL+S into your brain and apply it every time you pause for thought. Then when the wheel comes off, you don't lose too much work.

While in the above dialog box - make sure that Allow fast saves is unchecked, as this is a major source of document bloat and corruption. As a bloated document will actually take longer to save, the function is effectively useless.

Word 2007

Fast saves has been dropped, but check the following

If even this is too much like hard work, there is a utility supplied with Word, or available for download from http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2000/supmacros.aspx in the shape of the Save Reminder add-in. This is configurable not only to remind you to save, but you can set it to perform the save at predetermined intervals.

Temporary files
When Word is opened, Word creates an assortment of hidden temporary files, in various locations on the hard drive. Open a document and more are created. Edit the document and there are even more. In the normal course of events, these files are closed when they are no longer required, but if Word crashes and is unable to recover, they may be left behind, where they can cause havoc, and in a worse case, prevent you from re-opening your document - even from re-starting Word.

Much of this heartache can be avoided, if, following such a crash, measures are taken to put things right.

Before restarting Word!
Using Windows Explorer, the first place to look is the Windows temp folder, the location of which will be determined by the operating system, but is likely to be either C:\Windows\Temp or Drive:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp.

But first it will be necessary to configure Explorer to display hidden files and the extensions of know file types (Tools > Folder Options) The illustrations below are from Windows 2000, but Windows XP is similar:

You can safely delete everything in this folder. Windows will not allow you to delete anything actually in use; however if Windows has locked the files, and certainly with Windows 95/98, you must reboot first to free the locked files. Given that the crash may have left the machine in an unstable condition, this is not a bad plan in any case.

Next step is to find the remaining problem files and delete them. To this end Explorer's search function will locate them all.

The files (including those for Word 2007) all fall in the pattern ~$*.do* so these are the strings to search for.

Temporary files are usually hidden so click the Advanced options and select the option to search hidden files.

Run the search and delete any files found.

Repeat the search limiting it to the locations where you store your Word documents, by default the My Documents folder, and any sub folders that you may have created, for files named *.tmp. It is possible to search for both types of file in a single search, by searching for "~$*.do*" OR "*.tmp" but this extends the search to files that have nothing to do with Word, so while ultimately all temporary files are as their name implies - temporary - we can leave the others for the purpose of this exercise.

Use a DOS batch file to collate the above actions to a single keystroke

DOS commands have largely been lost to folklore, but you can eliminate the temporary files by means of a simple DOS batch file called from a Windows shortcut.

Identify the user template, add-in, user temp and document folder locations:

In the following example from my own PC these are:

D:\Word Startup
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Startup
C:\Program Files\TechSmith\SnagIt 8
D:\My Documents
C:\Documents and Settings\Graham Mayor\Local Settings\Temp

Warning: Your folder locations will certainly be different - SO CHECK - as DOS commands have none of the safety checks available in Windows!!!

The first two are configured from Word > Tools > Options > File Locations. The third is dependent on the version of Office - here Office 2003. The fourth is configured in the Windows registry at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

and is normally the Word default document folder. The last is dependent on Windows version.

The batch file opens each folder in turn, sets the file attributes to unhidden, where required, and deletes the orphaned temporary files.

Long folder names will not work in all versions of Windows, but the following batch commands will work in Windows XP.

Using Notepad or a preferred text editor, enter the following - changing the drive letters and folder paths to match the locations of the template and add-in folders. The REM lines are only descriptive and are ignored when the batch file is run.

REM Select the D: drive
REM Select My Documents as the active folder
CD \My Documents
REM Delete orphaned hidden temporary files from My Documents and its sub folders
DEL /S /A:h ~$*.do*
DEL /S /A:h *.tmp

REM Select User Templates folder
CD \Templates
REM Delete orphaned hidden temporary files
DEL /A:h ~$*.do*

REM Select Word startup folder
CD \Word Startup
REM Delete orphaned hidden temporary files
DEL /A:h ~$*.do*

REM Select the C: drive
REM Select Office startup folder
CD \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Startup
REM Delete orphaned hidden temporary files
DEL /A:h ~$*.do*

REM If there are any third party add-ins that use a different folder
REM add those folders e.g.
REM Select SnagIt add-in folder
CD \Program Files\TechSmith\SnagIt 8
DEL /A:h ~$*.do*

REM Select the user temp folder
CD \Documents and Settings\Graham Mayor\Local Settings\Temp
REM Delete all temp files in the folder (its sub folders will not contain Word temp files).
DEL /Q *.*

Save in the Windows folder as WordFix.bat Create a shortcut to this file on the desktop and when the wheel comes off and Word crashes, click to delete the all the orphaned temp files.



Hear a song but don't know who sings it and it's driving you crazy trying to figure it out. Well Shazam, I got the answer for you. This web site helps you find your favorite song by save a clip and sending it to the Shazam data banks. It searches among a list of 6 million tracks. And in no time you have your favorite artist and song arrives in minutes.


Mail Google

Ever sent an email to later regret that it was sent. The makers of Google have now created an email service for Gmail called Mail Google in which if you send an email that you shouldn't have sent. It helps to prevent you from further embarrassment. I just hope this software can be useful.


NetWorx Web Monitor

Just when you thought you've seen the last web monitor. Here comes another one for free to help you monitor you web activities.


Web Wallpaper

If you enjoy the web wallpapers you going to like this. It's a live Web Wallpaper that changes on schedule. Now you can live in reality every day.


Remove the Pesky Norton Software

If you haven't discovered the Norton headache yet. Try to remove the software and you'll see what I mean. It's impossible to just go to the Control Panel and Uninstall the software. Your best bet is to go to the Symantec web site above and use the Symantec Norton Uninstaller software to remove it successfully. I can't see why Norton makes this task such a headache.


Movie Map

See people populated all over the world with the locations of their favorite movie scenes. A movie goer site.



Want to purchase a book but need some information on the author. This site will make your life easier. Now you can get an author's core of a book, with plot synopsis to get you interested. No more wasting your time.


New Camcorder streams HD wirelessly

This new generation of Camcorders are capable of streaming HD wirelessly. This will eventually be adapted by other manufactures changing the way we know view movies on a camcorder. It's only going to get better from here on.


Covert YouTube Music to MP3's

Yes this is possible and if you do it correctly there is no reason to download you favorite MP3's when you can do it with your new friend YouTube.



Find Missing Money

Want to know if your entitled to money for the Treasury. Every year money goes unclaimed and it's given to the U.S. Treasury. If you don't claim the money. The U.S. Treasury gets to keep it. It's up to you to take what's owed to you.


Take a Course for Free

Want to get a College Education but can't afford to take the courses. Don't worry the internet is here to the rescue.
You can download free lectures, notes, reading materials, tests and videos from classes that of interest to you for free.
Now everyone can have a free education.


How to Save Flash Video

This software enables you to rip the flash video on the web so that you can view it later on.
And if you decide to want to save that flash video. Just use Pazera


Single Keyboard and Mouse with Two Computers

If you like the KVM concept you'll enjoy the Synergy concept. Just install the program on two computers one calling it the master and the other one the slave. Click the share button and before you know it you can control two computers with the same keyboard and mouse.


How to Read your FBI file

I don't know if this is a good idea. But it's out on the net and if you were curious on what they had on you. This is how you would decode it.


Tattoo Testing

Want to get a Tattoo but don't know how's it going to look on you. Make sure you first have it tested otherwise that great Tattoo will be permanent.
First you need to get some water slide paper at this Link.
Second you edit your image at Gimp
Third you print your imagine on the water slide paper using an inkjet or laser printer. Lastly you apply the paper to your skin and your done.
Now you don't have to regret getting a Tattoo that doesn't look right.


AOL Home town shutting Down

This is just a great example on how AOL has changed through the years. It's still down sizing drastically and changing it's old features because it's no longer that profitable.


What's behind a Smiley * FUN *

If your having a bad day all together, then no matter what else you do today just doesn't matter.



No Delay

Using constantly Megaupload or RapidShare to get your favorite files. Wait no more. This script installed with greasemonkey takes you straight to the download as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Google InLine MP3 Player

The next time you find an mp3 online use the Google InLine MP3 Player. What this does is that it gives you the capability to listen to the music before you download the song. So you don't have to waste time downloading music you don't want.


Kaspersky 2009 License for 100 days

If you enjoy Kaspersky Internet Security. Here's a chance to get a free license for 100 days through Computer Shopper Magazine. Hurry up you never know how long this will last.


Sync Software

If your always going mobile and need all your files in all of your computers. Sync is the best way to go. But it's never that simple with the list of softwares to choose from. Your best bet is to find a software that you can easily understand. You be the judge.



Show MyPC

Here is another remote login software that you can install to control your computer via email, phone or other means. Worth to try if remote access is what you need.


Looks like the new security check scanner

The next time your at an airport don't be suprise to start seeing these new security check gadgets around. They were created to speed up Visa and Passport check points.


How to re-install Windows ME

This is a great tip on going back to the basic fundamentals of Windows on how it use to be. Save this link, copy it and put it in a safe place. One day this great tip is going to save your day.

How to re-install Windows ME

Put a diskette in your floppy drive and click Create Disk.
A boot disk will be made for you. This can take three to five minutes.
If you don't have a boot disk go to
to create one.
With the boot disk in the floppy drive, restart the machine. You will be presented with four options: * Help * Start with CD-ROM support * Start without CD-ROM support * Minimal Boot
Choose Start with CD-ROM support and wait for the machine to go through the start-up process. Once the A: prompt appears, type a:format c: and hit Enter or for a quick format type c: /q. (Note to veterans: The /s command is no longer necessary and is not supported under Windows ME).
The system will reformat the drive, and then display the amount of free space. It will also prompt you to enter a volume label, which is the name of the hard disk. Enter anything you like, or simply hit the Enter key for no name.
If your drive has been sub-divided (also called "partitioned"), repeat the format procedure on the second partition. For example, if the D drive is a hard drive partition, type the command format d:
Now your hard drive is ready for a new installation of Windows ME. Put the Windows ME installation CD in the CD drive and type x:setup, where X is the CD drive letter. It is probably D.
Windows ME will then run the Scandisk utility on your hard drive to check for errors. Once it finishes, click Exit and let the rest of the installation proceed. Keep your Product Key handy (that's the really long code on the back of the CD sleeve) because you'll have to enter that before the installation proceeds. Upgrade copies of the Windows ME require you to have a previous version of Windows handy because the system will ask for it to verify you are eligible to install the upgrade. When prompted, you'll have to put it into either the floppy or CD drive for verification, depending on which operating system you are upgrading from. Be aware that there are three possible Windows ME products. A full version requires no previous software verification. An upgrade from Windows (about $169) requires the insertion of a Windows 95 disk or CD during the upgrade process. The upgrade from Windows 98 (about $85) requires the Win 98 CD.
The rest of the installation is pretty straightforward. Follow the prompts until the process finishes. You will be prompted to restart. Make sure you remove the floppy disk from the floppy drive, label it, and put it in a safe place. Also, be sure to keep the previous Windows CD with the upgrade package so you can verify you own it in the event of any future reinstallations.


Delete Dead & Duplicate Links

Added a link onto your favorites and can't be sure if you have another similar link. This program will help you delete duplicate links, as well as finding any web sites that you have stored and are no longer active. Now your Favorites folder can always be updated.


Get Your HD receiver Coupon Today

If you have an old television set with no cable box. You will find out after February 2009 your television set will no longer be able to receive any signal from any channel. The reason for this is that the television analog signal has now gone digital. And the only way to receive a signal with your old television set is with a High Definition receiver or antenna. This is where the coupon comes in. If you hurry up. You can get a free High Definition receiver for free and hopefully it will only cost you the tax.
Here is also a list of authorized dealers accepting this Coupon


Cell Phone strap Blood Type

If your looking for a special medical cell phone strap. Take a look at Blood Type Cell phone straps. No more guessing on your blood type.


Wireless Carriers fighting for free broadband

You might figure that they would wise up, save some money and make their networks better. Instead Wireless Carriers fight for our broadband freedom.


Easier way to burn photo's

Burning pictures just got easier. Just imagine loading a DvD in to your computer and the software telling you what to do next. Well it's made possible by Verbatrim.


Poor Man's USB Cable

If your looking for an interesting project to do this weekend. Here is a nice one for you. It's called the Poor Man's USB Cable. You use a USB extender and a phone jack to extend you USB port. You'll be suprised on how easily this can work.


Michael Moore Movie Download

On September 23, 2008 everyone can download for free another Michael Moore brand new feature film. The film is hopefully going to give you a new light when you get to vote on November 4. Be the first because it's free.



Get everything all in one page. Great website to combine all your pages into one. If you hate having to go to several websites to keep up to date. This site is your answer.


Building a great website with Webon

This is a great to begin your website. Build your website the way you want it and just add the extras the software will do the rest.


Norton AntiVirus 2009 Update

Even though they are saying it's a fast install I have still doubts on going back to Symantec. It's last version Endpoint was a nightmare and still is. They promise so much and lost track of what they were trying to achieve. In the end the software was just a bomb and an insult to the Symantec product line. It will be a long while before I go back.


DvD Disc Album Cover

The next time your burn a DvD and want to decorate it. Think of these little items. They skins for your collectible DvD collections. Let's see how creative you can be.


IMDb Movies for Free

IMDb has now posted it's full length movies for free. View your favorite movies and tv shows at your own time, anytime.


The Most Expensive Blackberry

I understand that this is one of the pre-release Blackberry Javelin. But $17,100 for the Blackberry is beyond me. It's just a phone. And how long do you think will your phone last you?


Free Avira Antivirus

Need a free Antivirus software but don't want to pay for it. If AVG is not for you then try the alternate Avira.


Start IE 8 in private mode

This is a registry fix and be very careful. Anything you do wrong, will damage your system and force you to re-install Windows all over again.
But if you do it correctly, then you should be able to browse the internet in private mode.


Save your wireless keys

Have a list of wireless keys on your computer or laptop and want to make sure you save them to just in case your computer crashes.
This software will help you save all your wireless key codes via clip board.


Seagate redesigns it's portable hard drives

Think of a portable hard drive with it's own usb port. All you have to do is plug in the hard drive to it's usb port and then your hard drive is live.


System Restore on a non boot XP PC

Perform a System Restore rollback on a non-bootable Windows XP compute

Has your Windows XP system become unbootable after making some configuration changes, and you want to perform a System Restore rollback to a previous date? Windows Vista has the Startup Repair feature using which you can restore the system to an earlier restore point. But no such feature exists in Windows XP. After searching around the internet, I came across a great tool to recover Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 PCs.

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) from Microsoft provides powerful tools to help administrators recover PCs that have become unusable, and easily identify root causes of system issues. This toolset is part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.

30 day evaluation of MSDaRT is available from the following link:

Download details: Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT50Eval.msi - 64.2 MB)

Microsoft DaRT includes the following tools:

Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander
ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard
ERD Help
Command Line
ERD Explorer
File Search
Windows Shell
Crash Analyzer Wizard
Disk Commander Wizard
Disk Wipe
ERD Registry Editor
ERD System Restore Wizard
File Restore
Hotfix Uninstall Wizard
Locksmith Wizard
Solution Wizard
System File Repair Wizard
Disk Management
Event Viewer
Services and Drivers
System Information
File Sharing
Map Network Drive
TCP/IP Configuration
The ERD System Restore Wizard can be used to restore a system that cannot be started to a previous restore point.

Note: All of the utilities provided with ERD Commander, except ERD System Restore Wizard, are compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. ERD System Restore Wizard is compatible only with Windows XP. Do not use the ERD Commander Boot CD in Windows Vista systems.

Limitations of ERD System Restore Wizard: [Quoted from MSDaRT Release Notes] The ERD System Restore Wizard does not perform a complete System Restore operation as the Windows System Restore of Windows XP SP2. The ERD System Restore Wizard does NOT restore the following information:

ACL changes on files and folders support
SAM Password hashes
Attribute changes
Alternate data streams
Therefore, once the Windows XP SP2 system is back online, it is recommended that you execute a Windows System Restore from a restore point of your choice. The ERD System Restore Wizard should be used to perform the bare minimum of actions that will enable a Windows XP system to start.

Note that the ERD System Restore Wizard is only supported on Windows XP SP2. Windows Server 2003 does not implement the Windows System Restore.

Editor’s note: ERD System Restore Wizard worked just fine when used in a Windows XP SP3 system.

System Restore rollback using ERD Commander

Using another computer, create a Boot CD for ERD Commander. Follow these steps:

1. Download and install MSDaRT

2. Read the MSDaRT CHM Help file, Release Notes (recommended) and the License agreement. The help file and release notes are available in the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset folder under the Program Files folder.

3. If you don’t already have a third-party CD Recording software to burn ISO image to CD, then download the free ISO Recorder PowerToy.

4. After installing the ISO Recorder PowerToy, open the following folder

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset
5. Right-click the file erd50.iso and click Copy image to CD

6. Follow the onscreen instructions and burn the ISO to a CD. This is the ERD Commander Boot CD

7. Insert the ERD Commander Boot CD into the drive and restart the system

8. Boot the computer using ERD Commander Boot CD. You may have to set the boot order in the BIOS first.

9. From the ERD Commander menu (Start menu) that is displayed, click System Tools, and then click System Restore.

10. Click Next when you see the Welcome to the ERD System Restore Wizard screen

11. Select Roll back to an existing restore point created by Windows. ERD System Restore Wizard only performs a partial rollback. (For more information, see paragraph "Limitations of ERD System Restore Wizard" above.)

12. Select the date, and pick a Restore Point from the list.

13. Click Yes to perform System Restore rollback.

14. To view the change log (optional), click the View Details button. This opens a log file using Notepad, which contains the list of changes made to the registry and the file system. To close the dialog, click Finish. The system will restart to complete the System Restore rollback operation.

More Information

When creating the ERD Commander Boot CD, you can add additional files (such as Scripts, stand-alone executables etc). For more information about this option, and to learn about other great tools included in ERD Commander, read the MSDaRT Help (.chm) file. Another excellent tool in this suite is the Crash Analyzer Wizard, using which you can debug crash dump files.

thanks for the tip from - Winhelonline.com


Remove the Firefox add on delay

This tweak removes the add on delay of 3 seconds to install a Firefox extension. It can be done in any version.


Map of Singles

Want to know where the single people are. Here is a great map to get you started. Single Anyone?


Clean Windows XP Install with a Floppy Disk

If you want to install a clean Full copy of Windows use this clean install Windows Floppy Disk to get you started before you install Windows XP.


USB Spy Kit

If you need to find out if your significant other is cheating on you and can afford the $200- price tag. This little gadget will collect call log records, SMS and phonebook. I just hope everyone knows the law.


MxOne Antivirus

If you need to protect Windows from pen drive viruses, MxOne should be taken into consideration. A 3mb download that scans viruses every time you use it.


Bandwidth Meters

With Comcast capping downloaders, users should now be monitoring their bandwidth. Here are some bandwidth meters.



Create an Avatar and Chat

If your looking for a better way to chat using youtube and live video feeds. This is a great application to give you just that.


HP new packaging technique for Laptops

HP has started a new packaging technique that hopefully will be adapted by other manufactures. In the end you get less packaging material that is useless and a free bag.


Track Visitors on your Blog

This is a great way to track visitors for free on your web blog like Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and the list goes on. The trick is using a Yahoo base program called MyBlogLog. In the end visitors will be tracked on all your websites.



Download Midi Ringtones

Free Classic Rock & Roll Ringtones to download for your cell phone.


Google's new Chrome Browser

Although not officially out yet. It's going to be a great revolution for Google to get into the browser business.
Download Chrome Now


Comcast caps Broadband

What does this mean? If you go over 250gig a month Comcast has the right to suspend their account or charge you an excessive bandwidth fee. Regardless your going to pay more if you use more than the standard a month.


Add Memory to Acer Aspire One Notebook

If your planing on adding memory to your notebook. You've better be ready on adding memory to an Acer Aspire One Notebook. It's the most difficult memory upgrade I've seen in a while on a notebook.


New KVM for Laptops

KVM switches are now offered for laptops. It's quite pricey but it comes with a few perks like file transfer and backup software. If connecting remotely with a laptop is your number one priority, then this KVM switch should be your dream come true.


Watch Live NASA feeds

For all those astronamers who want to watch live solar eclipse, check out the NASA feeds for live coverage, as it happens.


Apple Updates - Two Weeks

These feed is being published every where and in two weeks we will see if his sources are correct for the major upgrades that are going to happen for Apple.


Enable or Disable WinXp Settings

This is a great utility to get your Windows XP settings to act the way you want them to act, quickly and easily.


Remove Programs

Here's another Windows un-installer for programs that have already been removed from your computer. But still appear to be on your computer.


Uxtheme Patch for Win SP3 Fix

Have Uxtheme on Windows XP and after SP3 you have noticed that you can't use it anymore. No problem. Download this fix to be able to use Uxtheme.


Easily Replace a DLL file in Windows

This utility has made it easy to replace a DLL file. Just download install the replace cmd program then you drop the Dll into the replacement one and your done.


The New Diary

If you want the best encryption out in the market with a self destruct mechanism just in case you loose your information. The new Diary is what you've been looking for. It will help you record events has it happens with the safety that your diary will never get into the wrong hands.


Microsoft Open Document Format

Microsoft later on this year will include in it's update this download so that everyone can save files via pdf and xps format. Let's just say that they are forced to make these changes, otherwise they will have more legal issues.


iPod & iPhone

Who said things are not made for each other, did have this in mind. Once again Apple amazes me with these facinating gadgets. Now whatever your iPod can do, remember that your iPhone can do too.


Antair for Blackberry

This is the begining of many other software's like this to come out. I just don't understand why it took so long, when everyone knows that spam is everywhere.



Just think of IM and then think of Blackberry, now combine them together and this is what it becomes.


Microsoft Midori

Microsoft new operating system is Midori and you'll be surprise that it has nothing to do with Windows. What does this mean is simple. All those Windows users will be out in the dust if Microsoft decides to go this way.
It looks like Microsoft now just played a fast one on us with Vista, because the operating system will never go any where.


Credit Score Estimator

This is an excellent site to estimate your credit score.
Do you know that every time you apply for a credit card or have someone verify your credit score. It can lower you score. Why? because the credit bureaus believe your trying to get credit. So only get your credit score when necessary and use the credit score estimator instead. For more information check out BankRate.com and do a search for credit scores.


Map Game * Fun *

How well do you know geography. This Middle Eastern Map will sharpen up your map skills of the world. Give it a test drive.


Recover SMS and lost numbers

For those of you who really needs to find out what SMS and numbers were deleted on your telephone. It like restoring your recycle bin on your computer phone style.


Record Conversations

If you want to record conversations for legit reason's here is a nice device to help you. I just hope you have a good reason.



These security keys software's are showing up everywhere. It's a nice utility to lock your laptop or computer in case it goes into the wrong hands. But no ever talks about what would happen if you loose the usb key.


Remove fake Antivirus 2008

The Internet is still unsafe so make sure you know your computer has antivirus software and that the software is up to date. And don't download anything that's too good to be real. Because chances are that you'll get something similar to this one.



Beside's using the Microsoft command line of MSIZAP to remove a program. You also can download the tool to help you do the work as well. It's Microsoft's way of saving the day.


Freedom Stick

Talk about a secure thumb drive that cloaks your connections so that your internet usage cannot be tracked.


Fix downloaded MP3 file

You've just downloaded an MP3 file and you can't get you computer to play this MP3. This is what you need to do next. Just change the file extension to .mp3 and then the computer will recognize that this is a music file and play your music. Majority of the times, this fix will correct your problem. If not it two things. One the file is not a music file, or two the file is corrupt.


Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

This is not the greatest software that's out there to get rid of those unwanted programs. But it's a great utility to un-install and reinstall the current program that you want to use.


iPhone has gone Green

If you have the iPhone and want to go Green. Consider in buying the new solar case. It will take you three hours to charge, but at least your helping the environment.



Here's another great photo sharing site that helps you make great photo's. It's more like a gallary of photo's where you can vote, share and compare pictures online. It's a great ideas with a good concept on people showing off their photo's.



The software that should have been included with your camera. Take photo's and edit them without the use and knowledge of Photoshop.


Ultimate Boot CD

I recommended this Boot CD several times and I must admit, it's the best one that I have yet to see. Burn a copy and have several copies on hand. This is one Boot CD that all your friends wind up using to never return.



Make your brain and your computer one. This is the new Apple iThink concept, going the Matrix way. I just want to know long of a line there is going to be, when this goes public.


Drive Image XML

Looking for a free backup and restore software for your computer. Drive Image XML has come to your rescue. Enjoy it because it's a sweet deal that's free.


Disk Image Backup

This easy comprehensive software creates backups while working, restores file directories and is compatible with all Windows system files. Try and then buy if you like.


Shadow Protect Desktop

Need auto backup with complete backup recovery for your personal computer. Take a chance with Shadow Protect. Backups can be saved to any location including a thumbdrive.


The Poor Man's PPV

Love Pay Per View events but can't afford to watch those main events all the time. Here is a great affordable solution. Sign up for for free to login and watch your main event. On the night of the event do a sport search and pick a channel and if your lucky you can get view the fight in realtime. Don't expect miracles but at least you can enjoy it for free.
And later on when this site goes down for whatever reason just remember this, there are many other sites just like this one all over the internet.


Genie Backup Pro

Looking for a reliable backup software to make your life simple. Take a look at Genie Backup Pro. It's reliable backup software at a great cost.


Amazon Kindle

Here's a new wireless reading device. No computer, no syncing and no cables. Just buy a book wireless and in a few minutes you have the entire book in your collection. It's a reader that will change the way you read.


Site Advisor

Tired of surfing the internet and not knowing which website are safe. Don't be afraid and download Site Advisor from McAfee. It rates websites while protecting you from spyware, adware, spam and identity theft. And best of all it's free.


Dual Wan Routers

What are dual Wan routers and why would I want one? Dual Wan routers are routers that can handle more than one broadband line. It's like having two DSL lines put together. In some cases, it would be easier to double up your broadband lines if your in a position that you always need to be online. The speed boost will be double and in the end you'll always be up and twice as fast on the internet. My only concern is that having two DSL lines put's the question of reliability. I would rather prefer having a DSL line for my main line of business and have cable broadband just has backup so that I always never go down.

Dual WAN routers Link


Free - 1 Year Norman Parental Control

Hurry up while supplies last. Get a one year legal subscription to Norman parental control. Stay on top of what your children are doing online. Don't wait until it's too late. Be in control now with Norman Parental Control.


PA Server Monitor

When monitoring servers is a number one priority with you. This software makes your life easier by notifying you of any critical events that can cause users not to get acess. Be one step ahead of the others.


Capture DVR Video

There have been several attempts to capture content via DVR drive using firewire and even though their is certain legality on doing this. If you wanted to experiment, then this is where you would start.


Free Antivirus Program

This Antivirus software is great for removing Window erros that computers were infected with viruses. You install the program -> go into Safe Mode and run the Antivirus software to remove the virus.


See Your boot System

This program let's you see what's in your boot system when your computer boots up. It's a great tool for disabling programs that you don't want in your system boot up file.


Duracell Powersource

This portable gadget powers up your portable device when your batteries are just ready to run out. This device can be handy if your always on the need to be connected.


How do I format a Hard Drive

This excellent website shows you how to format your hard drive. This at times can be tricky depending on the current hard drive your using and operating system. But if you follow the rules in detail. Your hard drive should be formated to you current operating system.


Progressive Insurance Deduction

Progressive Insurance is willing to deduct insurance rates, as long as drivers are willing to be monitored. Customers in the end will pay for insurance for their driving usuage. Time will tell if this works to cut down rates.
Monitoring Info



Creative apps for business solutions. It contains various of business applications to make your life easier. Give it a try.


Convert to PDF

Acrobat is becoming a well known format to save files that everyone and anyone who wants to archieve files for the future are using it. It's a standard format and it works just right.


ZoneAlarm hates Patch Tuesday

The new Patch that was recently released by Microsoft this Tuesday disables ZoneAlarm users from the web. Once you install the Microsoft critical updates and you reboot the computer. Your net activity is gone. Thanks Microsoft.


Mayor gets key to network

Basic rules to learn in a protest. Make sure it's for a good cause and know the laws and the rules of engagement. If your smart and wise enough your never spend a night in jail. If your foolish and stupid like this guy was. Then no matter what happens next, it's not going to get better.
You can just imagine the list of charges that this network administrator is going to be brought up against just to prove a point that management was being mismanaged.


Lexar 256bit Flash drive

If your looking for a top of the line secure flash drive take a look at Lexar's 256bit flash drive. It's military approved encryption just in case it goes in the wrong hands.


Backup your Computer Drivers

Have a computer with hard to find drivers. This backup software will help you to backup and restore those drivers easier. Just install the program before you re-format the computer and after you install the computer operating system, install this backup driver software and do a restore. Everything should work like new.


System Mechanic 8 Full Yr License

Here's a great way to get a good utility software for free. Hurry up while supplies last.


Free Norton Antivirus 2009 Beta

Here is a chance to get a free version of Norton Antivirus 2009 Beta. Although I don't recommend beta software. This is a great chance to get antivirus software for free.


Bluetooth Cyber Alert

Let's just say Bluetooth is great but they are still some security concerns with it being secured.


Tetris on the iPhone

Just show's you how great the Apple touch screen software works with portable games on the iPhone. And yes Tetis is still worth purchasing for the iPhone.


Startup Warrior

Want to know where the famous technology startups are located. Here is an excellent site to tell you just that. At least you now know.


Nvidia Stock News

It's true what video card manufacture is top of the game with really no competition around to change what they are capable of making, which is video cards.
If you have the extra cash, it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest for the future.


Recover Lost Picture files

Had a picture or video file that you just recently deleted. If you just deleted the file in most cases it's as easy as installing this program and recovering the file. If you format the drive, you could be bad, but there's always a way with new technology.


Wine in soda cans

Get ready for portable wine via soda cans. This could be a new generation for wine lovers to go portable worldwide.



There is a new security threat for DNS servers and if you don't patch it soon, your domain name can be hijacked. Emails could be redirected and websites could be spoofed. Everything will be a risk. Right now there is no fix for this but a work-around to fix the entire Net. So IT consultants beware because this problem is not going anywhere.


ATEN KVM Switches

Take a look at the new generation of KVM switches that ATEN has currently available. It will make your live much easier, monitoring various computers.


Temperature Alert

Need to monitor your server constantly and want to make sure that it's environment is constantly cool so that your server is always operating efficiently. This device although limited will do just that.


Learn who your neighbors are?

Sometimes you rather not want to know who your neighbor's are. But for those of you who really want to know, this website makes it clear what type of people live next to you.


Sell Your Photo's

Have rare photo's and want to see if they are worth anything. Load them up and just wait for your royalty check to do the talking.


Pod Pillow

Let's just say it's a nice beach accessory for the everyday beach goer. Who would not want to have one.

Make Your Own Business Cards

Want to make a unique personalize business card. Moo will show you the way. It's simple has attaching the picture and customizing your card.


Solar Power Keyboard

For a keyboard this product is a little pricey but if you have time and love solar power then this gadget is for you.


Pin's hacked from ATM

It looks like Citibank's ATM's at 7 Eleven's pin's are being hacked and the bank refuses to put a stop to it and continues using them.


Maxtor fail safe Hard drive

Maxtor has developed a fail safe hard drive that is flame resistant and waterproof. Making data storage more reliable when you need it in a disaster.


Keyboard iPhone on it's way

Yes Apple has made a keyboard iPhone similar to our current version of the Blackberry. It's still not final but the iPhone is getting there.


101 Ways to Save Money on Gas

As per cheapstingybargains.com this is the best way to save gas at least for now.


101 Ways to Save Money on Gas
Never has the saying “every little bit helps” rung more true than in the quest to save cash when filling up your vehicle.

What follows are 101 ways you can save money on gas, including tips on gas buying, driving and car maintenance, as well as advice on how to stay out of the car altogether. While you probably won’t be able to use all of the suggestions, trying a few of them together could make a big difference in your gas bill.

Gas Buying Tips

1. Compare gas prices; do this in your head as you drive by service stations and other gas sellers or from home using online resources like GasBuddy.com, GasPriceWatch.com or MapQuest Gas Prices.

2. Use widgets such as Gas for Macs and GasWatch for PCs to check current gas prices.

3. Sign up for text messages from gas price tracking companies like GasBuddy.com and MobGas.com.

4. Use self-service instead of full-service.

5. Remember that higher traffic areas usually mean higher gas prices.

6. Buy fuel with a credit card that offers gas savings or even cash back.

7. Sign up for a credit card from a gas company that offers discounts for filling up at its stations.

8. Join a loyalty club of a warehouse or store that gives membership rebates on gas purchases.

9. Find out if any local gas stations offer discounts for paying in cash.

10. Don’t top off your gas tank as that extra fuel will probably only spill out anyway; once you hear that first click, stop filling.

11. Buy gas during the early morning or late evening; gas is densest at those times, ensuring more fuel and less vapor for your money.

12. Don’t use high octane if your car doesn’t need it.

13. In order to be sure that your car still gets the octane level it needs without spending too much for the high level, or causing damage to your vehicle with a level too low, consider mixing octanes you find at good prices.

14. Wait until your tank is a quarter empty to fill up; no need to carry extra weight around in your car (more weight makes your car work harder, using more gas) and waiting until the tank is empty isn’t good for your fuel injection system.

15. Buy gas in the middle of the week as it is usually cheaper than on the weekends.

16. Fill up well before holidays as prices tend to rise.

17. Compare gas brands to determine which gives you the best quality for your money.

Driving Tips

18. Go the speed limit. Aside from being a safe choice, you’ll also get up to 21% better gas mileage at 55 mph than at 70 mph. As traffic lights are time-controlled, you’re also more likely to hit green lights and avoid wasting gas on frequent stops and restarts.

19. Don’t travel at fast rates in low gears as it can use up to 45% more fuel than necessary; shift into high gear as soon as possible.

20. Stay at a steady speed as speeding up and slowing down uses more fuel.

21. On that note, if you have cruise control and you’re in light traffic, use it.

22. Avoid weaving in and out of traffic as you’ll use more gas.

23. When starting out, accelerate slowly; you’ll use less gas and also be kinder to your carburetor.

24. Don’t tailgate. Not only is it dangerous, it also can waste fuel if you need to make a sudden slowdown or stop.

25. When approaching a hill, speed up before you get to it, keep steady on the incline and coast down the other side.

26. Travel well-known, well-paved roads as much as possible; not only do you lessen your chances of getting lost and wasting gas, you’ll also save gas by avoiding dirt or gravel roads, which can drop gas mileage up to 30%.

27. Travel in a straight line whenever possible.

28. Don’t idle. If you’re going to sit still for more than 30 seconds, it is probably better for gas mileage to turn off and then restart the car.

29. If you don’t stop and restart, at least put your automatic car in neutral to allow the transmission to cool down.

30. Avoid driving during peak traffic periods like holiday weekends and rush hour.

31. When possible, coast to stops rather than braking hard.

32. Don’t rev your engine.

33. Roll up the windows when traveling at high speeds; the extra resistance can cost you about 10% of your gas mileage.

34. When passing another car, commit and do it quickly and safely.

35. Use overdrive gears, which keep RPM down.

36. Don’t rest your foot on the brake. Any extra pressure can cause drag that reduces your gas mileage.

37. If you have four-wheel drive and can turn it off, do so until you actually need it.

38. Keep your eyes open for what other drivers are doing as well as for upcoming traffic jams, etc.

Car Maintenance Tips

39. Have your car serviced at regular intervals, preferably those recommended in your owner’s manual.

40. Use steel-belted radial tires, which can increase gas mileage up to 10%.

41. Fill tires to the maximum suggested limit in order to reduce contact area between your car and the road; this reduces friction, which increases gas mileage.

42. Be sure your brakes are in good working order; if they’re dragging, they’re creating more resistance for your car to handle, making it use more gas.

43. Be sure the suspension, tires and chassis parts are aligned properly as anything bent or broken will create engine drag.

44. Make sure your air and fuel filters are in good working order.

45. Change your oil every 5,000 miles or every 3,000 miles if you live in a warm climate.

46. Be sure you’re using the correct grade motor oil for your car; this information should be in your owner’s manual. The wrong grade can increase engine friction and use more gas.

47. Use a fuel injection cleaner when you change the oil to ensure your fuel injection system is working properly.

48. Take off vinyl tops and luggage or ski racks to reduce drag.

49. Clean out your car as carrying around extra, unnecessary items can adversely affect your gas mileage. Keep that spare tire though!

50. Make sure your gas cap fits properly. Every year in the United States, 147 million gallons of fuel are lost to evaporation.

Warm Weather Tips

51. Consider tinting your windows, particularly if you live in a warm climate.

52. To reduce air-conditioning usage, install solar-powered window fans that pull cooler air into the car.

53. If you use snow tires and chains in the winter, be sure to remove them for warmer weather; snow tires have deeper treads that increase friction with the road and cause your car to use more gas.

54. Use your air conditioning sparingly as it can reduce your fuel economy up to 20%; roll down your windows or use the ventilation system instead. Remember tip #33, though, and be sure those windows are up at higher speeds.

55. Choose a car with light colored exterior and interior to reflect rather than absorb light and heat, especially in warm climates.

56. Park in the shade.

57. When parked, have the windows rolled down a bit for air circulation (assuming that is safe to do in the area).

58. If you’re using air conditioning, turn it off five minutes before your estimated arrival.

Cold Weather Tips

59. No need for a long warm-up of the engine in the morning; thirty to 45 seconds will do the trick.

60. Don’t let icicles accumulate on the frame of your car as they can cause drag.

61. Pay special attention to tire pressure in cold weather.

62. Use snow tires and chains as little as possible as they make your car use more gas.

Other Tips

63. Ask yourself whether the trip is truly necessary before hopping in the car and driving off without thinking.

64. Put down those car keys and use your legs instead; walking or biking helps save on gas and keeps you in shape.

65. Or, rollerblade!

66. Get a motorcycle or scooter instead of a car, even just to travel shorter distances when you won’t need storage space.

67. Use public transportation (buses, subways, etc.) whenever possible.

68. If public transportation doesn’t serve your entire route, use “park and ride” services where offered.

69. Carpool with coworkers or others going in the same direction and split the cost of gas.

70. If you don’t have anyone to carpool with, try ridesharing.

71. Instead of owning a vehicle, car share through a group that rents cars for as little as an hour at a time.

72. If you have a job you can do from home, see if your employer will agree to let you telecommute.

73. Another option to explore with your employer is flex-time that may let you avoid traveling during peak traffic times.

74. Four ten-hour day work weeks are also something you might propose to your employer to help you drive less and avoid rush hours.

75. Move closer to your job (assuming you’re looking for a new place to live anyway, of course).

76. Make a list of errands and combine them into as few trips as possible.

77. Try to do only one big grocery shopping trip a week; if you need to do more runs per week and are close enough to walk or bike, leave the car at home.

78. If errand stops are relatively close together, walk between them instead of parking and re-parking your car.

79. Speaking of parking, pull into the first spot you find and get on with your errands; you’re wasting gas going around and around the parking lot only to save yourself a few steps.

80. Park forward-facing when possible; reversing takes more gas.

81. If your children are old enough, send them on the errands—on foot or bicycle.

82. Don’t have children? Pay a local kid and encourage her entrepreneurial spirit as well.

83. If your neighborhood allows for it, have your children walk or bike to school.

84. Consider a train for your next trip instead of taking your car.

85. Get GPS if you make frequent trips to new places.

86. If you can’t afford GPS or don’t want to invest in it, use online or old-fashioned maps to plan out routes before leaving the house.

87. If a merchant offers delivery, it just may save you money to have them bring merchandise to you than for you to pick it up.

88. Plan trips in advance and leave plenty of time to get to your destination; this can help avoid wrong turns (and wasted gas) as well as speeding, which we’ve already said uses more gas than going the speed limit.

89. If you have more than one car in your household, use the one that gets better gas mileage whenever possible.

90. Keep a track of gas purchases and mileage; this can help you track ebbs and flows in gas prices at certain stations, alert you to possible fuel-related problems in your car and come in useful during tax time if you can deduct any travel expenses.

91. Listen to radio traffic reports so you can steer clear of traffic jams and other problems on the road.

92. Look for shopping bargains from home by using flyers, newspaper advertisements, online resources and your telephone.

93. Get a hybrid car or have yours converted to one; while it costs money up front, you’ll soon see the savings.

94. Get an electric car.

95. Get a diesel car, which can actually get better gas mileage than a hybrid.

96. Explore other fuel sources like ethanol, flex-fuel or biodiesel.

97. If you don’t truly need an SUV or truck, go for a smaller vehicle, which weighs less than a large vehicle and, in turn, gets better gas mileage.

98. Following the same principle, if you’re renting a car, go for the smallest for your needs.

99. If your car is old and gets horrible gas mileage, consider buying a new one. Again, this will cost you up front but save in the long run.

100. Skip the drive-thru and just park and go inside the restaurant instead; remember what we said about idling in #27?

Now, last but certainly not least . . .

101. Share this list with fellow gas-buying friends and see what ideas they can add to it. You can never have too many weapons in your arsenal of money-saving gas tips, so why not have a brainstorming session with others also looking to save money on gas?

Just remember to carpool to get to the meeting!

By Michelle Fabio




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Firefox 3.0 is Here

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Adobe 9

Adobe just released it's new version 9 with new improvements to it's reader. Upgrading is mostly a user preference, but I still see any reason going to version 9 if you don't use acrobat that often.


Metro PCS bring other carriers

If you have a cell phone and want to switch over to MetroPCS here is great news for you. In some cases you can still use your regular cell phone, when joining up with the MetroPCS service. The new service is an open door for other cell phone carriers to do the same.


Get 42 Gig on a DVD

The concept and idea is here it's just a matter of time before they figure out how a dvd and blue ray player can read these special formated DVD's.


Solar TV

If you are thinking green this year you might be interested to know that solar television has now arrived. The launch date is years to come, but it is nice to know that someone is thinking solar energy.



This is a new concept in car rentals in which you need not to rent a car for a day. With Zipcar you rent the vechicle per hour instead of per day. That way if you only need a car for a specific number of hours, your money doesn't go to waste. Give it a try if renting a car per hour is for you.


My Gallons

Here is a new website to help you save money on gas. Most fuel companies give you rebates and other perks for gasoline purchases. This company let's you prepay gasoline at today's current gas price to be used at a later date. You then use their prepaid debit card at their 200,000 gasoline locations and fill up your gas tank. When your debit card runs out of cash you refill it again. It's that simple.


Magic Jelly Bean key finder

This software usually comes up as spyware or a virus because Microsoft doesn't want you to have this great utility that can save you money. If you have a license and want to say the key. This software will help you to do this.


Glass Keyboard

If your in the market for a new keyboard, then you need to look at this new glass design keyboard. Just be careful you don't break it.


iPhone 3G cost only $100 to Manufacture

Apple has made major improvements to it's iPhone 3G and it costs half of what the first generation iPhone was valued at. I just hope that Apple will get reasonable to lower it's price.


10000 Free Legal Albums

It looks like the record industry is giving in and changing their ways of doing business. Right now as it's illegal to download music unless the record labels makes it free and legal. For now everyone has to just wait until that day comes. Enjoy your free downloads.


Real Clear Politics

Here is another political website for those user's who love politics.


Change the Product key in XP

As it appears in TechRepulic.com

For most Microsoft Windows XP installs, you’ll never need to worry about the validity of the product key assigned to your copy of the OS. However, software does tend to get installed without authorization, even in the most carefully managed shops, and so from time to time you may need to reset the Windows XP product key.

For example, perhaps a user installed a pirated copy of XP but now wants to go legal. Maybe you’ve been hired by an organization that installed 100 pirated copies of XP but now has a legitimate volume-licensing key (VLK). Perhaps an end user purchased an additional retail license for XP but needs to use his original CD to install the software. When situations like these arise, changing XP’s product key is often the most practical-or only-solution.

Determining if you have a valid product IDHopefully you already know if you’re dealing with a pirated copy of XP. But if you’re unsure, a quick way to tell is to install Service Pack 1. Shortly after releasing Windows XP, Microsoft realized that most pirated XP installations were using two specific VLKs, the most popular of which begins with “FCKGW.” These VLKs produce product IDs that match either XXXXX-640-0000356-23XXX or XXXXX-640-2001765-23XXX, where X is any number.

If you try to install SP1 and get the following error message:

The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid. Please contact your system administrator or retailer immediately to obtain a valid Product Key…”

You are dealing with a pirated copy of Windows. For more information about obtaining a valid product key, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 326904.

You can also directly check the operating system’s product ID by right-clicking on My Computer, clicking Properties, and selecting the General tab. The machine’s product ID will be located under the Registered To section. If the ID matches either of the two models commonly associated with VLK fraud, you’ll need to obtain a valid XP product key before proceeding. None of the procedures described below will work without a legitimate product key.

Two methods of changing Windows XP’s product keyYou can change a Windows XP installation’s product key either by editing the registry or by using one of two Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripts. The registry editing method is outlined in Knowledge Base articles 321636 and 328874 and works on Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, and Windows XP Corporate Edition.

The script method is outlined in article 328874 and is designed to work on Corporate Edition installations that use a VLK and do not require activation. It may work on a Home or Professional installation, but I have not tested this scenario.

The script method is the practical solution for changing the product keys on a large number of machines. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure to backup important data before changing a product ID, since an unexpected problem could render the machine unbootable and necessitate a complete reinstallation of Windows.


The following instructions involve editing your system registry. Using the Windows Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that require the reinstallation of your operating system and possible loss of data. TechRepublic does not support problems that arise from editing your registry. Use the Registry Editor and the following directions at your own risk.


Editing the registryBegin by opening the Registry Editor and navigating to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrent VersionWPAEventsIn the right pane, right-click the ODBETimer binary value and select Modify. Change at least one character of this value to either a number from 0 to 9 or to a letter from A to F, then click OK and close the Registry Editor. This renders the current product key invalid and deactivates Windows.

Now, it’s time to reactivate Windows using your new product key. Click Start | Run and enter the command:

%systemroot%system32oobemsoobe /awhere %systemroot% is your Windows directory. In many cases, this command will look like:

C:windowssystem32oobemsoobe.exe /aAt this point, Windows will launch the Product Activation Wizard.

Figure A

Product Activation Wizard
Select the option to telephone a Microsoft customer service representative to activate Windows, as shown in Figure A, and click Next. Now, select the Change Product Key option and enter your new product key as shown in Figure B. Finally, click Update and close the window. If Windows returns you to the previous screen, just select the Remind Me Later option. When the wizard is finished, reboot the system.

Figure B

Enter new product key
When Windows reboots, your next step will depend on which Windows XP version you are using. If you have XP Home or Professional, you’ll be prompted to reactivate your copy of Windows through the normal activation process. If you have XP Corporate, no activation is required and your machine should have a valid product ID. You can verify this by running the %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a command again. When the wizard loads this time, you should see a message indicating that your copy of Windows has already been activated.

Using a WMI scriptAlthough the registry editing process is effective, it can be tedious and impractical if you need to change the product key on more than a few machines. So Microsoft provides two WMI scripts, one for XP machines with SP1 and one for XP machines without SP1.

View the code for the WMI script, ChangeVLKey2600.vbs, designed for use on XP machines without SP1.
View the code for the WMI script, ChangeVLKeySP1.vbs, for XP machines with SP1 already installed.
Copy the appropriate script’s code into a text file and save it as either ChangeVLKey2600.vbs or ChangeVLKeySP1.vbs. The scripts can act in conjunction with a valid product key as part of a login script to change the product ID on multiple machines. You can also execute the script from the command line to change the key on a single computer.

For example, if you wanted to change the product key on an XP machine without SP1 and had already saved the script to root directory on the C: drive, you would click Start | Run and enter the following command:

C:changevlkey2600.vbs xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxOf course, xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx in this scenario is a valid product key.

The script should take only a few seconds to run and won’t prompt you for further action unless there’s a problem, such as an invalid product key. As with the registry editing method, you can verify that Windows is now using a valid product key by running the command:

%systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /aThe Product Activation Wizard will load and should tell you that your copy of Windows has already been activated.