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My Favorite


Firefox Mobile

It's an amazing new browser for mobile phones that's similar to the iPhone. One can now have various functions with a single touch.


Survey Monkey

In today's market it's great to know what your customers think about your company and the products you offer. Survey Monkey gives your company a chance to better itself. Start learning what your customers wants to see more of.


Life Expectancy Calculator

Curious on what is your life expectancy, then it's time to find out on how long you have left to live.


Clone Spy

Have duplicate files on your computer but having a hard time finding them. This program should make you job a little easier.


Cell phone's with finger print security

This new technology is set to revolutionize the world. It's just the start of more things to come in the future.


Lunar Properites

I don't know what are the legalities to this registry. All that I do know is that no one yet as claimed it. And if the United States doesn't hurry up, other countries will gain possession to the moon. If you have the extra cash and some sense of sanity take a chance.
Sample Properties Link


Save Money on Electronics

Here is another article to prove my last theory that if you want to save money no-a-days you need to unplug electronic devices that are not in use. Think of all that electricity going to waste on something not even being used.


DWI Robo Teddy

Think of this as a drunk driving Teddy that will save your life. It's a GPS robot that can detect if your driving erratically or are intoxicated. So if your concern that your love one is driving under the influence. Start now before they regret on doing something they wished they never started.


Camera with Eye-Fi-Card

This should stop thieves from stealing cameras.
As the story goes, a couple forgot their camera at a restaurant they were dining in and some thieves stole their camera. Unfortunate for the thieves for using the camera and having the camera post their pictures on the web because of the new Eye-Fi card that the couple had installed in the camera. All that the couple had to do was just to go back to the scene of the crime and show the photo's to the restaurant clerk in which they were able to identify the individuals and get back their camera back. So beware thieves, technology is catching up to you.

Prices of Eye-Fi card are cheap so it's worth the investment Link

or buy through it's web site Here!


SATA Drive Plus

This multi function port for hard drives comes with extra's. Even though it is still pricey, it still has it's good reasons to buy.


Missing Money

Every now and then it's a good idea to check your friend and family to see if they have missing money held by the government. Unclaimed funds become the property of the government and only you can claim it.



What is DNS, the only simple way to put it is that it's a telephone number to that specific website or individual so that you can constantly keep in contact with.
There are many reason for having a DNS and this site explains it and can give you one as well for free.


Quiet those noisy hard drives

If you have noisey hard drives, try this neat tip and it will isolate most of the hard drives noise from your computer.
Look for rubber dampeners, linerless rubber splice tape or rubber washers. Use a dime as a stencil to outline the hard drive screws and install them before or after the hard drive screws to create a cushion. If you do everything correctly, everytime the hard drive is operating, it's vibration should be absorbed by these new gaskets.


Use a PDA has a second monitor

I don't recommend doing this on a new PDA but if you have an old PDA, then this is a great project. If you want to use it to read text or watching a video, you'll have a difficult time viewing. But for anything else, it works great.


XP SP3 & Norton Symantec 2008

If your doing an Windows XP SP3 upgrade and have installed on your computer Norton Symantec 2008. Extreme caution is required because of an unknown bug that's still exists.
I would recommend holding off on the upgrade, until their is a fix, otherwise your computer can be compromised.


Enable & Disable Windows Firewall

Depending on the Service Pak this is how to enable or disable the Windows Firewall on your computer. Remember that unless your using a third party firewall. Their should be no reason why you should disable the firewall, unless it inter fears with a program that your currently using.


Update your Album Art

If you have a music collection and want to update your album art. Here a great program that will help you simplfy this task.
At least now your music will have art to go with it.


iPod Shuffle replacement cable

Recently purchased the iPod Shuffle and broke the usb cable that it came with. Instead of going back to apple and re-purchasing the cable for thirty bucks. Do something better. Search online for a cheaper replacement cable that works with Apple. In the end it can save you big bucks and you'll have extra money to buy a second cable.


Bluetooth Cassette Tape

If you have an car with an old cassette tape. Here is a technological upgrade to that device. It's called bluetoothing a cassette tape. It's not that modern but at least you can put some use into an out dated device.


Gas Prices Map of the U.S.

It's pretty interesting to see a Gas Price map of the United States and how fast gas keeps on going up. If your trying to save a buck. Get ready and start searching for the cheapest gas in your area.


Microsoft Baseline Security Analizer

A great utility if you have several computers on a network that checks to see what security patches are needed and are already installed on a computer. This software is a times saver.

another easier way is to go this this link direct by typing in


Speed Trap Alert

Here is a new site to alert you when your near a speed trap. It's always updated daily and works better if you have a Wi-Fi or GPS phone. It uses your phone's GPS locator to advise you when your near a speed trap.


More Free Online books

If your a book lover, you should look at this website for free online books. It's a great way to enjoy a paper back online.


Home Monitoring Systems

Looking for good Home Monitoring Systems. Take a look at these and decide which one meets your budget.

Eaton's Home Heartbeat
iControl Netorks
Logitech WiLife


Photoshop Express

If you love Adobe Photoshop. Your going to love Photoshop Express. It's an online photo editing software to edit your pictures. With 2 gig of storage for your favorite pictures. Sign up today and give it a try. Professional online editing is now free.


Other ways to Lock your Workstation

Here are alternate ways to lock your workstation. It secures your computers from prying eyes and it make sure that no one else tampers with other individual computers.

Manually locking your computer
There are three popular methods of manually locking your computer; choose whichever method is easiest for you or best serves your needs.

Method 1
You can use a key combination of the Windows logo key (If your system has one, you are looking for the flying Windows logo on it.) and it is typically located to the left of the spacebar the. To immediately lock your computer you need to hold down the Windows key and the "l" key (the letter l) simultaneously.

Method 2
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del simultaneously. In Windows 2000 or XP, click Lock Computer. In Windows NT, click Lock Workstation.

Method 3
You can create a desktop shortcut that will lock your computer when you double-click it:

Right-click the desktop and select New, then Shortcut. This will open the Create Shortcut Wizard

For the location of the item, type the following:

%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
Click Next

Type an appropriate name for this shortcut and click Finish

You will now have a shortcut on your desktop that will lock your computer when you double-click it


Locking your computer through the screen saver
To set up your screen saver to automatically lock your computer, follow these directions:

Right-click the desktop and select Properties

In the Display Properties window, select the Screen Saver tab

In the drop-down window, select a screen saver file

In the "Wait:" field, set the amount of time of "no activity" you want to have before the screen saver appears

Check the Password protected (Windows 2000) or On resume (Windows XP), password protect box, and then click OK. After checking this box, when the screen saver appears your workstation will be locked

-compliments of PennState


Remove the Windows Shutdown Button

This is a registry hack on how to remove the Windows Shutdown button. Be very careful on doing this hack. One wrong move and you might have to re-install windows again. Make sure you do a registry backup before you attempt this hack.

First go into the run command type regedit and then go to the following registry keys.

To remove Windows NT / Windows 2000's / XP ShutDown button from the Start Menu, apply the following registry :

Key: Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ Explorer
Name: NoClose
Value: 1

Also if you would like to remove the shutdown button from the login screen:

Key: SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ policies\ system
Name: ShutdownWithoutLogon
Value: 0


Change the Product Key on a PC

This is a registry hack on how to change the product key on a computer running Windows Xp SP1. Be very careful on changing the registry key. Make sure that you backup the registry first before you attempt the hack. Anything that you do wrong will result on a computer not booting up at all and you might have to re-install Windows. But for the experienced users read this information carefully.

Other useful


On Time

This device is going to change bad creditors. If you have bad credit and purchase a car. The banks will install this device in your car and if your late with your payment. Your car will not start. It's a full proof way for banks to protect their assets.