Stupid Criminal

I love this site. It has good interesting Stupid Criminal Files. But these videos do make my day - for mature audience only.
I must admit we do have some stupid criminals out there and it just proves it that crime doesn't pay.


Sport Cams

Looking for a digital camera to record your favorite sport try these few exciting cameras.

Tony Hawk Helmet Cam

Viosport Adventure Cam 3

Oregon Scientific ATC 1000


iCarta iPod

Just when you think you seen all the iPod accessories you can think of comes iCarta iPod. It promises that you don't miss a beat in the most important room of your house. Now you can say your an iPod junkie.


Out of this world Vacation

Tired of traveling from state to state, country to country. The new Space Island Group promises much more. More than you can ever imagine. With experiences and memories that will last you a life time. Sign up and await, out of this world experiences.


Outdoor USB Glove Kit

If your an outdoor person and always enjoy using your laptop. This winter when the weather drops now you have a good excuse to stay online and keep your fingers warm. I just hope you have enough battery life.


Not just another USB

If your looking for a unique USB device. Take a look at these natural wonders that promises to get your attention immediately.


Google Transit

Want the fastest way to get around town via city transportation. Well Google is here to the rescue. It's still in beta but your city will eventually be there within time.


Wireless Amber Alerts

Want to make a difference in your life. Sign up for wireless amber alerts and be a part on saving lives.


World Wide Lost & Found 2

Here is another of those Lost & Found websites where you register your product and hopefully it will some day come back to you. It looks like someone is trying to see if they can profit from Lost & Found items. I hope these companies can stay in business long enough for someone to get some satisfaction.



Here is an interesting online service for your emails. It suppose to protect people from stealing your email address and using it in non productive ways. It's sort of like a security cop for your email address. I don't believe anyone will ever really need this service unless someone uses it in an unlawful way. But the service is interesting enough to worth to try to see if it's for you.


Lost & Found around the world

Lost an item. Well now we have the Global Lost & Found around the world. At least now if you find something you can return it to the right person globally.


Banana Cell Phone Cover

Who ever said that you can't have a banana cell phone did not have the time to check out this website. It decorates your future phone and makes it enjoyable for anyone to use your phone.


Lost iPod's

This is your lost and found website for Apple iPod's. If your concern if one day your iPod maybe lost for $5- you can register it with the lost and found and pray that someone will return it if it's ever lost. Good luck.


Private Phone

Here is a great website to get a free phone number with voicemail. It's the type of free service for individuals who want to keep there phone numbers private. Now there is no need to give your phone number out.


Top 25 Worst Websites

You will sure be surprised what websites they named as being the worst.


Your Next Photo Viewer

It's a photo viewer for your computer with lot's and lot's of options. It's more like an RSS program for pictures that is used as a screensaver.



How do you add pictures from your Flickr account to your computer so that you never get tired of watching your favorite pictures. This is easily done with Slickr. It might slow up your system when loading new photo's, but the end results are rewarding.


Bot A Blog

Similar to FeedBlitz on sending you emails when your favorite blog has new posts. I see this as the future for being updated on what's new and new news.


iRiver S10 Smallest Player

I enjoy how everyone tries to compete with the iPod. iRiver does it best with it's new iRiver S10. In 1 Gig and 2 Gig capacity and even with FM. The best bet is that battery life is eight hours and yes it so small.



Who ever said that photo sharing was difficult had yet to see FilmLoop. The program is very simple. You download the player and drop and drag photo's to FilmLoop. No log in, no website to go to. Just sit back and watch photo's come to life. The more photo's you see depends on how many users you share you FilmLoop to others. Worth to check out and try.


Motion Box

If your looking for a nice editing player. Take a look at Motion Box it's more than your usual player and gives you a lot of editing capability to post almost anywhere.


Music Boss slams RIAA

I can understand that download music is illegal, but what I can't understand is why the RIAA keeps on suing minors who only wrong doing is catching up to what technology has created. The music industry has to understand that music has evolved around technology and music now is being reached by millions via the world wide web. It's up to the music industry to see how to make money with modern technology.


Car Backup Camera

If your in the market for a car backup camera be sure to take a look at this new product. It comes with a 2.5" LCD in color and it can easily be mounted by yourself with valuable time on your hand.


Get more of your Verizon Razr V3c

If you already own a Verizon Razr V3c you can following the instructions to get more out of your phone. It's sad to know that Verizon is holding back on how powerful this phone can be.


Take Your PSP to the Next Level

Take your PSP to the next level by installing software and other useful utilities. Now your game console will be more than just a game.


Take your Digital Camera to better Flexibility

If you love taking pictures with your digital camera. Here are good tips to master the camera filters that they come with giving you more flexibility when taking pictures.


Media Center Space Saver

Have Windows Media Center. Well here is an interesting way to delete commercials, the same features that TiVo and ReplayTV years ago had the capabilities to do. Hopefully now you can save some hard drive space.


Slingbox Easy Fix

Slingbox recently upgraded it's firmware to encrypt video streams. So if you recently purchased the product make sure you not upgrading to version 1.0.86 which added this encryption. If you already did then it's too late but you can download the old firmware by loading the older Slingplayer software. It will cost you $29.95 direct. But try before you buy to make sure it works. Hopefully they're will be other open source software to make this easier to do. For now this is your only choice.


Take your Roomba to the next level

If you recently purchased a Roomba vacuum cleaner and want your product to do more for you. See the easy instructions needed to get more from your iRobot.


PlayStation 3 Delayed

If your one of the millions waiting for the new PlayStation 3. I would wait just a little bit longer. Already they are delaying Europe's unleashed PlayStation 3 and what that means is that either their is a manufacturing defect or that Sony is having manufacturing difficulties. Any which way it's best to wait until they finalize the PlayStation 3 before you go out and spend your money.