Pentagon Mystery

This odd company just popped out of now where and within days got a big government contract owned by the Department of Defense.
No one is saying anything but it definitely looks like a defense for cyber intrusion's and a pilot project in the making for outside contractors. 

I guess the government will be monitoring internet traffic for threat intelligence, what do you think?


Protect Files from Deletion

If you are running Windows 10 and want to protect files from deletion here is some helpful settings to help you from removing important files. 

Now at least you can add another means of protection before deleting important files from your computer. 


My Doom Virus

This computer virus cost $50 billion globally and it's amazing on how simple and easy it infected users and continued on spreading. In a matter of days it gradually infected user's one by one and targeting almost everyone in it's path.




Curious on who your competitor's online vendors are? Here is a site to help you locate your competition vendors so that you can go head to head with them and get the most out of your business. 


Apple Air Tag

Apple Air Tag Bluetooth trackers are nothing new, I guess software compatibility problems with iOS was Apple's headache on getting this product off the ground. 

But they have improved the product in many ways and hopefully it will put an end to your lost items. 


Chromebook Tips

Here are some cool Chromebook tips, if you have not try them you should take a look at them. These cool tips will help you save time while browsing online.


Quanta Ransomware

Quanta was recently hit with a ransomware attack and it's not good for the companies current clients, who use the company to manufacture it's current items. 
Although the company stated that it had no impact on business operations, time will tell if these ransom demands will be met. 


Apple Spring Event Review

It's funny how this company sort of put Apple in it's place when it came to it's Spring Event Review. It looks like Apple again disappointed user's with their new line up. 

Apple is sadly has no new technology and once again it  looks like one big dead ship in the sea with no direction. 



What is a Blockchain

Here is some good information on what is a Blockchain and why you should be concern. In simple terms it's the next generation of storage in the cloud and how's it shared.

We need a better way to organize our databases and Blockchain looks like a great answer to this solution.



Free WiFi

Searching for free WiFi where ever you go so that you can easily download or connect with others. Check out this cool site that searches your location and give you the nearest free WiFi access points within your area with passcodes. So that you can always be connected where ever you go. 



Medicat USB

This handy Multiboot Linux USB is a life saver for troubleshooting computer problems. It's a handy device similar to Hiren but with a lot of perks. 

If you are looking for the handy computer doctor, this is a must try utility.



Team Meeting without a Link

It looks like Microsoft is making a big move with Teams by enabling to Join meetings without a link by just entering a meeting ID. I am excited to see the rollout and how easy it will enable users to join meetings.



If you like organic foods and want to grow things at home this neat plant stand will make it easy to water, grow and fertilize your home grown food at home.

It's decorative stand that simplifies your life. 



Discord Gaming

If you are already on Discord and want to join the best gaming servers than look no further. Here is a list of the best Discord gaming server that you should be a member of. 


Alexa Printing

Now Amazon Alexa has a new feature which is add the feature to recognize your printer. What will this do besides keep track of your ink, it can also do the following:

Alexa can now
* Turn on Smart reorder for ink
* Print you a test page
* Print my to do list
* Print my shopping list
* Print a Sudoku puzzle
* Print graph paper
* Print lined paper
* Print a coloring page
* Print a crossword
* Print a maze


7 Screen Laptop

This laptop transforms like a swiss army knife to get you ready for work. I am still confused where the seventh monitor is, but for 26 lbs. you cannot complain. 
I am glad to see someone offering consumers the option to take portable monitors where ever you go. 



Here is a great way to create professional product visuals without a studio. It's a reasonable monthly subscription that makes thing easy to do by dragging and dropping to other applications. 



Folding iPhone Concept

It looks like Apple's patents are still trying to revive the folding iPhone concept and it's picking up great ideas that are currently shared with other phones. Only time will tell if Apple is able to successfully master it's dream. 


New Portable SSD

It looks like a new era of portable SSD are quickly replacing hard drives and cloud storage and it's moving to the future of storage. The size, speed and transfer rates are hard to deny so if you are looking for a quick and easy way to store files, then keep an eye on them. 


New Maps with AI Help

Making maps for directions is now easier to do with the help of AI. We have come a long way when it comes to giving directions and now AI is here to simplify things and get us in the right track. 



FB Messenger Group Calls

For all those users who have Facebook messenger and still do not know how to do group calls, here are simple instructions on how to do it.

It's really not that difficult just check out the link below. 


Word Transform to PPT

It looks like Word soon will be rolling out a feature to transform a document to a PowerPoint presentation and it will be so simple for user to now create documents and create a PPT in just one touch of a button.


Win10 Makeover

It looks like Microsoft is doing a makeover for Windows 10 and users might see small changes in the upcoming updates to modernize the current design and icons of the native Windows OS. I just hope they do not over do it because we all know what happen when Windows 8 came out.

Let's wait and see how drastic the changes will be. 



Mobile Data instead of Internet

It looks like more user's are adapting to mobile data instead of getting plans with internet service providers. With the recent work at home rules that were adapted by many companies, users had no choice to adapt instead of using their unreliable internet service. 
So it make sense for users to drop their internet service instead and use their mobile connections for internet. There are drawbacks but in the long run, it's a service still worth the costs. 


iDrive Compute

iDrive recently released a new service for Developers and Enterprises built on a network of 20 US Edge Computing locations. Now companies can host multiple instances using powerful hardware and servers. Hopefully the new service will be adapted by more businesses. 



Netflix Password Sharing

I guess Netflix keeps on slowly cracking down on shared passwords and moving forward you can see more of this until the company get's a hold of the ongoing abuse. 

It's a well know practice for user's to share their passwords with others and now Netflix is gradually cracking down and eventually it will lead to shutting down the accounts so that user's have no choice but to subscribe. Get ready for the new world of Netflix. 



OnePlus Watch

Here is a cool smartwatch is going to change the future for watches, it focuses on health with GPS and fast charging. The great thing about this watch is that it can be used on both iPhone and Android devices, let's hope it can make our lives better. 




 Here is a great site to summarize your text so that you can be precise on what you say to others. The site is very simple to use, you just copy the information you want to send to another user and the software summarizes your wording. It's simple, fast and easy to use give it a try. 




It looks like Google now has a digitized document app and it's going to help you scan your documents, receipts and other papers automatically to Google Drive.

It's about time and it hopes to make bill organizing easier to do for most individuals. 



AWS & Azure SSO Set up

If you currently have an AWS or Azure account and want to integrate your AD credentials for convenience, then set up the accounts using SSO. This will enable cloud user's to get access to their accounts and applications on the web. 



Airport WiFi

If you need to connect quickly to an airport WiFi this information is going to be very useful for when you travel. Now you can easily get access to the airport WiFi by getting the information before you get there. All you need to do is located the airport, get the wifi password and when you land you connect using the information that was provided. It even includes airport lounges so you will always have access when necessary. I am so surprised on how much information to connect is easily available online for free. 

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Airport WiFi

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