Remote Desktop for Techies

Looking for the best remote desktop software to support various customers. This site lists all of them and it even tells you the difference from others.

Remote Desktop Protocol Details


Virtual PC 2007

Want to setup a Virtual PC and install an operating system to see how it runs. Try Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 and discover the new operating system problems before you go live.


Make a Cheap GPS Locator

With compliments to the household hacker you can now make a cheap affordable GPS device on any cell phone. It's a great project for people who are always on the go.

GPS Software


Jaadu for iPhone

Here is a great remote access software for the iPhone. You can easy control your home computer from your iPhone and be able to control your computer. Although it's not remote access at it's best. It sure beats trying to find an internet cafe when your on the road.

Direct Link


Make IE 8 Run faster with Chrome Plugin

It looks like after numerous test, Internet Explorer 8 ran faster with the Chrome plug-in. Shame on you Microsoft for not doing your homework.

Here's the Link


Bluetooth & SD

Let's just say this Bluetooth is a two in one device. When you need to go wireless to make a call the Bluetooth comes in handy. And when it's time to store you favorite files, the 8 Gig storage device is your ideal portable device. Can't beat the two in one combo.


Music Lyrics

Looking for music lyrics and having a hard time finding the song you want to hear or buy online. Here is a great site to make your music search easier. All you do is type some of the words the artist is singing and the search site narrows it down to the song your looking for.

Other Lyrics Sites


Bing vs Google

Want to know which search engine is better when your searching online. This site puts each search engine side by side so that you can compare and see the results you get from each search engine.


Send a Fax for Free

It's not bad as long as you know that you'll be sending advertisement as well. The end result is a fax sent for free.

Other Free Internet Faxing Sites


Energizer USB clip

Here's another one for the Energizer Bunny. Try using a USB clip to charge your DSLR batteries. It's just amazing how cool this little gadget works.


BioPDF the free PDF Writer

Need a PDF writer but don't want to pay the premium price. BioPDF is the answer and it works great. All you do is install the application and when your ready to create a PDF file instead of doing a file save as, just do a file print as and create your file name and save. It's fast, simple and easy to use.


Advanced Google Search

Can't find something on Google. Here is an advance version of Google to simplify your searches. At least now


How to Remove a Laptop CD Rom

It's a little tricky but if you have the mechanic skills here is how you can do it yourself and save some money. For those who are mechanically incline, your best bet is to send it to a qualified computer specialist so that you don't regret what you shouldn't have done in the first place, on repairing your laptop.


Test Bootable USB Drive

You created a USB drive to install Windows and now you need to test it to see if it's working correctly. This software will help you test your USB device so that you don't waste your time.


Belkin Home Base

Belkin has introduced a network Home Base to connect all your USB devices to your home network system. All you do is plug in your USB devices to the Belkin Home Base push a button and now your files are joined to your network. Now any USB device can be joined to your existing network in seconds.


Roblock for Blackberry

If your already using a Blackberry and you need some type of anti theft device in case your blackberry gets lost or stolen. Roblock is your answer to your prayers. You can GPS locate it, remotely lock it, remotely callback, and remotely wipe it. Your contacts and personal information will always be secure.


Guinness Pub app

Here is an application for those Blackberry users to find a nearest pub near you when you need one. Just don't forget Not to Drink and Drive.


Free Unlimited Calls

Here is another Voice Over IP website that offers free Unlimited Calls from USA, UK and India. Don't expect miracles but you can't beat the free service.


Win XP and Office 2K3 Discount

Microsoft is offering a new license promotion to user's of Windows XP and Office 2003 until June 30, by giving user's the option to upgrade with a discount of 50% off. This new license promotion is to convince user's to go with the new Windows 7 operating system. Let's see how far user's can be convinced to upgrade.

Microsoft Licensing Link


Google Fastflip

Here is a new way to view pages from a magazines via Google Fastflip. Hopefully this new technique will catch on with others.



Connect two computers via USB and the best part about it is that you can still share your files anywhere around the world. Filesharing is now easier to do.


Get more Twitter Tweets

This software is designed so that you get more Twitter followers by using keywords. It also deletes dead links and deleted accounts. If you want to make the best out of Twitter and get more hits. This is a start with no human input.


Mitek your Receipts

If you have a problem keeping track of your receipts, Mitek is going to give you a hand to make your receipts easy to read for you and the IRS. I just hope this software will eventually ease it's way into every portable phone.


Easy Drive Lock

Don't wait until it's too late to install Easy Drive Lock on your portable hard drive. By password protecting your drive, your files are secure from potential and accidential harm. It's better to be safe than sorry.


Western Digital Auto Backup

Western Digital has simplified it's backup software to be automatic with continuous backup. All you have to do is set it up once and it automatically backs up. It also comes with a Western Digital lock for extra security protection. I just can't wait to get a hold of a new one.


Toys R Us game plan

Have old video games and still don't know what to do with them. Hold on because Toys R Us has plans for them. Who knows what the prices will be for trade in and consoles. But at least you'll be able to get rid of them.


Segate Network Adapter

Seagate has developed a hard drive network adapter that connects online so that your files can be easily accessible. All you have to do is plug in the hard drive to this network dock and your files are online.


Viigo for Blackberry

Always keep current with the latest news and sports on your Blackberry. It's better to learn first than to be the last to know.


Blackberry Live Score Board

Keep track of your favorite sports teams. Now with this freebie you get live sports scores through your Blackberry.


iDrive Lite Backup for Blackberry

If your tired of backing up your contacts via personal computer and want to have an additional backup for your telephone numbers just in case for some reason you forget to do a full backup. This application does the trick and for free. Just remember it's better to be safe than sorry.