Family Memories

Want to digitize your family photo albums before it's too late. Now with old photo's several free photo applications online it's difficult to gather everything together for family gatherings. 

This site is going to get everything together for you and simplify your life in one place to be shared with you and your family. 

Give it a try and see if it does make things easier to share with everyone online. 


Fake Detail

Who knows how long this site will be up but I must admit you can fool your friends into thinking that certain people are emailing you or chatting with you.

Check it out why it's still around. 



O365 vs G Workspace

Battle of the office suite and if you are in the market for getting an office suite and cannot decide between Office 365 or Google Workspace then here is some information to help you narrow down on what suite to pick. 



Twitter New Tweets

Good news for Twitter users, now you can view how many people view your tweets. This has been a long overdue feature missing from social media and now it's going to be interesting to see how many users read that tweet. I just hope other platforms would follow the trend as well. 


LastPass Update

It looks like the recent LastPass hack was worse than what we were told. The hackers were able to copy all of the customer vault data and let's just say any current user is now at risk.

In so many words this is just bad news for the company whose main job is to secure passwords. They are failing quickly and I would just recommend users stop using the software immediately. Their response to the breach has definitely been disappointing. 

DYI Support

Once in a while, your computer is going to start acting up and you are going to have to try to narrow down what can be causing the problem. Now, this is not for everyone but for those DYI support technicians that do not want to spend the money for something that can easily be fixed.

Not all computer problems are complicated and most of them can easily be resolved if you follow these simple steps below. Give it a try and see if you can learn something new as well as fix something that is keeping you connected to the world. 


Apple Watch Series X

Long story short Apple looks like is trying to design a tablet-size foldable watch. I guess I am going to have to see it to believe it and it might not be for everyone but it's still in development and maybe we will be able to see if they can make it happen soon. 


Amazon Virtual Try

Amazon is getting into virtual reality shopping and it might just change things for online retailers. Check it out and give it a try. You will be amazed how simply you can try on shoes with VR. 

It's definitely going to change future consumer online shopping for everyone. 




McDonald's Gold Card

Everyone has been talking about how to get a McGold Card and if you have not heard it's like a gold card to swap at McDonald's for free food for life.

Only the elite get this card and now you can get a chance to win it for the holidays. 



Point for Small Bus in S FLA

Considering opening a business in South Florida, before you go ahead and consider this in the sunshine state you need to know the good and the bad news for small business owners. 


SpaceX Satellites

While SpaceX keeps on making history connected the planet to internet, here you can simply see the satellites in orbit and just watch what's going on above you. It's a pretty interesting website taking you to the outer limits of our planet. 

To view Starlink satellites just go to the Satellites in orbit tab -> Starlink and click on a name and track it.


China Protest

This guy is circulating videos of China protests and is making history by showing events that the Chinese government does not want to get out.

It's information like this that can cost him his life, but this will hopefully pave the wave for more courageous journalist to tell the world what's really going on. 


Google Search Removal

Google is now letting you remove personal data from it's search engine and this has been a long requested item from many users to remove unwanted material from the web. 

You can imagine someones's name, reputation or company being slandered and these results show up on google when searching the name. 

It does not look good for you and for others when they are trying to doing background checks. 


Win 11 Home vs Pro Differences

Trying to figure out what version of Windows 11 is worth purchasing, then this guide will help you narrow down what features you are missing from one to another.

For most users, the home edition would be good enough but if you are looking for specific features then it might be worth the extra cash to get the Pro version. 


Profile Picture

Want to make an amazing profile picture for users to see, here is a great site that does just that and takes it even to another level. I must say it's pretty impressive what it does to actual photos.



Phone Battery Problems

If you have a phone and the battery drains quickly, you might want to check these settings on your phone to see if they can be consuming your phone's battery.

Many users take it for granted but making a few adjustments on your phone can definitely change your battery life. 



Chrome OS new Feature

ChromeOS is getting a feature update similar to the one it has on Windows. It's going to integrate with the existing emoji selection that is already on Windows 10 & 11.

Let's wait and see when the new feature comes out and how the redesign looks. 



Personalize Guest Names

Here is a great site to go to use Google Templates to create event place cards. It uses google and document studio to create place cards for guests. It's a great way to save some money and do it yourself. 


Google Docs as Code Runner

Here is a great way to use Google Docs as a code runner for programmers needed to run some code. It's not the best, but it lets you do what you love. 

Now coding can be quickly done with Google Docs. 


Google Wallet Update

Looks like Google Wallet will soon support State ID & Driver's license and now anyone can simply add them to their portable devices. 

The digital world is changing fast and Google Wallet will be here to support the new changes. 


Easy Way to Earn Crypto

Want to earn crypto without mining, here are some helpful easy ways to do so. Now investing in the next generation of currency can easily happen if you just start being proactive now. 


iPad Pro M2 Support Info

If you are looking for wireless and reverse charging for the iPad Pro M2, you will have to wait a little longer. The device lacks these features and Apple still needs to incorporate its phones before moving on to its tablets.  


LastPass 2nd Hack

It's just more bad news for this password manager software, with another recent hack to grab a hold of customer information. 

It's just another jab on the companies reputation and I must admit a slap on their lack of security to keep you information safe guarded.

Users should just search for alternatives. 


Telsa Semi-Truck is Here

Telsa's long awaited Semi-Truck has arrived and everyone is excited on the news because now deliveries can happen with autonomous drivers. 

It's going to be interesting to see EV vehicles making non stop deliveries to meet supply line deadlines.  


Google Enncrypted Chats

It looks like Google is finally encrypting their group chats even though it's in BETA is still better than nothing. So hang in there and wait until they resolve all the bugs.


SpaceX Round 2

It seems that the second generation of Starlink Satellites are ready to go and we are still waiting for the emerging technology to take off and change the world.

It's still going to be a waiting game for SpaceX but I must admit they are doing exactly what needs to be done to change worldwide broadband. 


Snowden granted Russian Citizenship

It looks like Russia still bitter with the United States on war with Ukraine decided to embarass them by offerring Edward Snowden Russian citizenship. 

It's sort of an indirect slap on their face and now he can no longer be extradited to the United States because of his loyalty to Russia.

I guess the battles of these two giants will still continue going forward. 


Man rescued with iPhone 14 feature

It looks like the new iPhone 14 has a new satellite feature for emergency that was recently put to the test when he was stranded in a remote part of Alaska.

This is great news for Apple and even though the software is still not perfect it did save his life so you can make sure to see this software added to more phones in the near future. 


Share WiFi from Mac to iPhone or other Mac

Here is some great information on how to create a hotspot using your Mac computer. It's similar to how your share your hotspot on your phone only this time it's with a Mac computer.

You will be surprised on what you can do if you put your mind to work and use the resources availalbe to you in a productive way. 



Apps Killing your Data

If you are concerned on what resources are slowing down your phone you might want to look at these ten applications that are just data hogs and are likely to just drain down your phone's battery life. 


Holiday Printer Shopping

The holidays are here and if you are in store for a new printer, here are the best printers of 2022 and I must admit you have a handful of printers to choose from.