Live Listen Using Air Pods

Pretty amazing to see how Live Air Pods can be used as a listening device on your phone. So cool and great way to hear what other user's think about you.



Which Mobile Carrier is Best

It looks like a lot of companies want to claim they are the best when it comes to signal strength but to find the truth you going to maybe have to go outside the box to get the information you want. This is where OpenSignal comes in and gives you the verdict on your wireless carrier.



iOS new testing change

Looks like iOS will now change the way it tests new features for the iOS and users will have the options to disable features that are buggy.
Let's see how effective this new testing method will make patching easier in the future.



End of Windows 7

Microsoft is setting up Windows 7 death notice to all users and it should be happening soon. So get ready for the end of an era.
It's Microsoft way on pushing their new OS to new users.



Digital Data

The future for digital data is becoming a reality and now there is a place that anyone can sell their data and business in the digital world. Odd but reality.



OPSEC for Everyone

Everyone should read OPSEC and how they track people daily so that they are aware of what's going on in their online digital lives. Not only will it make you understand why they are gathering all this information, but how it can affect anyone moving forward.



Tidy inbox After Holiday

This year before the Holidays make sure you prepare your inbox so that you are not jammed with hundreds of emails from the holidays. Here are some great tips to minimize mail during these events.



Real Estate Scams

Buyer beware of real estate scams going global and I just hope that this gets resolved quickly because it's then going to make it very difficult on how everyone purchases a property or a business.



Jigsaw Ransomware Decryption

Looks like another Ransomware has been decrypted and if users were victims here is the decryption to free up the hostage programs.
Be happy that your not alone and the fight to be free from Ransomware continues.



Informed Delivery

The United States Postal Service has a new delivery system that informs you of the mail that you received. If you are having mail problems, this could be a good method to confirm that you got all your mail for the day and that no one is stealing your mail.



North Korean Malware

Looks like the North Korean's are getting sophisticated with their malware that they were able to infiltrate the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. Now there is no telling on what they could have been capable of but it just points out that their current strategy is working and other countries should make note of this incident.



Social Politics

Twitter will now ban political ads in order to prevent future backlash from others. It's the easiest and best way to clear social media on the war on politics. It's about time.



Chrome Experiment Help

It looks like a bad Chrome experiment had browsers crashing worldwide. This may be a flag for Chrome to rethink on how it deploys its future updates on its browser.
Lucky for us this patch update did not reach the regular consumer.



UPS info

Ready to get a UPS battery backup but do not know what you should be looking into before buying one. This is a great article to read so that you know what you need before you purchase one.



Walmart Bank Accounts

It looks like this giant retailer is offering customers banking services. If you are always shopping at the big giant and want something that's convenient it may be wise to look into what services GoBank offer customers. It could be something that you are looking for.



Google BERT is here

Google Bert has joined Google search and now Artificial Intelligence will soon help you find what you are looking for on the web. Now finding things will be simpler and easy to do with the help of Bert. Thanks Bert!



Writing Help

Want to become a great writer? Then here are some great sites to check out to perfect your writing skills. It will not only get your writing skills in order but take you to your next level.



Report a Spammer

Tired of spammers sending you lots of unwanted emails, Here is the best way to fight back against these predators and what your options are.



Auto i

Pretty great technology to protect drivers and cars from being vandalized. The device is still in Kickstarter but has a great future ahead. If you are looking for auto and driver security when you are on the road, take a look at this great device.



Microsoft Privacy Law

Looks like Microsoft will follow California's digital privacy law and it's good news for consumers for now. Although consumer privacy is still a hot topic, it's showing for now that one big powerful company following the law and hopefully will push the path for other companies to follow.



Cool Generator

Here is a great generator that outthinks what other generators have done in the past. Although it's still a Kickstarter project. It definitely has a future for consumers.
I still have not seen anything like this before and I am excited to hear that someone is listening to the consumer.



Netflix Support Update

Looks like Netflix is cutting support for Samsung and Roku devices that it's basically forcing its customers to upgrade so that they can get the latest Netflix platform.
So now customers will have to accept that their devices now may not last forever.




It's only a matter of time before this gadget comes automatically in every new car, but in the meantime, if you are looking for a wireless headset then it's a great start in the right direction.




Android Apps Warnings

If you like installing Android applications you should be cautious of these applications on your phone so that your phone is not compromised. Google cannot keep track of all it's Play Store application, so when it doubt google it to see if the software is safe.



PDF Document Signing

Here is the easiest way to sign PDF documents using Adobe Reader. You will be surprised at how easy you can sign documents online with just a few steps.



Microsoft relaunches Edge

Looks like next year Microsoft will be launching their new browser along with Bing search engine and everyone is excited on how the new browser is going to do now that's it has the similar backbone as Chrome.



Android New Malware

It looks like this new malware is catching on and it's unfortunate that it's still unremovable. If you have an Android device, users beware.


How to remove Malware on Android Devices



Fitbit Update

It looks like Google has made a bid to acquire the company if so you can expect these features to go away like, Amazon Alexa, Fitbit Premium, Fitbit Play, and Fitbit Flyer.
For more information click on the link below.



Google Face Data

What you should know about Face Match technology and how other companies are now easily collecting the information where ever you go. It's a very interesting article and on how another technology is secretly acquiring your facial data.



Airbnb Mess

Looks like over 7 million Airbnb listings are scams after a recent news report and the company now is going to change the platform so that consumer trust is confident.
I guess this will be the re-making of the company to it's potential.



Wing 1st Flight

Looks like Wing the first commercial drone finished its first flight and the future looks very bright for the company. Now last-minute deliveries could happen in no time.



Product Chart

Comparing electronics is going to get easier to do now that this website made comparing products easier to do. All you have to do is choose the device and pick from a number of items available that you want in that device and the website does the rest to narrow down the products that are available to you.



Windows Cloud Recovery

Microsoft is working on Windows 10 Cloud download recovery and if all goes well you can easily install a fresh copy of Windows in the cloud. It's a great way to always have access to the latest release of Windows in the cloud.



Deals on Donations

Here are a few sites to help you with donations. From donation-pickup, moving services, and free shipping labels. These sites make donating simple to do.

Salvation Army offers free pickup service and accepts clothes, household items, book furniture, and cars.
Restores offers to remove furniture as well as building materials such as lumber and bricks.
Give Back Box offers you to place your items in any shippable box and send it via UPS or Postal.

Salvation Army
Give Back Box


Work From Home

It looks like a new trend is quietly taking place and it's funny on how not so many people are noticing it in our daily lives. This work at the home trend is not for everyone and with it comes challenges that people have yet to understand until they work remotely. Are you ready for the new challenge?



Mac User Gudie

Need a user guide for your Macbook. Here is a great way to get the information for free without paying for the extra perks. It's free for all to enjoy.




Google Password Checker

Google just launched its password check and it will help the users create passwords that have not been compromised. Hopefully, it will crack down on recently exposed hacks.



Google Fi Unlimited

Looks like Google Fi just became unlimited and even though it's still not in my area, it's interesting how they grouped all so many free international calls into the plan. Worth looking into if you make a lot of international calls.
It's still not in my area, but I will keep on hoping soon.



Facebook TV Portal

Looks like Facebook just launched it's Portal TV and it would be very interesting to see people signing up for this service and take social media to your living room.

It's like hanging out with people you care about and watch the programming together.



Libra in Jeopardy

After Paypal pulling out Facebook Libra's cryptocurrency future looks dim. It looks like other companies are thinking of bailing out as well because of interest from regulators and lawmakers.

Even if the Libra is able to move above these regulations, Libra has much more to prove to be the way of payment for the future.



Airport USB Chargers

It looks like these devices are not safe and users should be aware and cautious when charging your devices in a public place. Great informative video.



Google Voice Box

Google Voice now has a box that users can use for a home phone. If you have not looked into Google Voice you should look into it. The service is free and it's another alternative to get rid of your home phone service.



New House Buying

House buying and selling is going to take a turn for better. Let's just say that it's going to soon be easier to buy and sell a house similar to buying stocks. If all goes well, do not be surprised to see this go live and in realtime.

Will be pretty nice to tell your grandkids that you once had a beachfront house for 30 days.



Pc Building Simulator

This software helps you put together a computer and see how it looks and decide the final product with real-world components. Not only is it helpful but make your business profitable.



Software Inventory

Want to get an inventory of all your software on your computer. Just use the PowerShell script below to help you get that information for the reinstallation of your computer.


Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\*| select-Object DisplayName, DisplayVersion, Publisher, InstallDate |Format-Table -AutoSize > c:\software.txt


Apple Field Test

Here is a nice way to get into the Apple iPhone field test menu. This is where you will figure out the signal strength of your phone.

Dial on your phone                   Press *3001#12345#*

Rx AGCO signal strength
>-70 = Excellent
  -70 to -85 = Good
  -86 to -100 = Fair
  < -100 = Poor

Intel Chip
looking for rsrp0 mode

>-90 = Excellent
  -90 to -105 = Good
  -106 to -120 = Fair
 < -120 = Poor
 -125 = No Signal


NAS Data Leak

Lenovo confirms a faulty NAS exposed 36TB of sensitive data. Now, this highlights new security threats on how hardware can easily pose holes into your companies security structure.



Device Drivers

Tired of searching for Windows 10 device drivers, then here is a list of sites that you can use to get the latest device drivers for your computer.



Rappers Delight

I was pretty amazed at how they got these digital assistants to sing a classic. Just comes to show you that AI is here to stay.



iPhone 11 without 5G

Looks like the iPhone 11 or 12 might not come with 5G after all and users will have to wait a little longer to get that service while 5G expands it's service nationwide.
I guess Apple is not going to invest in the service unless it works right out of the box.



Facebook & Instagram after life

If you have a Facebook and Instagram account, you might want to review the account status afterlife so that the account can go on, or just end the way you did. It's worth considering if you are concerned with your social profile.



What is WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is soon to roll out and everyone should understand what it is and how important it's going to change our lives with technology improving daily.
Let's just say better connection and reliability we have long been waiting for.



Chrome apps phasing out

Looks like Chrome apps are phasing out for Windows and Mac OS users that Google for once an all. Don't worry Chrome user's this is just stand-alone apps for Windows and Mac OS.
I guess only a small percentage is really using the applications and there is no need to keep them alive since no one really uses them.



Google Killed Products

Ever wonder what happened to certain Google products. Here is an update on what happened to them and when they were shut down by Google.
I guess user activity how they use the product is the number one reason why certain products get shut down.



Win 7 Life Extended

Looks like Windows 7 life has been extended for another year. I guess Microsoft is learning that user's do not want to upgrade and they may have to find other ways to profit in the software industry. Makes you want to think all this hype the company goes through to tell you it's a great idea to upgrade.



John's Background Switcher

Looking for beautiful full-screen photos and stunning montages for your desktop. Look no more and give John a try to see if it works.




Do you want to get inspired and see what other builders are doing when creating new computers? Here is a great site to see what everyone is up to and keep informed on inspiring builds.



Raspberry PI 4

The new Raspberry PI 4 has more exciting features and it's even more powerful than it's previous versions. You can even now see it's like having a mini-computer.



Negotiating Services

Here are two services that will help you do the negotiations for you claiming to save you at least 30 to 40 % savings. That's a pretty penny while going against your cable company, internet, and phone service. It's worth to look into if you are in the business to cut down costs.



Open JAR file

If your having problems installing JAR files in Windows, then what you are going to need to open the file is Java Framework. 

Just follow the instructions from the link given and you should be good to go.


New Cable Hack

I guess the new hacking device is a charging cable. Now, this should be some concerns for user's who are security conscious of their phones. 


Apple Forecast

Looks like Apple is still trying to be ahead of the game but time is running out and besides their iPhone, Apple really does not have any breathtaking future inventions that is going to keep Apple alive much longer. Take it while the supplies last.



Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars

Looks like cyber attacks are cars could be happening sometime in the near future if we do not do something about it. It has been proven that remote attackers can easily paralyze vehicles and who knows what they will be capable of doing next.
I think it's time to rethink this technology before a gridlocked city becomes possible.



Telsa Megapack Battery

There is a big deal with Telsa Megapack battery and for the simple reason is that it can be built in less than 100 days and will provide enough power to use as a backup when energy is in demand. I must admit this is a positive move in the right direction.



Apple Card

Now I do not see the reason why anyone would want a card from Apple unless it had some incentives. And Apple is going to do more with its 3% cashback on Apple store purchases. Otherwise, what's the point, a card is a card.



Microsoft Pays

Microsoft has paid some hackers to find security vulnerabilities and the bounties have been a win-win scenario for both organizations. Hope this keeps on continuing.



Siri Concern

Looks like Siri is having privacy concerns and in turn for users raising concerns on how recordings are queries, Apple suspends the service.
This sort of points out that Siri was probably doing exactly what user's thought it was doing. Saving voice recordings.



Amazon unsold items

Looks like Amazon will now be donating its unsold items instead of destroying them or throwing them out. It's a very positive way of making use for something that no one has any use for. I cannot begin to image how many gadgets are being tossed away, can you?



Equifax Settlement

If you have not done so, you should because you don't know how much information has leaked out to hackers ready to take your identity. It's so sad to hear a credit report agency hack and this one being the first is not the last. So decide which option is best for you and get a piece of the settlement before it's too late.



Best Flash Drives 2019

Here is the list of best flash drives for 2019, although the devices are soon to be obsolete, you still have to admit that they are still great lifesavers when it comes to moving files.



Ring Surveillance

Looks like the police are using Amazon Ring service to do surveillance in some neighborhoods and if you have the device, you might be monitored as well.



At&t Bribe

Interesting article on how a hacker brided At&t employee's to unlock millions of company phones. What makes this story so amazing is how the hacker was able to unlock the phones and use a pricing incentive for buyers to get the phones to work and make millions.



Economic Policy Institute

Want to know what is the best cost of living where you live it? We'll if you are planning on moving to another city, this site is a great resource to tell you what the cost of living will be in that area.
It might not be the realistic prices that you will pay, but it's giving you at least some solid resource to the data that you want.



Microsoft Axes Office 2019

Microsoft is moving away from perpetually license Office 2019 and it's Home Use Programs to subscription-based licensing.
It was a way to get users to use to their program until they fulfilled their dominance of everyone adapting to Office 365. This was bound to happen sooner or later.



Plugable NVMe SSD Enclosure

Looks like these pluggable NVMe SSD enclosure might be the future of our portable drive. Let's see how far users are will to adapt to the new change.



Apple foldable Device

Looks like Apple's first foldable device will not be an iPhone but a tablet-like device. But I figure they want to make sure they figure out the kinks before deploying it on the iPhone.



Georgia Malware again

Looks like Georgia is not having good luck securing their systems. It looks like another malware again hit their networks and this time they at least shut their servers down. Hopefully, they will be ready the next time around.



Github News

Looks like Github encourages hacking as per the recent Capital One hack. Now it's unfortunate for Microsoft who now owns Github to figure out how to resolve and savage their new acquisition.



Twitter Share

Looks like this favorite social site just shared user's information without consent. Now the information that has been gathered is very vague, how come no one is concern about this?



Motherboard Info

Want to know what type of motherboard you have on your computer. This link will give you the information on where to find your make and model number and depending on the software you use, what are the specs. 



Remove scratches from Aluminum Laptop & Macs

Here is some great information on how to revive your computer from scratches and scuffs. In most situations, it will just make your computer more appealing.



USB Not Recognized

Windows 10 can have some difficulties when it comes to installing USB drives. Now if you are having difficulties, here are seven solutions to help Windows recognize your USB device.



Huawei OS

Looks like mobile maker Huawei might not need Android OS after all. In fact, the company has its own OS named HarmonyOS that can easily replace Android.
So if anyone thinks that this company is going away anytime soon, let's just say, not at this moment. As for the future of Huawei is still unknown.



Employer Spyware

Here is some great information on how to find employer spyware and what you can do about it. But in the long run, you are very limited on your choices.



N. Korea Cyberattacks

Looks like North Korea cyber attacks having been funding successfully their weapons program and we could see more of these attacks to occur in the near future with no limits.



Office Printer Threats

Looks like the new upcoming threat is starting to look like office printers. And it's only a matter of time before they do get into your network and test your security limits. Users are warned to keep printer software updated daily and create good admin passwords for these devices.



iPhone Must Have Settings

If you have an iPhone it is a good idea to have these settings enabled so that hackers do not get access to your phone. Setting up these simple settings make sense and secures your identity.



Driver Updater Win 10

Want to know which is the best driver updater for Windows 10, here is your best solution on updating those drivers in Windows.



Apple Flops

Yes, Microsoft is not the only big giant that has flops. Apple has been long known to flop for decades until Steve Jobs came back and revived his company.
Unfortunate, Apple still has a bad reputation to kill off its own successful products and to this day, they still keep on doing it. It's only a matter of time before users start moving away from Apple and start using something else.



Microsoft Flops

Microsoft has it's up and downs here is a list of the big giant's flops. Sometime's you just need to concentrate on something else because you are just not going to get it right.



Facial Recognition

Looks like California is taking facial recognition to another level by sharing information across databases to easily identify suspects in their city quickly and easier. Now authorities will have realtime information when necessary to help beat crime.
Scary, but it looks like it's becoming a reality.



Laptop Service Manuals

Here is some great service manuals library for those users looking to do the DYI of laptop repairs. Note that not all laptops are easy to repair and when in doubt, just take it to your local neighborhood repair guy.



AirDrop Alert

Anyone using the handy software AirDrop should know that their device can easily be at risk of sharing their phone numbers. With this hackers can easily clone your number and still vital information from users. This is what you should know.



Tmobile, Dish and Sprint

Yes, the big talk about Tmobile, Dish, and Sprint it looks like it's all really about 5G and how they will bring the service out to users.
It's deals that like this that change how the competitors rule the world.



SIM Swap Attack

Here is an interesting SIM Swap attack from a user and I must say it is very interesting on what the big companies are doing to protect your privacy.



Fix the Sound in Win 10

Here some cool tips on how to fix your sound problem in Windows 10. My trick to uninstall the driver and reboot always works. What's yours?



Capital One Breach

I hate when I hear these things but for those who users have Capital One accounts, just change your current password now. Do not wait until Capital One reaches out to you. And for what information was leaked out, well that's up to the Feds and Captial One to let us know.

Stay tuned and I am glad that people are taking a stand when it comes to identity theft and data breaches.



Skype to Retire in 2021

Looks like Microsoft is retiring Skype in 2021 and it's moving away from communication platforms altogether. Future users will have no choice but to upgrade to Teams to get chat, meeting and calling.



Johanesburg Ransome Attack

Looks like another power company has fallen victim to a ransomware attack and it's just a reminder that no one is safe. Administrators should be prepared and should have a disaster plan available.



Ims00ry Decryptor

Looks like this ransomware has already been decrypted and good to know that there are still good programmers out there willing to stop these attacks.



NES for Android

If gamers want to relive playing their favorite old games, here is a site worth looking into so that they can easily play their games on Android. Looks like dreams are becoming true.



iTune Farewell

Looks like iTune is going away and this is what users should be aware of, on how to find their music and movies.
Let's just say that Apple is just putting them in the cloud for you.



Tune Chrome addon

Here is an addon for Chrome that filters out profanity and toxic comments. Great for social media web portal and anything that you may want to have filters.




Here is a great software for people trying to analyze their finances together. The software updates daily depending on your transactions. So that way can see where your money is going and keep track of it.



Movie Pass Shutdown

It was too good to last and it looks like this famous movie subscription service is once and for all dead again.

I still cannot figure out how the company even makes money with its subscription plan. I guess this was meant to be.




If you are looking assistance on paying for college expenses, here is a great start to help you get free money for your education. This application is very easy simple to use and it points to the funding that matches your profile. So give it a try and try to get a better education for free. 


Google Bug Bounty

Google has recently increased its bug bounty and if you are into programming, this is a good chance to earn easy money. Keep other users protected by helping Google fix it's bugs.



Best Computer Chairs

If money is no option and you are looking for the best computer chair to save your back. These top chairs are worth looking into.



Facebook Name Changes

Looks like some of Facebooks well-known affiliates will be getting some new name changes so that everyone understands that it's part of Facebook. The plan will make user's easy understand that the platforms could be easily integrated from one to another without any issues.



Facebook Fine

Facebook just got hit with a 5 billion dollar fine and what happens next when the FTC imposes its fine will change the way they treat privacy.
It will be very interesting to see the final outcome of this verdict will be for everyone involved.



Amazon Not Refundable List

Ever wonder what items are not refundable by Amazon, it's good to review this list if you constantly buy items from Amazon.



Amazon Alexa

Looks like Amazon Alexa is storing user information indefinitely and this is what you should be concern about regarding your privacy.



Zoom Flaw

Looks like Mac users have a Zoom flaw that can overtake control of their webcams without their permission. The flaw still shows no threat to Windows users but users should be aware just in case.



Bad Internet

Looks like the internet has been really having bad problems going on across the world and it looks like this is just the start of these problems.
From a routine but faulty configuration change, a network leak, internal code, physical damage to a fiber cable and a bug, these problems were the start of some massive outages.
Lucky for us, some of these problems were easily fixed within hours, while others required more downtime. The internet now is a vital component in our daily lives and it's just going to get bigger.



Apple Monitor

Looks like Apple slowly is expanding into health care with its diabetes monitor. Now it's all up to the giant to figure out how to keep consumers interested with their cool gadgets.



One Drive Add-on

Looks like One Drive is adding on more storage to its plan and it's starting to look like and feel like their online cloud competitors.
It's a great move for One Drive and I hope they continue their success in the future.



iOS 13 Beta

Here are some good tips for Beta users and why some people rather not install beta updates. The reality is that anything can go wrong and it's up to you if you want to trust and adapt early before the software is finalized.



Flow Charts

Need to make a flow chart for your organization. There are a lot of sites online to make this possible, but this site makes it very easy to do. With less of the headaches.



Window Graphic Cards

Windows 10 users can now find out what type of graphics card is on their computer by easily choosing one of these methods that are listed. Now playing games and running graphics software should be easier to do with this new information.



Slack Problems

Things are not looking good for this company and I hope they get their act together because if your company relies on this service, it's not going to look pretty.
I guess for situations like this it's best to look at alternatives.

Status History


Repair Corrupt Flash Drive

Have a flash drive that is getting corrupt. Here is the command prompt utility to repair the flash drive to become usable. Please note that it could be that the flash drive is failing, in this case it may be time to purchase a new device.



Printer and Service Manual

These sites come and go very fast and when I do see something that I want to share with others, I just make note of it and hope that it can be resourceful for another user's as well.
Here are the Printer and service manual for your device.



Sandbox for Home

If you have Windows Home you still can install Sandbox on your OS. You have to still backup your computer just in case but the great this is that installing Sandbox will get the fear out of you when you are always browsing on the web.



iPadOS update

Looks like the iPad is getting a new update and it's providing classic and friendly experience to users. This is what's new and what you can now do with the iPad.



Restore Chrome address bar

Looks like Chrome keeps on updating its browser and with this comes new changes that many user's dislikes, as the Chrome address bar.
If you dislike this new feature in Chrome, then this is how you bring back the www on your address bar.




Want to know your system hogs and what's eating space on your current hard drive. This utility is a must-have item to see what resources are taking up most of your system space.



Samsung Magician

Great software for your SSD drive so that you can be up to date with your drive health, speed and boosting capability.



Crucial SSD

Need to optimize the performance of your Crucial SSD, this software is a must-have utility to monitor drive temperature, reset password and enable cache feature.



Apple Monitor

Looks like Apple is getting into the medical business by offering a diabetes monitor. The device monitors your glucose via your iPhone or Apple Watch. This is a great move for this giant software company to get into the health business.



Audio Router

This new feature in Windows 10 is going to let you choose which devices are ideal for the outputs and inputs of audio you want to listen to. Great add-on to get the best out of the devices that perfect for your audio.



Enable Sandbox

Here is the cool feature that many users are waiting for. Sandbox for Windows will hopefully change the way you do things on the web and will forever change the daily computer users headaches in the real world. Check it out and give it try, I promise it will change your mind on how you use Windows daily.



Mac Catalina Beta

Looks like Mac new OS Catalina will finally be released soon and here are some good reason why to install the beta version now. I am not a fan of Beta software since they still have bugs but if you are wanting more out of your Mac, this is a great time to get the software up and running.
Besides who wants to wait for the new features when you can get them now.



Cool Tablet Bracelet

This tablet bracelet is something to keep your eyes open for. It's a pretty cool ideal and I can see this product doing very well for consumers.
It's pricey and very portable and I am almost sure that eventually, it will be integrated into a cell phone feature.

Other Link


GBA Emulators

Here are some great programs for gamers who are looking for Game Boy Advance retro consoles. The programs work with Windows and Android and will take you back in time to gaming.



Google Split

Looks like Google Drive and Google Photos are splitting up and this is what everyone needs to be aware of after the separation.
It's more like a separation of both programs so that they can be independent of each other.



Movie Streaming

If your looking for a new movie streaming site you can check the link below, but there is no telling how long these sites will stay open once they're known.



Easy Phone Charging

Phone charging is becoming a profitable business and soon you will be seeing this portable charging places near you. I don't understand why these devices have not yet shown up in a mall near me.



USB info

Very interesting information from the USB inventor and how he mistakenly created something that he would figure everyone would get right on the first try to use the product.
But there is always a reason why things are made a special way.



Google Calendar Update

Looks like Google Calendar has a recent outage that affected many users and for those users who use it daily, it was a big loss of them. Some users were able to get back on track by using the mobile application.
Now, this incident should teach others to set up backup plans in the future so that they are prepared in advance should this happen again.
Maybe it's about time for Google Calendar to change it's program and offer an offline option.



Public Library Update

Looks like the public library is at risk of being obsolete. With pressure on the local government cuts, the library is slowly but surely disappearing from existence.
With the information highway offering vast information accessible to everyone, the library has now shifted to the web.
I do believe that this is the way of the future and libraries will eventually cease to exist. Stay tuned.



Consumer Reports Surface News

Looks like Consumer Reports changed their mind on Microsoft Surface laptops. Looks like after the 2nd year the laptop breakage has increased for the company when compared to other products in the same market. Although Microsoft defends heavy its product, the company is still new in the hardware business. But reliability is still a major factor and the Surface it's not living up to its name. The most common causes of the units were that the machine froze, shut down unexpectedly and touch screen unresponsive.

Looks like it's back to the drawing board for the company to fix out its software kinks.



Florida City Ransom

Not too long after Detroit had a similar ransom attack, this Florida City was recently targeted and the end results were not pretty. The city was forced to give in to the ransom demands in order to salvage their remaining system.
Their payoff is now going to inspire many other hackers to do the same and to continue ransom attacks.



Amazon Replaced Jobs

The new workforce is becoming a reality and it's only a matter of time before everyone else picks up the slack. They can work non stop and eliminate roles very quickly. The new industrial revolution has begun.



Baltimore's Hostage

A sad ransomware story from the city of Baltimore on how some hackers held the city hostage because of poor infrastructures. I hope this is a lesson learned and that it will be mandatory for all cities to upgrade their old infrastructure.



Chrome Alert

Looks like the Chrome browser no longer clears data and history. In order to do that you will have to use other third party software to remove this information.

Hopefully, this will clear this problem up soon, or do they really want to?



Online Forms and Surveys

Need a simple and easy way to make online forms and surveys. This site will show you where you can go to create these forms and surveys and tells you their differences when compared to other sites.



Console Games

Looks like some console games are now easily available for users to play online. Here is what you need to know to be able to play these games online for free.



NextDoor App

Here is an application of neighbors shame you and it's so wrong for others to do this that the users don't understand how a negative impact they are doing to their neighbors, regardless if they have good intentions or not.



Prime Drones

Looks like delivery drones are going forward with the help of Amazon. And if all goes well this could be the start of affordable shipping as we know it.



Airbnb for Cars

Looks like car renting will never be the same when everything gets finalized by this company. Know about renting homes and private condo. Airbnb is now moving into car rental and I must admit it will definitely change the rental business and I hope it will make things practical and affordable for everyone.
It's long been awaited and now this could be the end of car rentals as we know it.



Family Tree Now

Family Tree Now is sharing personal information to other users and before the data is shared you must first confirm if your data is on their website and opt out. Otherwise, your information is going to be sold.

Opt out


Human Composting

Looks like one state is taking green to a new level and we could see now a new alternative to cremations and burials in years to come. Very interesting to see when it's neighboring states will join the new generation of composting.



Biometric Car

Looks like cars are soon to become biometric and you should be getting ready for a keyless world moving forward. This will change everything moving forward and could bring cars to the next generation.



Cars2Go Theft

Looks like over 100 cars are still missing from this company and even though it may appear to look like a hack, it's not but an ongoing theft problem with company app.



Edge Browser Surprise

Microsoft recently did a surprising overhaul on its web browser that it's adopted its competitor's platform. What the future holds ahead is still yet to be seen. But one thing is right is that Microsoft now can focus on other things that make sense for the software giant.



Alexa Guard

Amazon rolled out Alexa Guard to protect your home when your away. And you can think of it as another alternative to add on to your security system when your away from home.



Sega Emulator

Looks like Sega Genesis has emulators for Windows 10 users and if your a hardcore Sega gamer, this could be some great news for you so that you can play your favorite games.



G Suite Foul

Looks like Google recently messed up when storing customer passwords in their system for several years. Although the flaw was recently patched your password could have been compromised.



Lenovo Folding Laptop

Looks like folding phones are not the only great thing that user's should be aware of. The next great things to these phones are now foldable laptop.
Now I am almost sure that this product is going to change the future of laptops forever.



DNA Craze

Yes, there are privacy concerns and who knows how these companies will use their database in the future to make money.



Google Duplex is Here

Now making appointments will be simple and easy to do with the help of Google Duplex. Give it a try and see if it meets your expectations. It's not for everyone.



Edge Security Conern

Looks like the new Edge browser is running on the Chrome platform and Microsoft is now cautioning user's not to open Edge with administrative privileges.
It not only causes security concerns but prevents problems with browser performance.



Yellow Triangle Fix

Looks like Windows has an ongoing problem with a yellow triangle and if you see this on your computer, it's advised to use the Windows troubleshooting software to correct your problem.



Single Line File Checker

Here is a great way to help repair single files from your computer, using this handy command trick. Files have a tendency to get mixed up and it's these handy scans that help to fix them.



Great Movie Sites

Looking for great ways to find streaming movies online. Here are some sites that will keep you entertained daily.




Need a free home financial application to manage your expenses. Try out this freebie and stay on top of your money where ever you go.



Win 10 Font Problem Fix

Using Windows 10 and dislike your fonts the way they are displaying on the screen. We'll it's unfortunate that Windows is trying to get away with it but here is a good fix for your display problems.




Here is a simpler way to run VMs using GNOME boxes. Now you have no reason not to try a new OS without the configuration boot options.



USB 3.2

Looks like the new generation of USB will get the user's more confused when it comes to branding. I just don't understand why they couldn't make things so simple for everyone to understand. Instead they're just going to confuse everyone.



WannaCry Hero Verdict

Looks like our favorite WannaCry Hero was recently sentenced for creating a banking malware a few years ago. Makes you wonder if being a Hero was his real intentions?



Facebook Payments

Looks like Facebook is getting ready to launch its payment system and it's could just change the way we pay for things. The project is still in the works and it's only a matter of time before it goes live and starts competing against rival payment companies.



Park Assist

Here is a new software that's going to change how you park. Not only does it find unoccupied spaces but it can also find your car if you recently parked it and cannot remember where you left it.



Google Auto Delete

Google now lets you auto-delete your app activity, location and web history. I guess they realized it that it's only a matter of time before consumers change their minds on how they are being tracked with Google, that they are now painlessly making it simple moving forward. Good to hear something good about online privacy.



Expiring Passwords

Looks like the so-called new technology on expiring passwords are no longer secure. So does this mean that the technology is dead?
Yes, after careful consideration, this out of date method is not secure anymore and they recommend you change your password every 90 days so that your account is always protected.



Facebook Uploads Contacts and Call History

Looks like Facebook still cannot be trusted and you should check if they did upload your contact and call history onto your profile.
It's stuff like this that they keep on getting in trouble for and from the looks of it there is no end unless you just close out your account.



Microsoft Support Abuse

Looks like there is a flaw in the Microsoft Support Portal for users with non-business accounts. And with this hackers were able to get access to user information.



GPS Hack

Looks like some hacker is getting into the GPS software's of vehicles and killing the car's engine. It's unfortunate that manufacturers are not taking serious patching up their GPS software security problems.



Virtual Clone Drive

Here is a great way to add a drive to any computer without using hardware. This handy utility makes it easier for the user to access the media quicker and faster.



Convertor Standalone

Want to convert a server to VMware, then it's a good idea to snap an image of your current server so that it can be converted to a virtual server when things go wrong.



Life Expectancy

Pretty cool site showing the life expectancy of people throughout the United States. And if you look closely you'll notice that no matter where you are at, you will most likely live life to the normal life expectancy age in your area.



RDP for Home Uses

Here is some great information on RDP for Windows Home users. It is possible to install RDP on Windows Home computer even though the application is blocked. There is a software called RDP Wrapper that lets you run the software similar to the regular software.



When Office is not activated

Curious what happens when Office is not activated and your trial is over. Here is some great information on what you can do with your expired Office software if you choose not to activate it.



Apple Facial Lawsuit

Looks like a teen is suing Apple for their facial recognition software when Apple used the teen's facial identity aginst recent thefts from the Apple store.

I don't blame the teen for being upset and now it brings under controversy the techniques use for Apple's new facial recognition software.



WIndows 10 LTS Channel

This is the option setting for businesses who have special devices with Windows 10 and do not need major changes on their devices because it's an out of the ordinary component. These devices are not available for consumers so it is important that they are updated differently. Ex. MRI, CAT scans, air traffic control devices and so on.

Here is what you need to know and how it works.



Windows 10 cost

Windows 7 has a short number of days to end and even if Microsoft extended the time frame, you still have to be a concern when you plan to upgrade and what is the new OS cost. Here is your guide to buying Windows 10 and it's cost.



Youtube Transfer

Want to transfer one account to another in Youtube. This is how to do it and there is no need to redo your account all over again when you have this site to help you.



Preinstalled Scripts

Looks like some manufacturers are having problems setting up their laptops and if you are doing a deployment, you should look on reading this article.



WHQL settings

Looks like some OEM have a bios setting called WHQL and this stand for Windows Hardware Quality Labs. It allows you to run some tests when it comes to drives when enabled.
This is what you should know about these settings and why they are being used.



Retro Aracdes

Looks like the retro arcades never grow old with time. Pac-Mann has always been a favorite for many and to this day it's always being downloaded more often than others.

Now here is a great way to install it on your Android or iOS.



Google Backup

I wrote about this service a while back but here it goes again for those user's who are concerning with backing up their Google accounts.

Gmail Backup


Excel Formula Problems

Hate it when Excel formulas do not update correctly. Well, here are some great reasons why this is occurring and hopefully it will resolve your ongoing headaches to your calculations.



Social Media Bans

Looks like these list of countries forbid users from social media accounts and makes you wonder why there are so critical in the first place.



Apple TV Plus

Looks like Apple is finally beginning it's streaming service and soon it will be competing again rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime. Get ready for another subscription service plan. Let's see how they do.




Looking for a unique Task Management tool for notes and communication. Take a look at Taskade and see how powerful this task management tool can be to you and your colleagues.
It's so powerful taht it will take you a while to get used to the tools they have to offer.



Office Suites Comparison

Which is better when you compare Open Office against Libre Office against Microsoft Office. Well, you already know who the winner is going to be of course. But it's great to know how similar each suite is with each other.



Make Online Videos

Here is a great way to make online videos with premium templates. It's almost as close as the professionals but good enough for the basic individuals.



Test PC Monitor for Gaming & Motion

Want to test your computer monitor for gaming and motion. Here is a great way to make sure if your monitor is up to date with gaming and motion handling.



Have Win 10 Troubleshoot Automatically

Windows 10 has some great new features and with this comes with the option of fixing automatically problems when they occur. It's not for everyone, but if you have a user who just wants to have their computer running smoothly daily. Then this is a great option for them.



Generic Win Product Keys

Here is a great site to install Windows 10 generic product keys to activate Windows 10. It's a great way to get better use of the software without activation.



Best and Worst Airlines

Here is some great travel information the next time you book a flight to your favorite airline. It's good to know who is doing their best to keep passengers happy.
So before you book your flight, get to know the airline responsibility performance.



SSD Info

Here is some great information for SSD drives for users yet not sure if they can switch. It's the Pros and Cons of SSD. In the end, it's still worth upgrading and getting data faster to you when you need it.



Map Alternatives

I am not a fan of map alternatives but if you really dislike Google Maps then here is a site to other alternate maps.