GFI Cloud Reviews

A few months ago I reviewed GFI Cloud after having a bad time with GFI Max and was shocked that the same company made major improvements to it's services it currently offers. I can see this service as a keeper but with the need of more products and services. It's still missing cloud services and the extras. But remote support installation and connection was immediate compared to it's other slow parent which is GFI Max.
I was able in no time to setup computer configuration, have antivirus installed and be able to patch computers with or without user interruption. I am a little skeptical on it's new antivirus software feature that insists you uninstall antivirus and re-install the antivirus before it can monitor your antivirus software. I hope that they do come up with a fix and eliminate the re-installation process.
GFI Cloud has a great web monitoring feature that helps you curve and control bad employee web access.
The only downfall of this software is that your minimum purchase per product per license is per 10 users. I hoped that in the future they turn this to a la carte.



Gmail forces Google +

If you haven't noticed by now Gmail is now closed in a sense that if you want to sign up your need to sign up for Google + first then you can access Gmail. It's the new method Google is using for users to join their new social society. Let's see how long this lasts.



Add Chrome to AD

Have Chrome already running in your environment and want to be able to control Chrome uses and settings. Here's what to do to import Chrome to your user policy for greater control on it's features and settings.



Pivothead Sunglasses

Take a look at the next generation of video sunglasses. This is going to take movie making to the next level and more. It's a better way to record your favorite memories right from your eyes.



Win 8 Administrative Templates

Running Windows 8 in your network environment and want to customize the install so that all user's can easily access the required files for every day use as well as limit user policy for tweaking the computer. Here's your answer to that question.



iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 is out and it has some great new features. Apple is definitely standing it's ground on changing the iPhone technology to a better and challenging way. You better yet wait for it's competitors to do better on the next round.



Photoshop Magic

This holiday season when you go shopping remember these great photoshop pictures that still surprise and amaze me. How can society accept photoshop images in the real world and accept it.
Looking into the details is believing.



Free Web Hosting

Looking for free web hosting sites. Here are some great site's to host whatever your into whether it's business, education, tutorial or an online store. You can't go wrong with these great free hosting sites. It's amazing what they offer for free.



One Drive gets Better

One Drive is up for a new over haul of it's syncing and processing power. It looks like Microsoft is speeding up the delivery processing and optimization so that user's can more of One Drive than ever before. It's a great move for Microsoft and I just don't understand why they didn't do this sooner. The company looks like they have to see it offered by another company before it takes notice to over due changes.



Hackable Printers

What can a hacker do with a hackable printer. Let's just say that soon you'll find out and I just hope this guy doesn't get you hooked to Doom.
The real reality is that for a while manufactures are leaving an open door for hackers to get in and do some destructive damage to wireless printers. If your not careful enough you too can be hacked. There just has to be more WiFi security protection for the next threat in hacking.




Check out the new Facebook for rich people. Let's just say it comes with a a pricey fee and you'll still have to pay your annual dues if you still want to be listed.
I just don't see this a winner unless it comes with some kind of perks. But what do I know.



Broadband Prices in Area in the UK

This is a great start to use when checking out the best broadband prices in  your area. Unfortunately this is only for UK residents. But has a lot of great resources on what you should look for when shopping around for the best broadband in your area.



GFI Max Not for Everyone

A few months ago I gave GFI Max a try and was impressed on how easily I can apply services to a computer and be able to offer cloud, antivirus, remote support and system check up's all in one. The software is kind of neat but seems quite out dated with a few bugs.
As a computer technician I am always in the market for new product and services to make my job easier and better. GFI Max has it's resources, but I feel like they still can do more.
Some of the services took a while for the process to occur which were just check points. Now for remote support. Well let's just say it took a while to deploy and to connect. I just can't rely on slow service and a slow connection. Beside that I probably would have jumped aboard.
As of this date it has a great a la carte program but with slow services. If you can bear with the service than this could be for you. For now, I will just wait and see if it get's any better.



PDF Tips

Looking to take PDF's to the next level. Here are some great tips to help you get the best out of all your PDF's where ever you go. I will sure help you to understand what tools you have available to make your life easier when using PDF's.



Drink Chiller

Want to chill your drinks in a hurry but not risk exploding the drink in your refrigerator. The Chill Lizard helps you chill your device in your freezer and when it gets to the right temperature you want to drink it then sends you  a notification. That easy and simple to do.




Need to save Window files so that you can have a copy of what your doing and save it for review or so that someone else can follow. This software is a life saver and it's also open source. Now capturing screens will be easier than you think.



Audio Repair

Tired of downloading audio that was recorded bad or had some other types of background noise that you wished that wasn't there. No problem with the reaper. Not only does it correct your audio sounds but bring the sounds back to life.



Hotel Secrets

Booking a hotel room in a few days. Here are some secrets from the front desk to get you a little more for your money. You'll be surprised the information you'll get from an insider.



MPAA behind the seens

There's always been a lot of smoke when it comes to the movie industry. This time they are trying to education the younger generation to stop illegally downloading and streaming movies. Whether it be right or wrong is an ethical question. But just in case you were curious on how movies are pirated here's the do to list coming from the studios.



Dash Cam Info

Here's the real deal with dash cam's and what you should know on what are their intended uses and how law enforcement uses them. Please note that understanding this information can some day help you know your rights.



Virtualization Failures

Here are great tips for virtualization and how it can go from good to bad if you don't do your homework. Virtualization has it's pro's and con's and if you use it successfully you can basically have any network up and running in minutes.



Root your Cell Phone

Always wanted to learn how to root your smartphone it's very simple and easy to do as long as you are aware that you can risk the loss of your phone and information that you have on it. But if you do a good backup, rooting your phone has it's rewards.

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Buy a Chromebook get free Cloud

Now when you buy a Chromebook for the Holidays you get $240- of free cloud service for free. It's Chrome's way of moving their mobile devices out to the public. So before you do the switch remember the pitch.



Don't Change your Passwords

Here's an interesting topic on why you should and should not change your online passwords. It's more of a preference for some and for others it's just a security measure taken to protect your information from others. You decide which option works better for you.



License Crawler

Want to find the license of every computer software you have installed on your computer. It's simple with the help of license crawler. In the past I have made post on other alternative license retrievers and most of these software are blocked by antivirus and malware. Not that the software is a virus but some companies see license recovering as a threat and they block it. Just be careful when download and save the license keys in a safe place.



Outlook Profile Generator

This is a premium software but what's great about this software is that it automatically matches the login user to outlook exchange and configure all it's settings. So once you since in, the profile generator does the rest.



Youngest Certified Tech

Today I was quite surprised to see a five year old child become certified as a Microsoft Professional. Not only is technology changing daily but so is history. The new world of technology has yet to be seen but moments like these will be remembered forever.



MS Remote Desktop Manager

Want to make remote desktop simple. Try MS Remote Desktop Manger from Microsoft and take charge of remote desktop. It's Microsoft way of connecting made easier.



Email Client with Exchange EWS

Want to use exchange with any email client. This is how you do it with help of a great software called Davmail. The setup is simple and now your mail can go even further.



Email Signature

Running a small office and want to have a big companies email signature look. No problem with the help of Exclaimer. All you do is pick a template and add on your company information and title and let the software do the rest. Now creating a company signature is as easy as opening an email.



AirBnb Reservations site

Need a comfortable, convenient and affordable place to stay while traveling. This site is beyond what others dream of and suited for all your business travel arrangements.

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