Cell phone Firmware

Looking for an after market firmware for you cell phone. Look no further now that you have this link. All you have to do is to install the firmware on a pc and have a USB cable link to your phone so that you can do the update. Once everything is installed upgrade 


Virtual Machine

Looking to turn your Windows into a virtual computer, try using disk2vhd. It's a fairly new virtual client software that lets you experiment software before you go live. Give it a try. 



Looking for a rhymes for proper english, here is a dictionary and thesaurus for your needs. Now rhyming your words should be thing of the past. 



Want to create a Favicon for your website. This online icon converter will help you design your new Favicon so that now your website could be unique. It's a great idea to make sure everyone remembers your website.


Google Maps in Real Time

Ever wonder why Google Maps recent destinations seem to vary from time to time. That's simple because now Google Maps is using real time to incorporate what time you reach your destination.



Want to know who's tracking you. It doesn't matter if it's for advertisements or for a promotional event. No one has any right to track you, unless you want them to. Now you can track the trackers. 


Shady URL

Just changes the URL to a short version so that you can send it to someone and make it look like it's not an actual website. Have fun sending these short links to your friends. 



Having trouble saying certain words because you lack that English expertise. You need to worry now that you have this link to help you out. It even makes sure you pronounce it correctly. Try it out.


Win 7 Multi Monitors

Don't understand how Windows 7 share it's multi-monitors. Here's a little insight on how it works.


Shorten the URL

The last time I posted a blog about shorting the URL, they're were just a few websites that provided this service. It looks like this demand was so high that several other websites decided to provide the similar service. So once again here are the links to shorten that URL.



Stolen Camera Finder

I don't know how reliable this site is, but if it does exactly what it's claiming then it should be easy trying to find your stolen camera online as long as they post pictures.


More Free Music

Here's another site that offer's more free music for personal use only. Why not enjoy the freebie's while your downloaded your favorite songs.


Disable Window 7 Games

Here's the tweak to disable Windows 7 games by default. It's a good idea to sometimes disable the useless games that comes with Windows. Besides it just using up space that now one needs. 



Need to upload and share files instantly, why not start doing it now with 50gig free of storage. The future of sharing files is here and now you can pass it along to your friends for free. Take advantage now while the storage is free. 


Windows Fix It

If you have ever run into Window problems, this handy software goes great with your operating system. Not only does it troubleshoot problems, it fixes them.
So if you missed out on my last post on Windows Fix It, download it again.


Delete your Google Account

Annoyed with Google taking control of what services that they have you linked to. Here is a great way to control what Google accounts you want active and which one's you don't want active. Take control of Google before it controls you.



Tired of installing iTunes onto your computer. Try something new without the use of Apple iTunes. There is no need to be forced to have any Apple products on your computer if you don't need none. 


Safe Mode in Win 8

Want to know how to go to safe mode via Windows 8, well it's very simple as long as you follow these easy steps. Now there should be no reason for you to have Window problems.


Create a Windows Mobile App

Already have a blog, now convert it to a windows mobile application so that everyone including mobile devices can easily view your web page. 


Network Tools for Andriods

Here are some great Network Tools for Android. It's great to now that even a computer technician has the necessary applications to make his job easier.

Fling Network
Wake on LAN wan
Wake on LAN
Wake on Lan via Net
Android Net Tools
Wake on App


Syskey Locks Win 7

Looking for a secure way to lock your Windows 7 computer from prying eyes. Use a USB stick and then install Syskey on it. It's not fool proof from hackers, but it will keep the regular user off your computer.


9 differ ways to Shutdown & Restart Win 8

Tired of shutting and restarting windows. Now in Windows 8, Microsoft has customized the ways that you can easy start and shutdown your operating system. I just don't understand why they just can't make this tweak now on current Windows OS.


Space Weather Prediction Center

Great site to go to if you want to explore outer space and witness future weather prediction heading our way. Next time before you take a trip to a different universe, see what's the weather going to be like.


Assign an IP address

It's a very simple procedure anyone can do. But in case you still have difficulties, follow the video to help you setup the iP address.



Tail Mail

Want to know if other's have read your emails. This is a good way to find out and it's going to require you to do some copy and paste but if you follow the video you should be able to get the information you long waited for.


Space Weather

If you think that the Earth's weather is the only weather you should be looking at daily, your wrong. Now also compare your local weather to the weather in space.


Fax Zero

Need to send documents via fax machine, no problem with our online fax solution. All you do is attach your documents and send your fax out.


Delete old user profiles

Here's a group policy that deletes a user profile after a specific number of days. This is a great policy to use if you have several user profiles that use a workstation and then never use that workstation ever again.

To configure this setting, type start search and hit Enter to open the Group Policy Editor. Next under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles.gpedit.msc in
Now in the right hand side details pane, double-click on  navigate to Delete user profiles older than a specified number of days on system restart to open its configuration box.
Here, if you enable this policy setting, the User Profile Service will automatically delete on the next system restart all user profiles on the computer that have not been used within the specified number of days.
If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, User Profile Service will not automatically delete any profiles on the next system restart.


More Free online Photo Editors

Tired of installing photo editors on your computer. Here are some more great online photo editors, that lets you easily do your work via the Internet.

Photoshop Tools


Save your Jailbreak Apps

Have a Jailbreak device and tired of losing your applications every time you do an update. Here is a great way to save all your applications prior to updating. It will save you a lot of time and best of all it's still cheap when compared to all those free applications your now getting.

Pkg backup


Convert XPS to PDF

Need to Convert your XPS files to PDF. Here's the easiest way to do it online. Microsoft XPS format was great for a while, but it's unfortunate that the XPS version has still failed to lead the way. Your better off now, converting your files to PDF before it's too late. It's only a matter of time before Microsoft pulls the plug on XPS format.

xPtoPDF uk



Here's a bitTorrent software that just can't be shut down by the outside world. It's an open source software and currently it's innovative features out beat the latest bitTorrent  down-loaders.

Direct Link


Jobs that don't require a diploma

Looking for a job, but still lacking that degree. Here's the list on what you should be looking for in jobs without a diploma.

Let's just say career wise it doesn't look good, so your better off staying in school and getting that degree. Good Luck.