Chromebook Recovery

Have a Chromebook and want to make a recovery disk just in case. Your just going to need a flashdrive with at least 2 gig of space. And the reason for this is because Chrome is mostly cloud based and your data is safe on Google's servers.
So just plug in the USB to Chromebook then click on imageburner in the chrome browser to backup your Chromebook. 


Recovery Image


No Beats

Ever wonder if those Beats headphone's that your buying is worth the extra bucks. Here's an interesting article telling you things are not what they seem to be. Lucky for us we just made it to the next good beat.



Seagate Home Network

Besides wireless streaming Seagate also has a home cloud personal storage and even though the service has a no fee storage service, it's setup feature is confusing and needs to be done better and easier. It takes a while to set your wireless device up. But if your looking for personal no fee storage, look no more. Hurry, because there's no limit on how long this service is going to last.



Driver Alcohol Detection

Looks like technology is evolving for drunk drivers. Now with a new smart car, the chances that you'll be able to drive your car when your drunk will have it's restrictions.



Find Software Serial

Looking for software serials, no problem as long as you know how to use Google and what what to tell the search engine what you want it to do. Here are some tips with lots of luck.


Software Name 94FBR



Want to share files without cloud storage. Here is a great site to do it with a maximum of a 100 gig. Very cool, fast and interesting way to share files.




Remote support is getting easier and simple do to. Join.me has been around for a while and it's just keeps on getting easier and better to do. If your looking for a low cost, easy to use remote desktop service. Take a look at Join.me. It's features are so simple that it doesn't take a rocket scientist that long to use it.



Google Photo Tips

Already using Google photo's but haven't checked out it's new features. You will be surprised on what you can do with a little pinch and how easily you can go in and out of your current photo albums. It's a great new way to view all your pictures with less energy.



Seagate Wifi

Seagate has recently launched it's wireless wifi service and even though it still does not come with a power outlet. It's still in it's works to connected all devices together via cloud.
The drive space is way to small but it's good to know that they are moving in the right direction for streaming.



SourceForge No No

It looks like our friends at SourceForge are doing a no no when it comes to user's who are downloading hard to get software or open source software. Not only are they tampering with the current software that left there by developers to download, they are installing ads and malware into it. In my opinion I would just move and find a more trust worthy site.



Chromebook Death for Antivirus

Chromebook is changing the way we use computers and if people can easily adapt to Chromes new model you can see a new generation of computers and new ways to deploy software's on these new computers. I believe that in order to combat virus and malware infected computers is to adapt with new technology changes so that we are once step ahead of everyone else.



N able RMM Solution

I recently was able to review N able a RMM solution and this my overall decision with the software. The software is work in progress. Which means it works for some applications but there still a lot of work to do before I can ever get this software to work the way it was intended to be used.
Installation ran smoothly besides having to install some Net framework on some computers. As for running certain tasks it works great but takes some time to initiate. Still N able was better than other RMM software that I have already tried in the market. My only problem was remote desktop and configuring the software to work correctly because it was not configured correctly. Now it nice to see that there are many ways to correct this but you have to be a wizard to finish setting up all the settings. It has a lot to offer but some of the simple things just don't work correctly. Like remote control. I tried it on various days in different areas to see if it was my network or availability problems. The end result is that it's still trying to connect.  And doesn't matter how many times I try to re-configure the application. I keep on getting the same errors. This is where support comes in. Or let's just say support what? So with this I went online and did reviews with the software and didn't like what I discovered. Apparently I am not the only one having the same problems and as for the company goes, I will have to pass for now until there software gets better and support and pricing are clear on what they offer.



Network Detective

Here's a nice freeware from EMC to monitor traffic for fun or to narrow down your bandwidth eaters. It's a great software for professionals. So if your looking for a DYI project, here you go.



Rental Car Spying

Beware of new rental cars spying on your driving habits and even watching their drivers. They new spyware is disturbing for car renters but the rental companies are justifying their uses. So not only will you be watched every time your drive but also confirm that you are following your rental agreement.



Apple iMessage App

Recently Apple iMessage App was hacked. If you get a text message with certain characters your application will crash or better yet if your phone is locked, your phone can reboot.
This new hack is the beginning of new cell phone malware and if your not careful, your going to be the next victim.



Fooled the Web

Want to be able to view content that's not accessible to you. Just because you think you live in a free country does not necessary mean that all the content you see is not screened or blocked by others.
The best way to be able to see content free where ever you go is by using a proxy. Here's more information below on how to do it and it's simple.




Have an infected USB drive that contains virus, malware, etc. Don't worry you can still re-use the drive but your going to have to use this software to remove those nasty bugs from it before you can use it again.



Pc Inspector

Here's some great file recovery software to retrieve your data. It's a great utility to use especially when it's a freeware.



Great Marketing Excel Templates

Want to simplify your marketing world, then check out these simple templates to make things easier. I was surprised to see how simple and easy they can be used.



Copy files faster

Windows 8 has it's file transfer improvements but it can be better and with this comes copy handler which boots the file transfer copying even faster. You will not be disappointed.



Disposable Emails

They been around for a while and it's a great place to goto when you don't want your email to be cluttered with junk mail. The next time your forced to signup on a website check out these disposable email service to keep your mail spam free.



Desktop Order

Here's is another software that mimic's an old favorite of mine that's now become a premium software. Nimi places lets you easily organize your folders and software's in groups, making it easier for user's to keep everything in order.



Customize your Desktop

Want something new on your computer desktop, you might want to take a look into Rainmeter and take your desktop to a new level where you can get more and make things easier to do.



Windows Library Search

Tired of taking forever to find your files on your computer. Check out this simple software to find and search your computer files with just a few clicks.



New Media Player

Upset that Microsoft removed it's media player on it's new OS. Not to worry once you installed Kodi along with  PVR so that you can watch and record your shows whenever you choose.



Windows Codecs

Tired of Windows not recognizing your video software. Try installing Windows codecs and end the ruthless video format not found problem on your computer. Not all software's are created equal.



Office Alternative

Looking for an Office alternative but love the ribbons of your current Office suite. Check out a software called Kingsoft Office and stop paying for premium office suites.



Specialized Email

Looking for specialized email service. Check out these great software's to take your email where it should be. Which is good and simple to use.



Great Extensions

Here are some great browser extensions and if  you use them correctly, they will help you better browse and keep you identity safe. Most of these links are for chrome, but you can easily find these links for Firefox as well. Enjoy

Adblock Plus
MyPermission Cleaner


$9- PC

Yes, it looks like this kickstart company is on it's way to make a portable computer than can go where ever anyone can imagine. For a few bucks you can get your portable computer and hopefully be one of the first to make computing portable. It's a neat, inexpensive product with lots of plans and ideas to go from. Take the pledge and make this great dream come reality. Is it about time?




Track anything anywhere around the world and don't worry about battery life for up to three years. Great neat device to keep track of your valuables where ever you go, so that you know where it's at all the time.