Find lost Airpods

 Now with new technology finding your AirPods is even easier to do than earlier models. All you need to do is upgrade the firmware and enable the feature to notify when left behind. Once you do this when you attempt to walk away from your current AirPods location you will be notified. It's about time. 



Best Speed Test

Sometimes your computer will have problems connecting to the internet. The best way to confirm if the computer is getting a good connection is to run a speed test.

Now, not all speed test sites work well and here are a list of sites recommended to test your Windows computer. 



Apple Self Service Repair

It seems that there is a big market for Apple repair products and now the company is looking into more ways to become profitable by now offering consumers self-service repair kits. 

It's a great idea and it will definitely be a game-changer for the future of Apple. 


e Pswd in RDP

 If you are in a Windows session and accessing it via RDP then this is how you can change the computer password in the menu. Sometimes things that are complicated are simple to do if you can narrow down the steps and use the current resources available to you.



Asus Merlin

It looks like Asus routers are coming up to speed when it comes to simply connecting user networks and securing your devices. I have read so many great reviews on the Asus router setup that you cannot overlook these great features. They are even catching up to Netgear and you should definitely keep them in mind the next time you upgrade. 


Waymo Traffic Patterns

Waymo is mapping the complex traffic patterns in NYC and creating self-driving sensors of the territory. This mapping will eventually improve safely and eventually, it will move to other areas. Get ready for the future of self-driving service. 


Starlink new Dishy

Starlink new dishy McFlatface is smaller and lighter but still costs a hefty price. The dish which is 19x12 inches is smaller than its original dish but still lacks an ethernet port. 

If the company becomes successful in the future it can fill in the gaps for areas with poor existing broadband access.


OneDrive Support

It looks like a lot of computers will lose OneDrive access if they do not do the recent update. The drive will eventually stop syncing and users can lose access to their files, so it's urgent that you upgrade the software to the latest version. 


Dell Dock Troubleshooting

I still do not understand why so many Dell dock failure occurs and why they just cannot get their act together. It's only supposed to just charge the laptop and display the monitors what more can we ask for.
The WD15 was a joke if you get power spikes, you would sometimes have to wait a few minutes or the next day for the device to reset itself so that it can function normally.

The WD19 started looking better than the old model but recently they just stop working from one day to the next. 

I just hope one day they see the light because I just cannot understand why their docking station has so many problems. 

I think it's time I start looking into a better reliable docking station. 


Protect your Crypto

If you have crypto and you want to protect your assets it's a good idea to follow these smart tips so that hackers do not easily get access to your accounts. Stay smart and be safe. 


Surf with Brave and Earn Crypto

 Do you know that when you use the Brave browser and surf, you can easily earn crypto. Just download the Brave browser below and review Brave rewards. Now you can get easily paid in crypto doing what you love to do, which is surf online with Brave.



Win11 Tips and Tricks

Windows 11 has some great features and now with the new OS user's can take advantage of what the system has to offer them. Stay tune for more tips and tricks. 



Teachers against Social Media

It looks like teachers are banning together to discourage social bad behavior and in some cases even putting them in danger. 
These platforms are ignoring the bad behaviors and enabling these acts to keep on continuing. 

In my opinion I believe that they should be held accountable and let them pay the price, in the long run over time we will see how quickly the social media attitude will change when they are no longer profitable. 


Posting Memes

This is kind of odd but it looks like users who post memes on Instagram can get banned from the social media application. Some of this sites are surprisingly not that offensive but they still get banned. 
So here are the risks that are involved when posting memes. 


O365 New Non Subscription

If you are looking for a non subscription model from Microsoft for it's perpetual suite, here is a limited time offer and you can bet that this offer will not last that long. 
This is just aimed at Home and Student users and you can get a limited working license for a single pc or Mac with support for five years. Hurry up, because their is no telling how long this offer will stand. 


US BTC Mining Hub

Looks like the U.S. is now the largest bitcoin mining hub after China's miner Exodus. Although this is debatable it's a great move for the global economy. Let's see how long we can keep up at this pace. 



BitConnect Scam

Some investors were recently scammed using a fake trading bot to swindle crypto users. Now, these scams are beginning for more similar deception to show up in the future. Consumers should verify the investment platforms and consumer reviews before investing and when in doubt, don't invest. 


New World Game

It looks like some graphic cards were crashing and getting fried when playing Amazon's New World game. Now it's still unclear on who is to blame but it's for certain that they will look into on the reason why these game cards were getting fried. Thermal management should prevent the cards from overheating so it may be a firmware problem, lets wait and see. 


Multi-Monitor Laptops screens

We can soon be looking into laptops with multiple detachable screens. It's not a new idea, but I am seeing it more in different models. 

It's a great idea, but I would still love to see how durable, compact, and portable these devices can be designed so that consumers can adapt them to their daily lives.


AirPod Max Fakes

Consumers should be aware of fakes Apple products in the market. If the deals look too good to be true, it's most likely a fake. 
Unfortunately, the only thing one can do is try purchasing the item at a reputable store that sells consumer electronics. 


Win11 Compatibility

 Want to see if your computer is ready for Windows 11, install the PC Health Check App and verify that your computer can be upgraded to Windows 11. 

Worse scenario if your computer does not qualify you can just use your current Windows computer until it's at end of life, or when Windows stops supporting your operating system.  



Robinhood 24/7 Support

It looks like Robinhood is changing its strategy and now offering 24/7 customer service to prepare its new crypto trading platform. Like it or not this is a game charger and it will be very interesting to see what other brokerage firms do next. 


FL Telsa Self Driving Test

Telsa owners in Florida will need to be tested if they want to upgrade the self-driving feature in their cars so that it can drive automatically. It's a new adoption of autonomous driving. 


Store Covid Card

It looks like soon lots of places are going to ask you for proof of your covid card, instead of forking it over just upload to the app and share it.


Tesla Glass Technology

Telsa Glass technology is another great secret on making the car unique from others. You will be surprised on how it's designed and the components it uses to keep it apart from it's competitors. 


Access Outlook from Edge without Opening a Tab

Here is a great tip to open email by making an extension in Edge. It's a great way to get access to your mail without opening a tab using the shortcut.


Start MS Edge inPrivate Mode in macOS

If you are using a macOS and you have MS Edge installed, here is a nice little trick to always open it inPrivate mode. Now you can browse in privacy when surfing online.


Surface Duo 2

This can be a game changer for Surface user's using the clamshell 5G tablet. Now I do not know how still durable it will be, but it will be interesting on how easy it can go portable. So this will be on my watchlist for a while. 



Block your Phone

If you want to block your phone when you make calls, here are some great ways to block your number so that you are in control of your privacy.




Here is a great Chrome Extension that records the actions that you do on a computer and show you step by step on what you did step by step with images. Great way to create guides with screenshots.


Statue of Bitcoin Founder

How odd it is to somehow erect a statue of the Bitcoin founder and honor him, his legacy, and his current accomplishments. I hope the new year brings more value to the crypto coin.