Microsoft Quick Start

Have the new OS from Microsoft and want to know more, here is a great resource for your new OS. Getting familiar with Windows 10 is just the beginning.



Plane Crash Survival

If you are concerned as a plane passenger on surviving a crash, then you should watch this video to see on you can change those odds. It's good to know as much information as you can so that you can live life longer.


Power Beats Pro

It looks like for a hefty price you can get fit tight headphones that are better than AirPods. Not only will they be hard to fallout from your ears when you are on the move but they will sound better than your regular Airpods. So if you have the extra money, they might be worth the cost.



Microsoft addon's to Chrome

Now that the big giant has a Chrome-based platform, you can expect more new features to be added to Chrome so that both web browser platforms can integrate other programs.



Macworld for Free

Looks like Macworld are offering their free magazine to user's so that they can see what they are all about and so that it can increase subscriber sales. Good move for them and a good move for us to review. Take a look at the February issue for free.



Amazon Liability Escape

Here is an interesting story from a buyer who purchased an Amazon product and the defective product cause severe damage.
Long story short, the insurance company sued the manufacture and Amazon and it's still lingering in court because they cannot identify what Amazon is. And because of this classification, they are able to elude liability.



Coronavirus Real Time

Here is an easier way to see why this scary virus concerns many people. It shows the origin and number of cases per country affected. This could be a real threat if the numbers start increasing quickly.



End of CDs and Downloads

The future of listening has changed and music now will be as simple as streaming. Let's take a look back on how in thirty years things have changed.



Gadgets with MicroUSB

Why you should stop buying gadgets with MicroUSB is because the technology is already outdated and it's only a matter of time before it will be discontinued. New advanced technology already has USB C ports and it's becoming the normal thing to do moving forward.
I am not saying that you will be out of luck if you buy a product with MicroUSB, but most updated gadgets now come with USB C ports and moving forward all your devices should have that port in common. If you want to buy smart, then moving forward USB C ports is the smart way to buy.



Stop Google Calendar Spam

The famous calendar application has now been breached with spammers. If you are getting spam on Google calendar, here is how to stop it.



Calendar Planners

Tired of your old calendar planner, here a better way to plan things using other free calendars that you can easily download and print.



Windows 10 Flaw

Looks like Windows did it again and this time, for some users it can break their computer. It looks like a KB4532693 patch corrupts the profile on the user's computer having the profile get stuck or mysteriously remove files, all caused by a temporary profile used for the update.
If you can rollback your computer hurry up and do so.



Bezoss Phone Hack

The Amazon CEO is not the only person who has to be careful with online security. This article just shows you how simple in sharing a video file, a mobile device was compromised and all the CEO life was made public.



Online Appointments

Tired of scheduling appointments with others. Take a look at this online calendar scheduling that makes things so simple to do.



Edge is Here

The long-awaited Microsoft Edge is here and now it's time to get it rolling. Edge is now based on Chromium which is the same backbone for Chrome. So get ready for a new change in browser history. 



10 Minute Email

Here is a website to give you a temporary email for ten minutes. After that, it's basically gone until the next time you want to use it.
It's great for testing another website that you do not want to give out your email address.


Who Invented Valentines Day

How weird this legend is way different than how we celebrate it today. Here is some info on Valentine's Day. Now it's strange how years went by things have drastically changed.
It's now a popularized idea and a traditional way to make money. Now would it be nice to create more days like this so everyone can enjoy it?



Gmail New Feature

Now Gmail user has a new feature which sends emails as an attachment. Now sending mail to others will be as simple as drag and drop.
It's a great idea and will save you time in the long run. Try it and see if it works for you.



Microsoft vs AWS

Looks like Microsoft is making a stronghold on cloud computing and sooner or later it will oversee its competitor AWS. Now this makes things very interesting since AWS has been the leader for years.



Phone Charging Info

Here is the truth about phone charging at night and why users should not worry when charging their batteries when they go to bed. Times have changed and so have the way you charge batteries.



Surge Seas Risk Zone Map

This flood map is just going to show you how easily your residential area is going to flood within the next few years.
The clock is ticking and it's only a matter of time before some areas are underwater.



Robot Lawyer

Tired of License Agreements then using this robot lawyer will hopefully simplify future license agreements. It's a great idea and I hope that it helps clear a lot of complex information for users.

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Automate Rebates

Best way to get money back when purchase price drops. This membership is a must-have if you tired of always paying a high price for anything.
All you have to do is sign up and enroll your cards and the program does the reset.



TikTok Threat

It looks like this famous social media application is becoming a cybersecurity threat for US Navy officers. This is not the first time social media has been a problem with security threats.



OneNote merger

Like like OneNote is merging with code with the new framework and this would mean that the popular software will still be able to save your notes your way.



Apple code name "pie"

It looks like Apple is finally taking control of its cloud services. If codename Pie becomes reality, we can be looking at another new cloud service from Apple similar to AWS. Now I hope they change their minds on their new infrastructure and push for Mac VMware's. Stay tuned.



Safe way to lock your Smartphone

Thieves are now looking for new ways to hack your phone that consumers must be one step ahead when locking their smartphone. Will more users saving their personal information on their smartphones, it becomes a prime target for anyone wanting to do some mischief.
The best advice is to be cautious of your surroundings when placing your phone down and read the article below for more useful information.



Fax Free Machine

Tired of fax machines and want to take a to a new level getting emails for all of your faxes. Then there are some cool companies to look at to take faxing to the next level. Fax machines are almost obsolete and in this day and age, it has not yet gone away. But it's only a matter of time before some new technology comes along and puts the fax machine to rest for good.



Your Domain after death

After your death, your domain will continue running as normal until it expires and then become publicly available until someone purchases it.
You can put it in your will, or designate someone to manage it afterward but that's your choice.



Modern Car

Love your modern car, well you should be aware that's it's a privacy concern and what information they can share with others. Whoever thought how information could be easily accessed.