The Best App's for 2006

Hopefully if you missed out on any of these app's. You'll still have time to try them out and make them a part of your life.


Crazy Med

Recently started taking some medication and now you want to know the pro's and cons of taking this new medicine. This site will tell you just that and more.


Compact Disc Eraser

Now you don't have to worry about throwing out your old CD's and DVD's with data files. Use this Compact Disc Eraser, to protect your identity.


Dell 27" LCD

Dell's new 27" LCD has new features and options that are changing the way future LCD will now have. Let's see to what other new surprise are awaiting in 2007.


Display videos from your Pocket PC

Now your can turn your Pocket PC into a projector with an easy adapter to it's SD slot. You just hook your cable to an SD slot and connect to a screen using S video or VGA. It's that simple.


FieldPro Mobile Printer

Looking for a thermal mobile printer. Take a look at FieldPro Mobile Printer. It just happens to be the smallest 4 inch. compact printer around that comes in Wifi and Bluetooth version.


Germ Killing Light

Afraid of those nasty pest lurking all around you. Don't be afraid the Germ Killing Light is here to say the day. I just don't know if this light will be able to kill all of these germs?



Got something for Christmas and now you don't know what to do with it. Try this site. At least you can choose what you would like to have had.


Gmail Tips

Using Gmail. Here are tips to help you be more user friendly on what Gmail can do for you.


China to standardize chargers

If the demand keeps on coming. We could eventually say goodbye to the various chargers we have for most of our electronic gadgets. It's not likely that your never going to see a charger again. But nice to know that you can now use your USB device to charge almost anything now.


New gadget support site

Purchased something new and now you need support for that product. Try Retrevo first and hopefully it will guide you to the correct support sites for your new product.



Here is a site to report and keep malware off your PC. Hopefully in the future these sites will be closed down quickly, once someone files a complaint.


Google Blast from the past

Want to search the web and learn about history. Try Google Blast from the past. It gives you a collection of earth from the 1700's to Present. Now at least you can fast forward as the world evolves around us.


What is everyone downloading around the world

Download squad will tell you. It will keep you updated on the new software around the world that everyone is currently downloading and using.



The easies way to get organized. Use the PocketMod and it will organize your things to do list in a convient way. This way you can carry it where ever you go and still be organized.


Mobile freeware

Here is your Palm and Pocket PC freeware website to get you just about almost anything that can be useful for your device.


Verizon G'z One

Verizon has developed a new rugged shock and water resistant phone. I hope someone can put this phone to the extreme to see if it lives to it's name.



If you have currently the Firefox browser running on your computer here is a nice add on. A web based word processor similar to Microsoft Word. No need to learn the software because it behaves similar.


All Freeware

A great site to start searching for freeware, when you just want everything that's just free.



A new site developed to prevent illegal music downloads. It's an ad based website that enables users to get free mp3's downloads. The goal for SpiralFrog is to lure away people from downloading illegals mp3's via peer to peer downloads. So far music labels have signed on. Only time will tell if this site will work.


Small Business Free Email Solution

If you have a small business with at least 20 individuals and want to incorporate email. This maybe a great solution, until your company can structure itself better in the future. You have similar outlook applications that work towards your group. The only bad side is that if your net goes down, so do you. But you can't beat the price - Free.


Webcams the size of USB Thumbdrives

Get ready for portable webcams the size of current USB keys. It's portable, it's small and eventually be able to deliver what current webcams offer today.


MegaPixels Chart

What do all these digital camera MegaPixels mean. It's simple. If you want to take a picture and print it. Well this is how big it will print. But that doesn't mean that you can't make them larger by using a third party software. Now think about it. How many times will you really print anything larger than 4x5.33?

MP Print Size at 300dpi Potential Enlargement
2.1 4x5.33 10x13
3.2 5x7 16x20
4.1 >5x7 20x24
6.1 7x10 26x40
8.3 7.8x11.7 32x49
10.2 8.5x12.7 33x50
12.4 9.5x14.3 40x60


Never burn bridges

Talk about stupid. Sometimes in life when your at a no win position. It's better off to learn what you learned and move on. But this employee had other plans and took this too personal. He should of just left.


Video Surveillance

If you are concern about video surveillance. Here is an user friendly surveillance product that's affordable. No need to understand the technical terminology needed to install and operate your surveillance unit. Just follow the instructions on installing the cameras and receiver and your done.


Google gets into website registration

It's a good move for Google just in case it's search engine profits slow down. I just hope they are able to implement new web base ideas.


AVI Codec Help

Downloaded a movie or video and your having problems viewing it. Well AVI Codec Help is here to solve your problems. Although I can't guarantee that this will work for every movie or video your download. This is a start on figuring out what video format you need for your player to play the movie.


iPod DJ

Now you can mix like a profession via iPod. I don't know if this item is going to be a hit but just to show what the future holds for iPod.


Solar Ports

I've been doing some research on these items for a few months now and it's practically affordable if you can narrow down on how many items you can use this solar charger for. The only down side I see, is the solar cell life expectancy. But if you use it on a regular basis, then it's priceless.


Wireless Recharging Pads

This product guarantees your wireless and laptop device can recharge wirelessly. I just hope that this will work for everything. That way I can store away all my recharges.



I've seen it all. But I do think this iPod Accessories are getting to everyone's head now. What do you think?