Signal vs Telegram

 If you want secure conversations then these two messaging services are worth looking into, now the only problem is which one is better. 

Let's just say both are similar but Telegram is for profit and Signal is not and it's only a matter of time before both companies become expensive.

So take advantage of the opportunity and test both of them out and enjoy them while they are ad free. 



Win Memory Diagnostic Tool Stuck

 Every once in a while you will get a blue screen of death and it will say something like Windows is checking for memory problems. When this occurs your best bet is to login to Windows and disable all applications and review recently installed programs which could be the problem.

For more information see the link below.



Enable Hyper-V in Win10 Home

 Here is the guide to help you install Hyper - V on your Home Edition of Windows. Hyper -V does have some great features in Windows and it should be available for everyone to test and use.


Script to enable Hyper -V

pushd "%~dp0"
dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\*Hyper-V*.mum >hyper-v.txt
for /f %%i in ('findstr /i . hyper-v.txt 2^>nul') do dism /online /norestart /add-package:"%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\%%i"
del hyper-v.txt
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Hyper-V -All /LimitAccess /ALL


Insert Word into Word

 Here is a great way to insert an existing word document into another word document. It's easy to do and with just a few clicks you have two documents together. 



Power Plan Changes

 It looks like Win10 power plan keeps changing in Windows 10 after a reboot and after updates. It looks like a Windows bug and hopefully they will be patched soon. 



Access Mac files from Win

 If you want to access the files on your Mac from Windows here are the simples steps to take to get access to your files. Mapping your drive will get easy access to your files when you need it. 



Cut & Paste Overhaul

 It looks like Microsoft is improving the cut and paste feature and soon you will be able to do more with this feature. It's about time for the needed improvement. 



New Edge will not Uninstall

 It looks like Microsoft incorporated the browser into it's software and there is no way to uninstall it.

So if you are thinking of just removing it to save space, you can forget it. 



Low Orbit Satellite

 It looks like some early testers are liking the idea of low orbit satellites and the concept that they can easily connect to other services for connection.

Just think that now there is a possibility to connect everyone anywhere. 



Eco Printing Subscription

 It looks like someone figured out on how to make a printing subscription for home and small businesses.

If the price makes sense then you can bet that it will change the way we print. 

Hopefully this will come to the U.S. real soon. 



Sample Pricing:

Brother Launches EcoPro Supplies-Subscription Program
  • A 12-month plan priced at £29.99 (approximately U.S. $40.00) per month, for printing up to 6,000 pages per year, saving users up to 70 percent on supplies,
  • A 24-month plan priced at £25.99 (approximately U.S. $34.00) per month, also for printing up to 6,000 pages per year, saving users up to 70 percent on supplies.


Cyber Attacks for Remote Workers

 It looks like ever since worker having been working from home, cyber attacks have increased and that's mainly do to the off guard sudden move to remote.

Now the new threat for companies is to fear cybercriminal attacks from within it's network operations and it's remote users. 



YouTube Playlist

 Here is a great way to create a YouTube playlist without an account. Now entertaining your guest or friend can be as simple as picking your favorite songs and opening the playlist. Great way to get a party started.



Lock FB Profile

 If you are concern on users getting Facebook profile pictures here is a great way to lock your profile so that user's do not download and steal your pictures. Identify fraud is increasing and users will do almost anything to impersonate someone else. 



Earth 2

If you are looking to buy real estate and want to invest in the future, then here is something to look into. Earth 2 game credits let you buy land and exchange them in the market place. Regardless if you think this site is useless, it's a great way to get some E$ hopefully to be used some where else. 

I must say it's out there. 



Slide Phone

 I can see this phone gaining popularity with consumers. Not only is it portable but it has a lot of features that many users are looking for. I hope it wins the consumer market because from the look of it, it looks like a great idea and a great phone concept to revolutionize. 



Tear Down Displays

Here is a great site to go to get a framed tear down device on the popular mobile devices that changed history. It's a great gift to bring back memories. 



Forest Alarm

 This high tech device is hopefully going to help detect and notify firefighters on how to combat these natural disasters. A great technology in a great time of need. 



Google Registry

 Here is a site to register your unique domain with Google, the idea is to be creative and make new domain names possible. So let's make your new domain name a reality. 



End of IE

IE has come to an end and it's unfortunate to say that it's about time. The browser was just to old to keep up with it's competitors that Microsoft had to scrap the old browser and start from scratch.

The new replacement Chromium based browser will be Microsoft's replacement called Edge and it's going to be more faster and more secure so get ready for some serious browsing.



Create short videos

 Here is a great way to create short videos on line using this site. Now your engaging videos from Glitterly will get your point across in minutes. Great for social media. 



Meeting Elevator Music

 This site will turn your silent meeting into elevator music so that way user's are entertained before an existing meeting begins. It's a great method to personalize your meetings. 



Build you Website Now

 You have no reason now to build a website. With Google Site, you now have the materials and designs to get your website up and running in no time. 



Online Resume's

 This site is going to be a game changer for resumes in the years to come. It's a great idea with an elegant design so that HR and recruiters get the materials needed to get you hired. 




 This cool WiFi is a great device to use your cellular carrier broadband service. If you are traveling or in an area where you wifi is spotty, it's worth to research and to see if this device can benefit you. You are not going to get high speed internet but a taste of broadband on the go. 



Best Performing Cloud

You will be surprised on how each of these companies have a particular performance against each other. But the fact still stands is that cloud computing is getting better day by day. It's only a matter of time before it makes sense to move your company to the cloud. 



Service Provider Throttling

This is nothing new for service providers but if your internet is running slower than normal, here is a good test to see if your Internet Service Provider is throttling your speeds.
Now does not work for all user's but it's a good start to resolving your slow network problems. 


Teams Breakout Rooms

 Here is a great guide to help your create breakout rooms in Teams. Now you can have your attendees interact with each out to get more out of your meetings. It's a great way for team members to network with others. 



WordPress Courses

Want to get started with WordPress but do not know where to begin. Here is great guide to some great places to learn more more about WordPress and it's features. 



Measure Blood Pressure from your Finger

This cool wearable device will eventually measure blood pressure from your finger. From that point on you will see more health wearable devices to follow. It's the new medical world of monitoring. 



Robot Gardener

 This could be the time for a farming industrial revolution to take place. With many vacant farming jobs still available, the ideal solution for a farmer to be profitable is to start going robotic. This option was always open to farmers and now with this unpredictable economy, maybe it's about time for a change.