Network Tools

Here's a great network tool to tell you all your LAN's network resources from computers, disk and printer shares from all your domain and work groups.


Bat to EXE Converter

Already have a BAT file and want to convert it to an EXE file. Here is a great program to help you do just that. Now all you have to do is create a shortcut.



It's about time. Now that Tablet are in and Laptop and computer's are on the way out. The demand for software distributing on Tablets is still fairly new.  For now it looks like it will be flash drive driven and I am just glad to see this software come to my rescue. 


Visualize Me

Want to stand out from the crowd, this site promises just that by posting your achievements on line with your skills for others to review. It even gives you a personalized url to go your business cards. It's a new technique on getting yourself noticed in this job market. 



Job hunting and tired of posting your resume on the not so professional websites. Take a look at this site with a different approach and increase the possibilities on getting reviewed. Job hunting now has become more interesting. 


Stand By - Hibernate - Shut Down - Restart

For most user's the words Shut Down and Restart is easy to understand because user's always do this. But when it comes to Stand By and Hibernate, their is always a confusion because the two things do a similar job with a difference.
In plain English if you stand by and the power goes out you loose your data in Stand By mode. When if you Hibernate and power goes out, your data is saved.

Stand By - loose data if PC looses power
Hibernate - saves your data 
Shut Down - turns off your computer
Restart - restarts your computer



Looking for the easiest way to reboot, lock, log-off, or shut down your computer. This tiny application puts all these commands on your taskbar for easy access. 


Refresh your Network Settings

Here is a great tip to create a Refresh batch to reset your Internet connections when your computer is running slow. I hate to hear every day when my loved one's tell me that my computer is slow what do I do?
Now anyone can easily create a batch file and Refresh their Internet connections with one click.

First open Notepad and type the following:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

then save the file with a file named Refresh. Once the file is save you now have to take that text file named Fresh.txt and change it to Fresh.bat


Office 2010 SP1 Remover

Installed Office Service Pack 1 and now your having problems with the software. Stand in line with everyone else. In the past your best bet was to uninstall the entire software and re-install the software from scratch. Now there is no need for that and all you do is install this handy utility and uninstall the Service Pack and your done. 


500 worst passwords

Everyone does every now and then. But the next time you create a password remember this list and remember why it's still on this list. Be safe than sorry. 


Dummy Image Generator

Looking for an image generators for your web page or website. This is a great site to get you started with links to other useful generators. You'll be surprised what you can find here. 


Show Me What's Wrong

Tech Support for friends and family members who need your help in solving their everyday problems. It's quite cool on how all you have to do is record your problem and email them for help. Give it a try.


Pick Me App

Need to transfer programs from one Windows based PC to another. This portable software does the trick without the installation disks and it can easily be reversed. Even though it's still in beta it's a great software to love. 


Scan Win7 PC for Errors

Ever wonder what to do when you have problems with Windows 7 and your computer will not boot. One great tip is to scan Windows for errors. You'll need to do the following.

as the administrator and type the following:
By default the Administrator account on the local system is disabled after installation. This is the case for all Windows 7 installations. Right click on "computer" select "manage" look for the users and groups section, on the users screen right click on the administrator account and select properties, uncheck the "account disabeled" option.

Sfc /scannow /offbootdir=[[driveletter]]:\ / offwindir=[driveletter]]:\windows

Sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows


Marvel Comics Wallpaper

If you love Marvel Comics you'll love this link to download your favorite Comic Wallpaper. There's is nothing better than to decorate your desktop with the world's greatest superhero's. 


Be an Extra

Want to earn money, be around entertainment and get paid for lunch. Try being an extra for television shows and you'll be surprise where you can go.


Convert Money using Google

Need to convert your currency, Google has several ways to do this and the best part about this is that it's free. Check out which currency converters are you familiar with.


Real Working Key Chain

Every now and then I come upon links that I always like to share with others and today I find a link that sells key chains in the form of a real working key. So if your hate to walk around with so many keys. Here is something to consider.


Mouse without Borders

Here is a simple peer to peer file sharing for one or more computers done with the help of Microsoft employees. It's a little restrictive, so you have to make sure you note down passwords in order for you to easily share files among computers. 


Block Search Websites via Google

Upset that certain websites are showing up on Google search. Here is a great way to block websites from all Google Searches anywhere in the world. I don't know what's the point on doing this, since your just going to limit your search results and eventually restrict yourself from what the the world wide web offers.
What ever happen to internet search freedom. 


Hurricane Monitoring

Like monitoring hurricanes? This great site monitor's hurricanes and it's direct path via satellite, terrain and radar. It's sort of like google earth but with lots of extras. 


Google Flight Search

Hello Google Flight Search. The online search is nothing new but you never know what new things Google can improve for future Flight Search. 


Great Batch Files

Here are some great administrator batch files to help you make your job easier to do on a day to day basis. I recommend that you experiment first before using a batch file on a live network system.


Remove Passwords from PDF files

Want to remove a password from a PDF file. Here's the easiest way to make all your PDF files password free. Now anyone can open and share a document easily.

Direct Link


Recover Windows with Linux

Tired of reinstalling Windows because some files were corrupt. Next time give Trinity Rescue Kit a try and see how easily you can recover your current installation of Windows using Linux.



Want to remove old versions of Java, or how about multiple version of java that should have been removed once the new update was applied. This handy software is a great fix to keeping a computer space free.



PDQ Deploy

Need to deploy software across a network. This free software saves time and money. Imagine updating all of your workstation instantly.



Here's the easiest way to run admin programs on a restricted computer without giving the user administrative rights. This hopefully will end your user complaints on giving them full access to a network computer.


Automate Windows

Windows VistaWindows 7Want to automate Windows to be install across the network unattended. Here's how with the help of Microsoft deployment Installation kit.

Windows Vista

Windows 7


Opt out from the Net

Here is a great site to opt out from the Internet. Secure your web privacy and security before it's too late. Identity theft is on the rise and it's up to you to control what's on the web.

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