Rounds Live

Here's a new cross platform social site that allows up to 12 friends to share text, videos and browse with other social sites. It's a new way to stay connected with friends while everyone is online and having fun.




Here's a great program that's the swiss army knife of computer tools. Not only does it execute a whole lot of features but also restricts you from using certain things so that your network is always protected. A great tool for the every day network administrator.


Antivirus Doomed to Failure

Antivirus software's is failing to protect users. Now these software giants are focused on protecting computers with Malware's. This not only means the end for Antivirus in the future but a new beginning on the war on Malware. User's now are told to protect their computers with a cocktail of anti-malware software to protect their computers.



Portable Scanners

Interested on purchasing a portable scanner. Here are some great portable scanners that make it easier for user's to scan.



USB Disabler Pro

Tired of figuring out which computer to disable their USB devices. This software helps to pick specific users and grant them or deny them using USB flash drive and memory sticks so that you don't easily loose sensitive company files. It's a great way to take control back from your work environment computers.



EMET security

Here's a memory corruption and vulnerabilities software that works great with Internet Explorer. May user's use this program to be alerted as soon as an exploit is visible before the bad boys get a hold of it. If your constantly worried on the every day exploit, this software is a must have application.



Fix Chrome Remote App

I recently have been encountering this error among user's who use Chrome Remote Desktop and I finally resolved the fix. The error comes up when the main user get's a software not updated error on the Chrome Remote Desktop console. You first step is to update the browser, if all fails and the error continues then just re-install Chrome Remote Desktop all over again and links are provided below.



Never eat a ripe fruit

Here's a great place to see if the favorite fruit you buy is in season or not. It's a great place to go to when your uncertain if a certain fruit is in season or not, so that you can always enjoy that great tasting fruit.



Sign's that your computer was hacked

Here are the common sign's that your computer was recently hacked. Maybe not intentionally but by accidentally, but regardless these are still good alerts to safeguard your account.
If you are a victim, the first step is to change all your passwords on every account. This might take sometime, but list them one by one, until all is done.



Win 9

Looks like Windows 9 set to come out next year is on the right track in giving user's what they've been looking for. But my real question is really Microsoft again trying to fool the consumer. I hope they get this right because there is no question that it's repeating history all over again. But the next time will be the end.



Recover Lost Contacts via iOS

Recently encountered a situation in which iOS contacts were lost and not easily recovered. And few tries to see if I actually did it wrong. I was surprised to discover that I am not the only person with this on going problem. If your contact list is very vital to your daily life here are is a great tip on how to re-load them to your existing system.



Micro Drone

If you don't see what I see, don't be surprise when one day this little drone takes invasion of privacy to a new level. Imagine purchasing a drone like this and then video taping anything and everything you can imagine. Wouldn't that be shocking.



Secure Browser

Tired of worrying about malware and viruses and want a browser to protect you against outside threats were ever you go. These secure browsers can help but some of them come with a premium price.

Air Gap
Comodo Dragon


Delete Files ready to burn

Many user's encounter this problem when they are trying to burn a CD or DvD. Which is that they can't delete the files ready to burn. Your fist step is to try to delete the files itself by using the Windows files utility. If that fails you can try to install a program called unlocker and it does a great job of releasing programs that are locked down by Windows utility. And if all fails your last resort is to go to the run command in Windows and type shell:cd burning. This will open up the burning Windows utility folder to delete the file by itself.



Win 8 Security Help

Just installed Windows 8 and wish you had a software to check your security settings just in case you missed something. Well device health helps plug in your security concerns with just a click of a button. Now going online to bank and view your financial holdings will be easily secured, now that you have device health.



Prevent Sleep, Hibernate and Restart

Here's a handy program to prevent Windows from sleeping, hibernate and restarting. It a must have for user's who always want their computer on and want to disable the default Windows settings.



Shirt tuck techniques

Today I took an out of the box link and posted it on my blog to educate those in need of fashion tips. I don't give fashion advice but I know how to mix and match clothes. In the real world if you don't learn how to dress this can either win or loose easy jobs. It's unfortunate that we live in a society that lives on first impressions and if you miss that opportunity, that could be it for you. So for those shirt tuckers here's your link below



Amazon catering to drug dealers

I guess this wasn't on Amazon's list when it got business will be business and I guess in Amazon's world it's either they are going to make the money or someone else will beat them to it. Who knows maybe this is a shopping list for a great chef selling cookies.



Nest Use Data Info

Wondering what Nest and Google are up to lately? There is rumor going out that Google plans to sell Nest information to the power grid giants to see when someone lowers their thermostat settings when the weather gets hot. It's a privacy issue that Nest promises it's customer that it will not let out. But if you remember years ago, this was the same promise Google made to us when they shared our browsing information to advertisers. Only time will tell.




Looking for battery charger to charge you phone in a hurry. This new device is not only portable but speeds up the process in recharging your portable device. The next time your in a jam an running out of power. The LithiumCard is your answer when your in distress.



Fix Chrome not Updating

I recently encountered a problem were for one reason or another Chrome was not updating. My response was to re-install Chrome. But this failed because the trick to fixing the auto update lied in the registry. If your having this similar problem this is how you fix the problem.

Go to the registry but make the following changes

Go to Registry Editor
Double-click at the UpdateDefault or DefaultUpdate
And type 0 to 1
Exit Registry Editor and Go to your browser!
See! The Problem is solved!



Image Search

If your looking for images try Getty image search. Not only are they now royalty free but their library is still larger than most other online image sites.



Beware of Key Generators

Key Generators were once a great way to get a free copy of a pirated software. Now-a-days it's taking a chance that you'll get a free copy or better yet, get a bad virus and malware. I would highly recommend users to stay away from Key Generators unless you can afford being infected.



Win 7 Best Tweaks

Windows 7 has some great tweaks and here are the most useful tweaks for most of our daily Window users. Not only will it help you to save time but will get you the most out of Windows 7.



Pro & Con's of Saving Files to your Desktop

Ever wonder what are the pro's and con's of saving your files onto your desktop. Here it goes and I hope most of you will stop doing this, unless you currently have an online backup storage solution in place. I just can't begin to imagine on how many user's have this bad practice in place.




The first time I seen this I had to get it. Not only does it make it easier to take my charger portable but it simplifies keeping my phone always charge were ever I go.



Reset Firefox

Tired of your Firefox browser running slow or having problems. Try resetting Firefox and hopefully this will resolve your browsing problems.

Click on Firefox tab - > Help -> Troubleshooting Information -> Reset Firefox



Dropbox Business

Dropbox for business just gets better with improved with account transfer, remote wipe, and auditing logs. There is still remove for improvement but at least it's getting better for corporate.



Run Dropbox from USB

Here's a great way to run Dropbox from a portable device like a USB. It's a very simple and easy setup and now you can sync your files to your computer and always be on the go.



Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire just turned up the heat on recent streaming competition. Now whose ready to take it to the next level? If your a streaming fan, you might want to check out Amazon's Fire new features and how it compares to the others. It's something exciting to talk about.



Dropbox sharing info

Here's an interesting article regarding a Dropbox sharing user who tried to share a file online and somehow Dropbox knew what they were sharing was not right. Was it that or was it just Dropbox protecting it's files like usual.



Refresh PC

Having computer problems and wish you could restore all your current Windows settings to it's current state. This new software added to Windows 8 can now be installed on other Windows machines so that if your having Window problems, you can easily restore the pc to it's current state.