Wifi Advertising

Advertising is taking a new direction now with free Public WiFi. You customers not only get free WiFi at your location, but your able to offer specials and deals to them. It's new and different way to advertise and so that other people remember your name and services.
Check it out and take advertisement to a new level. You never know what you can get in the long run with the Smart WiFi.



Windows 10 ISO

If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, it maybe a good time to download the ISO so that in case you ever need to reinstall Windows again. It's easily available.


Free CRM

Running a small business and looking for a free CRM software to enable your business to grow profitable. This CRM software is only 20 mb big and easy to use. It's the start of getting your business together.



Clean Win 10 Install

Want to do a clean install of Windows 10 after upgrading. No problem as long as you activate your product with these easy steps. In just a few clicks you can now do a fresh install of Windows 10 without upgrading.



Win 10 Rollback

Just in case you decide to upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft has a thirty day secret for users who try to rollback. In which they will be not. So before you decide to upgrade to Windows 10. Start counting the days, otherwise you'll have to wait for the next security fix to resolve your problems.



Scary Hack

Looks like this hacker showed everyone how easy it is to open your garage door your car with some creativity.
It's no secret that for a while hackers have been coming up with ideas and tricks to get your secret codes and it's not their fault that the company who made these great products don't easily from time to time update their software. Because in the long run, everything is hackable.



Drone Rescue

Ever wanted to know what to do if you lost a drone and how to rescue it with another drone. It's simple and very creative. I don't think this will work for ever situation. But with every down drone, there is always a rescue attempt and I must say this was a very successful rescue.



Heimdal Security

Looking for a security software to help you fight malware along with your antivirus program. Look no further Heimdal is here to save the day.
It's a simple handy software to help your fight against malicious programs on the web.



Verizon Early ThanksGiving

Looks like Verizon this holiday is competing against it's rivals by offering existing customers more data for free, so they say so. There is nothing on the internet or it's website that it's free, but label it as a promotion. Only time will tell to see what their intentions are, but in the meantime if your a risk taker go for it and after the promotion you can always challenge their pricing against it's competitors and see what they will do for you. It's still a great treat regardless.



Epson Cartridge Killer

Looks like the cartridge has been killed. Epson new printer will be cartridge free and be a money saver for color printing. Not only did they eliminate the cartridge, but they gave you a money saving printer.



Microsoft Phone Scam

Getting calls from Microsoft and don't know what to do? It's a simple answer to the Microsoft scam that's occurring daily, just file a claim with the FTC and let the authorities do the rest.



Virtual Desktops

Enjoy the virtual desktops in Windows and wished that you could have it with your old OS. No problem with the help from these links below.

Virtual Dimension



Wanna give a friend or a loved one a gift card. Here's a new way to give out gift cards via mobile phone. This will definitely change gift cards and how user's use them daily. Great way not to loose something that is meaningful and useful.



Malwarebytes Improvements

Malwarebytes is getting better every day and from time to time it goes through release changes. Here are some release changes and the improvements that they are making. Malwarebytes is currently the top malware software in the market that was always ahead of the others. Check it and and give it a try.



Change DNS settings

Want to change your DNS settings but wish you can find a quicker way to do this. Here a great software to save you time during the change over. It's fast, quick and simple to use.




Installing Android on a Windows computer is not hard to do. All you have to do is install APK and be able to use your favorite software on your computer. Now you can use all your favorite Android applications everyday.



Iperius Backup

Looking for a home backup or business solution. This is a great start with premium editions for advanced backups. It's a beginners solution for backing up the way you prefer to backup.



Smartphone Cooling

Have a smartphone, then he's a cool item automakers are now doing. They are making a smartphone area in which when you lay down  your smartphone, not only will it be charging, but cooling as well. This will keep the smartphone from getting hot because of recent use while talking, streaming, or browsing.
Car makers are getting concern on what uses your smartphone bring to drivers that they are now developing solutions for the everyday problem. So now be ready to except more smartphone add-on's.



Remote Power Strip

Want to easily reboot and power cycle up and down any device. This power surge is what you've been missing.  Great for easily remote administration.



Malwarebytes Upgrades

Malwarebytes recently upgraded its software and it looks like it's for the better. Not only will it fight everyday malware but search for new malware installers. The dual software is going to strengthen it's dominance in the malware world. Good going Malwarebytes.

Junk Removal Tool


Hosted DNS

Want to host more than one website on a domain. No big deal as long as you have the right hosting company to consolidate all your domains in one. It's simple, practical and very affordable.



Lenovo Pc Stick

Looks like Windows is getting easier to deploy with it's new portable device. Not only will it be easy to carry with you. But it's going to change on how computers look today.



Car Rental No No

Recently rented a car for a few days. Make sure your follow these tricks to insure that your recent phone number has been deleted from the bluetooth settings. If not you can definitely have some identity theft problems in the future.



Best 64bit Software

Have a 64bit computer but lack some great useful software. No problem as long as you have time to check out these great programs for 64bit computers. There's no limit for the new 64bit.




Tired of seeing people park the way they want to park and not have any courtesy to others. This new site shames the drivers who are not following the rules and alerts the authorities and towing companies to hopefully do something in retaliation.



Windows 10 Not Free

If your still upset with Microsoft free Windows 10 giveaway forget it. If you read the fine print you'll see that it's not what it seems to be. In other words what user's of Windows 7 or 8 user's are going to get is a pre-release build of Windows 10. In other words it's an uncomplete version of Windows. Go figure on the freebie.




Looking for a remote solution to turn on your appliances or lights when your not at home. One product that is making this happen is Ankuoo and if you use it wisely it can change and make things simpler to do in your household.



Burn Dvd's and BlueRay

Want to save your favorite movie's onto your computer. If your a serious collector, you might want to do this so that you can treasure your collection forever.



Best Nail Polish

This nail polish company is willing to give user's new nail polish before it comes out, so that they can get feedback. It's a great way to get nail polish before it comes out and if your lucky to even work for the company.



Install Linux on Chromebook

Missing Chromebook's laptop options and wished you could have it. No big deal as long as your willing to tweak it with Crouton and install Linux OS to get your Windows feeling of a laptop. If all is done correctly your computer will not only have the Chrome OS but Linux

Linux OS
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