Marijuana Delivery

Times are changing and in the drug world so is the use of Marijuana. Just a few years ago this drug will land you a night in jail with a hefty fine and community service. Now everyone is coming out of the closet and creating delivery methods for the drug. You decide.



Outlook Web New Interface

Outlook web just recently got a make over and I hope that this is the beginning of more to come. The software is clear straight forward that's a little buggy. But if you can bear with Windows Updates then you can bear with Outlook web updates as well. Besides that it's a straight forward user friendly design that it simple to use and operate. Check it out and give it a try.



Pay with iPhone

If you haven't used iPhone to pay for stuff you should at least try it out. It's the future of payments to go where ever you go. Let's just say if everyone keeps on using it this could be the future credit card for everyone.



Apple switching SIM Card

Apple has this new switching SIM card that makes it easy for users to switch providers without user's having to swap their phone. This hopefully will help set the way for other cell phone companies to easy switch from one carrier to another. It's long over due. Thanks Apple.



Trend Micro Anti Threat

Looking for protection from MBR malware, and boot protection Trend Micro Anti Threat does a great job on helping yoru remove these nasty pest that infected your computer.



Toilet Roll Changing Instructional Video

Don't ask, but I am glad someone made a video to understand the basics in roll changing. You never know with the younger generation in getting this right all the time.



Dishwasher Teenage Instruction Video

The next time your children complain about doing chores around the house. Send them this dishwasher instructional video and have them master the almighty dishwasher.




This sounds pretty cool for user's who just want HBO web. Why not just get a web subscription to their service and watch your favorite episodes.



Can Flash Drives degrade

Interesting question and although many companies will backup there product. It's not unusual to hear people throw out there old flash drives because it failed. Here's more information on flash drive and degrading.



Free Tv with Android

Looking for free television via Android. Why not try these great applications to watch your shows via your Android device. 


Watch ABC
CW Network
Discovery Channel
Fox Now


MAC Safe Mode

Every now and then I post MAC tips and here is a great MAC tip to go into safe mode. The only time I would suggest you go into safe mode is when your computer is having problems so you can do diagnostics.


Step 1 - reboot computer
Step 2 - hold the shift key until the Apple logo appears
Step 3 - release the shift key after the Apple logo
Step 4 - login
Step 5 - when your all done reboot to go back to original computer settings.


Flashlight App info

Ever wonder what some application are doing on your phone. Read this interesting story and see why some hackers love you to install these handy application on your phone. Let's just say privacy is written all over this.



Switch from Android to iPhone

Wanna understand the logic on sticking with an Android phone. Let's just say it's all about name brand. With iPhone your buying a name brand and paying excessive amounts of money to just carry on the name. When sticking with Android your replacement value and over all cost in the long run will be less. Besides upgrading Android devices comes with a bigger selection when with Apple there just one upgrade to the most recent one.



Senior Android Apps

Is your baby boomer generation having problems using their Android smart phone. Most of the time it's the user application that makes it very difficult for them to use it. Try this simple senior application and see if it works. I would love the feedback.



Birthday Freebies

Your birthday is coming up and your wondering what can you get for free. Well this website narrows down the birthday baby discounts. Enjoy your wonderful day.



Win 8 Fixit

Here's the Microsoft fixit for Windows 8 computers. Ever since Microsoft shut down it's fix it repair utility users have been long awaiting a replacement to fix their Windows problems. Now Fixit2 is your answer to fixing Window 8 computer problems.



Maxthon MxNitro

Looking for a simple browser that's fast. Check out Maxthon MxNitro browser. It's a plain browser without extensions and cloud. It can be sort of fast for some user's but it's the bare bones of browsers.
If your in the market for a free no nonsense browser this is a good pick and worth checking out.



Patching Computers

Love patching your computers. Here are some alternative to computer patching and the similarities with the competition. Everyone has a unique method for patching and it all goes back to how the user is comfortable the way the software works with them. So if your thinking of patching, try a few of them and pick the one that works the best and start patching.



Drones without warrants

Pretty interesting information on how the police in California are using drones to monitor people without a warrant. To to justify that the future of drones is going up with no stopping.
It's only a matter of time before you get a visit from a drone near you.



Office 365 New Plans

Using Office 365 or planning on using it for your home or business. Here are the new plans that Microsoft will now offer to hopefully bring in new subscribers.
At least now they are being realistic in pricing.



Free website monitors

Unsure whether a website is up or down. Here are a few free website monitors to help user's justify if the website is up or down. It will at least clarify if it's your computer or the site itself that's down.

Up or Down


iCloud hack

Let's just say that hackers can now login to your cloud account and retrieve information. But they still have to know your email address in order to do this. Most of the information given is still unknown but possible by many other community sites.
Hopefully there should be a fix soon and It keeps cloud security levels update for future hacks.


Google Domain

If you haven't heard yet, Google domain has been opened and even though it's in beta it's pretty reasonable and affordable when compared to big giants like Godaddy. If your looking for honest domain purchasing site. Google domain is the way to go. Still in beta but hopefully it will grow.



Microsoft Bug Bounty

I just don't understand why it took so long for Microsoft to do this. Just because you have the hotest operating system in the planet and have vast numbers of users and have this extra cash. Why not have a cash bug bounty the similar why Google and others companies offer. In the long run it beats having to explain user's that another hole was discovered and another immediate patch has to be under way.



Online Image to BMP Convertor

Great way to convert any image to BMP. All you have to do is choose the image and establish your bmp pixel size and just convert. The rest is simple to do which is to download your output file. You no longer have to install third party software onto your computer.



Microsoft Powerful Security Tool

Yes Microsoft does have such a tool and it's a great add on to your regular security suite so that your one step ahead on protecting your Windows environment. With today's excessive security breaches. Any additional add on security suite should be a must just in case.

Microsoft Link


How the Internet Works

Want to see all the Internet activity and how it works. This free software keeps you on top what everyone is doing and what's going on every hour, minute and second of the day.



Drone Internet

Here is a great idea in the making of connecting the internet to the rest of the world. The idea is there and it's now just a matter of getting all the pieces together to make it happen. I just hope they push this idea forward the sooner the better.



More Remote Alternatives

Remote support has changed in the last few years and if your still in the market for a reliable service, your best bet is to try out several products before you go ahead and pay for the service. Be ready to jump ship just in case things don't work out. It's my experience that you will hardly see anything go bad until you sign-up for the service and are a premium customer.



Sharepoint Mapping in Windows

I was surprise today to see an interesting video on mapping Sharepoint to Windows and I am glad someone beat Microsoft to the test. This just shows you how little by little this giant company keeps on neglecting it's paid subscribers to the things that it's capable of doing. If they would only get their act together. Here it goes.