High Def on your TV via your laptop

This is a cheap and inexpensive way to watch high definition via your laptop.
If you currently have a HD or Blue Ray Laptop, you can watch your favorite programs in HD on your television using your televisions HDMI port. It's not plug and play but it can be done.
You would just have to locate the laptop HDMI port and connect a HDMI cable from your laptop to your TV's HDMI port. Set your television input to the HDMI setting and the laptop should recognize the connection. If it does not, you need to use the laptop's new display device by pressing the laptop's command keys ( usually FN+F5 )then goto the windows mobility center located in the control panel, on the external display tile click on Connect Display. You insert a HD or Blue Ray disc and watch the movie on the big screen. It your still having problems try doing a google search for HD or Blue Ray Laptop's via newsgroups or forum. Enjoy.


Free Drive Partition

Looking for a free drive partition software. Look no further. This Linux based software will help you partition your hard drive at ease. Just download the ISO file and burn it to a CD and reboot. It's that simple.


Archos Wifi

This is a great portable device, if you looking to download movies and tv shows. Even though new models are getting thinner, this device is the best of it's kind. Although there should be an external device for storage limits, this unit is pricey because of the limited free content providers.


Seagate Class Action Lawsuit

All you need to know is that if you purchased a Seagate Hard drive from March 01 to September 07 you will be eligible to claim a settlement from the manufacture because of the way they explain a gigabyte, when purchasing a new hard drive.


Better Cell Phone Reception

There have been in the recent years great improvement in cell phone reception gadgets and I have talked about some in the past. Here are a few great cell phone enhancers to help you get better reception.

@Home HotSpot
Wi-Ex zBoost


Flat screen sound bar

Have a new flat screen but dislike the sound. Take a look at Sound Bar. It's a great solution for flat panel monitors and the design is made to increase immersive sound quality. You be the judge.



There a new technology out there named WiTricity and what it does is that it easily recharges your portable devices. That means if you had a cell phone, PDA, or mobile laptop, as soon as you go into a WiTricity room, the portable devices get recharged. The process is still in experimental mode, but hopefully there can be some use for this great technology.


How much Rent are people paying in your area

Make sure the next time you move, you compare rental prices in your area. It gives you a ballpark of what you should at least be paying when compared to others.


New Job Search Engine

Next time your job hunting check out this new job search engine. It uses a keyword to search job websites, newspapers and company webpages.


To All Verizon Wireless Customers

Hurry up and opt out or you can bet that your cellular telephone number will be given to telemarketers to be shared. This is a no, no for Verizon.



This is the easiest free way to create a wallpaper for your cell phone. Just upload the picture you want to make a wallpaper for and in a few minutes, the magic is done. Some pictures will require resizing and cropping. But the rest is real simple.


Take TV Player

It's a creative way to take a video from your computer so that you can watch it via your television. The 8 gig flash drive saves your video from your computer. When you plug in the flash drive into the television dock, your movie is only minutes away to be viewed. It's an affordable solution to watch videos.



Let's just say this is the new way of video net sharing that will change the way we socialize. No software to install and you talk to everyone via your browser. You control who can see you. Video networking is now easy to do.


Stuff Safe

Need a home inventory software to keep track of your possessions. This free site will make your life simple.


Free Hard Drive from Microsoft

Looking for a free storage place for your files, Microsoft is here to help. Your going to need a Windows Live Id and you'll be able to upload for now 1 gig of hard drive space. Unfortunately Microsoft has arrived a little to late to offer storage space.


Google Doc's go Mobile

Google doc's has gone mobile and the batttle has begun to see if it can compete with Microsoft Office. The goal will be to provide similar services and gain user confidence, by being one step ahead of Microsoft. Hope Google can achieve it's goal.


Hard Drive Toaster

Looking for an easy hard drive hook up device instead of a USB to store your important data or music files. This gadget is a must have. Now swapping more than one hard drive will be a breeze.


Totalidea TweakVI

Here's a great tweaking software for Windows Vista. You can now shape your operating system and make everything simple. Make a one click Shutdown, configure hard drive details, access your Windows CD Keys, optimize the cache, change system folders with out needing to know how. Customizing Windows is simple.



New music site with no fees, no registration and you don't need really much to listen to your music.


Free books via pdf

Looking for a site to give you free books via pdf format. Look no longer this site make it easy so that you can be portable. Reading is fundamental.


Les Concierges

Need a concierge for all. Depending on your service level, your over the phone assistant can set you up with trips, Super Bowl tickets, reserve squash seats, and score hard to get reservations. All that it requires is membership to these elite services.


In Case of Emergency Cell Phone Tips

Have a cell phone and want to make sure your family or love ones are contacted if your in an accident. Follow this procedure that many paramedics use since 2005 have been using. It's called ICE. What you simply do is change your cell phone emergency contact names to include ICE (ex. ICE-mom, ICE-dad, ICE-daughter) and in case of an emergency police or hospital staff are able to notify your loved ones.


Language Line Services

Need a 24 hour language translator, then this site will come into great help. Think of it as a language hot line in your hours of need.



Need a taxi cab service throughout the Country. Next time just call this number and they will dispatch you to a local independently owned cab company in any metro area.


411 Song

Hear a song but can't identify the artist or label. Don't worry anymore. A new service is here to help you find that song by just dialing an 800 number, signing in and just playing that favorite song you want so bad. The fees are not cheap but if you figure the time and energy spent looking for that song. This site will give you the best results.


Other iPod Specialty sites

Want to trade your iPod for something else. This website will easily help you swap your music player. Link

Want to get a ECO Content music player. This site is will help you do just that.


Broken iPod

Have a broken iPod and just want to get rid of it. Here is a great website to get rid of your damaged iPod's. You can get an instant offer via Paypal in 24 hours.


More Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some more useful Windows keyboard short cuts you should always remember to make your typing job easier.



Need an official airline guide to over 75,000 departures from 3,500 airports. Take a look and download for free.


Online Conferencing Services

Looking for some good online conferencing services to consult on ideas and presentations.

The following companies have gone a long way to make online conferencing simple:
Adobe Acrobat Connect
Cisco Webex MeetMeNow
Citrix GotoMeeting


USB 3.0

What goes 10 time the speed of any connection, it's backward compatible and will be finalized by the end of 2008. If you haven't figured it out already it's USB 3.0. Who can't wait for excessive speed like this?