Looking for a cheap way of getting cables without paying premium prices. This link will save you a lot of money, but your best bet is always shop around before you buy.


Hotmail Disposable Emails

Hotmail has recently created multiple disposable email accounts to filter back to your primary email address. It's a great way for user's to extend their email addresses.


MooO System Monitor

Need to keep an eye on your system resources while your using your computer. Here is a great way to monitor your computer's performance.



Have a long article that you need to read but don't want to spend all that time reading it. Here is a great website to summarize your readings. I guess you can consider this the cheating on reading.


Print from Android Phone

Here's a little tweak to Print from your Android phone using Google Chrome. Once it's setup, you can always print Google Documents on the go where ever you go.

Application download Link


Priority Box for Gmail Mobile

If you haven't already seen it yet, Gmail has already updated it's mobile email application to handle priority emails. Now you can setup email priority on the go.


Free HTML Table Generator

Every time when I come across these free HTML generators, I share it with others because these sites are eventually shut down. Enjoy


Oops I lost my Car

Have you ever been a victim of oops I lost my car? Well help is here. The new camera base software will help you find your car. I just hope you can find it.


United States of Shame

Ever wonder which state has the worse, when compared to the other states. Well this graph will narrow down your current state biggest problem.


Google Voice 35k

If your using Google Voice and your traveling. Here is some good news. You now can use Google voice while your up in the air. I wouldn't suggest that you let everyone know this, since the airlines could ban this. But it's nice to know you can call your love ones and tell them that your on your way.


Best Dating Sites for 2011

The poll is in on the best dating site for 2011.
Here are the top seven winners.

BeNaughty.com10.4 %
eHarmony.com9.2 %
Gaydar.net17.7 %
Match.com20.1 %
OkCupid.com **WINNER**30.3 %
PlentyOfFish.com7.5 %
SmartDate.com4.8 %


Remote Reboot & Power Control

If your looking for a better way to reboot and control your computer remotely. Your going to love this device. It can be controlled from an internal web server any where in the world using IP based login's. You can even create startup scripts.


Ip Address

What to know where is your IP Address or domain name being hosted. This link will narrow down your IP searches.


Online Storage - Cloud

Looking for an online Cloud storage solution for personal or business (premium) use. The Box is a good substitute and it's only a matter of time before other companies offer the same services. Give it a try.


Mini Transportation Maps

Here is your chance to get the mighty wallet size subway maps for traveling in Chicago, London and New York City. Now you'll have no problem finding your destination while your on the go. I just wished the transportation authority would make this a permanent accessory item for commuters.



Stream Screen Remote

Now you'll be able to watch your screen in real time without install any software. Works great with Windows, MAC and Linux. All your applications are just seconds away for remote access.


YuuGuu Remote

Here's another great site with no download and installs. All you do is to go the www.yuuguu.com/share link and enter a PIN and you decide what you want to share. Attendees join using a web browser.  Everything done in less than a minute. Besides it's free.


Show My PC Remote Access

Here's another free Remote Access company offering free Online Meeting and Remote Support. Now getting help now a days will be a thing of the past, with these sites offering their free service.
This site also has Android support. So if you have an Android enabled phone, remote access is just minutes away.


Sky Fex Remote

Here is a remote access software for Chrome users in  which it enables you to gain remote access to other computers with little or no knowledge.

Company Info


HP Slate 500

0Looking for a tablet for your corporate environment. Take a look at HP Slate. It not only has Windows 7 PRO built in. But it can be configured the same way you would configure a Windows PC. Now the new generation corporate laptop is just minutes away.



Join me

Here is a simple way to share and have remote desktop connection over the internet. It's very simple and easy to use. Now sharing your screen can be a thing of the past with Join.Me


Reinstall Windows without Activation

I am not going to guarantee that this will work, but it's worth a try since you already have a licensed copy of Windows. All you have to do is install the software below, backup the Windows token and then restore the Windows token later on in the new computer. Good luck.

Software Link


E Health

Need a fast insurance quote that's going to give you monthly rates in a few easy steps. When you get tired of paying for the heavy insurance cost because of no medical coverage. E-Health-Insurance is your solution.


4G Coverage

Here is a 4G coverage map of the United States. Carriers say that they have 4G, but in reality what they have is a mixed incomplete coverage area. If we did have 4G, your phone would not drop calls and surfing on the net would be acceptable to everyone, because it would be the same as what you have at home. So let's clear this up now. 4G still has yet some growing up to do.


Fix USB not recognized

Here's the how to link fix for the USB not recognized in XP and 7. Most of the times it's a software problem recognizing the device. Your best bet if these tips don't work, is to wait for Windows to do another Windows Update and sure enough that will fix the problem. Good luck.


Norton Removal Tool

Norton software removal tool has been updated to handle even more up to date software's. Now uninstall an old version of Norton on your computer will be a thing of the past with this utility.


Windows Home Server Crash Plan

Running Windows Home Server and don't have a system crash plan. If I were you, I would start reading this article now. Don't take chances and get your system backup immediately.

Also note that Crash Plan is also available for all Operating systems. So if your unsure about your backups, it's time for Crash Plan.


Keygen Software Stealer

I am no fan of Keygen, but when a software is expensive and you can get it online for free. It does make life simple. And with this is why you should be aware of Keygen software's. They not only give you free serial key's to activate pirated software's but some of them steal your serials as well. Free does not always mean free.



This new media application is a solid hit. Not only can you share calendars, social networks and photo's. It recently added music sharing to it's list. This just changed the company's entire traffic and new users are being added daily. For Bump this is already a great start in the right direction and the future for the company is still open because of it's popular application.

Bump App


Chrome Experiments

Want to know what Google Chrome is up to. Check out the Chrome experiments to see what others are doing to push Chrome to it's limits.


The XXX Weather

You want to know the ,.*(>)/? damm weather. This say said's it like it is. I guess someone was pissed that someone couldn't make a website so simple. For mature audiences only.