To Open Online

Many user's when there online seem to be to open on the things that they usually do and where security is concern, user's should be cautious.



Microsoft Golden Key Lost

It looks like there's another hole in Windows that unlocks every secure boot Windows device and install other operating systems. Hackers now are capable of installing malware in a computer where it can stay there forever. Even patching this hole with an update was proven to be unsuccessful and from the looks of it, it's going to be a while before they fix this problem.



Facebook Posting

I have warned other's about this in the past and again here is a great article talking about the good and the bad of posting while on Facebook.
The good is that you can share your moments with other's on about your recent trip, the bad let's just say that your valuable now are in trouble.



Safe Mode Exploit

This is not a good thing for Microsoft, because Safe Mode is suppose to be a stand alone utility. Now I hope everyone will be on the bandwagon to patch this exploit as soon as possible and for those user's who were breached. I give it time for the someone to create a safe mode immunization.



Refresh Cache

Here is a great way to refresh cache with just one click of the mouse. Some websites already do this for you but for the one's that don't, here is a solution to have information always updated.



Configure your Pc

Looks like Microsoft loves to confuse it's user's on every new update that it looks like they are secretly trying to have you do what they want you to do. Which is miss out on opting out of a security setting. Hopefully you can be a step ahead by tweaking these setting with the help of this software below.



Disable Updates on Win 10

Not everyone loves Windows 10 Anniversary Update and if you are one of those user's and want to disable the update using group policy, here's the instructions on how to do so.



Google Allo

Here's a new messaging application from Google that's going to change how we do things. It's similar to What's App but with more options. It's like a personal assistant help you get and do what you want which is to keep you and your friends connected.



Emsisoft AntiMalware

Trojan's are showing up every where and your best options it to use the latest Trojan's removal software's to disinfect your computer. No one said it was going to be easy.



Scammers Paypal Problem

Looks like scammers again are trying to hoax user's in getting their information from Paypal and if your not careful or watch for the key sign's, they can easily get you.
My advice to you is if you get an email from someone to go to a Paypal account. Before you do so login to Paypal first and then click on the email and see if it goes directly to Paypal since your already signed in. If it asks you again that you need to enter a user name and password. Immediately stop, because it could possibly be a scammer.



Car Rental Phone Sync

Here is the good and bad on syncing your phone to your temporary car rental. And if your concern on privacy and people monitoring your were about's here is an interesting article letting you know what other's are capable of getting.



Facetime via Windows

Officially there is no Facetime on Windows application, but there are alternative applications to use instead that office the same what Facetime offers. So do you homework and be careful on what software you download that know one knows about.



Samsung Recent Problems

I wouldn't anytime soon go out a get a Samsung product, until they correct the recent flaws in their products. Currently they are claiming it's just the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but in time it will also include other products that user's are currently buying. Stay tuned.

Exchange News


Ninja Shutdown

Now you can automatically shutdown, restart and log off your computer with the help of the suite software. It's an alternative method for user's who want to shut down their computer.



Malwarebytes Antimalware Business

We all knew that it was a matter of time before this company would start supporting the enterprise division and it's finally here to protect your corporate computers.
I strongly recommend that you consider using this software in the enterprise world and protect your investment before someone else breaches security.
This company has long been fighting malware before anyone got into the business and it's going to be a while before other competitor's catch on.



Uber Lost

Looks like the successful taxi service that Uber creating is generating a huge loss lately. It's no secret that the company is gambling on it's success by advertisements and collection of drivers and with this comes a great loss. But if the company is able to capitalize on it's future plans then it's only a matter of time before it generates a profit. Keep it up Uber we are all watching.



Online Schools

Here is a great link to get more information on the Online Academy. It's going to take a while for everyone to learn how to get use to it, but if you can pace yourself. Continuing education will be a thing of the past via the Online Academy.



Increase MAC drive

Want to increase your MAC book drive, here is a quick fix to add an additional 200gb of storage to your existing MAC book.
It's not for everyone, but it's a sweet deal instead of upgrading.



Sharpen Photo's

Ever take a blurry picture and wished that you can somehow fix it with just a few clicks. We'll here is the answer to that ongoing problem.
I just hope that other companies follow suit as well and make this a standard application fix.



Netflix hold back

Looks like Netflix is swallowing up all those user's who are cutting the cord to cable but still not adapting consumer app's. All that I can say is that if they don't start listening to what consumers want, the future for this big video giant can be it's end.



Win 10 Login

Want to Login to Windows 10 automatically after doing an update. It's easier than you think for those user's who have no use for passwords. It's not for everyone, but for those user's who are not concern with this security level. Here is your fix.



Is this Microsoft Last Console

From the sound of it, Microsoft is loosing the console battle to it's rival. And as the future for Microsoft as a competitor, we'll that yet has to be proven.
It could possibly be that Microsoft is out of good ideas to compete in the gaming world and they might just given in.



Kapersky Anti-Ransom

Want to protect your computer against Ransomeware. We'll Kapersky is here to help you protect your assets and keep your computer security tight.



Website Security

If you want to make sure your website is secure, it's best that you try this website security before someone finds any security flaws and hacks it. It's a excellent utility to use for website consultants.




Tired of giving your clients a low end business quote for bids on high end jobs. Here is your solution to keep you business looking professional until your ready to get something better.



SMBs Single Sign-on

Small Business are helping their employee's get connected now by using single sign on's. It's a great way to get where you going with just one click and be able to access the information your requiring when going mobile. Here are a list of single sign-on vendors that you should be inquiring on, if you looking for this time of solution for your organization.

AppId SSo


Microsoft Self Healing

Having problems with Microsoft software, then this self healing fix should solve your Windows problems. Just use the MS Tool to repair your problems and easily move on to better stuff.



Win 10 Anniversary Update

Don't want to wait any longer for the Windows 10 Anniversary update. We'll here's the link to get you going to the next level of Windows. User's should be aware also of the recent user feedback on Windows 10 Version 1607.



Chromebook vs MAC

Looks like people are starting to buy more Chromebooks than MAC and for the first time Chromebook is moving up the charts.
Price wise you can't complain and it's about time that consumer's are figuring it out that most of their work that they do daily can be done by just making a little switch.
As for the future of Chromebook is still uncertain, but at least it's not going to hurt your pocket.



Microsoft +60 Utilities

For a few years already Microsoft has these cool 60 + utilities that's been letting developers use them for free. There just some sweet programs that are just great to have. Check them out and pass them on.