PC Wizard

Here's another advanced hardware detection device designed to make your life easier by giving user's useful information about their computer components. Your periodically updated to get the most accurate results on your current system setup.


Deploye MSI via Group Policy

Want to install software automatically via group policy. Here is a great way to install it based on your user group profiles. It doesn't work for everyone, but it is a great tweak.

Unstoppable Copier

Here comes a nice utility that fixes copied corrupt files. This is a relief because it gives you an opportunity to clone your image all over again so that you always have a good copy available.


Disable Vista UAC

Want to disable Vista UAC utility as soon as possible. This software software is the key to your answers for those computer user's who are not very computer friendly.


Where to File Tax Returns

Every year all my friend and family always ask me for this information, and now I decided to post it to be easily available for everyone to see it. Just click on your state and you'll be able to see the filing address for your state.

New York City


Service and Scheduled Task User Manager

Need to change the password regularly on your services and accounts. This little Service and Scheduled Task User Manager will do the trick. Now with the help of a few clicks you can add computers, rename the accounts with new passwords and validate them.



Here is a great utility that has over 100 portable programs to assist on making your life easier while always on the move. Hopefully you'll never need to use all of these applications.


Active Directory Explorer

Here is an advanced version of the Active Directory in which users can view properties without having to open dialog boxes. You can re-execute, save and search easily. It even has the capabilities for snapshot of current active directory settings for future use. It's a must have for a system administrator.

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Here is another great utility that provides users with their computer specifications. It a must have utility if you are upgrading your unit and want to make sure that your new hardware will work properly.


System i Access Excel Toolbar

If your an i Access user and recently noticed that everytime you open Excel the i Access toolbar opens up and you can't remove it. Here is the fix. You might have to try all of the following methods to see which method works the best.

Method I
Try customizing the toolbar and uncheck the i Access toolbar and see if it disappear when you entirely close and open Excel again.

Method II
Try renaming this DLL file and see if the i Access toolbar opens up. It work wonders for me.
C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Shared\cwbtfcai.dll

Method III
Requires a registry edit, if your brave to do it.
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Addin s\DataTransfer.Addin.1


Let Me Google That for You

Tired of people telling you information that they can easily Google that themselves. This is how to tell them the easy way. Just type in the information they are looking for and this animated Google website show's them how to Google those questions. Give it a try and trust me, it's a keeper.


Multi Screen Monitor Helper

A useful software for dual screen monitor users who hate to minimize windows while multitasking. Great for gaming.


Citibank iPhone app Failure

If you have currently installed the Citibank iPhone application, be cautious. It looks like the application accidentally saved personal information. But no need to worry. A patch update was already issued and it's problems have been resolved.
I would caution all mobile bank users from now on to lock your mobile phones. There is no knowing what information thieves can retrieve from it.


Win 7 & Xp Sharing Problems

Recently some user's are having problems sharing files from Windows 7 & XP computers. And the sharing violation is sometimes a Windows nightmare to correct. Here is the registry tweak to end the Windows sharing violation in both computers.

Registry Tweak
* 1. Open the registry by typing regedit in Start Search
* 2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\
* 3. Look for lmcompatibilitylevel on right side, and it should be 0 or 1. If it don’t exist, create it.
o 1. Right click >> new dword
o 2. Name it LmCompatibilityLevel
o 3. Set value to 0 or 1


At&t caps Bandwidth

Let's just say that At&t doesn't mind on selling you bandwidth, the only thing is that it still wants to control how much bandwidth you can use at your leisure. I guess Google TV will be out of the question for my regular plan.



Get ready for smart bookmarks that enhance websites with a simple click. It's sort of a web based bookmark search engine. You can find similar bookmarks with key words or make them up as you go. All you have to do is click on them and your there. Check it out and give Marklets a try.



A new way of using notes on the web. Your not only going to enjoy how you can note individual websites, but how you can keep track of your personalized notes.


Windows Live Mesh Beta ShutDown

Windows Live Mesh Beta user's better hurry up now, they have until March 31st before it's shut down. It's not that Live Mesh is shutting down, it's that Microsoft pulled the plug on Beta and user's must backup before going to Live Mesh 2011.


Facebook in the Real World

It's amazing how people react to Facebook. For all those user's who are still not my friend. This goes to you.


inTouch Remote Access

Looking for remote access, take a closer look at inTouch remote service. Pricing is very cheap when compared to other premium remote service companies. They even has PDA / Cellular support is affordable.

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How Much is your Website Worth

Here is a website analizer that estimates what a website is worth. I advise buyers to research before you buy so that you exactly know what in reality something is really worth. Just remember it's just a website.


Logo Generator

Need to generate new Logo's. These twenty five websites should be helpful and make your life easier. I am just glad that they are all free.



Recently installed a hardware onto your computer but you can't find the software driver to install and make your hardware work correctly. Here is a great utility to find those missing drivers.


Make an Undeletable Folder

Here is a great tip to make an undeletable folder. It's a must for user's who are always afraid of having someone accidentally delete a main folder on their computer.


Know the Install Date of your OS

Here is a nice tip to learn the install date of your Windows operating system. Why one would want the install date is simple. You might just want to restore a backup you made after a particular date. Or you might want to review when you first bought your computer and installed Windows. Regardless of it's uses. It's a great command to learn with quite useful information.

go to DOS prompt and type "systeminfo" one word with no spaces and just look for a line item that saids Original Install Date.


What to do After Win 7 SP 1 Update

Here some interesting information regarding the left over Windows 7 Service Pack Update. If your thinking of just deleting it, read this before you do so. It never hurts to take precautions when upgrading.

Make XP look like Win 7

Using Windows XP and want to transform that software to the new similar Windows 7 operating system. All you need is Seven Remix XP and it will do the Windows XP to 7 transformation.


Word Viewer

Want to view DOCX and XLS without Microsoft Word and Excel. No problem as long as you have Word Viewer. This application is a must have if you need to view a file and you don't have Office.


Abort a Shutdown Operation

Accidently started a shutdown operation and need to abort it immediately before anything else goes wrong. Go to the run command prompt and type "shutdown -a", or if it easier just hit the Window key + R and when the command prompt opens up write the command above.


Groove Select

Browsing the internet and come across an audio file that you would like to hear. But don't want to leave the page that your on. This bookmarklet will let you play that audio file while your still browsing. It's a must for music lovers.



Want to remove the clutter from what your reading. This application helps you reformat your viewing standard so that you can easily read the articles.


How to kill a program Immediately

Here is a nice tip on how to kill a program immediately. I like using the CNTRL&ALT&DEL command and you just highlight the program and wait to end task.
If that doesn't work you can also kill the program via the run command by typing the following: "taskkill /f /im programname.exe"


Turn Off, Restart and Log Off Options

Here is a registry tweak to put restart, logoff and shut down onto your desktop via my computer. The tweak will save you time when your computer fails to do it's standard commands.

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