In IE8 Place the Menu Bar Above the Address Bar

It's an easy windows registry tweak, just make sure your careful and backup your windows registry just in case something goes wrong.


Smallest Transflash

Or if you want to be more specific it's the smallest thumb drive that many users already use on a regular basis. This is the beginning of smaller flash drives to come.


Free Resume, business Cards & Faxes

Yes it's true and you better hurry up because it only last until to May 30,2009. All of course by compliments of Office Depot. I guess they figure that in the future you'll remember them and still come back for other services.


New Wedding Websites

It looks like wedding planners are at it again with the new Wedding websites. You know can send a wedding invite via email and even arrange hotel arrangements for visitors who come out of town. I must amazed by this main idea.


Swine Flu Tracking

Yes now the deadly Flu that's terrorizing the world is being tracked. And you can see how deadly this new virus can spread easily throughtout the world.

Swine Flu Route


100 DvD's on 1 Disk

Yes it's possible with G.E. to put 100 DvD's onto one Disk. Now all we have to do is make it affordable for everyone to use.


where is George

This is a Great site to find out how far your money travels. Who knew how far money can travel. Try it and you'll be surprise.


Sony Tiny Keyboard

Sony once again has zapped the big keyboard to a pocket size version. The wireless keyboard is a must have for travelers on the go. And as for the price, well let's just say it's still not that bad.



These SATA dock devices just get better and better as time goes by. Now you can easily do a backup with a touch of a button. For the price it's a steal.


Solar Power

Is Solar Power energy for you? If you have the money and want to go green. This is a great way to save energy and money. It all depends on your location and commitment to be green.


U.S. New $100- Bill

Here's the information on the new $100- bill from the U.S. treasury. It just amazes me on how much security measures our country goes through to make sure no one counterfeits.

Also for more education research on $100- bills see this Link


Bluetooth 3.0 is HERE

The new standards are an increase in data rate and decrease in power. I just wish manufactures would push selling all products with Bluetooth.



SolChat is a new type of solar power bluetooth that attaches to your car and act's like a speaker phone. I just hope for the price this gadget lives up to it's price.


Internode Monthly Usage Meter

Here is another Firefox Add-on to monitor your broadband monthly upload and download speeds. It a must have for individuals who always want to know their broadband speeds.


New iPod Shuffle

As the technology gets better with the iPod Shuffle, Apple looks at cheaper ways to make it's product. You pay $79 dollars when Apple just makes it for $21.77.


Barnes & Noble Ebook Reader

I guess with Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble figures it should also get into the Ebook Reader business. Only time will tell.


Troika Social Security Card Concept

This new concept is great because you have your social security card, your passport and your drivers license all in one. The only bad thing about is that it's still hackable. Hopefully someone will figure out something similar to this concept.


Denon USB Recorder

Denon just launched it's new Vinyl Recorder with a USB port so that you can easy tranform any vinyl record to an MP3. Technology is catching up.


WildCharge Supports more phones

A while back I talked about the new cable free charger for your cell phone, pda, and other electronic devices. The manufacture was limited to production because of the lack of the electronic devices it supported. But it looks like demand is catching up and this maybe the new technology for tomorrow.

Supported List


New ATM Card Skimmer

I must say with all the new technology out there. It's funny how skimmers can still pull the ATM Card scam over and over again.


How to Get a Grant

Excellent material for people who are in school and want to get a GRANT.
If you having problems viewing the website, try going to Knol at google.com and searching for GRANT.


Adobe Alternatives

I am glad to see now that there are a few alternatives to the bug invested Adobe acrobat software. It's a shame that it's time to say goodbye to Adobe but this is what happens when a company gets too big. They just get sloppy.

Alternative Acrobat
PDF Hammer
PDF Direct & Quick View
PDF Exchange View
Cool PDF Reader


Show Desktop Icon

If you had the show desktop icon at one time and now it's missing. This is how you restore the link onto your desktop.

type Start -> Run -> type regsvr32/n/i:u shell32.dll and press Enter
a dialog should tell you that the process succeeded.

Now you need to restore the icon in the toolbar
To restore it either reboot or do the following select Start -> Run -> type as is with quotes "%appdata%\microsoft\internet explorer\quick launch" and press Enter
Now it will show in the Quick Launch bar.

In Vista
download the file labeled 'ShowDesktop.zip' from HowToGeek.com and then open the file and drag it to the Quick Launch bar.


DTV Digital Receivers

Getting ready to go digital in June and still need a digital receiver. Well here is the link to get the Digital TV Receiver. Otherwise if you already have a DirecTv box and getting cable service, you should not be affected.


Adobe 9.1 Lite

Have Adobe but can't stand that it eats up a lot of space. Take a new look at Adobe 9.1 Lite . Takes less space and hopefully it's going to be bug free.


iAntivirus 1.35 for MAC

If you have a MAC machine and still have no antivirus software. Fear no more with this free MAC iAntivirus software. It's better to have something than nothing.


Web page Forms

Want to create a mailing list, survey response list or just any other forms for your website. This site is a starter and prices may vary on services that you need.


IE 8 Headaches

In just a few days most users of IE 8 either switched their browsers back to IE 7 or are going to Microsoft's competitors. Can you blame them when the new IE 8 eats up 4 gig of hard drive space.


More Office Shortcuts via web browser

Here are some more Microsoft Shortcuts via Internet Explorer.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Outlook.exe

Power Point Viewer
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\pptview.exe

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\winword.exe

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSAccess.exe


Create an Excel Shortcut onto your desktop

Open up Internet Explorer and type the following command.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\excel.exe

save the file onto your desktop and easily access excel on your computer


Area Code's

Are you getting tired of just getting calls from different area codes, who you don't know? Next time use this map has reference to help you narrow down your searches.