Control your Digital Camera with a Universal Remote

Many Universal remotes are capable of doing this. Your best bet is to search online to see if someone has already done this so that you can just enter the code and be done. Otherwise, you'll have to scan your Universal remote until it finds a code that matches. Your camera memory card has to be set to receive IR commands in order for this to work. The camera should always stay awake and responsive.
At times if the remote locks up, just remove the camera battery and try it again and it should work fine.


Get rid of GoogleUpdate.exe

Did you know that when you installed Google Chrome, it also installed the GoogleUpdate.exe application. And if hate software's that eat up your memory, here is the fix to remove the GoogleUpdate.exe application.


To do a Bios Update or Not

This is a great way to see if you need a bios update. Many times, it's unnecessary unless your doing a hardware upgrade. If it's software, this rarely fixes the problem. But it's best to see what is your current bios version and what new fixes the latest version supports.


Asus Folding PC Case

Asus just recently came out with a folding computer case. I don't know what use that will give computer user's later on. But it will save money for the company when it comes to shipping costs.


Xobni for Outlook

Using Outlook, then check out this great utility that helps make Outlooks better. Besides it displays each contact's phone number, it tells you the number of conversations, find files by specific topic's, plus more.
It's a must Add - On for Outlook lovers.


Advance Features to Digital Cameras

This tip works great with Canon camera's. It requires you to install the software on the SD card and if you want the camera to return to it's original state. All you do is to remove the SD card.

The software overrides the camera's fireware settings but it can void your camera warranty, so make sure you understand the camera's warranty policy before you attempt to modify the camera's settings.

To confirm you have the new firmware installed on the camera just press Func Set and press the Disp button. A window should tell you the version of the firmware you have.

See compatible camera's that work with this tweak.
You then will need to connect your SD card to a pc with a card reader to install the new firmware. Download and install Card Tricks and choose the exact memory card you have and click on the SD icon and select your card. Click format as Fat and click Make Bootable and choose Download CHDK. A web page should open and select your camera and firmware version. Save the file to your desktop without extracting the file downloaded. In Card Tricks choose CHDK -> card and select the firmware file you downloaded. The software will transfer the file to the card without unzipping it. You now take the card and install it on to your camera. When you camera is powered on, it should go to a screen splash indicating that CHDK is running. Now you can access features beyond your spec's.
More camera tutorials are Here.

Thanks for the tip www.PCWorld.com


Backup your Email

If saving important emails, then you should be thinking about an email backup option, just in case something should happen in the future. Don't rely on anyone to assure that your emails are being backed up properly. Because in the end your the one who's going to loose this valuable information.
There are several ways to backup your emails and here are a few.

Mail Store
Amic Tools


Print list of MP3's

This is a good way to print all your MP3's on your computer. This software prints listing of folders and sub folders in every way possible to make it possible to print you list of MP3's on your computer.


Shadow Copy

If data is an important necessity to you. Make sure your computer is without Shadow Copy. This free utility takes a snap shot of your computer data and stores it on your hard drive. If you later on need to go back to retrieve old data. You just go back to an earlier version. It a must have item in the corporate world.


Microsoft Shared View

Currently in Beta but this app lets you start sharing a screen session with anyone.  Now remote access is getting simpler to use.


Political Fund Raising Page

Want to start a fund raising page for your favorite politician. Here it goes with the help of Act Blue and Slate Card. This helps you create a widget that you can later add on to a web site or personal web site for contributions.

Party Pick


Skip Ads with a Cable Remote

Many Motorola made DVR's are capable of doing this but it's only for a 30 second jump. You have to remap the remote to do this.

Press the Cable button
Hold the Setup button until the Cable button flashes
Enter 994 on the keypad making the Cable button to flash twice
Push the Setup button once
Enter 00173
Push the button now that you want to use a 30 second skip
I would choose the A button
and your done

If you want to restore the remote to factory settings, follow the steps above again, but this time after entering 994, pus the remapped key twice. The Cable button will blink twice if your input was accepted.

Good luck


Download Tivo Shows to an iPod

Yes this is possible but you still would need to install the TiVo Desktop software and a software called Direct Show Dump to enable shows to play on any device.


Software Discounts for Educators

Looking for cheap software at discount prices. This link will get you great savings that teachers, faculty and students are already getting.


Comcast 50 Mbs Internet

Comcast already has rolled out it's 50 Mbs Internet and it's price is not cheap. This eventually will take broadband to a new level where slow downloading hopefully will be a thing of the past.


Unlock your Cell Phone

Hate the fact that you have a cell phone that only can be used for one cell phone provider. Well know you can unlock your Cell Phone but it does void the manufacture warranty. So be careful on doing this, otherwise this tweak could be costly.
First all you have to do is go to the following links and follow the instructions:

Un lockit Free
Bilemo Unlock
Mobile Codez


Home Made Wifi Antenna

Need to boost your Wifi Antenna. Use the Parabola Calculator to figure out the size of antenna you need to boost your signal. Once you have the size of antenna you need. Draw it on a piece of paper and trace it onto a smooth piece of metal to serve as the reflectors. Cut the metal to the specifications and curve the metal into U shape reflectors with small holes to fit the current antennas. If you do everything correctly. You now succeeded in making a Home Made Wifi Antenna.


1 Year Free Online Magazine

This is your chance to get a year's worth of free magazine's via Zino Magazine reader. I've used the software for over 5 years and it's very different when compared to regular magazines. You can store your magazine's easily and review them at anytime for future reference. It's now time to go digital with all of your magazines.


Computer Backup Programs

In the past few years there have been great improvements with Computer backups. If your not backing up your computer now, hopefully you'll start soon before it's too late.
Here is a list of the recent top backup utilities:

NTI Backup 5
Genie Soft Genie Backup
EMC Retropect 7.6
Titan Backup 2.1


Programs into a Dock

This cool application puts all your programs into a circular dock so you can easily choose which program you want to load up next. Now anyone can personalize their dock and choose their favorite programs.


Virus Total Uploader

Scared of downloading files and not knowing if your going to get a virus. Try this Virus Total Uploader. Once installed, all you do is download the file and then you attached the less than 10 meg file to the Virus Total Uploader program and it will scan the file using 35 different antivirus engines. In the end, you will feel secure that your taking a second line of defense keeping viruses off of your computer.


PC Tune up

Need to clean your computers junk directories that are no longer in use.  CCleaner does a great job on eliminating useless registry clutter.


Online Armor Personal Firewall

Looking for a third party firewall better than Windows current firewall. Online Armor Personal Firewall is free and tends to work better than Windows personal firewall. But if your using Vista, then your out of luck unless you want to use the Vista Firewall Control software that is also free.


HR Management Software

In the market for a good HR Management software. Get a free trial at Success Factors and put yourself in the right direction for HR Management.


Windows 2008 Complimentary Study Guide

Hurry up, no telling how long this link will be active. But learning Windows 2008 it a must for the corporate environment.


Bring back Dead Torrents

It is possible with the help of a software called btReAnnounceR. So just because your torrent file looks dead. Does not mean that it's the end.



Here's another free open source photo retouching software similar to Adobe photoshop. Photo editing made easier.


Text Guard

Here is another text monitoring software to monitor all text and incoming calls for your family members.


McAfee Headache

Antivirus software's now make it very difficult for you to say good bye even when you uninstall them.
I recently was working on a computer that at one time had installed McAfee antivirus and firewall, but now no longer has it. To my surprise when the computer will told me that the McAfee firewall or Shield stopped a suspicious file. It was nice that I was informed by McAfee, but when the software was uninstalled. That should have been the end. McAfee should know better to understand when someone removes it's software. It's usually permanent. So take control of your computer and say goodbye to McAfee.


Nationwide Free Broadband Update

Regardless of the complaints from several carries on Free broadband throughout the United States. It looks pretty good in our favor. Hopefully the FCC will stick to it's decision and make it possible. Stay tuned.