These new charging stations will hopefully change the way you charge you phone daily. Not only does it remove the option to connect the power cord to your phone. But it makes it easier to charge your phone.



Death of the Desktop

Two companies are pushing hard to kill off the desktop and if this moves forward, we can be looking at a very different future without desktops all together. If Google and Vmware make it possible, your next computer could possibly be a chrome book.



Google Account Access

You may want to review all your linked accounts in Google from time to time and after you read this article you'll be aware that most of the times its not good to link accounts together. I don't want to start a panic but you should be concern.

Google Permission Link



Chromebook OS Troubleshooting

Recently purchased a Chromebook and now want to be able to troubleshoot it's basic problems. Well a few technicians have made it simple to figure out what's wrong and hopefully one day it will help you.
Alt Link


Auto Blinds

Now adjusting your home blinds can be automatically controlled via smart phone or automatically depending on your current settings. It's a great product and I can see a new beginning for the home users. Check it and pick up a Jalousier for under $100-. I am sure you'll get your money back.



OS X Beta

Want to sign-up for OS Yosemite Beta. Here's how and for those user's who don't. Well let's just say you'll have to wait until the OS comes out to see what's new.
It's a great time to review, trouble shoot and learn what's new with this OS coming out soon.



Dell Warranty void

Dell users be warned if you install VLC or KM Player on your computer, Dell will void your warranty. The excuse that Dell is using is that the software overrides Dell's manufacturing specs and damages the speaker. So if you install the software, you void Dell's manufacture computer warranty. Sound ridiculous, yes it as and as for the software makers response. It's that Dell is building computers with poor quality speakers.



Fast ISP

Looking for the fastest ISP in your area. You can stick with Comcast in which in many cases will be your fastest ISP provider in your area. But in areas where in doubt your best bet is to start here and check out the forums for customer reviews and opinions.



$100- Tablet

This new Windows 8 tablet is about to change the tablet market and push Windows 8 to users. Not only will they be stuck with an inexpensive tablet, but have Windows 8 on it to use it daily. Will the consumer market like it or not will be a great challenge for Microsoft. But regardless is still a great deal for a bargain price.



Facebook Ad Scam

I wish this wasn't true but as a recent ad subscriber, I can't really say running any Facebook Ad's has change my new business leads. You be the judge.



EventSentry Light

Hate the Windows version of system monitoring. Here's an excellent add on to Windows that manages and monitor logs. It just makes it more richer and easier to monitor.




Looking for weather around the world. Check out this new site that makes it possible giving you more detail information that ever before. You might just enjoy getting more from the weather.




Looking for a new matchmaking application to make your social life more interesting. Tinder is starting to look real good now. Starting from the campus grounds, now it's going international and soon it will be global. Give it a try, you never know.



Solar Socket

Need to charge your phone on the go, why not charge it with a windows solar charging device. All you do is attach the solar device onto a window facing the sunlight and just plug your phone to the solar charger and your device easily charges. Convenient and simple to use.



New delivery service promises that you'll be home when package is going to get delivered. Now missing a package will be a thing of the past. You'll know when and where your package arrives. Unfortunately it's just available in the NYC areas, but only time will tell when it reaches other areas.



Key Me App

I don't know still if this is a real application and if it is what they say that it is, but per the application if you loose your keys and need to make a copy of the key. It will cost you almost $10- to get a copy of your keys made. I just hope your key doesn't get hacked.



Remo More

Looking to optimize your system check out this freeware to speed up your internet, startup, one click maintenance and enhancements. It's a great utility for Window lovers.



Fix a broken Cat clip

Frustrated that your category cable clip is broken. Here are a few great tips to fix that problem so that you don't get upset. There are not the best fixer uppers but it beat replacing the cable all together.



Home Value

Trying to sell your home but can't figure out if your getting a good market value for you home. This site will give you homes in your area pricing plus an estimate market value for your property.




Monitoring your hard drive is serious business. If you not doing regular backup or monitoring your hard drive status, you can be a victim of having a failed hard drive or lost backup. Your best bet is to understand what SMART does and why you should be concern.



Best Broadband

Looking for the best broadband to connect to the internet. Here's an interesting website to visit to see what's the typical user download experience in your area. This can help you narrow down what to expect in a particular area your visiting for internet download. A must go to site for the every day traveler.



Pc Hardware Buying List

Tired of buying motherboards and computer accessories that just don't play friendly with other products. Well Pudget Systems narrows your choices on which is the best on the block and hopefully now you'll buy good computer hardware for you system to work right.




Google recently launched a goto meeting bundle that takes video conferencing to a new level. Since Google already perfected the technology a while ago, all they had to do is market it and sell it to the business world.



Chrome Office Suites

Ever wonder how Chrome OS Office Suites works? Simple it uses various Office suites from various companies to give you one complete Office suite. Without it, Office would be hard to compete with it's leader Windows Office.



Park Mobile

Here's an easier way to park via mobile. It's a modern way of parking so that you don't run around and go crazy looking for change. All you do is register online, install the application on your phone and the next time you park with Park Phone Go you just enter your space number and for your parking space. It's that simple and easy to do.



Nuclear Attack Hideout

Ever wonder where one can seek shelter should a nuclear attack take place. Well the US still does these studies and still consider the risk.
Here is some information, in case you wanted to know as well.


Webcam Alert

Worried that your webcam is quietly recording you while your not using it. Here is an easy way to find out what programs you have installed that's access you webcam to record your or broadcast you while your not using it. It's a good way to protect your privacy.



Process Explorer Update

Now this great software not only give you real time information about your computer but it now comes with Virus Total so that you can monitor viruses. This add on feature for viruses is a plus and will now be part of my tools used on a daily basis to fix computer. It should be yours too.



Restart Taskbar or Task Screen

Windows 8 has changed the way you do things when Windows starts acting funny. Instead of re-booting the system when your computer is acting funny. Try this hidden command which is Cntrl + Shift + Right Click from the taskbar and all you have to do is highlight explorer and do a restart.
Hopefully when it restart's everything should run as usual.



Win 8 Update

Having a problem showing the Windows 8 update. Here's is what you need to do so that you can install the Windows 8.1 update on your computer.

Type in the run command "wsreset.exe" and re-boot computer and now you should be able to do the Windows 8.1 update.


Malicious Software

Ever wonder what is malicious software and why you should be concern? Let's just say it's Microsoft way of making sure your computer is not infected with malware and if it finds any it will delete it and remove it after you re-boot.



Pc Maestro Inc

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