Electric Car Boom

Looks like the new electric cars are getting the attention that they have been wanting for a long time. And if manufacture's keep on getting things right and make it better the car of the future will be here and the what is now known as a gasoline station, will be gone for good.



Network Usage Viewer

Yes it's always a good idea to monitor your network to see what's going on, just in case someone is doing something that's unusual.



Bandwidth Monitor

Here is another Beta bandwidth monitor called NetMeter and from the looks of it, it's similar to most of the bandwidth monitor's I have used in the past. If your in need for one, this should work just fine.



Wayk Now

Here is a cool remote support software tool for those user's who just want simple access to other user's computer's and workstations. It has it's limitations, but it's still a cool utility to use.



Acrylic WiFi

Now analyzing your WiFi congestion can be easily understood with this elite WiFi software. No more guessing what's your maximum speed and best channel for your system.



Plex Remote

Here's the easiest way to setup remote access for anyone without the worry of security patches not being deployed. Now remote access can be always secure, when your on the web.




Need a public IP address so that you can easily login. This site make it fast and simple to do, but just make sure you take additional steps for security.



Network Benchmark

Want to benchmark your network, here are fantastic tools that you can use to see if your network is up for performance and range. It's the best technique for tuning up your network.

Internet Speed Test
Lan Speed Test


Will not Print

Very interesting error that requires user intervention because printer will not print. And it looks like the bug yet has not been fixed. But if you run into this error, here is how to fix it.



Two Login Keys on Win 8.1

Why are there two keys when logging on to Windows 8.1. The answer is very simple and it's because you added a Microsoft account to that computer and you also created a local account.
And the reason for the two keys is a precaution used by Microsoft for hackers not to get it and install software on your computer.

More Info


Security Smarts

Want to learn the non technical IT Security tips for awareness. If you have a gmail account then you can sign up. But you'll get every week over a hundred technical tips for user's on security.



Lyca Mobile

Need to make international calls on your cell phone. Take a look at Lycra mobile with it's great plans for different countries. You will be surprised on the savings.



Goodwill Donations

Here is what happens when you donate a Goodwill item and the process it goes through. Although many times the items get re-used. Not all items make the cut.



Fake Gadgets

In a world where everyone copy's everything, it's hard to tell if certain items are original or fake. Here are some sign's to help you distinguish one from the other.



Android to Apple

Moving from Android phone to Apple phone, no problem with Apple new transfer software. Now you can easily export your old phone information from one device to another in no time.


Banks Vemno

Looks like banks have created their own Veno with the approval of banks called Zelle. Even though Zelle still does not have it own application, it's a tool to send money. And user's get their money within minutes. Get ready for the world of payments.



Scarey Malware

This malware is one of a kind and looks like the new generation of malware's to come. It not only hides very well that user's can't even notice anything out of the ordinary.



Rename a PC

Here is some great information from the TechRepublic on how to change a computer name.

Rename a computer

When you set up Windows 10 on a new PC as a clean install, Windows automatically creates a random computer name for you using the word DESKTOP, followed by a hyphen and seven random letters and numbers.

If you never use a local network, you can safely ignore that name. But if you share files with other computers, it helps to use descriptive names that make it clear which device you're connecting to.

To change the computer name in Windows 10, Click on Windows Icon go to Settings > System > About. The current computer name is near the top of that page, with a large rename this PC button below it. Click that button and enter a descriptive name using any combination of letters, numbers, and hyphens. (no special characters or spaces allowed.) The maximum length is 15 characters.Then click next to finish the renaming process and then restart your PC.

In Windows 7, the process is similar, but it uses the Computer Name tab on the System Properties dialog box instead. For a shortcut, click Start and then type systempropertiescomputername (with no spaces) in the search box. Click the search result, click Change to enter a new name, and then restart.


Music Download

Here's a cool music site to check out and pay once and user forever. I love the idea and the effort that the site is making for legally downloading music. If you love your tunes, it's a must see site with over 200,000 music.



Apple's new iMac

I guess Apple is now giving way for user's to do what ever the choose to do with their iMac so that it can be customized to their means.
A great move for consumers to customize their iMacs. Let see how long this last.



World Outlets

Traveling to another country and bringing your electronic devices with you. Well it's best to know what type of electrical outlet's they have over there, because your devices might not work well.



Drone Relief

Don't know why drone deliveries is still being delayed when it could change the way we get things delivered daily today.
I understand that there must be a lot of red tape for this entire new technology to get started but using these drones as a disaster relief program will definitely push the wave for a new affordable delivery system that can work with the right plan in affect.
Can you imagine someone stranded and hungry with no food and water, being rescued not by man but with a drone. Nothing to loose and plenty to gain.



Map One Drive

Here is the easiest way to map one drive to your computer. You'll be amazed on on simple things can become accessible once one drive is mapped to your computer.



OS 11 WiFi Trick

OS 11 is changing the way we connect to WiFi with it's new network password transfer utility. All you have to do is request the WiFi password from an already connected phone on the WiFi and the user from that phone approves to share it's WiFi password to the new user who wants to connect. That easy and simple to do.



Court Ruling on Cartridge Sale

Looks like the courts got involved for this one and made it very clear to manufactures that once they sell their products to consumers. All patents rights are over. Making it easier for consumers to do whatever they wish to do later on with their products.

Now user's can purchase re-manufactured cartridges, etc.



History Gifts for Investors

Can't find a gift for a special someone. We'll if they deep investors, they might just enjoy something from this site. You can definitely find some rare items here.



Stock & Bond Value's

Have some investment stock and bonds and don't know if they have any value. Here is a great place to find out if they are worth anything or not.



Home Pc Vulnerability

Hacker's were recently surprised how far WannaCry infection rates sky rocketed that they are now preparing new outbreaks to combat security flaws. It's known for sometime that this could one day happen and the day has come in witch patching must be an every day procedure. Get ready for the new infections to come moving forward.



Web Browser Info

Looks like information is always leaking from your computer when you open a web browser and visit a site online. Now what information that these browser give out should be a concern to you as a consumer. You always want to make sure your in control on what information is always going out.
If your concern about privacy issues, you need to read the info link below.



Tired of Windows

Are you sick and tired of Windows and ready to try something new. Here are a list of several OS that have still have yet to reach the world by surprise.
The easiest way to try out the OS is by using a virtual machine to see if the OS satisfy's your daily needs.