New Message Board

Tired of sticking those post-it's every where. Well now there is a new message board for everyone. It's a touch screen message board. You can save an audio, video and written message to anyone who in your household. Technology is just getting better.


Sprint to offer full length movies

Sprint now will offer via Cellular phone full length movies service with 24 hour time limit to watch movies over and over. Who knows if this will kick off but at least the Pay Per View via Cellular phone is available.


MySpace to Sell Music on it's Website

Everyone is jumping in on the iTune magic that Apple created. So why not have MySpace make a profit as well, like many others. Hopefully this will keep the MySpace service running free for years.


Get Ready for Laptop with Flash Drives

It was only a matter of time before Laptop's were upgraded to flash drives. Now you will no longer have to worry about having a laptop hard drive go bad. Flash drives has no moving parts. What it will mean for many Laptop users is that there laptops will have a longer life. Now what about personal computers now?


Get Ready for the Cell Zone

If your in a public place and hate those annoying idiots yelling and yapping on their cell phones. Well say hello to the Cell Zone. A booth like structure that isolates the noise made from people talking. Now the only problem is, how many of these can be readily available.


Save your Game Screen shot via Fraps

If you love games and want to save screenshots and video use Fraps. It's a useful software that saves your most valuable moments while gaming. A must have gaming tool.


50 Terabytes on a Disk

This is an exciting event. Disc are finally paying off in the sense that they may one day be capable of storing 50 Terabytes on a disk. Making obsolete magnetic tapes for backups. The future is now.


Laptop Battery Recalls

These recent Laptop Battery Recalls are a pain, but if you look in the bright side. You will have a new battery for your Laptop.
Dell and Apple sure hate recalls but I am glad that they are taking steps to accept that there is a problem. Has long as you remove the Laptop battery and plug your Laptop to an AC adapter as per Dell and Apple things should be ok. But make sure to double check there website for accuracy.
Dell Battery Return Program

Apple Battery Return Program


I've got the PC Watch Dog

Let's just say it's a computer guard dog screen saver that when anyone tries to touch the keyboard. Your dog goes on duty and protects you from intruders.


Aim Pro for your Outlook

If you enjoy AOL Aim, here is a great way to integrate it with your Microsoft Outlook edition. It's a free plug-in that give you the capability to email and instant message all in one.


AOL Free

It's about time. You figure that they could of done this years ago, then they would of still kept the high volume customer base that they use to have. What this means for many is simple. If you have broadband connection, which means cable internet connection or DSL. AOL is now free for you. All you have to do is to contact AOL and tell them you want Free AOL and it's a done deal. Don't be fool to buy into the dial up program if you don't need the service.


New SD Slot promises space & Wifi

Not only will the new SD slot give you extra storage but an added bonus. Wifi for your electronic device. No need to get an additional device to broadcast or receive Wifi signals. You can bet now that soon every portable device will have Wifi capability.


Fix for WinXp Hibernation Issue

Microsoft fixes a useless app. If you enjoy using Windows Xp hibernation then you should know that now there is a fix for the Windows utility. For some this is just a useless app in Windows. But don't be surprise if Microsoft later on decides not to support it in upcoming security fixes.


Google offers free Wifi to it's residents

Too bad we don't live in California, because if we did we can easily try to tap into it's free Wifi service. As a perk, Google is offering free Wifi to all of there residents for free. Sort of free, you still need a user name a password to login from Google to use the service. In return they hope to get them online sooner and help them profit from there famous search engine. Good move for Google.


HD Goes Wireless

Let's just say now you'll be able to watch your HD programs and not worry about the wire issue on how the components are connected. This new 50" HD promises to keep you connected and keep your Audio Video connections wirelessly.


IT Must Haves

Here are a bunch of nice IT software's to make your life simpler.


Watch Video Anywhere

Watch what you want when you want it anywhere in the world. Now video searching is made easier and simple.


Have some fun with Morph

Tired of looking at the same pictures over and over. Well maybe you should just Morph these photos and see what you can invent or come up with. Morph easily transforms any picture into a funny photo. Quickly and easily. Now there is no stop of what you can't Morph.



Like to have your items appear unique to others. Want to be noticed from the rest of the pack. Well Skinit is here and made to your specifications. Now there is no reason why not to Skinit.


GIMP your Free Photo editor

Like to edit your photo's but don't want to pay for the perks. Well GIMP is your key to freeware. Now you can easily retouch, compose your photo's freely.
Give it a try.


MaxiVista Solves Your Dual Window Problem

If you want to turn your spare PC into a second monitor this software is for you. It give you a mirror image of your main PC without any loss in picture quality. It's like having one monitor that controls two PC's.


Orb Network

Orb is a web based software that will let you view your video, audio and photo's from your home PC while on the road. No special software to install and if your PC has a tuner card you can also watch TV while on the road as well. Now there is no excuse not to use your PDA, smart phone or Laptop while on the road.


Urge is here

What is Urge? Let's just say that the record industry now wants you to by there music videos. Say What? You got that right. It's only supportable by PC users now but hopefully they will shoot for iPod and Mac users so that they can try to make a profit. I hope for them that they fail because what's the point selling content that you can already get via television for free. Can someone please tell these people to let it go and try to profit elsewhere.



Like to play over 500 arcade and console games. Well it's going to cost you at least $9.95 a month and as a bonus you'll also get GameTap Tv which broadcast game content. Seeing is believing.


Dual TV

Now you can turn your PC into a personal DVR. Easy hookup and it also comes with an antenna to pickup analog and digital TV. The only thing bad about it is that it's only in Europe only. But hopefully it will come our way soon.


Search engines for your Cell phone

Using your phone to browse the web. Then these search engines might help you narrow down your searches.

Consumer Search

Drink Mix

Astrology On the Go


Dummies for bittorrent

If your curious how bittorrent works but don't want to get too technical with it. Rufus is the software you should be looking into. It's a clean interface and makes it easy to understand what you need to do to download files online.



If your have large files that your trying to send over the internet and keep on getting bounced error messages from your server, Zipgenius is here to save the day.
You have a choice of converting the files to at least twenty different formats. And it solves your solution of sending large files over the net, easily.


Video on your phone

Thanks to YouTube mobile you can now share video clips from your phone to all your friends without spending a penny. It's a simple as opening an account and sending your video clips via email to your account. It's quick simple and easy.


25 Free Mp3's

Looking for free MP3's well this site will work and you get to keep these MP3's just for trying Emusic. The only problem I have is for how long are these MP3's suppose to last on your hard drive if later on you choose not to stay with Emusic.