MagSafe Battery Packs

 It looks like the iPhone now has a MagSafe battery pack and if you are always on the go and want to have battery always available it's a great option for the price.




Surveillance Hack

It looks almost everything is at risk of being hacked and this is just the beginning. Consumers should be aware of their internet of things at home and make sure they be proactive with the software security updates. But this is is going to happen every once in a while. 




 It's never too late to start investing. If you need a boost on saving money then Stash is here to the rescue. Now saving for a rainy day will be possible because you are now committed to savings. 

Just put $5- a month away into stash and let it grow, it's the simplest easiest way to begin savings. 




 This site is a must go to site for gamers. It's an online emulator to play games on your computer. Great way to play cool games on your computer. Once your controller is reconfigured you are ready to play your games. 



Signal Info

 Here is another article from tech mogul on why you should use this application. In a world where applications are always monitoring you, it's important to encrypt your messages regardless on what you are talking about. So take control of your life and control your privacy.  



Instagram Info

 Here is some information on the Instagram application that everyone should be aware of. Now this is just the beginning, but if you do not use the application daily, then you should read this first before doing so. 



PS screenshots

 Here is a great source to capture screenshots using PowerShell. There are number of reason's for doing this and using this method will definitely keep everything simple and organized. 



Copy file using GPO

 Here is an easy way to copy file and folders to all computers using GPO. Now there can be various reasons for doing this but it's a simple and safe way to do things on a network server so that all user's files are backed up before a company wide migration. 



Disk Quotas

 Here some great information on how to enable and configure disk quotas in Windows. Disk quotas are a great way to control a users file systems on servers and users workstations. 

By enabling this feature the organization will have better control on the organization storage capacities. 



Find Windows Version

 Here are some simple ways to find your current Windows version on your computer. Once you know what version of Windows you have you then can figure out what software's supports your OS.



Project Monarch

 It looks like Microsoft is working on a universal web browser called Project Monarch and it's the end goal for Outlook vision on the web to be the standalone software for PC and MAC computers.

Get ready for a new generation of Outlook where ever you go. 




Hidden Mobile Map

Your mobile phone has a hidden map and if you look into the apps carefully you will find out all sorts of things that will surprise you. Things like the places you have been, the pictures that you took and other tracking information. To find out more see the link below. 



Repair PowerPoint Files

 Have an important PowerPoint file and want to repair it, here is your best option in trying to get the file back up and running normally.



Reduce PDF

 Already created a PDF file and need to reduce it so that you can pass it along to other users. Here is a great site to help you do this.



Microsoft Forms

 Here is a great way to create surveys using Microsoft Forms. The guides helps you create forms and surveys in no time so that you can get customer feedback to improve your business. 



E.D.I.T.H. Glasses

 These smart glasses are going to take you to the next level of visual computing. Just image going portable and having computing access where ever you go. 

There is no stopping on how far E.D.I.T.H. can take you. 


TV Watch Guard

 It's looks like this entertainment device has changed from displaying content to watching your content. If you own a smartTV here are some settings that you should disable so that it does not track you. 



Web Page Snapshot

 Here is a great way to take snapshots of web pages and be able to store it on your computer or online. Doing on going website backups will save you the headaches from future upgrades when things do not go as planned. 




Microsoft DLL Dwnd

 Need some Microsoft DLL files to fix your computer problems. Here is a great searchable index of all Windows 10 files that can easily be downloaded.




Free Remote Desktop

 Looking for free remote desktop for your computer so that you can easily work from home using any computer. Here are some free remote desktop software's to consider.



Block Spam

Need to block Spam calls from your phone just enter #662# to enable and to disable #632#. I do not know how well it works yet, but anything is better than getting those annoying calls. 

To block phone calls from “Scam Likely”, enter #662# in the keypad of the Phone app of your iPhone or Android. Next, tap the phone icon to make the call, just like you're calling a real person



 Here is a great electronic book that you can easily make notes on and reuse while automatically saving it in the cloud.  There are so many ways that this notebook can be used that you will be amazed.

It's a great way to backup your files to the cloud with little effort. 



Slow Internet

 Here is some great information for user's who have a slow internet. You will be surprised on why your internet gets slow and what you can do to resolve some of these problems. 



Home Bandwidth Calculator

 Now that most of us are working from home our bandwidth speeds have been on full throttle. Knowing this user's would want to confirm if they have the correct amount of bandwidth when working from home. Here is a great calculator to estimate the amount of speed you might be needing at home. It's a good calculator to at least estimate the amount of speed you might be needing for home use. 





Already paying for gigabit internet speed and you are looking for a better network Wi-Fi for home. Take a look at Amazon Eero Pro 6, it's not cheap but it does a great job on getting connected throughout your home. It's great for gamers who want to take advantages of their quality of service. 



Disable IE Edge Copy & Paste

 Here is how to disable IE new copy and paste feature. If user's did not know yet the function has change with the new Edge browser and this is what you should know. 



Identify Fonts

 Here are some great ways to identify fonts online. You don't know how many times a specific font on a presentation, an email, a letter made it standout from the rest. If you want to be noticed then using the right font makes sense.



Google Ends Unlimited Photos

 It looks like the end for Googles unlimited photos. I guess now the company wants to start profiting on users storage capacity instead of giving user's unlimited storage options. 

Everyone should have know better that this sooner or later will not be free. 




 Here is a great way to control your home security and monitoring equipment using any tablet. The applications are customizable and makes things simple and easy to use. 

Worth trying out and making your home devices easily accessible. 



Outlook Password Fix

 There might be a lot of reason why Outlook password keeps on prompting, but here is a great registry trick and I am going to add this to my daily routine to see if it does fix the user problems.


  1. Go to Registry Editor.
  2. Go to – HKCUS
  3. Expand the key options and go to the AutoDiscover folder
  4. Create a new DWORD and name it ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint.
  5. Set the value of the above key to 1.
  6. Save & exit.
  7. Restart Outlook and see if the problem is resolved.



 Here is great way to open a business checking account with no fees. You can even connect it to Quickbooks so that everything is connected. The online bank does have some set backs but it's worth looking into if you are looking for a no fee business bank account.