This company is a lifesaver when it comes to posting content to social media sites. Most companies don't last that long and retire indefinitely. At least this one is giving users options for their posts.



Chrome Block

Chrome has lately been optimizing itself for securer browsing and with this, it reinforces its security by blocking unsecured locations. This is just the beginning but you should be prepared to see more of this going on in the future updates. 


NY Contact Subway

It looks like the New York City subway payments are scheduled to go contactless soon and it's going to definitely change payments for transportation moving forward. It's the next generation of cashless systems. 


FB Managed Activities

It looks like Facebook Managed Activity tools now help you clean up your social media history. Now there is no need to have stupid or embarrassing things left behind over the years for someone to comment on. It's a great tool for cleaning up your timeline. 


RAM Pricing

It looks like Apple has doubled it's RAM upgrades on the base MacBook Pro and I hope this pricing will get reasonable by the time you read this. It's insane to think something that costs $100- now is going to cost you double. It just makes you want to rethink the cost of upgrading. 


Tweet Sceduling to Twitter

It looks like Tweet scheduling is coming to Twitter and it's definitely long overdue. Now you can have tweets created at specific times so that your followers can be entertained. It's a great utility to keep everyone updated and connected daily. 


5G Psychology

It looks like a lot of people are complaining that the new 5G technology is making them sick. Before you agree when them, then it's worth figuring out the causes of these unknown problems. 


Apple Pay Services

There have been businesses that still lack contactless payments, with the new COVID 19 things are changing drastically and for the better. Let's see how far these companies are going to go so that this becomes a reality. Because the world around us is changing and now it's about time that we too adapt to the new technology. 



Here is a great way to share screenshots and videos in Windows. It's a simple software with nice great features and if you are tired of Windows defaults screenshots, this software is worth taking a look at.


Brave Together Video

It looks like this new browser it's going a step further with privacy by offering video chat. It's something definitely new and taking things out of the box. The future looks very bright for this browser. 



Here is a great open-source tool for disabling Windows 10 updates. Some companies may want to disable updates so that they can get there in house software up to date on patched in time. It's a great tool deferring updates until you are able to patch your system. 


Delivery Apps

In a time of uncertainty, you will imagine that every company will be making money now. But it looks like these food delivery companies are not making any money at all and they are just swallowed up by the competition to be the next favorite food company on the block. 

As for their future, it's still uncertain and all we can do for now is wait and see what happens next. 


AI Anti-Shopping

A few months ago I advised users that many supermarkets were installing this anti-shopping AI software to capture individuals who do not scan items on fast checkout. Now the software was doing what's it's supposed to do, but many store employees are saying otherwise. It looks like the software has its many flaws and it will be sometime before all of these fixes will be patched.


iPhone 13 Concept

It looks like Apple is definitely thinking out of the box on creating a new iPhone. The design is not new but an option that Apple can look into in the near future. I guess Apple is quietly trying to adapt to Android's design with its technology so that it can simply attract Android customers to switch. 


Dropbox Password

It looks like Dropbox is getting into the security business as well by wanting to secure your private passwords. It's a new trend for the company to be more than just cloud file storage. 


Stream Remotely

If streaming remote music to your friends is of some interest to you, here is a new option to send music remotely using auxparty. This new service lets you become a DJ and share your favorite music with your friends. It's worth checking it out. 


Apple Password Mgr

Apple looks like it is following other companies to keep passwords secure by offering an open-source password manager. It's a great move and it definitely moves Apple into the security business.  


FB Photo xfer Tool

This interesting photo transfer tool from Facebook has made is so simple to use that you can easily backup your information so that your photos and videos can be stored wisely.
I would advise the user's to do this from time to time so that they get to keep their memories alive and in their possession for years to come. 


Bosch Emergency Service

Bosch just recently created an emergency system for the motorcyclist and it hopes to save the lives of two-wheelers. It's a great way to get connected in case of an emergency. 


Andriod Bedtime

Android has a new bedtime update is suppose to improve sleeping. This is a new generation of Android software adapting to the Covid19 recent outbreak. You should more improvements as time goes by. 


DLink Temp System

It looks like a bunch of new body temperature cameras are quickly heading out to the market to compete with other vendors trying to make the workforce safe again.
It's all powered by AI and I must admit it is very impressive to see the device at work. Get ready for the next generation of body scan temperature reading cameras. 



Here is another mobile connecting site similar to Popl and I must say that the companies keep on growing day by day. It's a new way to get everyone connected.
Now if Popl does have a patent-pending this company could be out of business soon, so buyer beware.


Two Bird

This new email program adds built-in notes, reminders, to-do lists, tables, and much more. If you are looking to organize your daily routines, this software is worth taking a look into because it's cross-platform.


Equifax Outcome

Everyone remembers a few years ago the Equifax breach and how they promised to do us right by compensating consumers. Well, now it looks like the money has run out and the only one who is getting paid is the banks. I guess they're just too big to be disciplined and in the end, we pay for their negligence. 


Telemedicine Solution

Medical technology is getting a jump start, not only to save lives and keep up with the high demand of people needing medical attention. Now this new site from doxy is going to change the medical profession to what we once used to be familiar with. It's a faster way of getting medical attention. Get ready to see it soon on your next doctor's visit.



Tired of the blue screen of death, then here are some great tips to help you fix your blue screen problem. Now there are many reasons why this keeps on occurring. Your best bet is to start at the beginning and run some tests until you narrow down the real problem. 


Laptop Battery Testing

Laptops have been gaining ground for the last few years and things are changing quickly. Here are some great diagnostic tools on testing your laptop battery. 


How we Commute

Commuting is a big part of everyone's life and the numbers will keep on going up year after year. If you ever wanted to find out how the majority of the population in the United States commute then here is a start. 


SmartPhone Chart

No matter what users say the Apple iPhone is still a popular phone for many users. Their innovative technology and simple phone features make the phone still unique among its competitors. Apple is leading the way and everyone else is just following the trend. 


Copilot for Apple Card

It looks like this Finance app is adding support for importing the Apple card statement and I must admit it sure looks really good to analyze card statements. I hope I can see this with other credit cards. 


WhatsApp Testing QR Codes

It looks like this cool company is using QR Codes so that it can easily share contacts. It's not the first company doing this and it saves time and makes sense. 


Chrome Privacy

Chrome has recently changed it's privacy and security controls. If you have not noticed yet, then this is what you should be aware of. The browser keeps on getting securer and hopefully online security will be that last thing we have to worry.



Google Photo Controls

The new controls in Google photo's gives you the option to do even more when sharing videos and photos. Now user's who do not have an account can easily view your information. Let's keep it going, because I know that they can still do some more.



Wheelchair Access

If you are looking for wheelchair accessible places, Google Maps is here to help you out. Now making these simple changes in Google can show you the simple access sites for wheelchairs. This is definitely going to help a lot of people get around. 



Office Deprovisioned

If anyone gets this message in Office that your subscription has expired from Microsoft Office 365 here is what you need to know and how you can correct in some cases.



NASA Savings

It looks like the finance moves from NASA's ongoing private has paid off. Now it's up these private firms to commercialize spacecraft and keep the cost down.



Phone Law

It looks like law enforcement is deceiving victims to give them access to their phones without a search warrant. These unlawful acts are controversial and violate defendant privacy.
It's about time that we clear this up so that everyone's rights are protected.



FB Work From Home

Facebook is changing its work policy so that employee's can work from home and basically relocated themselves to an area closer to their families and with a lower cost of living. But this all comes with a catch, of course, a pay cut.
In the long run, it still may pay off for the employee if they factor in commuting time, the stress level of making ends meet, and what makes them content.



Manage DNS Zones & Records with PS

Now managing your DNS Zone and Records using PowerShell will save you time creating, modifying, and removing records. Here are some great commands to have on hand.



Win AIO Tool

Window users from time to time love getting the best out of their computers and with this comes a great tweaking tool to customize your computer. Now all these features can be available with just a click of the button.



Key Recovery

Have several license programs on your computer and want to make sure all of your license keys are protected should your computer stop working or you get a virus. This cool software helps you to that with ease.



Cr Card is Stolen

Here are some great tips on what to do if a credit card is stolen. I must say these are some clever ideas to safeguard your information. And of course, the do's and don't that will keep your information safe.



Learn to read app

It looks like Google just recently launched a learn to read app and it's going global. This handy program will run virtually and visually to help children learn how to pronounce a word or a sentence with ease. Progress is tracked with stars and badges depending on how much they read.
Get ready for the new world of reading.



Mophie's battery bank

This cool battery bank not only supplies your phone with extra power but can charge itself wirelessly. It's only a matter of time before you see more products like this in the market. Charging wirelessly makes sense and gets rid of all the cords.



Network Sniffer

Here is a great network sniffer tool in Windows 10 to track network latency. It's a great diagnostic tool to trace network connectivity problems. If you are tired of having network problems then it's time to test your network packets.



Whistleblower Firing

The United States Senators are trying to get the right answers from Amazon on their excuse for firing COVID-19 whistleblowers. Now if you are a profitable business and take care of your employee's then why is it a big deal to fire whistleblowers?
Now the more I read this the more that this applies to employee safety. So if Amazon wants to get legal with the Senators then maybe it's time for an OSHA representative to review the companies safety policies throughout the entire company at each and every location.



YouTube Sleep

It looks like YouTube will now remind you when it's time to go to sleep. The bedtime reminder feature has been running for some years now. The next time you are watching YouTube make sure to check out the setting.


How to use the bedtime reminders feature. Sign in to YouTube > Go to Settings > Find Remind me when it's time for bed > Turn it on or off > Choose a start and end time. Or, you can tap on your Profile Picture > Time Watched to turn on bedtime reminders.


Kid Movies

If you have a Netflix account and want to find some kid's movies for the young ones, here are some great movies that they can watch with information on the movies.




A new type of branding is being adapted by big manufacturers to bring down costs. The design is called Ecobranding and the easiest way to explain it is simple. It's creating the company logo with less ink. You get the similar output for less. This makes sense in a time where America is re-building again.



FB Dark Mode

Facebook has a new design and some user's are ranting on the new features with the new design. If you want to see what it looks like here is how to get into Dark Mode, but I noticed that this option is easily done on the mobile version of the application.
Now let's see if you really like the new design and if it is all up to the current hype.



DoD contract

The tug of war has begun for Amazon and Microsoft to migrate the Department of Defense technology so that the military can work better and faster.
It's a very big contract and both companies are trying to get a piece of the pie. Now can they both just get the work done right and get to a neutral place.



Surface Fractures

It looks like Microsoft is aware of a defect on Surface laptops and it will now repair the hairline fractures for free. These current crack just shows up for no reason and it looks like it's causing a very long compliant within the last few months.



Slack revamped App

It looks like Slack recently updated its mobile applications to have key features available. So now there is less clutter and features are easily accessible. Now you can easily access your DMs and check your notifications. Most of us will enjoy the new options.



Xfinity Flex boxes

It looks like Xfinity is doing it's best to keep cord-cutters by offering it's Xfinity Flex boxes for broadband-only customers. They hope that even though some of their services are free they will some way be able to still make a profit from the subscriber.
It's still better than nothing but only time will tell if the offer really makes sense.



Seller Info

It looks like Congress is looking into Amazon's abuse of seller data and they are trying to get their big boss in for testimony.
Now we all seen how Facebook handled this problem and Amazon is not foolish to make their same mistakes, so it's putting their legal team to work to settle this problem.



Apple Throttling Settlement

It looks like Apple is finally closer to settling its throttling settlement on certain iPhones. This was the biggest complaint from the user's that Apple was slowing down access from certain iPhones. If the settlement is accepted users could see a check in the mail by next year.



Overstock Domains

Looking for a place to buy domains in bulk, here is a great site to buy domains for a great price. I have compared some other domain resellers and they are worth looking into for savings.



Command Prompt Here

Here is a great utility for users who always need easy access to the command prompt portal. It was removed in Windows 10 and replaced by PowerShell but if you still want the simple option, here is a great way to install it back on your computer.



Trump Dirty Laundry

This new ransom attack is being taken as a terrorist attack again the government. It's holding ransom some legal documents that it has on the president of the United States and they are asking for a substantial amount of money not to release the information.
It's going to be a crazy election this year get ready for the circus.




Here is a cool way to send and receive faxes via Gmail or Google Drive. The set up is simple you wished you would have used this service in the first place.




This company gains publicity during the COVID 19 pandemic and now it will be interesting how much business the company gained after the crisis. It's a great idea and I hope they are able to become more profitable.



Amazon Deal Page

Ever wonder how to get back to the Amazon Deal page? Once you click on the link and try to go back, the page is gone and you can no longer access the site. For those users who want access to that page, here is some information on what you need to do so that you can access the page daily.



WSUS Worth It

Windows WSUS has been out for quite some time and it's free software and it is overall worth using the software s long as you incorporate automated maintenance.
This is where WAM comes in and it's automating your work and you just approve and get reports.



Microsoft Email Fix

It looks like the software giant is trying to resolve ongoing email problems when it comes to replying to all storms. This can be annoying if you just wanted to reply to one user but instead had replied to all. Let's see if they can figure out a solution to this mess. It's a move in the right direction.



Cord Cutter Surge

The pandemic not only changed the lives of many individuals but was the biggest increase in cord-cutters. It looks like this might be the new norm has the economy tries to recover.




This cool Chrome add-on lets you watch movies with friends and you now can spend the night with popcorn and a movie with you and some friends. The application is going to open doors on movie watching and get ready for more stuff to show up.



Remove Photo Backgrounds

Photo background removals do not have to be that difficult to do and it's perfectly free to use to an unlimited amount of pictures.



Protect Notes on iOS

Here is some great information on how to protect notes using iOS. It's a very simple procedure to do to secure information on your phone. Nowadays you always need to beef up your security on confidential information.



Wireless Earbuds

It looks like wireless earbuds are showing up everywhere you go. If you are looking for an upgrade here are some great choices that are affordable.
You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the wireless capability.



FB Avatars

Take a look at Facebook's new avatar, it's very easy to set up and it's best that you set it up on your mobile device. You will be surprised at how you can capture the inner you.



Discord Video Chat

If you are looking for a Zoom alternative take a look at Discord. You can easily drop in and out of a video call with the click of one button. Now server video makes it so simple to do.



Buying Eyeglasses Online

Here are the pro and cons of buying eyeglasses online. From the sound of it, it's still worth the risk to save a bundle of money.
It's no secret that optician's heavily mark up their products and it's still wise to shop online.



Hyper V Server

Want to take a test drive on installing and configuring Hyper V Server on your system. Here is how to make it possible and you will be surprised at how quickly it will be for set up.



SolarWinds vs MSP360

The battle of the MSPs continues but I am glad someone is taking notice of these two great companies that are changing managed backup.
Keep them in mind when you are ready for an upgrade, regardless of which one you choose you are still going to be ahead of the others.



Signal App

Here is a cool open source instant messaging application that is doing away with numbers so that you can attach it to anything and take it where ever you decide to take it.
It's privacy that fits in your pocket and it so simple to use. You will wonder why you have not used it sooner.



Wireless Charging Truth

Curious about wireless charging, then here is the truth about the technology and how it came to be used today. The knowledge had been around for a while and not until now when it's being brought out to be used.



Voice Changer Software

Here is a great way to have some fun with friends using a voice changer. It's a great way to fool your friends to see how they react.



The Pocket Mod

Here is a great way to organize your task using this site. It makes creates a small booklet organizer to take where ever you go.

Here are some other organizer applications you can that are worth on looking into to stay organized.

Clear Todos
Koalcat Clear


Battery Limiter

Here is a handy software to monitor your laptop battery from overcharging. The software alerts you when your battery has been fully charged and it suppose to prolong the user's battery life. Now, this is difficult to test but it's worth still trying out to see if the benefits pay off.



Office 2019 Deploy Guide

The Office 2019 deployment guide has changed and administrators have to do an extra step if it's not already configured. But it's great to know that you can manually deploy it using GPO, or SCCM.



Read Messages on another Phone

Just in case you didn't know, well you now know that this is possible and with today's technology you do not even have to install the software on the user's phone for this to happen. It's scary but true.
Here is some information on how Minspy works and hopefully you will use it for a good cause.


Block a Site with Shell

Powershell has a lot of tricks up their sleeve and one is to simply block a website or domain from Windows Defender Firewall.
If this is an option that you are considering here are the steps to make it happen.



Win 10 Powertoys

Have you been hearing about Windows 10 PowerToys utility and do you want to bring them back to Windows. Well here is the simplest way to install it on your computer and enjoy the perks of these utilities.



WhatsApp 50 user connect

By the time you read this hopefully this application is up and running and connecting now social media user's to their friend list. This is not only going to get interesting but it's going to change the entire way we socialize with others.
Imagine you connecting with Facebook and doing a live meeting with everyone to share your techniques, skills, and tricks so that everyone can comment and interact with others.
This is going to be very interesting to see how a user's easily plugin with others.



Wake Windows Laptop

Here is a great tip on how to wake up a Windows laptop with the lid closed. Now this tip will not work with all laptops but if you can get it going, it will go a long way on getting your computer up and running in no time.



OneNote to Teams

Here is the great way to integrate OneNote with Teams. Now with just a few clicks OneNote can be easily be shared with your Team members so that work can be shared among the group. This integration is a plus and only the beginning of what's to come for Teams.



Run Win 10 on a Laptop

Want to know how user's are able to run Windows 10 on a laptop with the lid closed. Here is the simple trick and I must admit it works like wonders, the same if you had used a desktop computer. This could be the new way to go moving forward.



Yammer Upgraded

Yammer recently was upgraded and now the new design not only keeps everyone connected but even speeds up things. Now with the Office 365 integration, it opens the software to new and improved features.



Secure Gmail

If you are a Gmail user and concern that your email account may one day be breached here are some great security options for your account.
The more barriers you have on your account, the harder it will be for anyone to access your personal files. This still does not guarantee that you will not be hacked, but will eliminate most minimal security breaches. 
Stay on top and keep your files secure where ever you go. 


Rental Property Software

If you have several rental properties and tying to keep track of expenses here are some great programs to be looking into. Most of these sites have a rental collection, listing link set up, maintenance, direct rental payments, expense reporting, and rental verification so that you get the right people to rent for you.



Brondell Swash bidet

The pandemic brought out a lot of hoarding problems and with this was paper shortages. With this many new companies came to light eliminated the need for supply.
Now, this is not for everyone, but if you can make this work, then you can easily make back your return on investment.



Apple U1 chip

It looks like if Apple's U1 chip becomes possible this could change phones as we know it today. The new technology is making a breakthrough for many other devices and if they can make this possible it will open more new markets for the iPhone. 


TicTok on a Pc

Here is a great way to use TikTok on a computer so that you can easily watch and enjoy your videos. It's not that complicated and simple to do and hopefully the application will come to a desktop soon.





Youtube Career

In order for anyone to get money on YouTube, your video has to get 4,000 hours before it starts making money for you. And regardless of what critics say, it's extra money in your pocket if you learn how to do things right.
If you learn how to market yourself you can make a bundle with YouTube daily. It all depends on you.



Audiobooks Help

Looking for free audiobooks then he is a start to finding the books that interest you. It's only a matter of time before more books become available for users to easily download and add to their library.



Apple Covid 19 Update

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the iOS 13.5 update will be ready for rollout with a new exposure option so that everyone can be notified when another outbreak occurs.
Let's stay connected and be proactive in future pandemics.



Foldable iPhone

It looks like Apple is catching up with a foldable iPhone and it's better now than later. For now, the concept is out there and you are probably going to have to wait a little longer before they can make this into reality.



Google Auth Update

I am glad to hear that Google Authenticator just made it easier to transfer accounts to a new device. It's been a long waited update and hopefully now transferring your credentials will take less time to do and Google can now be still on top with its competitors.



Telsa Media Control Units

It's surprising to find that some Telsa integrated media control units contain plenty of previous owner's information and passwords recoverable from the units after password resets.
But it outlines a big security hole with the device should it get into the wrong hands.



Manuals Online

Every now and then new sites are created and here another link for getting manuals for any product that you own.
It's a one-stop shop for accessing your product manuals.



Fitbit Heart Study

It looks like this company has fallen behind on updating its fitness features and now after years of popularity the company is moving into heart rate monitoring.
Let's see if this will be a success for the new technology. 



Public WiFi

It looks like Senators are pushing for public hotspots so that more people can be connected outside of the common public areas.
Let's hope that they can put the heavy political pressure to make WiFi free for everyone. There are no excuses for keeping the world connected.



Modernize IT Support

It looks like modern IT support is moving slowly to AI support and not only does it resolve routine support issues quickly it can collaborate with everyone to rapidly resolve problems.
Now having a Help Desk will be as simple as chatting to AI to get your problems resolved.


Disk Drill

Need a file recovery software to recover deleted data. This software is a great start to recovering your files and if you are a March 2020 subscriber of Maximum PC you can even get the software for free for 18 months to recover data up to 500 MB. Not a bad way to test out the software to see if it meets your needs.



Seed Bombing

There is new technology to fight deforestation and it involves sending drones with seeds to designated areas so that eventually forest will emerge. The idea has been around for some time and it will definitely cut down labor and costs.

Let's make the world green again by implementing seed bombings.



Google & Apple Contact Tracing

Here are the details on how Google & Apple got together and created this contact tracing API for mobile users. It hopes to prevent the spread and with good intentions, this information will hopefully stop the pandemic from going global.



iOS 13.5 Med ID

It looks like this cool iOS update will now contain medical information for users with medical conditions. It's a great idea and good information for the first responders.
Hope other carriers follow suit because this information will be helpful for many.



Google Keep vs Evernote

Looks like Google Keep and Evernote are similar in many ways. In the end here is the review on using both applications and the difference in each.
It really depends on the type of user you are, so choose wisely before taking notes.



Turn off Opera Ads

For all your Opera web browsers if you get promotional notifications on the desktop from time and time and want to disable them, then this is how you do it. I hope this feature will be added to other browsers as well. 



HW Utility

Looking for a better diagnostic tool for Windows when it comes to hardware read and writes. This diagnostic tool digs deeper to help you find driver names and versions installed on the current computer.




Here is great task automation that is free and automates tasks and triggers on your computer.



Malwarebytes VPN service

It looks like Malwarebytes is now trying to launch its own VPN service to conquer online privacy and maybe within the time, it will live up to its service. For now, I am just going to sit back and watch to see how far they will go.




If you are running Linux and looking for an open-source music player search no more. The minimal play has a nice art show, supports various audio formats and excellent sound quality. It's a program worth trying out.




Here all the information that you should know about USB 4 and the current specifications. It has two lanes of traffic for connected devices and it's backward compatible.
With speeds from 10 to 40 Gps, it's going to be a plus for new devices to charge faster. USB 4 will not disappoint users when it arrives late this year.



Microsoft Budget Laptop

It looks like Microsoft might have achieved success again by making the Surface a favorite budget computer. They are using the same parts and this would most likely keep the cost down. If you are seeking for a budget computer, this is an option.



Ring Solar

Ring has announced a new doorbell with an improved night vision and a solar charger accessory. I hope this device will improve the doorbell power cycle so that users can install this device anywhere.



Background Remover

This is the easiest way to remove a background on any picture. Just go to the link below, upload your picture and highlight your background and remove background image. It's that easy to do.




The electric car market is making great moves and you will be surprised at what people are doing to make this possible. New technology is coming out daily and it's just going to explode in the next coming months.



WatchOS 7 Beta

iOS beta is now available for testing and the user's can now sign up to be a beta tester. Now you can share your thoughts and ideas on what you think about the new WatchOS.

Check it out and see if this is something that you want to be involved in.



Fix Mic

If you are having microphone problems in Windows 10 here are some great tips to help you get your mic back up and running.
Sometimes it's just that the microphone is just lowered, other times it requires doing more to the application and driver.



Quit Smoking Help

If you quit smoking there are a lot of websites that can help you to stop smoking. Here are some useful resources to help you to a better healthy life afterward.



TWRP Recovery

Android has a custom recovery software to get it back up and running as normal when things go bad. Installing it on your Android devices will spare you some recovery time when things do not go as planned.



Great Docs

Create great documents using Google Doc add-ons and they are going to make a big difference on how your documents look at the end.



Evernote Templates

Evernote is getting better every day and with this, you have some great templates to assist you in your daily work activities. Here are some great templates to use for your projects.



iPhone to Android Switch

Switching from iPhone to Android then prepare for the switch with this useful information. Remember learning different operating systems require some time to adapt and get used to.



Best Antivirus Scanners

Looking for a good Antivirus software to remove your viruses, these top three companies are doing what it takes to keep on top of their game.



Evernote Alternatives

Evernote has had it's up and downs and if you are looking for a change then here are some alternatives for taking notes.



Sim Swap Scam Info

Sim Swap Scam keeps are growing and it's just sad that the mobile companies allow this to keep on continuing. You not only lose your phone access but access to almost everything that's attached to it, like credit cards, banking, etc.
Take back control of the key component that revolves around your life before it takes you for a long ride.



Financial Advisor Update

In times of uncertainty, your financial future should be a major concern. If you are in the market now for a new financial advisor, here are some tips that you should look into before getting someone to manage your investments.



Phone exclusive Malware

This malware is out there and they are masked under other applications to steal personal information from you. They quietly record your keystrokes and notifications and scan bank accounts apps and then sends the information to remote servers.

Now as long as you stick to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store you should not have to worry but it will be very hard to avoid being a victim.

Be careful what you download and always take precautions.



Zoom Backgrounds

As the popular meeting website keeps on growing, users are now looking for improved virtual backgrounds to complete their meeting needs. If you are a Zoom user then here are some backgrounds that might interest you.



Bootable USB without format

Here is a simple way to create a bootable USB without formatting. I must say that Ventoy is worthwhile looking into it. You will be surprised by how easily you can make a boot drive and add an ISO and get it to work in minutes. 



Block IP using Powershell

Here is a simple way to block IP addresses using Powershell. In doing this you can easily block websites on user's computers by simply blocking IP Addresses.



Fitbit for Kids

It looks like Fitbit is launching a new smartwatch for kids this year to get them connected to 4G. It's a great idea and a positive move in the right direction for the company to explore new opportunities in a smart world.



Waze Beta

Looks like Waze is getting ready for a long time feature called lane guidance in which it helps the driver in advance when the exit is supposed to appear. Hopefully, this will end drivers from missing their exits.



Cognizant Ransomware

It looks like this technology service company was recently attacked with a ransomware cyberattack. The company along with its clients were adding additional security to investigate further.  It is still unknown if this was a ransom attack or data breach attack.
It just comes to show you that in this day in age attacks can come from anywhere.



Amazon Sat Investment

Things look real good for Amazon and Space X if they both play their games right to get internet access to everyone.
This is a big gamble for both companies, but if they can get it to work, it will be a matter of time before the other pieces come into play.



AWS Revenue Increases

Looks like AWS revenue went past ten billion and the recent platform change from on-premise to the cloud has increased in the past few months. This new strength changes the future for the company as the cloud still continues to grow in months to come.




Here is a simple way to find people's photos using PimEyes. You upload the photo online and let the search engine begin to find the person you are searching for.



Ancestry Alert

If you have information on Ancestry.com this article is definitely for you. Please note that the time clock is ticking and if you do not do this on time you can risk your information going public.



Disney Headache

Looks like some Youtuber exposed Disney's back scene props and got trouble for himself and his friends because of association. It's unfortunate that corporate is taking this as a threat instead of them looking at it as a new revenue source.
Disney should learn from its fans who are obsessed with the company and be proud that they are willing to go to extreme levels to learn more about the amazing company that entertains many.



Package Tracker

Here is a great package tracking service for those users that need to track several packages at once. You will not only get delivery information but also information if the package was not delivered.




The best way to get anyone to buy stocks and begin saving and making money. It's a great money management tool to get young individuals and anyone involved in investing, especially beginners.
It's a new fraction stock purchasing power that will hopefully be adopted by major trading companies. It's a great idea and it has a lot of potentials even though it's a fraction of a share with zero fees.

Now I had another investment app that I was recommending a few months ago and Robinhood is a great start-up investment application. So if you are a beginner or need help on investing this is a great start.

Give it a try, you never know what you can accomplish if you start saving today.



Streaming Service

Here are some great streaming services to look at as the service keeps on improving. I would suggest keeping them in your mind just in case you change your mind with your current provider.



Google App Alternatives

Like Google applications but looking for alternatives, here are some other map applications that are worth looking into to keep you connected.



Product License Keys

Software license keys are a must if you are upgrading your computer to a newer OS or if your computer was infected with a virus.
Here is a great program to recover and store your software keys.



Sell on Google

Yes, you now can sell on Google for free, it's a great time to check out what you can sell on Google and how the store works. And if you do have something to sell, well now would be a great time to do it for free.



Duo new Features

Looks like Duo just added some new features to its video chat and there are doing whatever it takes to keep everyone connected. Take a look at what's new.



Apple Settlement

It looks like Apple is going to reimburse users who had battery problems when they owned an iPhone 6 and 7 before 2017. It's about time that they pay up for their wrongdoing. Here is what users need to know if they have their phone or not.
I would encourage anyone who had an iPhone 6 and 7 to file a claim so that this does not occur again. No company should be allowed to do what they did.



Adobe IIlustrator Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to IIIustrator, here is a list of programs that can change your mind before you pay for the premium software.



Best Area Codes

Having a good area code makes a good impression on people who call you. It's been used for decades and it could make the difference in a person calling you.
Here is a list of good area codes.



Trouble free Online Meetings

Looking for trouble-free online meetings here are some great tips to follow so that your meetings go flawless without any problems.



Win 10 PowerToys

PowerToys is back for Windows 10 and I am happy to see it's returned because it did have some great applications attached to it.

Here is more information on the latest version.




Here is a toolkit for Windows with great applications for repair, clean, disinfect, patch, de-bloat, and optimize your system.
If you are constantly repairing Windows computers, it's a must-have utility for when you need it on the fly.



Life of a Scammer

Ever wondered how scammers operate, here is a great example of how computer scammers operate and how they easily rip off users of millions.
This organization got a taste of a hacker who not only hacked their CCTV cameras but figured out how their operation runs so that they can be exposed and shut down.
Unfortunately, this is just one of the millions more around the world's scamming users.

User beware.



Fix Mac boot up

Trying to get your Macbook to boot up but are having problems. Here is some resourceful information to have on hand why trying to repair the OS back to normal.



O365 Webmail Upgrade

Office 365 webmail is being upgraded to compete with Gmail and the new web browser does look better. But it's still going to take more for the user's to want to switch. Let's see what else is up Microsoft sleeve to make Outlook web more appealing to users.



URL to any Pc

Share a URL to any computer by using this cool extension named Google Tone. Google Tone then broadcast from one computer to another to connect and share the URL.



VPN for Chromebook

Chromebook VPNs are easy to do, they just require a little bit configuration. If you need to set up a VPN on a Chromebook here is how to do it.



Outlook Filter

Outlook filters can easily declutter your emails and organize your mail with these simple steps. If you filter an email all your mail can easily go to an assigned folder and make things easier for you to review.



Determine IP & Mac

Have Windows 10 and want to know where you can find your IP address and Mac address of your computer. Just follow these simple directions to gather the information that you need.



Chrome Update

It looks like Chrome will be upgrading their browser to start kicking off heavy adds on its browser. The update implemented but will come soon to limit advertisers from running ads and consuming the user's network, and CPU usage. I don't understand why this took so long to do.



Scan Pc for Viruses

Scan your computer for viruses using the Microsoft tool. If you are noticing your computer not acting the ordinary way, there could be a chance that it's infected with a virus. Here is some good information on how to scan your computer for viruses.



Password Protect Notes

Need to password protect notes in Windows, this is how you do it. First, download Crypto Notepad latest version and move it and create a shortcut.

The rest just follow these instructions.



VLC Videos Bookmarks

Here is an easy way to bookmark videos and it could not be easier to do. Now you will be able to open your video in no time.



Zip File Protection

Here a great way to password-protect Zip files using 7 Zip and hopefully it will save you some time securing your important files.

7 Zip


Manage PDFs

If you have a pdf file and edit or extract files from the documents, here are great resources to help you get that information from that pdf so that you can keep the information on hand when you need it.



Teams Video Update

Microsoft is getting the squeeze from its competitors on dominating the video conference market. And it's up to Teams to made it happen and convince users to stop going to Zoom.
It's a challenge accelerating so quick and fast that it will be a while before we can see results. Hopefully, this pressure will change the way we doing conferencing worldwide.



Slack Integrates with Teams

Slack wants to integrate with Team and it knows if it wants to succeed it has to make a relationship with Microsoft. This might not come so easily since Microsoft wants to dominate the world and everything around it.
Also, integration with Office comes with more information available to its current subscribers on hand. Now can they really make this happen?



G Suite Management

Google G Suite is now managing Windows 10 devices and it starts taking effect into other Google cloud services that have yet to be released.
Now users will have still another option to move away from Microsoft's dominant control of Windows.



Beyond Remote

It looks like Google is pushing remote access by using BeyondCorp Remote. This long time software is now going live and it's supposed to connect users with zero trusts even faster.
It's a premium service but worth looking into.



Amazon Price Tracker

Here is a great way to use Google Sheets with Amazon Price Tracker. ANd let's just say if you want to experiment doing this project, it can sure be resourceful in saving you lots of money in the future. Try it out and you will not be disappointed.



Web Page posting

Every website has its order of updating its webpages and with this, you should also be aware of the companies publication dates. This ensures that the company is still active and keeping current information up to date. 


Google Maps Dates

Ever wonder when you see a Google Maps page when was the last time the image was taken. Here is some great information to help you find the date the image was taken on Google Maps.



Mail Merge for Gmail

Looks like Gmail has mail merge and if you like sending out emails for press releases and invites to influencers you should look into this service.
It's a great feature to use if you are deciding in sending mass emails. I just caution the user on sending all your mail on a single date.



Best Password Managers

Looking for a great password manager so simplify your life. Take a look at these great programs to help you organize your accounts. One password and one place to save all your accounts so that you can easily connect to from time to time.



Popular IT Jobs

The CoronaVirus brought the world to its knees and with this many companies were forced to go virtual. Here are five popular IT Jobs that shined doing the pandemic.



Extend Laptop Battery

Have a laptop and want to extend your battery as much as possible. Here are a few tricks that can help you extend your portable device battery power.
It pays to save power because you never know when you are going to need it.



Win 10x Emulator

The software is a thin version of Windows and more suited for handheld devices. It still has not been released but it's in developer mode.
If you want to try out the software you will have to enable the Windows Insider Program on your system and sign up for the beta testing of Windows 10.



Going Away

Life is strange at times and has things change so does technology change as well. Here are some things that are likely to go away. One way or another these changes are going to happen.



Facebook Breach Again

It's like it never stops with Facebook and this time user's phone numbers were found online. I guess they are not keeping track of their security holes and Facebook should start offering a bounty to secure its platform. It's better than getting bad media reviews.



WhatsApp Sharing Limits

WhatsApp recently introduced it's sharing limits and this now helps the stop of fake news. Now hopefully it will regain more network traffic for other services to work efficiently.



Kinomap Breach

Looks like this paid exercise application just leaked out 43 million user records and it affects athletes from all over the world.
So much for having a secure workout application.



Fighting Pollution

The best way to fight waterway pollution is to use the current technology to narrow in the places that are the root causes for a cleaner ocean. It does not only save time but saves money in the long run.



Cell Phone Spying

Here is a cool site to spy on cell phones without installing any software. It's a premium product but I must admit it has me wondering.

All you need is to do a few things and presto monitoring is done easily.
I hope that privacy will not be abused.



Pentagon AI Predictions

It looks like the government it using Artificial Intelligence to predict shortages and if all goes well this could be our system to make sure we do not run out of supplies.



WiFi Upgrade

It looks like WiFi is getting upgraded to improve everyone's connection speeds. It's a new leap in technology for the United States and helps airwaves to broadcast more WiFi signals. Get ready for a better-connected world.



Starlink Internet

I guess in six months we will see if Starlink internet service will live up to its expectations. It's a dream come true and let's say I would like to see if the speed adds up. This could change the way we work and communicate completely.



Drone Deliveries

I guess the cost of drone delivery at first would be costly, but as time passes by everyone will see that drone delivery eventually will save time on money, especially if there is no work schedule.
It's only a matter of time before they centralize drone deliveries and be cost-efficient.



Fix Win10 Freezes

Tired of Windows 10 freezing, here are some great tips to help you get Windows back to the way it should be working.

Hopefully, this fix is that start to fix your ongoing problem.



Win 10 Recorder

If you are looking for a Windows 10 recorder and do not know where to find it you can easily access it by pressing both Windows key button + G.

This option, lets you see the capture keypad on your computer and all you need to do is press the record key and it records your desktop screen has a video.

To find the video just look for show all captures.

For more info watch the video below.


Dell Security Update

Looks like Dell is helping many users protect their computers by now offering antivirus on the bios level. This new security software will prevent future attacks from the OS.

It's long overdue and about time that someone took action.



Zoom Alternatives

Tires of Zoom security risks and flaws, well you are not the only one concern. If you are in the market for finding a replacement check out some alternatives.



Global Tracking Device

Google and Apple are going to team up together to create a global tracking system for COVID 19. They figure that if they can create an application to help track the coronavirus, it will help patients and healthcare workers. At this point, privacy should not be a concern when it's going to help everyone around us.



Google Meet

Google Hangouts is now Google Meet and it's here to combat against its video conference rival named Zoom. Google Meet feels that they have leverage against Zoom, because of Zooms recent security concerns. If you are tired of hearing more on Zoom security, then Google Meet is a great alternate choice.