Public Search Engines

Public search engine's come and go because of privacy rights.Regardless of the issues, here are some more sites to keep in mind.

UK Search
Census finder
Marriage Records

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Gmail Restore Contact

Always worried that one day you might just loose all of your contacts in Gmail. No need to worry anymore with Gmail Contacts Restore. Now Restoring your Contacts is a thing of the past.

Restore contacts

If you make changes to your contacts that you want to undo, you can restore your full contacts list to an earlier saved version. This allows you to undo changes like:
  • Recovering contacts that have been accidentally deleted
  • Restoring contacts after an unsuccessful sync
  • Undoing a recent import
  • Undoing a recent merge
To restore your contacts to a previous version, just follow these steps:
  1. Click Contacts.
  2. From the More actions drop-down menu, choose Restore contacts.
  3. Choose the time you'd like to revert your contacts list to (e.g. 10 minutes ago, one hour ago, one week ago, etc). We suggest that you also make a note of the time that you restore your contacts, in case you'd like to return to where you started.
  4. Click Restore. You'll see a confirmation at the top of the screen when the rollback is complete.
To undo a restoration:
  • When the operation completes, a notification bar will appear that gives you the opportunity to immediately undo the restore. This notification bar will disappear if you leave Contacts or make edits to your contacts.
  • If the notification bar is no longer there, you can always re-run the Restore Contacts tool to take you back to where you started. Just set the tool to take you to the time just before you started the whole process.


When Ckdsk doesn't Work

Here are some commands and links to help you get that Chkdsk command to work on your computer. It's a valuable command that fixes most of your computer errors if your computer one day decides not to boot. 

Other commands to use are
scf /scannow


Fly on the Computer

Every year I loved to have fun doing April Fool pranks and even though it's a little late during the year. Your never too late to get a good laugh. Try it out and there is also a portable version.


Control a PC when it crashes

Here is a great way to control a computer when it crashes. All you need is an Intel AMT KVM chip and once it's setup correctly. You can control the computer regardless if it has an operating system or not.


Secure Chrome

Here is a great article to help you secure Chrome to it's fullest. All you really need is to disable Flash, Java and some other applications to fully secure the browser. Now you can surf online at ease.


International Space Station

Here's is a great way to see the International Space Station from beginning to Present. It's amazing on how far we have gone. It has been also said that once the Station is eventually finished, it would be probably useless because of the old technology. I guess well have to see.


Calibrate Android

Tired of your Android phone always running out of power. Here is a battery calibrator to tweak your Android battery to last longer.


Track Your Favorite Shows

Want to track your favorite shows online so that you can setup your Tivo or DVR to record when your not home. Here is a website that caters to your needs.They're are so many alerts that can easily be setup to remind you when your favorite shows are playing.

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School Stats

Here is some interesting statistics on school. It's just amazing to see how much profit and funding goes into getting a higher education. I am just over amazed on how every year they keep on increasing my tuition.

Google Drive

Google recently released news that it's going to compete against DropBox and other online storage facilities. It's a plus for Google and it's going to keep their image current in the business environment. Give it a try if you haven't already. 


Gmail Copy & Paste

Did you know that you can copy & paste in Gmail. Well if you didn't know that you could do it, you now know. All you have to do is use the mouse second key option to copy image and to paste you use again the mouse second key to paste image. You should be able to copy almost anything, give it a try.


Change Printer Automatically

Here is a great tweak to change your printer every time you change networks. It's built into Windows 7 and all you have to do is to adjust the managed default printer. Now where ever you go, your printer settings will adjust automatically.


Comm Test

Want to test network speed among two computers. Here is a software that will test your network connections. Easy to use and monitor over time if you want to bypass using the command prompt option.


At Home Wifi Android App

Here is a great at home Adroid application to keep your phone unlocked. It detects your WiFi when your at home and triggers the application to keep you phone unlocked when your at home.


Save Cash on Ink

Here are some good examples of saving cash on ink cartridges. To this day I still don't understand why so many people print everything, when most of the information can be easily saved as a pdf and stored on a flash drive.


Clean a PC

Here is some steps that everyone should take when cleaning out a computer. It's not every day that we encounter static electricity. But you should be aware of it. This is still not an excuse not to clean up your computer and remove the mounds of dust balls inside of it.


AC Clothes

Don't laugh it could one day happen. What seems to many as a joke, the old Sony technician is making it happen. Air Conditioned Clothes are coming. It's still far from perfect but it's a step in the right direction. Hey why not, the astronauts have this type of technology and one day we will too.


BlueTooth Horror

Here's a very interesting Bluetooth experience.

I was driving by on the Highway and my phone which is connected to my car Bluetooth went off.
What happened next, just amazes me, someone changed the user ID on the Bluetooth and cloned my id to the car Bluetooth like nothing happened. Even though nothing was compromised a threat is still present. Anyone with the right tools can easily tap into your Bluetooth device and clone your phone, copy your personal contacts, retrieve personal information stored on your phone and if you have bank applications, even steal you banking passwords.
Bluetooth has no guard against these threats yet and it could be sometime before you ever do see this. So if you don't use your Bluetooth device on your phone, just turn it off until you need it. 

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker

A must if your interested on Tweaking your Windows Vista & Win 7 OS. It just makes tweaking so easier to do.


Hard Drive Testing Tool

Download the Fujitsu Hard Drive testing tool to verify if the hard drive is working or not.


Google Public Weather Alerts

Call this an awareness site, but Google now is taking weather alerts serious by incorporating first alerts to it's maps. It's Google first play at weather maps and it things go right. Let's just say other sites my follow suit.

Silence Scheduler

Hate to have your phone ring when your at work in school. Here's a great Android application to helps silence your phone and abide by a schedule so that your not interrupted while working.


Goodbye to Norton & McAfee

Here is an article regarding the popular Norton and McAfee Antivirus. It's unfortunate that they haven't surpassed the losing market on making an effective antivirus software.
I try every year to convince myself to want to pay for the premium service, but who can resist with freewares like Microsoft Essentials.


Windows Update List

Trying to figure out if you have a specific Windows patch on your computer. This Windows update list folder will give you just that with the associated updated files.


Fix the Installed Memory usable error

To fix the installed memory to read all the installed RAM on your computer.

1. Type msconfig in the search box
2. goto Boot tab
3. click Advanced Options
4. Tick Maximum memory to your full ram. (in my case 4GB, so 4096)
5. Then press OK.
6. Double check it again by click the Advanced options again. If you found out that the Maximum memory reset to 0, then change it to 4095.
7. Restart your computer.


Every once in a while I accidently find websites online and share them with others so that it can be used later on. Here is another great site to bookmark for fonts. At least now you can style your next book report.


Tiny Spell

Here's a portable application for spell checkers who always need to make sure that they are always writing correctly. It's so cool that you can even use it with word pad.



Limewire is dead but that doesn't mean you can stop file sharing. Here's a Limewire alternative and let the sharing begin.


ISO folder

Want to create an ISO within a given folder. ISO folder is a good option because now you can easily select the folder and create where you want the file to be burned to. Now burning an ISO is easier.


Wireless Network Monitor

Want to always monitor the wireless network around you, so that if a stronger signal is detected you can easily connect. This handy utility does a great job on doing this.



Share your photo's everywhere. It's a new social site application that share's your photo's among groups. No more sharing your phone for other's to see your pictures. The only bad thing is that your photo's are public. But has long as your aware on what your sharing, that shouldn't be a problem.

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