Alexa for Business

Now that Alexa has conquered home user's, it's new move is into business. Now still can't see how Alexa can be useful for you in business, well think. You will be amazed on how useful you can use this device in your business environment.



WiFi Umbrella

Looks like this company is taking WiFi to a new level and if it has it's way, let's just say you could see more daily items turned into WiFi antennas. Get ready for a connected world where ever you go.



Internet Speed Affects

Having a slow internet is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to computer problems. In order to understand why your internet speed is slow you must also connect the devices that make that connection possible. From that point on trying to troubleshoot what equipment is causing the problem can take time. My suggestion is to experiment on a device at a time until you isolate the trouble device. And hopefully it can be replaced so that your internet speeds can increase.



Don't buy Echo

There are a lot of reason's why people are saying not to buy Amazon Echo and they are justified. Not only will Echo privacy concerns be an issue for consumers but how other big players can get access to your information with a simple court order and the list goes on.
In a world where Internet of Things is becoming a reality, so is privacy concerns. As a consumer you should be aware and alert of the future consequences.



Enable Flash in Chrome

To enable flash in Chrome is a little tricky. Since flash is going away, Chrome no longer is trying to support flash and makes it difficult for user's to be able to use flash. So follow these directions carefully and if your still having problems google enable flash on Chrome for more helpful tips online.


go to the Chrome browser and type the following:

Now find the flash section and type in Allow web address that you are trying to use the flash software on. If everything goes well do a quick refresh and you should be able to access the flash site. 

Good luck.


Google Link


Gmail Analytic

Want to know your Analytic results from your Gmail account. Here is a great way to see how many emails you get daily, what times you get them, what times you respond. It's a great way for user's to analyze their work schedule. It's a great way to analyze your response times via email. Worth checking out.




Here is a new way to buy a used car and you will be amazed on how cool it is to view a car inside and out with the features they have available. It's something new and let's just say will be the end of used car salesman and future used car dealerships. It's only a matter of time before they start selling new cars.



Do My Own Pest Control

Looks like this company is making a bundle by selling DYI consumers the products they need to combat pest. When things get out of hand, it time to roll up your sleeves and get it done.



More iPhone Tips

Here is a list of tips that most iPhone user's should be aware of. I have posted some of these tips before, so if you missed some it's a good idea to go back and see the other useful tips that you can use to make your iPhone unique.




Ever wonder how long things will expire. Well if you don't think products have a shelf life your wrong. They all do and here is a great list to go by when you want to know the product expiration date. So if you have any of these items lying around. There is a good chance in time they will expire.



WIns Update Link

Doing Windows updates on the new Windows 10 computer can be a hassle, so here is a simple way to do updates and get you going with an easy shortcut.
It's as simple as clicking a few clicks of the mouse and your done.


      On the windows desktop create a shortcut and put this information in the shortcut below

                Now name the shortcut Update and your done. 


Clear Outlook Auto Complete

Here is a great way to remove Outlook Auto Complete entry for user emails. It's a great way to remove wrong emails from your Outlook files that are not valid and that you no longer want to see so that you don't email the wrong user information.




Want to make sure your getting a great deal in pricing this year when comparing items to Amazon. Here is a great add on that compares pricing to see if your getting your dollars worth at Amazon and it sure can save you a bundle.



Amazon Delivery Confirmation Solved

If your one of those consumers who always buy at Amazon and always wonder why you get those delivery confirmation from them with no package. Here is the mystery to the where's my package problem. 
It looks like carriers are being instructed from their superiors that after a specific time period they have to pull over and scan all your packages. Regardless if they have been delivered or not. It's an agreement among Amazon and the carrier to continue doing business. Not doing so by the carrier will eventually result in the carrier loosing business from Amazon. 
So what this means is that you will get a delivery confirmation from Amazon that your package was delivered, when in reality it's not or it's in transit.
Now it all makes sense and consumers have no choice but to adapt with the reality of package delivery service. 


Win 10 & Google Drive

Looks like a lot of users are having problems with Windows 10 searching for Google Drive files and if you still having problems. Here is the fix for search in Microsoft.



TV Flowchart

If you have grandparents, parents or siblings that are not technology savvy and need always help with their television remote here is a great flow chart to help them solve their problems. It's a great way to get them out of a mess when their changing the remote. Otherwise your going to have to give them a visit to get their television back up and running.



Finding Stolen Items

Look like this person was out of luck when there vehicle was stolen a few weeks ago until some genius decided to post his stolen car on twitter and reddit so that user's can easily find it. And you couldn't believe what happened next. This is even better than the bait car series.



Internet Speed Test

Want to test your internet connection to see if your getting exactly what your paying for. Here are some great speed test sites to check out depending on your service to make sure your speed is at it's prime.

Contact your carrier and find out what your upload and download speeds are for the plan that you are paying for.

Do some test and see if the upload and download speeds match on what your paying for. I would run a few test at different times of the week when no one is on, to make sure that your speed test are accurate.

If your not getting the speed that your paying for, then contact your carrier and dispute that with them. If that leads no where, then your choices are limited. Which is to stay with the carrier or find a carrier who is going to give you what you paid for. Good luck.



Lasso Pro

Want to tame programs so that they don't try to hog up all the resources on your computer. This program regulates programs so that they don't turn into memory hogs. It's about time you take control of your computer.
It's a great program to monitor your computer resources so that you can continue working without any interruptions.



Zello Help

Good application, but it will not get you out of a mess should you get hit by a catastrophe. It sounds like it's can make sense, but when you follow up on the infrastructure that your application is being supported. The final results is that it's a phone application that's connected to cell towers. Should the cell towers go down, well let's just say your out of luck. Your no better off than texting or making a call to family or friends for help.
It's not that the application is not useful, but can be used as another method for extending yourself on getting help.



Windows Network Location

The next time you see the Windows location banner pop up choose wisely your new location for  your computer. Not choosing the right location may result in you having a difficult time trying to connect to printer and file shares.



Improve Logical skills

Ready to improve your logical thinking skills. Here are great games to tweak those skills so that you can become better on what you do daily, which is to solve problems.



MP3 Download

Looking for a site to download MP3  music files from Youtube. Here is a site to continuing on download MP3's. Enjoy.



Renee Becca Data Backup

In search of a backup software for your computer. Well here is a free and paid version for Window users. It's always better to safe guard your important files.



Facebook AI rescue

Looks like Facebook just updated their artificial intelligence to detect suicide prevention. The technology has been out for sometime but recently was it able to start doing what it was meant to do from day one, which is to prevent events like this from going on.
I am impressed and glad to see the company moving in a moral direction.



Disable Auto Scrolling

Hate the new browser auto scrolling option? Most websites are just not scrolling friendly and give users a hard time, viewing pages.  The only fix right now is to disable this option until everyone upgrades their websites.


Load chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling in the browser's address bar and hit enter. This takes you directly to the preference on the flags page. Alternatively, openchrome://flags directly, hit F3, and search for smooth scrolling to find it this way. Click on the disable link to turn the feature off.


This is why I was happy to see there's actually a way to disable the automatic scrollfeature. You only have to open the browser's configuration settings (Tools > Options) , go to the Advanced section and then, in the General tab, remove the tick from “Useautoscrolling


Launch Internet Explorer 8 by double-clicking on its desktop icon or by clicking the "Start" button and navigating to the browser. 2. Click "Tools" on the overhead menu and then scroll down to "Internet Options." In the "Internet Options" window, click the "Advanced" tab.


CloneApp for Windows

Want an easier way to backup all your programs when re-installing the OS or upgrading to a new computer. This program does wonders and it's even portable.


Specops uReset

Looking for a simple password reset software to get users back up and running. Here is a good solution that's easy to use, has good security and a great cost for network administrators. It's worth to check out and see if it works with your organization.



Retrieve WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Want to know how to retrieve WhatsApp deleted messages, then here is the trick to get back your messages. There are limitations but at least you have options.



Azure Backups

Azure is taking backup to the next level and it's up to you to decide if you want to modernize your backups. It's only a matter of time before all your backups are in the cloud.



Youtube browser Add-on

If you love YouTube you might want to look into this browser add-on. Not only will it make your youtube experience better, but make playback easier to do.