Win 10 October Update

User's who have 32gb of flash storage should be aware as well as the user's who don't have at least 10gb of space on their computer.
Microsoft new Windows 10 update this October will cause a problem for users to update if these requirements are not met. You do have choices, but it will not be the norm for everyone.



Netflix Downloading Smarter

Looks like Netflix is speeding up their movie times by doing it smarter by letting user's download their movies to watch at a later time in areas where there is no internet. It's a great move for the company and a better way to watch movies on the go.



AI is growing

Talk about Artificial Intelligence getting very human-like and very personal to users. Get ready for the new AI assistant coming near to you. It's only a matter of time before it takes over in our daily lives.

Here are some great examples.



Office Mac vs Win

Want to know the differences between Office Mac and Windows. Here is a great site that points out the differences in each and what users should know.



Driver Magician Lite

Here is a great back drive software for your computer so that when you reinstall the OS, you can easily restore the original drivers for the devices on your computer. The easy way to get your computer up and going.



Pc for Dummies Ebook

Here is a freebie while supplies last of Troubleshooting & Maintaining your Pc all in one for Dummies ebook. It's a great way for user's to keep your computer trouble free.



Win 10 Rollback

Want to know how to rollback Windows 10. Here is a great way to turn back the clock if your tired of taking chances. The only bad thing is that there is just a ten-day period to do this.



Credit Freeze are Free

The credit card agency is not happy about this but it's a great control over identity theft. Here is what you need to know regarding putting a credit freeze on your credit card. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/09/credit-freezes-are-free-let-the-ice-age-begin/



Shutdown or Wake a PC

Here are simple steps to shutdown or wake up a pc on a Lan. Please note that this only works for some devices and you can try to install the Wake on Lan software to make it work but it really all depends on the hardware.



PPT videos with no Internet

Here a great way to show those perfect PowerPoint presentations without video. It's going to take some work for you to convert it, but the end results are that you can play your presentation where ever you go, with or without the Internet.



More on Intel AMT

Intel AMT has some wonderful features, it's just to bad that they can somehow secure the feature from hackers. But it's great to know what it can do and how Intel is positioning itself in the future for upcoming chips.



Apple Support

Confused on what's new updates your Apple device is missing. Here is a great site to keep you posted on Apple updates on all its devices that they support.




Great way to remotely control your pc in the event when it crashes. The only bad thing is that not all Intel processors support it. But if your does, you need to activate it and in the long run, it will save you hours of headaches on troubleshooting the computer problems.




The internet is full of threats and with this comes to a commonly mentioned threat known as Potentially Unwanted Programs known as pups.
These programs bleed your computer of resources by slowing down your system and in some cases infecting your computer with unwanted programs and software.
The threats are very real and not many antivirus and malware companies consider this a problem yet. Here is more information on why pups exist and the reason why you should always remove them from your computer.



Free Apple Repair

I don't know how long this is going to last, so hurry up and repair your old Mac book as soon as possible. Look up to see if your current model is available for a free upgrade.



Make your WiFi Stronger

Here are some helpful tips on how to make your current WiFi stronger so that you get the best performance out of it. In some cases, it can extend the life of your wireless router.



Best Antivirus for Mac

I don't know how long this is going to last but it will be worth reviewing until another software company catches up on protecting the everyday user.
Right now it looks like Sophos is the software you should be reviewing.



Snap Assist Win 10

This great software comes built-in with every Windows 10 computer and user's should be aware of what it does and how it can be useful to many.



Alexa for Hotels

Looks like Amazon is moving into the hotel business and this could change drastically on how we order room service and get guest information when we are traveling away from home. Not only is this going to make Alexa great again, but definitely going to make room service much quicker.



Amazon Cube

This could be your next new remote control using Alexa. Now I am still sketchy on how good this product can really be without the use of a remote control, but regardless it's a great start for Amazon to get into the home.



Malwarebytes Test Results

The good and the bad Malwarebytes is still my favorite malware removing software. I just hope that they get their act together and make things right.



Microsoft AI Challenge

Looks like Microsoft AI challenge was not only done in a record time but smoothing out updates so that they are easily fixed and patched immediately. If all goes well, we could be looking at a better approaching in patching future systems in no time.



4G Dashcam

We have been long enough waiting for an elite dashcam and I must admit that this new toy will add more to your driving experience. Now we just need to get the manufactures to put them in our cars.



Gmail AI Email

Here is a great way to save time writing by turning on Gmails artificial intelligence and letting Google write your emails for you.



Access to Deceased Online Accounts

If you have a loved one who passed and would like access to their online accounts, this is a good start on how to get access to their accounts. It's not easy, but a good start.



SIM Swap Fraud

Everyone should know what this is and how they should stay safe while safeguarding their security against fraud. It's the next generation of theft, now that mobile phones are being used for everything.



Blue Screen of Death

Getting the Blue Screen of Death error and want to know what it really means or want to review the log so that you can resolve the problem. There are a few software that can easily read these errors like Windows WDK or SDK. For user's who don't have access to this software, there is a third party software that you can install to view these errors. BlueScreenViewer is all you need and it will hopefully help you to your path on fixing your computer problems.



FBI Crime Compliant

Are you a victim of Internet crimes, well looks like this site is a start for the Federal Government to investigate the complaint and direct it to the appropriate departments. 
But in order for this to work effectively, you need to have accurate and complete information. So gather all your evidence before you submit a complaint. 


Russian Router Hack

Looks like the Russian's are beefing up there hacks this year by targetting routers. Although there is no current fix for now, by the time you read this article there hopefully will be a fix. 
Unknown to how the hackers are hacking into your routers, authorities are just warning user's to just reboot their routers. 


App Guard

Want to protect Windows against malware attacks. Here is a great way to do this via the Edge browser. Just follow these simple instructions and your computer is protected when browsing the web.