WorkTime Personal

Want to analyze how much work time you were on your work computer and how much time you were not. Here is a handy software to make sense of how productive you are being at work or at home.



Firefox Profile

If your using Firefox it's good to know where the profile folder is in this program, in case you have to export the profile to a new computer or a user wants to copy their profiles on multiple computers.



Ancestry DNA info

Here is some great information on Ancestry DNA processing for users. In my opinion, it looks like the process is going to take a while before it really can give you the results you are looking for. For many users, your just going to probably get false positive results until they can genetically profile everyone in the entire world. And then there are the privacy concerns. On how they use your data, what they give to authorities by law and other ways the company makes money. Make you wonder if the information your getting is accurate or is this just another way of big brother gathering information from everyone.



Amazon Error

Looks like Amazon messed up and allowed another user to eavesdrop on another home.
Now if you think this sounds disturbing, get ready to see more of this in the near future.



Win 7 End of Life

Windows 7 is soon coming to the end of life and users soon will be getting a pop up saying that it's time to upgrade their OS. If you want to get rid of the pop-up, then here is the fix.



Defender ATP protection for USB

Great news for Defender users, now Windows Defender offers protection for USB and removable devices. So if users are using the program wisely, the threat for malware and data losses can be prevented with just a few clicks.
Here is more information on what can be blocked with ATP.



Session Restore Responsiveness

Having problems with Chrome, here are some information and some tutorials on how to fix Chrome's responsiveness tabs. It's some resourceful information.



Microsoft Update Procedure

Here is some great information on Windows Updates and what should you do, when installing updates. In the past, it was highly recommended to push Windows updates, now it's just a matter of when you do and don't do the updates.



Report a Bug to Microsoft

In a perfect world operating systems should be bug-free. And if for some reason or another you find a software bug on the Microsoft OS. Here is some great information on what to do, so that you can notify them of the problem.



At&t marketing scam

Buyers beware of the new At&t marketing scam for 5G service. Advanced 4G is not 5G and the carriers and sales representative know this, but they just want to move their stock and will do anything nowadays to make a sale.



Gmail two factor authentication hack

Looks like Gmail is in trouble with its current two-factor authentication. And I must say that I am not surprised. Now I want to see what countermeasures Gmail is going to take to defeat this current hack.



Photo's background Images

Here is a simple way to remove photo's from a background image. The highly editing software can now be downloaded onto your computer for photo editing.



Why Netflix looks different to Everyone

You will be surprised by what goes on with Netflix and how the menu applications all look different for every user. The company software use of AVA does a lot to gather information on you on what you like and what you want to see.
Here is more information on how Netflix shows you what you like and want to see on television daily.



Paranoid web Users

Here is some good news for those paranoid web users who are just afraid of going online and surfing the internet.
You will be surprised at how great Chromebooks are for surfing the web.



Troubleshoot KMS Activation

Here is a great start on troubleshooting Windows KMS on a server. Admins rarely talk about this process and it's a major key in any organization when it comes to keeping track of licenses.



Win 10 Product Key

Need to find out where your Windows 10 Product key is on your computer so that you can save the key in case something happens to your copy of Windows.
Here is where you can find the keys just in case and you can always use the scripts to make things simple.



Interactive Weather Map

Need real-time weather around the world. Here is a better way to see the weather around the world with specific weather designs.



Surface Go USB Recovery

Have a Surface Pro and getting errors. Here is a great Recovery Disk for Microsoft's tablet so that you can fix those everyday problems.



Firefox Youtube Sound Fixer

Hate it when Youtube decides not to work with Firefox. My simple fix in the past was to reboot the computer, now you can follow these directions below to resolve your problem.



Tribute to the First True Processor

Looks like this smart women built the first true word processor in the late '70s and revolutionized the world we live in today on how we write documents. Go figure how the big giants took credit for most of her masterpieces.



Chrome Update

Users should upgrade Chrome immediately. Looks like there is a flaw in the browser that has been recently patched that cybercriminals are using extensively and users are advised to update Chrome immediately.



Install Fonts in Win 10

Here is the simple way to install fonts in Windows 10. Installing  this fonts are just a click a way with the new Windows 10.



USPS bug

Looks like the famous USPS ignored a security flaw for an entire year after a researcher discovered the bug. And it probably would have not still been fixed if the researcher did not take it to the next level by contacting the media.



Alexa witness

Looks like Alexa is now being taking to court and things could definitely change moving forward with users who own this home device.



Microsoft MFA

I don't know what to think about this new MFA from Microsoft. It's supposed to secure your accounts but what if this similar incident happens again is everyone going to be ready again for the system down-time?



iPhone Model #

Curious to find out what iPhone model number you have and others have. Here are some easy tips to find out the model number of your iPhone. Apple does not make that easy identifiable to others users. 


Surface Diagnostic Tool

Have a Surface device and wish you can confirm that everything is working correctly. Here is a great way to test your hardware devices.



Online Reputation Help

Online reputations can get sometimes go bad. If you get an attack here is some information to help you do more before it goes viral and more damage can be done.


Remove your Name


Google Maps Alternative

If your tired of using Google Maps and want to know alternatives, then here is the list and options on other great maps to look at. It's all about getting the right map application to work for you.



Mac vs Windows

Here is the tiebreaker between Windows and Mac. If your trying to decide again which OS is better, here is some good information to begin your quest for the best OS in the market.
In my opinion, it's based on user learning curve.



RCS Texting

Looks like Verizon is getting ready for RCS texting and moving forward all the carriers eventually will have their messaging applications updated. Replacing and saying goodbye to the old SMS texting format.