Can't wait for the WinXP SP3 update. Here it is. Even though Microsoft claims there is a glitch in the software. It's really pertains to the retail division - POS software installed on Microsoft computers. So you can install the update and move on with your life or wait after the fix is corrected and download it direct here.

Glitch Info


WinXP SP3 - Dates

For everyone who has Windows XP ( All Versions ) here is a sweet update for you. Service Pak 3. Let's just say it will give your computer a great performance tweak and it might just have you hold off a little longer on buying Vista.

Here are the official dates:

April 14, 2008:
Support is available for the release version of Service Pack 3 for Windows XP
April 21, 2008:
Original Equipment Manufacturers, Volume License, Connect, and MSDN and TechNet subscribers
April 29, 2008:
Microsoft Update, Windows Update, Download Center

June 10, 2008:
Automatic Updates


Vista Lock Shortcut

Running Vista and hate that it takes too long to lock up your computer. Follow these easy steps to create an icon onto your desktop to quickly lock your computer.

Go to the computer desktop. Click on a empty space on the desktop. Click the second key on the mouse and choose New -> Shortcut. Once the dialog box opens up write this command as is "rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation". Then click on Next and Create a name for Computer Lock. Now every time you need to walk away from your computer all you need to do is click on this command and it will automatically lock your computer from prying eyes.


USB Wifi Booster

This has to be the first USB Wifi Booster that boosts signals up to 600%. If your wireless signal is showing up to weak. This booster will sure help you resolve your wireless performance.


Computers in Cuba

It's amazing to know that in this day in age computers are still obsolete in certain parts of the world like Cuba. But at least now, Cuba has a chance to better itself by trying out new ideas.


USB Rechargeable Batteries

I was pretty excited when I seen these great sets of batteries that can be recharged via a USB port. Just plug in the batteries and charge. I just don't understand why these are not yet available locally.


Laptop Attache

If your a laptop lover and want your laptop to be organized. Take a look at this Laptop Attache. It gives you four extra ports while keeping it cool.


eFax for Free

Very interesting article on how to get eFax for free. Let's see how long I will be able to use it and have it for free.


Naked DSL

Yes naked DSL is a new service that AT&T offers for people who just want DSL only service with no land line phone. All you have to do is call the 800 number at 1-800-288-2020 and ask for DSL service only. Rates are reasonable and with no commitment. Take control of your service.


Today I canceled my land line phone service with Bellsouth and saved $18.53 a month.
I never used my home phone service and since I have my cell phone why even try.
Now with an extra $222.36 a year in my pocket I will guess sooner or later I'll go with Verizon's unlimited plan or save the money until my cell phone minutes gets excessive.

So if your in the same boat paying for service your never going to be using. Give it a try an save the extra buck..


First Blackberry Clam Shape Phone

It's getting closer to the day that you get to see the new Blackberry clam shape phone. No one know's yet the exact date and if this is going to be a hot new item. But we can't live without our Blackberry's.


Free Training CD's

Keep up to date. Order your free training CD to get a better understanding of the programs that you currently use today.



Watch videos, share music, promote your music, watch live concerts, play downloads and review the music catalog. All on this great new music site.



Need to install several copies of Vista. Make Vlite part of your installation. It creates a one button click all unattended installation that you can easily customize to your preference. Saving you money and time. So all you really have to do is set it up once and apply it across the network.


Double Twist

If you are currently using iTunes and want to strip out the DRM code from your music. This program will do the job and a little more. Media syncing has never been easier.


Threat Fire

Here's a nice utility that monitors all your programs from your computer. When a program starts acting funny Threat Fire alerts you of the unusual behavior.


Is Free VOIP Possible

Here the scoop on the free VOIP. Don't believe everything you hear that VOIP is free. Read this article and then decide for yourself what is free.


Never Forget your USB key at work again

This great visual basic script does a perfect job to remind you before you logoff from your computer that a USB key is attached. That's your signal to take the USB key home. It's better than post-it notes.


Magic Jack

This little gadget is so amazing. You need a computer with Internet connection and a regular telephone. All you do is plug the black box to the USB port on your Internet connected computer, plug in your telephone and in minutes your connected. Yearly fee is pennies.
The reviews are not that appealing. But if they make a second generation then I would go out and get one. For now you should wait until the work out their software glitches.

watch the videos


Flash Player Error

If you recently did an update and keep on getting the flash player error. Here is the fix to that error. All you need to do is update your Adobe Flash Player software onto your computer and everything goes back to normal.


Free Music Downloads by MTV

Here's your chance to download music from MTV for free. I just don't understand why they just don't make all music free.


AutoGK software

Looking for a free DVD ripper with audio and video compression. Take a look no longer because this software makes everything so simple.


KeePass Password Safe

Here's an open source password safe to store all your important passwords. It contains AES encryption and can easily be used on USB keys.


Online Movie Downloads

Hollywood has gone into the movie download business to try to lure people to choose a new way of downloading movies and TV shows. User's choose the movies or TV shows they want to watch and instantly the movies are downloaded into a receiver type unit. No one knows who will be the one to take off first. But the idea is good enough to see what happens next.
Cinema Now
Movie Link


Hard Drive Health Software

Purchased a hard drive and want to know the health on that hard drive. This software tells you the power on time - life of the hard drive so that you can decide how to use your hard drive effectively. It's a good utility to use with a hefty pricey tag.


Tech Support Switchboard

Tired of buying tech support with hardly any satisfied results. This new site creates a switchboard to other sites and gets you support on any tech issue in less than 30 minutes. It's time to get your moneys worth.


Put Flickr onto your web site

Here is the link to put your Flickr photo's onto your web page. It's user friendly.

Here are the instructions, as per Flickr:

Can I put my Flickr photos on my web site?

Yes! You can create a dynamic badge of public Flickr photos to add to your web site (outside of Flickr).

Use the wizard to set up your badge and show: your photos, group photos, or photos from everyone. You can also filter images by a certain tag.

Simply choose the display options (which photos, how many, what size) and specify if you want to display your screen name and buddy icon. Then choose either a styled version of the badge (photos appear in a column with a colored background) or one that you can design yourself.

Note: If you choose to customize the badge yourself, you need to know we hold all the photos in an enclosing DIV with the class 'flickrimg.' The images within it are also assigned IDs: flickrimg1, flickrimg2, etc.


Take voice messages, get daily summaries and reminders via your cell phone anytime.
The easy voice recognition software makes your life complete by remembering your things to remember.


Portable Vault

Have a USB drive and want to secure your files just in case you loose it or if someone steals it. This Portable password protected vault secures your USB drive so that if you loose it. No one can use it.


Ping Test Easy

Want a replacement for Windows ping test command. This software let's you test various ip's and it also helps you to save them for future use.


Donate a PC

Here's another site to donate your computer. At least you know it's going towards a good cause. Your old computer is someone's future into the world wide web.


Programmable Tattoo

Let's just wait until we see the First Ad Campaign Tatoo. Then we can say that we've seen everything.