Download Midi Ringtones

Free Classic Rock & Roll Ringtones to download for your cell phone.


Google's new Chrome Browser

Although not officially out yet. It's going to be a great revolution for Google to get into the browser business.
Download Chrome Now


Comcast caps Broadband

What does this mean? If you go over 250gig a month Comcast has the right to suspend their account or charge you an excessive bandwidth fee. Regardless your going to pay more if you use more than the standard a month.


Add Memory to Acer Aspire One Notebook

If your planing on adding memory to your notebook. You've better be ready on adding memory to an Acer Aspire One Notebook. It's the most difficult memory upgrade I've seen in a while on a notebook.


New KVM for Laptops

KVM switches are now offered for laptops. It's quite pricey but it comes with a few perks like file transfer and backup software. If connecting remotely with a laptop is your number one priority, then this KVM switch should be your dream come true.


Watch Live NASA feeds

For all those astronamers who want to watch live solar eclipse, check out the NASA feeds for live coverage, as it happens.


Apple Updates - Two Weeks

These feed is being published every where and in two weeks we will see if his sources are correct for the major upgrades that are going to happen for Apple.


Enable or Disable WinXp Settings

This is a great utility to get your Windows XP settings to act the way you want them to act, quickly and easily.


Remove Programs

Here's another Windows un-installer for programs that have already been removed from your computer. But still appear to be on your computer.


Uxtheme Patch for Win SP3 Fix

Have Uxtheme on Windows XP and after SP3 you have noticed that you can't use it anymore. No problem. Download this fix to be able to use Uxtheme.


Easily Replace a DLL file in Windows

This utility has made it easy to replace a DLL file. Just download install the replace cmd program then you drop the Dll into the replacement one and your done.


The New Diary

If you want the best encryption out in the market with a self destruct mechanism just in case you loose your information. The new Diary is what you've been looking for. It will help you record events has it happens with the safety that your diary will never get into the wrong hands.


Microsoft Open Document Format

Microsoft later on this year will include in it's update this download so that everyone can save files via pdf and xps format. Let's just say that they are forced to make these changes, otherwise they will have more legal issues.


iPod & iPhone

Who said things are not made for each other, did have this in mind. Once again Apple amazes me with these facinating gadgets. Now whatever your iPod can do, remember that your iPhone can do too.


Antair for Blackberry

This is the begining of many other software's like this to come out. I just don't understand why it took so long, when everyone knows that spam is everywhere.



Just think of IM and then think of Blackberry, now combine them together and this is what it becomes.


Microsoft Midori

Microsoft new operating system is Midori and you'll be surprise that it has nothing to do with Windows. What does this mean is simple. All those Windows users will be out in the dust if Microsoft decides to go this way.
It looks like Microsoft now just played a fast one on us with Vista, because the operating system will never go any where.


Credit Score Estimator

This is an excellent site to estimate your credit score.
Do you know that every time you apply for a credit card or have someone verify your credit score. It can lower you score. Why? because the credit bureaus believe your trying to get credit. So only get your credit score when necessary and use the credit score estimator instead. For more information check out BankRate.com and do a search for credit scores.


Map Game * Fun *

How well do you know geography. This Middle Eastern Map will sharpen up your map skills of the world. Give it a test drive.


Recover SMS and lost numbers

For those of you who really needs to find out what SMS and numbers were deleted on your telephone. It like restoring your recycle bin on your computer phone style.


Record Conversations

If you want to record conversations for legit reason's here is a nice device to help you. I just hope you have a good reason.



These security keys software's are showing up everywhere. It's a nice utility to lock your laptop or computer in case it goes into the wrong hands. But no ever talks about what would happen if you loose the usb key.


Remove fake Antivirus 2008

The Internet is still unsafe so make sure you know your computer has antivirus software and that the software is up to date. And don't download anything that's too good to be real. Because chances are that you'll get something similar to this one.



Beside's using the Microsoft command line of MSIZAP to remove a program. You also can download the tool to help you do the work as well. It's Microsoft's way of saving the day.


Freedom Stick

Talk about a secure thumb drive that cloaks your connections so that your internet usage cannot be tracked.


Fix downloaded MP3 file

You've just downloaded an MP3 file and you can't get you computer to play this MP3. This is what you need to do next. Just change the file extension to .mp3 and then the computer will recognize that this is a music file and play your music. Majority of the times, this fix will correct your problem. If not it two things. One the file is not a music file, or two the file is corrupt.


Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

This is not the greatest software that's out there to get rid of those unwanted programs. But it's a great utility to un-install and reinstall the current program that you want to use.


iPhone has gone Green

If you have the iPhone and want to go Green. Consider in buying the new solar case. It will take you three hours to charge, but at least your helping the environment.



Here's another great photo sharing site that helps you make great photo's. It's more like a gallary of photo's where you can vote, share and compare pictures online. It's a great ideas with a good concept on people showing off their photo's.



The software that should have been included with your camera. Take photo's and edit them without the use and knowledge of Photoshop.