Tiny Office

Here is a wonderful portable application for those users who need Office on the go. I am just surprised Microsoft doesn't incorporate there software on the go.

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A few months ago I tried this software and I was surprised how wonderful it worked. Now every time I decide to download it, my virus software picks it up as a no, no.
My suggestion to you is that if your ready to reformat your computer and can somehow download this software on to it. You'll be able to get your Windows license serials etc. It's beyond me why it's been flagged as a no, no. Even magic jelly bean the famous key finder has this same issues. Go figure why?


All way Sync

Always make sure your flash drive is in Sync with your computer so that you always have the files you need when your on the go. This is where this handy software comes in to make life so sweet.

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Prevx Antivirus

Have already antivirus on your computer and still want to make sure that you didn't download anything threatening. This is where Prevx comes in. It's an security analizer for your antivirus software.


Build your own iPhone

If your mechanically inclined you might just want to build your own iPhone. But it's going to set you back $187.51 with no warranty. Take the challenge and try to beat Apple in it's own manufacturing game.


Chase iPhone App

Chase is going a long way pleasing it's iPhone user's to make mobile banking even easier. How convenient it is to deposit a check via an iPhone application, when all you do it to take a pictures of the front and back of a check for deposit.


Samsung Dive

Samsung user's should be happy to know that their cell phones now will carry a new line of protection. Now when you loose your phone your valuable information will be protected. When phones are lost one can easily lock it and wiped it out. All your valuable information is protected in matter of minutes. It's about time manufactures started making a difference on protecting their customers information.


Safe MSI

If your having problems with a recently installed program and your computer will not boot up correctly. Most of the times the best solution is to go into Safe Mode and uninstall the program that's causing the problem.
But not all programs can be removed in Safe Mode and this is where this software comes in. It does a registry tweak to make all software removable. Hopefully saving you time.

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Need to upload or share documents online with others. This file sharing website is a plus to find great articles and magazines for free.

If you want to know more click here.


Forecastfox for Chrome

If you currently use Google Chrome and always want to know what's the weather like today. Be sure to install Forecastfox so that your prepared for the outside weather.


Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4

Here is a free utility for system administrators to analyze network traffic. A plus for system administrators who always need to keep tabs on their company's network performance.

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Seagate has gone a step further with it's NAS storage. Not only does it's NAS storage make it easy to share files online for free. But you can also attach a SATA drive to the storage device.


McAfee for iTouch & iPhone

Need antivirus protection for your Apple iTouch or iPod devices. McAfee has it covered and it's going to cost you at least $20-. Who knows if your ever going to need this type of protection yet.


MDaemon Free Mail Server

Need a free mail server for your small business but can't afford to get a premium program. This is where MDaemon Free Mail Server comes in. It gives you a 5 user license with remote administrator. Not bad for a freebie.

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Toshiba's new Wi-Fi

Now memory cards will go further with Toshiba's new Wi-Fi enabled memory card. You not only will upload picture to the web, and Bluetooth devices, but to other cards as well.


Com Port Data Emulator

Here is a great utility software to test and analyze Com Ports. It's a life saver when your having installation problems.

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Looking for a bandwidth monitor to keep track of your network upload and download speeds. This open source program does the trick for free in various ways.

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Google Health

Need to manage your Health Records online but don't know where to start. This site from Google Health gets your medical files organized and keeps your records all in one place. So if you currently have a medical history, here is a great place to organize all of your medical files online.


Remote 360

Looking for Blackberry support for IT administrators. Remote 360 is a great candidate to save you time and costs.


Windows 7 in a box

Have Windows 7 and hate it that all your old commands are now different. Here is the solution to your problems. By downloading Windows 7 in a box, you'll be able to run your programs like you use to with old Windows. So there is no need to learn Windows 7 new commands.


OEM Info

Want to change the Registered Info on a computer but don't know how. This small program give you the power to change the registered user. At least now you can control who owns your computer.


DOS CMDS in Demand

Here are a few DOS commands in demand. It will help you execute DOS commands quicker than the usual process. It's about time.


Portable Bandwidth Monitor

This is a nice application to have on a USB stick to troubleshoot broadband connections speed on a computer. You can't image on how many times people complain about having a slow computer, to discover it's not their computer but their broadband connection.


Daemon Tools Lite

Want to play ISO files via a portable device. Daemon Tools Lite make things very simple. Just download it and install onto portable device and all your ISO are now playable.
Here is the eHow To


FCC takes 90 Mhz

It looks like national broadband is going forward. The FCC already removed barriers for the 90 Mhz spectrum that was once used by mobile satellite. And now it's only a matter of time before this frequency carries our national broadband.


California License Plate Ad's

If California's research on advertisement goes successful. You could be seeing soon all California license plates with advertisements. The license plates while in movement will always show the tag number, but while the vehicle is stopped it with display a four second advertisement. Talk about making money on wheels.


Genie Soft Free Timeline

Take backup software were it has never gone before and backup everything. This software is the first to chart and breakdown your backups. It lists backups by category so that you are always aware on what your backing up. It's a must have item for first time backup user's. Two steps and your done setting up your backup. Give it a try.


Easy BCD

Here is a great utility for Windows 7 that helps you edit it's boot settings. You can view, change, add, remove, manage, diagnosis and backup your Windows 7 OS. It's a handy software in securing you Windows operating system.

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USB Drive Backup

Looking for a backup utility software for your flash drive. Thanks to CNET you flash drives are now protected.


U3 Launchpad for Win 7

Have you noticed lately that all your U3 devices don't work with Windows 7. The reason for this is because the U3 launcher needs to be updated on Windows 7.
Here is the link for the software and instructions to correct this problem.