Do more with USB

Want to do much more with USB, here is a great software that will take USB to it's limits. Now you can install different OS with a USB, test your USB speed, install Grub4dos, SysLinux, create EX2 FS, check drive info and test it using QEMU, create a bootable USB, and copy files after format. What more can you ask for.

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DvD to MKV

Here is a great software to transform those wonderful Dvd movies you love to MKV. It's a better format to view you files wherever you go. Give it a try.

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Useful Tech Sites

Here are some great useful technician sites to help you troubleshoot your Window problems

Expert Exchange
GFI Event
Event Sentry
Event Analyzer


Create a Desktop Shortcut

Here is the easiest way to create a desktop shortcut. It will save you time and you'll be happy to know that you can customize any shortcut anytime, anywhere, at any place. 


How to install Memory

Here are some great youtube video's to help you install memory. There is no reason to hire a professional when you can do this yourself and save the money for other resourceful tools.



If need need help on what type of memory you need for your computer feel free to use this link.



Need to unlock files and folders that you need to delete, or how about terminate malware or viruses that don't go away. Try fileunlocker and see if your problems goes away.


iDAPT i3 Universal Dock

Great phone and mp3 player charger for the user that's looking for a way to charge all their portable devices at the same time. Although it could use more tweaking, it is a great solution for charging.
Check it out and watch the video below.



Want your car washed, no problem with Cherry. Cherry automatically connects you when someone who will wash your car right were you left it. No need to go to a car wash. Once it's done your credit card will be charge for the car wash and you'll receive a text saying that it's done. That easy and simple. 


Microsoft Rootkit Analyzer

If your computer has been recently infected and your in search of a user friendly Rookit analyzer, search no more. Take a look at Microsoft Rootkit Analyzer and hope that your computer can be saved.

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Chrome Remote

Google has come along way with it's current browser. Now it's testing remote access via it's Chrome browser. If everything goes well. Let's just say, you can easily see Google getting into the remote desktop world. 


Free Recovery Software

If you ever lost a file and need to recover a file, it's good to know there is free software out there to retrieve your lost files. There is no need to pay premium dollars for software you'll probably just use once in a while. 



What is My IP Address

Looking for your computer IP Address. No problem with the help of these links below.


Google OS


How to Remove Viruses

Here's a great tip on how to remove viruses from Windows XP computers. It's not a sure solution to remove all viruses, but it's the rule of thumb on removing the most common viruses. Learn it, try it, and then master it. 


Drupalgardens Hosting

Looking for an inexpensive hosting site to host your blog or website. This site is a must have for beginners still new on the internet. Besides the Pricing being reasonable, you can easily host your site for free. Check it out and give it a try. 


Silex Print Server

Need to connect to a printer that doesn't have wires. Here's the easiest way to do it with the help of Silex but it's going to cost you. So before you buy, weigh out the cost of getting a new wireless printer with the cost of this device. 



Looking for a tablet stand to read, browse, email and watch movies online. This soft comfortable pillow is the ideal device for tablets while your online. 


Word Doc Tip

Need to view two Word files side by side. Here is the simplest way to view two documents at a time. This sure will save you from going back and forth. Give it a try.


Sign a Static Drive to USB

Hate it that your USB drive always changes every time you plug it in. Here's the best way to keep the USB drive constant using static.
Once this is done that drive should always be held in reserve only for your USB drive. 


Where is the Recycle Bin & Control Panel

If you currently using Windows 7, you might have noticed that the Recycle Bin & Control Panel are no longer


Wifi Analytics Tool

If you have an Android phone, then it would be nice to install this great application that will scan Wifi and check the channel and use around you. It's a must have for Wifi user's.


Text Plus

Free text messaging sites are showing up almost everywhere. It's time you said good bye to text messaging fees and show the carriers that you mean business. Join the free world of texting. 


Free Text Messages

Looking for free text messaging via your cell phone plan. If you can somehow add this application onto your phone you can be text messaging for free without the fees. 


Event Lookup

Tired of getting all those Windows errors and can't seen to decode what they mean. Hold on and get answer's to those error codes by installing the event log explorer. Fixing computer problems will be a thing of the past now that you know what the codes mean.

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Net Burner

Want to burn CD's over your network. It's very simple with the help of this software. All you do is download the software and search for the nearest computer on your network. Accept the new drive and the drive will automatically appear on your current computer your using. Now all you have to do is copy the files to the CD, burn the files and your done.

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Keep track of your phone or laptop so that if it ever gets lost or stolen, you can hopefully one day find it. It's a great tracking software that's open source. So if your in the need of a tracking device, this site is a great help.


Computer Basic's

Want to learn the computer basics but are afraid to ask. You don't need to ask anymore now that you read my post. Just fill out the survey and click on the tutorial video's. That's all you need to do.

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Need to organize all your files you recently downloaded. Here is a simple way to manage and take control of all the files you download, so that you don't waste time.

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Free DJ Software

Here's a free copy of DJ software for all Window user's. Now you can make your friends happy starting your own party. Mixing and making music is now a reality.


Splash ID for Android

Need to secure your files on your phone. Here's a great way to do it with SplashID Safe Secure Data vault. Now keeping your data will always be secure where ever you go. It's a password vault especially customized for Android products.


Trader's Little Helper

Need to encode, verify, fix, remove, and test audio files. This software is full of so many tricks that it will simplify your audio editing needs.


Karen's Directory Printer

Want to print all your information about your files. This software goes beyond printing by giving you detail information on name, size, date created, last modified, and who had last access. It's a plus software for the everyday user.