Here is everything that you need to know about Windows 11 and users will have the option to upgrade to Windows 11 for free if their computer can support it.

Get ready for the version of Windows. 


Send Files to Mobile

Trying to send files to your mobile phone, then check out Snapdrop to get the job done. All you need to do is open your browser to Snapdrop on your computer add the files and open up the browser on your phone and now you easily have access to those files. It's a simple way to share your files when you are aways on the go. 


Cannot type Pass on Login

Having problems typing your password in Windows when you get into the login screen. Here is a list of great troubleshooting tips to do beforehand to help resolve your typing problem.


Win10 End of Support

It looks like the End of Windows 10 support will come in 2025 and soon the world will know about the new Windows in store for users.
That's good and we are still unsure if the next version of Windows will satisfy most consumers to upgrade. Let's see what's in store next. 


Win Terminal

Windows 10 Terminal lets you open up more than one command line into Windows 10 with other features worthwhile installing. Check it out and take Terminal to a new level.


Windows Store


PS without Signing

Want to send PowerShell scripts without signing, well it's simple to do and you will be surprise on how simple it can be done. Now getting things done with PowerShell will hopefully speed up your life. 


Share ForFiles

Here is how to share ForFiles in Windows 10 so that user's can easily be connected to their data source. It makes sense to create a bat file so that it can easily be shared among users for access. 



Windows Internet Printing

If you want to extend printing services for remote clients outside the corporate network, then Windows Server Internet Printing serves this purpose. 

It's not for everyone, but with companies working from home, it sure makes sense. 



Connect to Exchange & M365 with PS

Want to know how to connect to Exchange and Microsoft 365 with remote PowerShell, then here is how you do it without EMS. 


No OS in Win10

It looks like some Lenovo computers are getting an error 1962 with no operating system found. Now if you are getting this error on the computer check out these quick tips to resolve the error. 


Network WiFi Report

Here is how to simply troubleshoot a user's Wi-Fi Network hardware and software functions. This is a great way to determine errors, the duration of the session, and output commands. It even provides details regarding network adapters used for wireless processing by computer systems. 



Nail Salon Update

Here is a neat robot that can do anyone's nails in ten minutes. I almost definitely know for sure that these robots with a little perfection is going to change how we see nail salon's today. 
Imagine going to a nail salon and getting your nails done by a professional in minutes. 


Live Leak Gone

The controversial hosting site closed down without explanation and replaced with a site that bans excessive violence or gory content. 
So I guess if you are looking for out of this world coverage, you are going to have to look some where else.


Extract Media from PPT

Need to extract media files from PowerPoint Presentations, here are the simple steps are how to get those files. Now you can easily save the files that matter to you for your records. 


Compare Google Docs

If you have to similar Google Documents and want to easily compare them to each other, here are some great tips using Google tools. Now you can easily find the differences and rename or remove the old document when necessary. 


LinkedIn to Resume

Here is a simple way to convert you LinkedIn profile to Resume for free, now you can easily build your resume and share it with other employer in matter of minutes. 


Win10 Showing Artifacts or Distortion

It looks like some user's continue to have this ongoing problem with video's showing incorrect positions. In instances like this your best bet is to try these quick fixes below. 



Feds Remake the Dollar

It looks like the Federal government is trying to remake the U.S. Dollar and simply convert it into crypto. While the world watches and waits for their transition, it's a great time to be investing in crypto.
Get in while you can and wait for the new changes to come. 


Locked Files

Need to easily find what program is holding a lock file, then this site will narrow down on the program causing the file to get locked. 
Sometimes finding the program will have you dig deep into the computer to find the source. 


Change Teams Notification

Enjoy Microsoft Teams but want to change the notification status on Teams. Here is a great way to preview notifications so that you can check who sends you what. 



iPhone Contacts Disapper

If you are having problems finding contacts on your iPhone, here is s simple fix that can save you the headaches. It sure is an iOS bug and I hope soon Apple will fix this.

Simply turn iCloud contacts sync off and then bring it back on. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings -> iCloud and toggle the Contacts and switch from ON to OFF and then switch back to ON.



Interesting site on how you can purchase your favorite brands in 4 interest-free payments by using the application. 

This Swedish company provides financial servers for online storefronts with exclusive deals. Think of it as the modern day online lay-a-way plan. 



FaceTime Coming

It looks like Facetime is coming soon to Windows and Android users so that more users can easily connect to iPhones and Macs. This hopefully will fill in the communication gap between other mobile devices. Let's see how it plays. 


Display Monitor in Win10

Need to display a smaller or larger monitor in Windows 10, then here some helpful tips to get the display to match the correct resolution. 

These simple tips can easily fix your monitor resolution in minutes. 


Win 10 Weather Widget

You might have noticed recently that Windows 10 recently added the weather widget onto its taskbar and Microsoft is back again doing things that it should not be doing to users. This little gadget although useful to some users, may just be eating up some of your memory. 

So if your low on resources in Windows, your best bet is to turn off the weather widget to save memory. 


Free Win10 Malware Removal Tools

If you currently have malware on Windows 10 and need help removing it, here are some great tools to use to help you fight back the infection.
These viruses tend to get complicated, the longer you leave them on your computer. 


McDonald's AI Drive-Thru

It looks like McDonald's AI Drive-Thru is underway after the chain reported difficulties in hiring staff members. If all goes well fast food can quickly adapt and eliminate these hard to fill jobs. 



It looks like New York Cities subway pay system has a hidden cost and you will be surprised on the information that it's collecting from users. 

With adaptation from the MTA in a few years, OMNY is the future of payment methods. Now it's only a matter of time before rider's give in.


Send Large Files from Gmail

Want to know how to send large files using Gmail, then here are some helpful tips to bypass the 25mb file limit. Now sending large files through Gmail can be done easily. 


Norton 360 Antivirus

Now Norton Life Lock will allow user's of it's antivirus software mine Ethereum crypto directly from the program. Interesting to hear and if you are a crypto buyer at least you can now feel that you have some type of protection for your crypto.

For more information take a look at Norton Life Lock link below.


Drone Volcano Footage

Here is a great video of a drone flying over an erupting volcano. Technology has changed so much that now scientist are able to monitor hazardous areas using drones.

This is so exciting to hear and hopefully we will learn more about volcano's with this technology limiting our risks to being so close.


WiFi Report

Here is how to create a WiFi report on Windows 10 to troubleshoot your computer WiFi connection. It's a great way to analyze your connection to your computer and verify that everything is working normally. 


Export VPN Connections

Need to export VPN connections in Windows 10, here is some great information on how to copy the Pbk folder and where you can find these files in Windows to export to a new computer. 

                File Explorer window, browse the following path –   



Amazon MGM Deal

Netflix should be very concern with the recent Amazon and MGM deal. It's not only going to explode with new content but it will be very interesting to see what Amazon is going to do next to win Netflix subscribers. 


Amplifi Alien Mesh WiFi

Amplifi is a pretty interesting wifi router for user's who love to be in control of their access point and want to monitor their wifi. The set up is simple but it can be quite pricey.

If you looking for a new toy for your home wifi, then this device will sure keep you entertained. 


Fix Printer in Error State

If your printer is having printing problems and you are getting the "Printer is in Error State" message, here is a great way to get the printer up and running again.

  1. Run the Printer Troubleshooter.
  2. Check whether the printer is online or offline.
  3. Check the status of Print Spooler Dependencies.
  4. Download the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s website.


Face Swap Video

 Now things can get interesting using this Face Swap Video. Let's see how creative you can get with this application. 

Google Play



Bitcoin Pizza

It looks like Bitcoin is making drastic changes in the financial markets that many companies are now opening the doors to crypto. This is the beginning and the end of financial companies as we know it. 

Regardless on what is your opinion on crypto, it's here to stay for good and be ready to see more vendors opening the door to crypto. 



Quadriga Story

Now with the new digital age of currency, you are going to hear a lot of stories like this and these stories are just the beginning of more things to come in the future. 

Unfortunately you are always going to have things like this happen, you just have to be careful and hope that you will not be another victim. Regardless the gamble is still worth the risk and as long as you do not invest anything worth loosing, then you should be good. 



AMD Notifier

If you have an AMD chip, you might want to install this cool application to notify you when a chip update is available. It's a great way to always have the best performance for your computer when an update is available. Check it out. 



If you ever wonder on how professional photographers take excellent pictures when it's sunny outside then you might want to install this handy iOS application on your phone. It can pinpoint the exact times the sun will set with the right amount of light you need for that special photo. This will give you the quality pictures you are always looking for. 




Want to know if your picture is being used on the internet. Here is a great site to search your picture online and see who currently took your picture and posted it online.

From that point you can request the user to remove the picture or get legal advice on how to remove the picture online.



iDrive Business

Cloud backup can be pricey and here is where iDrive Business makes sense. You simply register the client set up computer and configure the backup settings and you are done. Their is no easier way to back with this simple software. Give it a try. 



Out of Office

It looks like remote office is taking a swing because of the recent pandemic and now working from home is becoming reality for many businesses. 
The hybrid work place is now becoming normal for big technological companies and you can see this expanding to other areas to shed corners are unnecessary costs. 


Win10x Dropped

It looks like Microsoft just dropped Windows 10x and it's changing it's goals to push it's new interface.
I guess we are going to have to wait a little longer for Win10x to come out in the market.


Banks Cryto custody

It looks like crypto currency is putting the squeeze on banks that later on this year banks will be offering services to buy, hold and sell crypto.

It's only a matter of time before consumers start moving their currency elsewhere. The revolution of currency has begun. 


Twitter Spaces

I must say this is going to be very interesting to see on twitter when you have a host then pass it on to another host to let the stream go even further.

You are then going to see a lot of interesting tweets on Twitter from that point on. Wait and see. 



Mastercard Massive Adaptation

Crazy as it sounds but I doubt that anyone is going to stop the crypto phase. Master survey see's massive crypto adaptation and this could be the end of paper money as we now know it.

It's amazing on how a few tweets, with several months has taken crypto to new levels. The industrial revolution of currency has arrived. 


Win KB5000802

Let's just say Microsoft messed up with this KB and it caused printing and BSD for some users. The fix was simply to uninstall the update, if you were an advance computer user. For some it was just another headache and hoping Windows will resolve this problem as soon as possible. 


Mining Nixed

It looks like Nvidia nixed the RTX 3060 GPU by building a limiter into the driver which halves the harsh rate for Etherium mining. It plans on directing miners to special GPU's that it wants to sell to them. 
Hopefully this will direct miners to their specialty cards and not frustrate other user's from not being able to purchase future GPU cards. 


Unwanted AirTag

So what do you do if you find an unwanted AirTag, well let's just say that you are better off on disabling it so that notifications are not tracking you. AirTag's are meant to find lost items and if it's not attached to an item it most likely fell off and retrieval is unlikely.  


Excel Quiz

Need to create a quiz and want to simply your choices, well if you are familiarized with Excel you already have an incentive. Excel can easily crate automated quizzes that can easily be set up by following the instructions below. Good luck.



You cannot stop the Crypto madness and until crypto exchanges upgrade their systems for tracking portfolio's your are going to have to keep log of your gains manually.

This is where CoinMarketCap comes in, now you can let this software track your gains and easily report it to the IRS during tax time. Yes capital gains is taxable with Crypto but regardless on the amount at least you have a chance to reap in the rewards.



Pentagon Mystery

This odd company just popped out of now where and within days got a big government contract owned by the Department of Defense.
No one is saying anything but it definitely looks like a defense for cyber intrusion's and a pilot project in the making for outside contractors. 

I guess the government will be monitoring internet traffic for threat intelligence, what do you think?


Protect Files from Deletion

If you are running Windows 10 and want to protect files from deletion here is some helpful settings to help you from removing important files. 

Now at least you can add another means of protection before deleting important files from your computer. 


My Doom Virus

This computer virus cost $50 billion globally and it's amazing on how simple and easy it infected users and continued on spreading. In a matter of days it gradually infected user's one by one and targeting almost everyone in it's path.




Curious on who your competitor's online vendors are? Here is a site to help you locate your competition vendors so that you can go head to head with them and get the most out of your business. 


Apple Air Tag

Apple Air Tag Bluetooth trackers are nothing new, I guess software compatibility problems with iOS was Apple's headache on getting this product off the ground. 

But they have improved the product in many ways and hopefully it will put an end to your lost items. 


Chromebook Tips

Here are some cool Chromebook tips, if you have not try them you should take a look at them. These cool tips will help you save time while browsing online.


Quanta Ransomware

Quanta was recently hit with a ransomware attack and it's not good for the companies current clients, who use the company to manufacture it's current items. 
Although the company stated that it had no impact on business operations, time will tell if these ransom demands will be met. 


Apple Spring Event Review

It's funny how this company sort of put Apple in it's place when it came to it's Spring Event Review. It looks like Apple again disappointed user's with their new line up. 

Apple is sadly has no new technology and once again it  looks like one big dead ship in the sea with no direction. 



What is a Blockchain

Here is some good information on what is a Blockchain and why you should be concern. In simple terms it's the next generation of storage in the cloud and how's it shared.

We need a better way to organize our databases and Blockchain looks like a great answer to this solution.



Free WiFi

Searching for free WiFi where ever you go so that you can easily download or connect with others. Check out this cool site that searches your location and give you the nearest free WiFi access points within your area with passcodes. So that you can always be connected where ever you go. 



Medicat USB

This handy Multiboot Linux USB is a life saver for troubleshooting computer problems. It's a handy device similar to Hiren but with a lot of perks. 

If you are looking for the handy computer doctor, this is a must try utility.



Team Meeting without a Link

It looks like Microsoft is making a big move with Teams by enabling to Join meetings without a link by just entering a meeting ID. I am excited to see the rollout and how easy it will enable users to join meetings.



If you like organic foods and want to grow things at home this neat plant stand will make it easy to water, grow and fertilize your home grown food at home.

It's decorative stand that simplifies your life. 



Discord Gaming

If you are already on Discord and want to join the best gaming servers than look no further. Here is a list of the best Discord gaming server that you should be a member of. 


Alexa Printing

Now Amazon Alexa has a new feature which is add the feature to recognize your printer. What will this do besides keep track of your ink, it can also do the following:

Alexa can now
* Turn on Smart reorder for ink
* Print you a test page
* Print my to do list
* Print my shopping list
* Print a Sudoku puzzle
* Print graph paper
* Print lined paper
* Print a coloring page
* Print a crossword
* Print a maze


7 Screen Laptop

This laptop transforms like a swiss army knife to get you ready for work. I am still confused where the seventh monitor is, but for 26 lbs. you cannot complain. 
I am glad to see someone offering consumers the option to take portable monitors where ever you go. 



Here is a great way to create professional product visuals without a studio. It's a reasonable monthly subscription that makes thing easy to do by dragging and dropping to other applications. 



Folding iPhone Concept

It looks like Apple's patents are still trying to revive the folding iPhone concept and it's picking up great ideas that are currently shared with other phones. Only time will tell if Apple is able to successfully master it's dream. 


New Portable SSD

It looks like a new era of portable SSD are quickly replacing hard drives and cloud storage and it's moving to the future of storage. The size, speed and transfer rates are hard to deny so if you are looking for a quick and easy way to store files, then keep an eye on them. 


New Maps with AI Help

Making maps for directions is now easier to do with the help of AI. We have come a long way when it comes to giving directions and now AI is here to simplify things and get us in the right track. 



FB Messenger Group Calls

For all those users who have Facebook messenger and still do not know how to do group calls, here are simple instructions on how to do it.

It's really not that difficult just check out the link below. 


Word Transform to PPT

It looks like Word soon will be rolling out a feature to transform a document to a PowerPoint presentation and it will be so simple for user to now create documents and create a PPT in just one touch of a button.


Win10 Makeover

It looks like Microsoft is doing a makeover for Windows 10 and users might see small changes in the upcoming updates to modernize the current design and icons of the native Windows OS. I just hope they do not over do it because we all know what happen when Windows 8 came out.

Let's wait and see how drastic the changes will be. 



Mobile Data instead of Internet

It looks like more user's are adapting to mobile data instead of getting plans with internet service providers. With the recent work at home rules that were adapted by many companies, users had no choice to adapt instead of using their unreliable internet service. 
So it make sense for users to drop their internet service instead and use their mobile connections for internet. There are drawbacks but in the long run, it's a service still worth the costs. 


iDrive Compute

iDrive recently released a new service for Developers and Enterprises built on a network of 20 US Edge Computing locations. Now companies can host multiple instances using powerful hardware and servers. Hopefully the new service will be adapted by more businesses. 



Netflix Password Sharing

I guess Netflix keeps on slowly cracking down on shared passwords and moving forward you can see more of this until the company get's a hold of the ongoing abuse. 

It's a well know practice for user's to share their passwords with others and now Netflix is gradually cracking down and eventually it will lead to shutting down the accounts so that user's have no choice but to subscribe. Get ready for the new world of Netflix. 



OnePlus Watch

Here is a cool smartwatch is going to change the future for watches, it focuses on health with GPS and fast charging. The great thing about this watch is that it can be used on both iPhone and Android devices, let's hope it can make our lives better. 




 Here is a great site to summarize your text so that you can be precise on what you say to others. The site is very simple to use, you just copy the information you want to send to another user and the software summarizes your wording. It's simple, fast and easy to use give it a try. 




It looks like Google now has a digitized document app and it's going to help you scan your documents, receipts and other papers automatically to Google Drive.

It's about time and it hopes to make bill organizing easier to do for most individuals. 



AWS & Azure SSO Set up

If you currently have an AWS or Azure account and want to integrate your AD credentials for convenience, then set up the accounts using SSO. This will enable cloud user's to get access to their accounts and applications on the web. 



Airport WiFi

If you need to connect quickly to an airport WiFi this information is going to be very useful for when you travel. Now you can easily get access to the airport WiFi by getting the information before you get there. All you need to do is located the airport, get the wifi password and when you land you connect using the information that was provided. It even includes airport lounges so you will always have access when necessary. I am so surprised on how much information to connect is easily available online for free. 

Search Info

Airport WiFi

Airport Lounges Passwords


Simulation Soft for Engineers

If you are a student Engineer and looking for simulation software for PLC then this site is of great interest to you. Now you can download these cool software's to help you create different logic diagrams for all manufacturing industries. 



Azure AD Reg vs Join

 If you are confused on what's the difference between Azure AD Registration vs Azure AD join. In simple terms one is using your own device while the other is using a corporate own device to sign into your work applications. 

Cloud computing is the future and everyone should have an understanding on how things work. 



Repair Broken Trust Relationship

 If you ever had a broken trust relationship error on a workstation the cause is usually the computer not checking in with the domain. The manual way can takes a few minutes to fix the problem. 

Now you can easily use PowerShell to speed up the process and hopefully it will save downtime.



Clone Win to a new HD

 Here is some good information on how to copy your Windows installation files to another hard drive without using built in tools from third party software's.

It's a great resource to build your computer hard core skills as a computer technician. This resource will get you a better understand of what goes into the process on migrating over software to another hard drive. 



Map Drives with GPO

 Now that group policy is deployed in your organization, it's a great idea to map network drives to group policy so that user's can easily have access to specific folders.

In the past user's would map the drive manually or use a bat file now it's a simple as adding it to the GPO.



Extract PDF Pages

Need to extract specific PDF pages from PDF Files, here are some great suggestions and tools online ready to help you accomplish your challenges.

These tools are great to use with no watermarks added to your output pages. Give it a try and take PDFs to another level. 



Exchange One Click Patch Fix

 The recent Hafnium vulnerability has caused problems for many companies with Exchange and Calendar servers and Microsoft took the time to create a quick patch for those small business owners who can easily patch their system with a one click migration tool.

I am excited to see that new approach for small business customers and I hope that they continue the practice. 



Login Screen Load Help

 If you computer takes to long to load in the login screen here is some helpful tips that you can do to speed up the process.

Most of the time it's just Windows trying to load applications that are not necessary at boot up and by disabling them you will reduce your login times. 



NFT Market Place

 This fast growing site's may just be a bubble but you cannot get away from the fact that user's are making quick money so easily. 

It's not for everyone and it can be complicated if you try to open an account in some states. But if you want to be in the action, here is some great start up information.



Universal Broadband

Universal broadband looks like is taking a turn for the better and new funding can hopefully expand broadband to areas where it was available but people could not afford it. 

There is still more that can be done, but it's a move in the right direction. 



Calendry vs Chili Pier

 Here are some reason's why user's still choose Calendly over Chili Piper. Now using third party software sometimes does make a difference and has it's benefits. But it's for you to decide which option works for you better. 



Remove Flash Drive Virus

 For those user's who recently were infected with a virus on a flash drive, here is some great resourceful information on how to remove those nasty bugs.



Best Free Mixing Software

 Looking for free mixing software for your Windows 10 computer, look no further. Here are some great software's that work with Windows 10 and worth taking a look into if you love being a DJ and want to bring excitement into your life.



Teams to Email Signature

 Here is a great way to add Teams to your email signature so that user's can reach out to you when they are in Teams.


ex. replace <user1> with email address



LastPass to Bitwarden

 LastPass user's can no longer sync from computer to computer or mobile to mobile on free plan. If you want to find another company that offers this feature, you can check out Bitwarden and follow the steps below to switch.





 This scary application is preserving family photo's by animating them. You not only can take a family photo and make it come to life but the 3D affect is so realistic and amazing that it will surprise many.

Give it a try and see what everyone's talking about. 




What is Crypto Currency

 There are various ways to explain this but hopefully these video's below will explain what crypto currency is and why should you be concern about it.

Let's just say with Crypto no one controls the currency value, transaction fees are minimal, to almost no fees at all. No bank and government cannot control the currency and crypto can basically do whatever it wants to do around the clock. 

Going Crypto will definitely change on how we bank, and how financial institutions make money, so it's a big threat to financial companies and governments who like controlling their currency. 

But recent moves has changed all that and it's only a matter of time before more users, companies and vendors adapt the new way of life. 

The future is coming for crypto so get ready. 




Ready for a movie night then check out the Netflix party using this neat Chrome add-on so that you can enjoy your favorite movies with your family and friends where ever you go. 

It's a great application to keep everyone together to enjoy your special movie night. 



Temporary Email

Need a temporary email to sign up for a site but do not want spam emails coming into your inbox. Check out Email on deck to help you with your email problems. 



EV Problem

 Electric Vehicles are great but here is the ongoing problem with EV vehicles and the challenges they face to compete with gas powered vehicles. 

Eventually these EV markets will adapt but it will take time because of the charging adaptation. 



Google Startup

 It looks like Google recently acquired a start up company named Neverware that squeezes extra life out of old Windows and Macs.

This is a great move for Google so that it can still gain market share on outdated hardware. Let's see how far companies are willing to adapt. 




Microsoft Death Star

 Microsoft recently unleashed it's Death Star against SolarWinds hackers and it was just a matter of making a series of dramatic steps against the attack. 

It just shows you how the firepower can be good for the force. Now there is no telling if the hackers will counterstrike from the dark side.




It looks like Microsoft next OS is already in the works and they have simplified the UI. You have limitations but it will be very interesting on how the new OS plays out in Spring 2021.



Lease Trader

Are you stuck with a lease vehicle and wished there was an easier way to get out of your lease without the headaches. Here is a site that can work both ways for you.

If you are a buyer and need a car but do not want to leave the down payment, then this site is a simple way to take over someone else lease agreement and ride the car to the end of the contract. 

Another option is that if you are currently a lease holder and for whatever reason do not want to be locked in your lease then with a good incentive offer you can get out of your lease. 

I wished I knew about this company a long time ago, it would have made my dreams come true. 



Largest Email Migration

It looks like Microsoft just completed the largest email migration that consisted of 2.1 million mailboxes with  2.3 petabytes of data to Azure cloud.

It's the largest migration done by a health system wanted to go digital. 

Now it's only a matter of time before bigger firms climb aboard. 



Fix Asus Pswd Bios

If you have an Asus motherboard and trying to get into the computer but having problems with the bios password. Here is a fix, but note that putting a password on the bios does not offer much protection and if the system gets corrupted, your options are very limited. 

Your alternate bet is to use bitlocker and encrypt the drive for security. 



EV Charging Changing

 EV charging is currently super slow but this technology is now changing. The new level 2 service will be speeding up the charging process to eight to ten times the charging power than we had before. This is the next generation of electric vehicles going global. 



Free Outlook Reality

 If you are using free Outlook here is the reality, sooner or later unless you delete your emails or documents you have saved. You are most likely going to have to pay if, if you exceed your storage capacity. 



In Ear Translator

 This is very interesting to have a portable device that can simply translate languages in real time. This will definitely save a lot of time translating conversations. Now let's see if they how far they can go. 



Fonix Ransomware Shut Down

It looks like some ransomware operators  recently shut down their operation and released the master decryption key allowing victims to recover their files for free.

It will be very interesting to see the reason for all of this, hopefully they just wanted to send out a message. 



iPhone Digital Key

 It looks like the iPhone is getting an upgrade to unlock your car. Apple's digital key system will keep on working ever after the iPhone battery runs out, but it will only be for a few hours. So let's hope they perfect this feature and roll it out soon so that we can get in and out of cars without any hassles. 



Signal vs Telegram

 If you want secure conversations then these two messaging services are worth looking into, now the only problem is which one is better. 

Let's just say both are similar but Telegram is for profit and Signal is not and it's only a matter of time before both companies become expensive.

So take advantage of the opportunity and test both of them out and enjoy them while they are ad free. 



Win Memory Diagnostic Tool Stuck

 Every once in a while you will get a blue screen of death and it will say something like Windows is checking for memory problems. When this occurs your best bet is to login to Windows and disable all applications and review recently installed programs which could be the problem.

For more information see the link below.



Enable Hyper-V in Win10 Home

 Here is the guide to help you install Hyper - V on your Home Edition of Windows. Hyper -V does have some great features in Windows and it should be available for everyone to test and use.


Script to enable Hyper -V

pushd "%~dp0"
dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\*Hyper-V*.mum >hyper-v.txt
for /f %%i in ('findstr /i . hyper-v.txt 2^>nul') do dism /online /norestart /add-package:"%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\%%i"
del hyper-v.txt
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Hyper-V -All /LimitAccess /ALL


Insert Word into Word

 Here is a great way to insert an existing word document into another word document. It's easy to do and with just a few clicks you have two documents together. 



Power Plan Changes

 It looks like Win10 power plan keeps changing in Windows 10 after a reboot and after updates. It looks like a Windows bug and hopefully they will be patched soon. 



Access Mac files from Win

 If you want to access the files on your Mac from Windows here are the simples steps to take to get access to your files. Mapping your drive will get easy access to your files when you need it. 



Cut & Paste Overhaul

 It looks like Microsoft is improving the cut and paste feature and soon you will be able to do more with this feature. It's about time for the needed improvement. 



New Edge will not Uninstall

 It looks like Microsoft incorporated the browser into it's software and there is no way to uninstall it.

So if you are thinking of just removing it to save space, you can forget it. 



Low Orbit Satellite

 It looks like some early testers are liking the idea of low orbit satellites and the concept that they can easily connect to other services for connection.

Just think that now there is a possibility to connect everyone anywhere. 



Eco Printing Subscription

 It looks like someone figured out on how to make a printing subscription for home and small businesses.

If the price makes sense then you can bet that it will change the way we print. 

Hopefully this will come to the U.S. real soon. 



Sample Pricing:

Brother Launches EcoPro Supplies-Subscription Program
  • A 12-month plan priced at £29.99 (approximately U.S. $40.00) per month, for printing up to 6,000 pages per year, saving users up to 70 percent on supplies,
  • A 24-month plan priced at £25.99 (approximately U.S. $34.00) per month, also for printing up to 6,000 pages per year, saving users up to 70 percent on supplies.


Cyber Attacks for Remote Workers

 It looks like ever since worker having been working from home, cyber attacks have increased and that's mainly do to the off guard sudden move to remote.

Now the new threat for companies is to fear cybercriminal attacks from within it's network operations and it's remote users. 



YouTube Playlist

 Here is a great way to create a YouTube playlist without an account. Now entertaining your guest or friend can be as simple as picking your favorite songs and opening the playlist. Great way to get a party started.



Lock FB Profile

 If you are concern on users getting Facebook profile pictures here is a great way to lock your profile so that user's do not download and steal your pictures. Identify fraud is increasing and users will do almost anything to impersonate someone else. 



Earth 2

If you are looking to buy real estate and want to invest in the future, then here is something to look into. Earth 2 game credits let you buy land and exchange them in the market place. Regardless if you think this site is useless, it's a great way to get some E$ hopefully to be used some where else. 

I must say it's out there. 



Slide Phone

 I can see this phone gaining popularity with consumers. Not only is it portable but it has a lot of features that many users are looking for. I hope it wins the consumer market because from the look of it, it looks like a great idea and a great phone concept to revolutionize. 



Tear Down Displays

Here is a great site to go to get a framed tear down device on the popular mobile devices that changed history. It's a great gift to bring back memories. 



Forest Alarm

 This high tech device is hopefully going to help detect and notify firefighters on how to combat these natural disasters. A great technology in a great time of need. 



Google Registry

 Here is a site to register your unique domain with Google, the idea is to be creative and make new domain names possible. So let's make your new domain name a reality. 



End of IE

IE has come to an end and it's unfortunate to say that it's about time. The browser was just to old to keep up with it's competitors that Microsoft had to scrap the old browser and start from scratch.

The new replacement Chromium based browser will be Microsoft's replacement called Edge and it's going to be more faster and more secure so get ready for some serious browsing.



Create short videos

 Here is a great way to create short videos on line using this site. Now your engaging videos from Glitterly will get your point across in minutes. Great for social media. 



Meeting Elevator Music

 This site will turn your silent meeting into elevator music so that way user's are entertained before an existing meeting begins. It's a great method to personalize your meetings. 



Build you Website Now

 You have no reason now to build a website. With Google Site, you now have the materials and designs to get your website up and running in no time. 



Online Resume's

 This site is going to be a game changer for resumes in the years to come. It's a great idea with an elegant design so that HR and recruiters get the materials needed to get you hired. 




 This cool WiFi is a great device to use your cellular carrier broadband service. If you are traveling or in an area where you wifi is spotty, it's worth to research and to see if this device can benefit you. You are not going to get high speed internet but a taste of broadband on the go. 



Best Performing Cloud

You will be surprised on how each of these companies have a particular performance against each other. But the fact still stands is that cloud computing is getting better day by day. It's only a matter of time before it makes sense to move your company to the cloud. 



Service Provider Throttling

This is nothing new for service providers but if your internet is running slower than normal, here is a good test to see if your Internet Service Provider is throttling your speeds.
Now does not work for all user's but it's a good start to resolving your slow network problems. 


Teams Breakout Rooms

 Here is a great guide to help your create breakout rooms in Teams. Now you can have your attendees interact with each out to get more out of your meetings. It's a great way for team members to network with others. 



WordPress Courses

Want to get started with WordPress but do not know where to begin. Here is great guide to some great places to learn more more about WordPress and it's features. 



Measure Blood Pressure from your Finger

This cool wearable device will eventually measure blood pressure from your finger. From that point on you will see more health wearable devices to follow. It's the new medical world of monitoring. 



Robot Gardener

 This could be the time for a farming industrial revolution to take place. With many vacant farming jobs still available, the ideal solution for a farmer to be profitable is to start going robotic. This option was always open to farmers and now with this unpredictable economy, maybe it's about time for a change.



MagSafe Battery Packs

 It looks like the iPhone now has a MagSafe battery pack and if you are always on the go and want to have battery always available it's a great option for the price.




Surveillance Hack

It looks almost everything is at risk of being hacked and this is just the beginning. Consumers should be aware of their internet of things at home and make sure they be proactive with the software security updates. But this is is going to happen every once in a while. 




 It's never too late to start investing. If you need a boost on saving money then Stash is here to the rescue. Now saving for a rainy day will be possible because you are now committed to savings. 

Just put $5- a month away into stash and let it grow, it's the simplest easiest way to begin savings. 




 This site is a must go to site for gamers. It's an online emulator to play games on your computer. Great way to play cool games on your computer. Once your controller is reconfigured you are ready to play your games. 



Signal Info

 Here is another article from tech mogul on why you should use this application. In a world where applications are always monitoring you, it's important to encrypt your messages regardless on what you are talking about. So take control of your life and control your privacy.  



Instagram Info

 Here is some information on the Instagram application that everyone should be aware of. Now this is just the beginning, but if you do not use the application daily, then you should read this first before doing so. 



PS screenshots

 Here is a great source to capture screenshots using PowerShell. There are number of reason's for doing this and using this method will definitely keep everything simple and organized. 



Copy file using GPO

 Here is an easy way to copy file and folders to all computers using GPO. Now there can be various reasons for doing this but it's a simple and safe way to do things on a network server so that all user's files are backed up before a company wide migration. 



Disk Quotas

 Here some great information on how to enable and configure disk quotas in Windows. Disk quotas are a great way to control a users file systems on servers and users workstations. 

By enabling this feature the organization will have better control on the organization storage capacities. 



Find Windows Version

 Here are some simple ways to find your current Windows version on your computer. Once you know what version of Windows you have you then can figure out what software's supports your OS.



Project Monarch

 It looks like Microsoft is working on a universal web browser called Project Monarch and it's the end goal for Outlook vision on the web to be the standalone software for PC and MAC computers.

Get ready for a new generation of Outlook where ever you go. 




Hidden Mobile Map

Your mobile phone has a hidden map and if you look into the apps carefully you will find out all sorts of things that will surprise you. Things like the places you have been, the pictures that you took and other tracking information. To find out more see the link below. 



Repair PowerPoint Files

 Have an important PowerPoint file and want to repair it, here is your best option in trying to get the file back up and running normally.



Reduce PDF

 Already created a PDF file and need to reduce it so that you can pass it along to other users. Here is a great site to help you do this.



Microsoft Forms

 Here is a great way to create surveys using Microsoft Forms. The guides helps you create forms and surveys in no time so that you can get customer feedback to improve your business. 



E.D.I.T.H. Glasses

 These smart glasses are going to take you to the next level of visual computing. Just image going portable and having computing access where ever you go. 

There is no stopping on how far E.D.I.T.H. can take you. 


TV Watch Guard

 It's looks like this entertainment device has changed from displaying content to watching your content. If you own a smartTV here are some settings that you should disable so that it does not track you. 



Web Page Snapshot

 Here is a great way to take snapshots of web pages and be able to store it on your computer or online. Doing on going website backups will save you the headaches from future upgrades when things do not go as planned. 




Microsoft DLL Dwnd

 Need some Microsoft DLL files to fix your computer problems. Here is a great searchable index of all Windows 10 files that can easily be downloaded.




Free Remote Desktop

 Looking for free remote desktop for your computer so that you can easily work from home using any computer. Here are some free remote desktop software's to consider.



Block Spam

Need to block Spam calls from your phone just enter #662# to enable and to disable #632#. I do not know how well it works yet, but anything is better than getting those annoying calls. 

To block phone calls from “Scam Likely”, enter #662# in the keypad of the Phone app of your iPhone or Android. Next, tap the phone icon to make the call, just like you're calling a real person



 Here is a great electronic book that you can easily make notes on and reuse while automatically saving it in the cloud.  There are so many ways that this notebook can be used that you will be amazed.

It's a great way to backup your files to the cloud with little effort. 



Slow Internet

 Here is some great information for user's who have a slow internet. You will be surprised on why your internet gets slow and what you can do to resolve some of these problems. 



Home Bandwidth Calculator

 Now that most of us are working from home our bandwidth speeds have been on full throttle. Knowing this user's would want to confirm if they have the correct amount of bandwidth when working from home. Here is a great calculator to estimate the amount of speed you might be needing at home. It's a good calculator to at least estimate the amount of speed you might be needing for home use. 





Already paying for gigabit internet speed and you are looking for a better network Wi-Fi for home. Take a look at Amazon Eero Pro 6, it's not cheap but it does a great job on getting connected throughout your home. It's great for gamers who want to take advantages of their quality of service. 



Disable IE Edge Copy & Paste

 Here is how to disable IE new copy and paste feature. If user's did not know yet the function has change with the new Edge browser and this is what you should know. 



Identify Fonts

 Here are some great ways to identify fonts online. You don't know how many times a specific font on a presentation, an email, a letter made it standout from the rest. If you want to be noticed then using the right font makes sense.



Google Ends Unlimited Photos

 It looks like the end for Googles unlimited photos. I guess now the company wants to start profiting on users storage capacity instead of giving user's unlimited storage options. 

Everyone should have know better that this sooner or later will not be free. 




 Here is a great way to control your home security and monitoring equipment using any tablet. The applications are customizable and makes things simple and easy to use. 

Worth trying out and making your home devices easily accessible. 



Outlook Password Fix

 There might be a lot of reason why Outlook password keeps on prompting, but here is a great registry trick and I am going to add this to my daily routine to see if it does fix the user problems.


  1. Go to Registry Editor.
  2. Go to – HKCUS
  3. Expand the key options and go to the AutoDiscover folder
  4. Create a new DWORD and name it ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint.
  5. Set the value of the above key to 1.
  6. Save & exit.
  7. Restart Outlook and see if the problem is resolved.



 Here is great way to open a business checking account with no fees. You can even connect it to Quickbooks so that everything is connected. The online bank does have some set backs but it's worth looking into if you are looking for a no fee business bank account. 



Bad Online decisions

 Life is a learning experience and with this here are some great tips for user's not to do online. Since the world is now digital your need to be careful. 

Here are some examples of things that you should not be doing-especially if it's online. 



Search YouTube Easily

 Here are some great tips to help you find what you are looking for on YouTube with ease. Now to find your favorite videos will take less effort with great results. 




EasyBCD utility is a simple software to help you conifgure your bootloader. It's a lifesaving program when your computer decides not to do what it's suppose to do on a regular basis.

Here are the simple instructions on how to use the software and get your computer running back to it's normal state. 




Chrome Read Later Tool

 Chrome recently installed a read later tool so if users do not have time to read something now, they can easily read it later. The tool is already built into Chrome and all you need to do is activate the tool. 



FB Keep or Delete

 Here are some great reasons to keep or delete Facebook. It's not always good for everyone and depending on your circumstances here and good and bad on keeping Facebook active. 



QR Code in Google Forms

 Here is a quick way to get users to get access to your Google Forms using the QR Code. Now the great that with this is that users can get the information with their smartphones and take it along with them. It has so many uses that this can just be the beginning if it's used correctly. 



Microsoft Forms

 Now everyone can get access to Microsoft forms for free, so creating quizzes and other events can be easily done with data that you have collected. It's a great way to organize your forms. 




Win 10 Blockers

 Here is easy access for admins to get access to Win 10 update feature blockers information. This guide tells you the current problems and why the blockers are in place. 

Now updates can be easily managed with this additional resource. 




New Secure Backup

 It looks like new secure backup technology is winning the world on Ransomware and this is just the beginning. 

Now don't wait until you are a victim to change your strategy, start doing it now before your company becomes a victim. 



Owning an Electric Car

 The verdict is out that owning an electric car does save money and this is just the beginning. In the next few years, California is transforming their gas-powered vehicles to all-electric, and you can bet that other states will follow. In the long run, an electrical vehicle vs gas-powered vehicles will save you money. The only question now is when consumers will be ready to switch. 




 Need to check multi-factor authentication coverage across Microsoft 365, here is a great utility to check the coverage across different services. 

Now securing your access can be confirmed easily with this great tool for network administrators. 



Blur on Google Maps

 Here is a great way for some user's to blur their homes using Google Maps. Now keeping your home safe and private can be done with the use of a few clicks. You should now feel confident that your public privacy has now some protection. 



Win XP Source Code Leaked

 This is an old story but makes you wonder why some organizations are still using the outdated OS in their environment. It does not make sense and comes with unknown risks. 

Now is it really worth the sleepless nights knowing that it's only a matter of time before your organization is a victim of a ramson attack? 



Chrome Security Improving

 Your Chrome browser is getting securer on every new update. Chrome continues on beefing up it's security and keeps the user's safe while browsing online. 

It's long awaiting security for consumers and the users should understand that moving forward they will need to adapt to Chrome's new security measures so that their information stays always secure.



Google Calendar Tips

 Here are some cool tips on how to tweak your Google calendar on your computer. Now making appointments on Google calendar should be a breeze. 



Win 10 SSD Alert

 It looks likes this Windows feature will warn users of hardware abnormalities for NVMe SSD and give users a heads up to start backing up their files before they face a hard drive failure. I am excited to see this feature and hope that it will give enough time for the user's to complete their backups before failure.